Chapter 636

TL: Changing Yang Fei’s skill name from now on from ‘Making a Living Detection’ to ‘Pushover Detection.’

"The officials are angry. I can’t postpone your execution any longer.”

The Lava Prison. The Cho King came back today and spoke with a somber face.  Han Seokbong bowed his head.

"I’m a sinner deserving death. Brother, let your lingering attachment go and execute me.”


The Cho King looked at Han Seokbong sadly. Who was Han Seokbong? He was the king’s only friend since he was a prince. Han Seokbong loved and respected the Cho King beyond his status as a king.

"I will say it again. The yangbans of the Hwan Kingdom want to know the whereabouts of the Red Palace Bow maker. If you don’t give them the answer they want, this kingdom will be in great danger. You really... Do you really not know his whereabouts?”


"It’s really confusing...”

The Cho King believed Han Seokbong. But the officials were the problem. They fiercely accused Han Seokbong of being a traitor who abandoned his kingdom. They insisted on punishing Han Seokbong and relieving the yangbans’ anger by executing him.

‘There are many people who don’t like Seokbong and they’re taking advantage of this chance.’

Han Seokbong’s fair nature created a sense of crisis for the corrupt nobles. They couldn’t miss this golden opportunity to harm Han Seokbong. Due to this, the Cho King couldn’t protect Han Seokbong.

“This might be presumptuous, but... Please protect my daughter’s life.”

"I know. I’ll watch over Sua as much as possible.”

She would be deprived of her status, but her life would be preserved. The Cho King said a sad goodbye to Han Seokbong.

"I won’t watch Brother’s execution. I don’t want to see your end with my own eyes.”

“Please live long and strengthen the nation.”


Han Seokbong prayed for the kingdom’s welfare despite it being his end. The Cho King couldn’t speak anymore and hastily left the Lava Prison.


"A tremendous city."

The Cho Kingdom’s capital, Kars. It had all types of cultures like Pangea. Western style houses coexisted with oriental houses, while the royal palace resembled a palace of the Silla period.

‘It looks much larger than Reinhardt.’

There were only five kingdoms on the East Continent. It seemed that the size of each kingdom transcended the size of the Western kingdoms. Grid cut cloth with scissors and looked around.

Muto spoke as Grid moved his hands without a break.

“I’m going to explore the city before I see the king. I need to figure out the market situation of the Cho Kingdom and will be able to present a smarter deal to the king.”

"Yes, work hard.”

"What about Grid?”

“I need to find a person.”

"Let me know their name and I will look for them.”

"No, I already know where they are.”

“I see...”

Grid wasn’t planning to give him the quest details. Muto nodded and extended his hand.

“That... The loot we got from hunting monsters along the way...”

It was a trip of five days. Grid and Muto hunted hundreds of monsters until they reached Kars. The amount of items they obtained was significant. However, the item distribution methods was that the party leader acquired it. Therefore, all the loot was in Grid’s inventory.

Grid gave Muto a fair split of the loot. It was a ratio of 8:2. Of course, Grid was the ‘8.’ But Muto wasn’t upset at all. He actually thought it was too much.

"Grid, didn’t you take care of most of the monsters along the way? A 9:1 ratio seems sufficient.”

"There were moments that would’ve been dangerous if you and the Zentu warriors didn’t help. It’s fair to divide it like this.”

“I see...”

Muto was able to realize how fair Grid was.

‘There’s a lot of talent gathered in the Overgeared Guild. I will never lose money with Grid.’

Later, he would go to the Overgeared Kingdom when he returned to the West Continent. Muto pledged himself to Grid and left. A smile appeared on Grid’s face as he watched Muto’s back. He was able to smile because he had obtained Muto’s confidence.

'Isn’t it good that give a bit more loot for a favorable impression?’

Grid grinned at his brilliance and turned his gaze to the square. It was because the atmosphere of the square, where thousands of people were gathered, was troubled.


Grid felt puzzled and approached the square.

"The execution of Pangea’s lord, Han Seokbong has been decided! He will be executed tomorrow!”

"Isn’t Han Seokbong a good noble with a high reputation? Why is he being executed?”

"He made the yangbans of the Hwan Kingdom angry.”

“Heok... The yangbans...”

“He deserves to die...”


Grid became impatient after hearing that the person he wanted to save would be executed.

‘Why is it so fast?’

In fact, Grid needed some time to plan Han Seokbong’s rescue.

First, he had to identify the location and structure of the prison where Han Seokbong was trapped, then judge if he could be rescued or not. If it seemed possible to rescue him, Grid would act immediately. Otherwise, he would meet the Cho King.

But now he had no choice.

‘If the execution is already decided, it doesn’t make sense to meet the Cho King. I have to rescue Han Seokbong right away.’

Grid started collecting information about Han Seokbong and Sua.  In the information gathering, Yang Fei’s Pushover Detection skill was very useful. She was able to gather the information that Grid desired very quickly.

“Tsk tsk... I shouldn’t be a pushover.”

Grid vowed to never be a pushover. In fact, he never imagined that Yang Fei once called him a pushover.


The noble Sam Dasoo of the Cho Kingdom came to the second floor of the Lava Prison. It was to meet Sua, the daughter of Han Seokbong.

“W-What? My father’s execution has been determined?”

Sua was still shining like white jade despite being trapped in a dirty prison for a fortnight. The prison was dark and Sua was like the moon. The appeal that Sua emanated wasn’t something that men could reject.  Sam Dasoo gulped and nodded while examining Sua’s body with sticky eyes. 

"Yes, it’s tomorrow.”


Sua couldn’t believe it. Her father was a person who worked hard for this kingdom for his whole life. However, he was facing the death penalty just because he angered the yangbans. She couldn’t understand it.

“Why is this happening? Aren’t we the people of the Cho Kingdom and servants of the Cho King? Why are our lives in danger due to the yangbans’ mood? Huh?”

“You’re still young and don’t know reality. The Hwan Kingdom is the sky. They are a country that we all need to serve. Anyone who angers them needs to be punished.”


“Don’t worry. I, Sam Dasoo, have asked to save your life. It’s too harsh for your life to be stolen because of your father’s mistake, although you will be deprived of your status as a noble."


“Ah, you don’t have to worry too much about how to make a living. You will live forever by my side and receive my protection.”

Sam Dasoo wasn’t aware of how much lust was in his eyes when he looked at Sua. Sua stared at him. Her bewitching eyes were enough to make Sam Dasoo lose his soul.

"I believe in Sam Dasoo.”

"Ah? Ahh, yes, yes. Huhu, believe in me. Then it will work out.”

“Then I will believe you. Please let me meet my father. I want to say goodbye one last time.”

"Ah? Ahh, yes... Hey, guard. Open the prison door right... N-No, no!”

Sam Dasoo unknowingly nodded only to regain himself. Sua was a warrior before she was the best beauty. He didn’t know what she would do if she left the prison. Once Sam Dasoo withdrew the order to the guard to take out the key, Sua snorted.

"If only I had makeup on.”


Sam Dasoo doubted his ears. Sua, who had been staring at him with poisonous eyes, acted as a fragile girl again. It was a quick transition that seemed like a lie.

"It’s too sad that I can’t see my father before he dies.”

"D-Don’t worry. Tomorrow, I will give you time to say goodbye to your father before I take him to his execution.”

Sam Dasoo laughed awkwardly and hurriedly left. He had made a mistake by facing Sua without being able to overcome his boiling lust. Sua was left alone and bit her nails.

‘What should I do?

Father’s execution had been announced. I can’t allow it. The only way is to rescue my father before the execution time. But how?

“...I’m helpless.”

Tears flowed from Sua’s eyes as she wrapped her arms around her knees. She couldn’t act as a strong woman when alone.


"The Cho King has reported. He’s executing Han Seokbong, who denies knowing the maker of the Red Phoenix Bow.”

“Ha? Do they think our obsession will be put to rest with that?”

“Stupid. We don’t care about his life.”

A VIP room in the Cho King’s Palace. There were young people dressed in silks more luxurious than the palace. The Hwan Kingdom’s yangbans.

"The maker of the Red Phoenix Bow was Pagma. I don’t know how he’s been living since leaving the Hwan Kingdom, but we have to find him.”

"If Han Seokbong doesn’t give Pagma’s whereabouts before dying... We’ll have to move ourselves.”

“Ah, I want to meet Pagma. I miss his swordsmanship.”

"You mean the sword dance that Hanul suppressed. It’s so insignificant that it can’t even be called swordsmanship. Kukuk.”

“Don’t make me laugh. This isn’t the Hwan Kingdom. We have to keep the dignity of the yangbans in front of the residents.”