Chapter 632

[Golden Walnut]

Also called the blessing of nature.

It is a snack and remedy enjoyed by all nobles and royalty on the East Continent.

Somewhere on the East Continent, there are creatures whose main food is this walnut.

All stats will rise by 10% for one hour.

In addition, there is a very low probability of permanently increasing one stat by 5 points. The better you shell the walnut, the more likely it is that your stats will permanently increase.

Weight: 0.1

"The strongest buff potion and elixir in one...”

Lauel was impressed as he confirmed the details of the golden walnut that he received from Grid. He was particularly surprised that the royalty and nobles of the East Continent enjoyed this walnut as a snack.

“The royalty and nobles on the East Continent basically have good stats by default. Especially if they have been eating these walnuts for years.”

“Perhaps not. It’s rare for people to be able to shell the walnut perfectly like me. Well, in any case, the level of the royalty and nobles on the East Continent are high. I hope that formula will be applied to the Overgeared Guild, so tell Piaro to succeed in growing the golden walnut.”

“...I understand.”

Lauel answered with a gloomy expression. Grid knew why.

'The probability of growing such a fraudulent item... It’s close to zero.’

The S.A. Group was concerned about balance and wouldn’t allow the golden walnuts to be grown to easily.


Piaro was a legend and legends destroyed common sense. Objectively, the S.A. Group was generous to legends. 

‘Piaro can create new growing skills, just as I create items and Kraugel creates sword techniques.’

It was a very positive interpretation. Grid smiled bitterly and patted Lauel’s shoulder.

“It’s fine. I will get more golden walnuts when I go to the East Continent.”

"...I will wait faithfully for you. Your Majesty also doesn’t have to worry about the government. The new Lauel, my heart and soul has become stronger thanks to the encounter with my friends of the past and this will be the Overgeared Kingdom’s good fortune... Huh? Your Majesty? Where are you going?”

Step, step.

It was a situation where he faced the empire as a potential enemy. Grid’s feet hurried. If he didn’t overcome the trial of the empire, the Overgeared Kingdom would be ruined in four months. He couldn’t afford to lose the billions of won he invested.


While Lauel was talking, Grid headed to the Overgeared Academy to meet Sticks. 

Grid’s pace was similar to the Overgeared Kingdom's soldiers, who were famous for their good physical fitness. It was the effect of his agility stat growing steadily in order to meet the 1:1 ratio with strength and breaking through 2,700 points. He needed around 500 agility left before it was a 1:1 ratio.


The Overgeared Academy.

It was a comprehensive education school built in Reinhardt, the capital of the Overgeared Kingdom. Anybody over the age of eight could become a student here, learning swordsmanship and magic. However, the size of the school was still limited. Therefore, the total number of students accepted by the academy was only 3,000. More than half of them were taught directly by Sticks. It was a situation where everybody in all fields were overworked due to a lack of talent. It was the same for Sticks.

As a high elf and sage, Sticks was highly respected by all elves. Even the emperor of the Saharan Empire would welcome him, Yet he was teaching commoners in a small kingdom? The entire continent would be in chaos if this fact was known. However, the people of Overgeared didn’t know that Sticks was such a great figure. They just thought it was easier and faster to learn from him.

"It’s hard for people who constantly pursue change and elementals who desire the preservation of nature to get along. There is a very rare possibility that humans and elementals can contract with each other, a special occasion that occurs once in 100 years. Various conditions must be established...”



A handful of talented and motivated students were selected to be educated separately. Sticks, who was teaching the basics of elementals, was surprised by Grid’s suddenly appearance. There was an uproar.


“King Grid!”

"Your Majesty, I love you!”

The student’s love for Grid was very deep, since he provided equal education opportunities without caring about status. In particular, the motivated students had a deeper love. The students who were more passionate about class especially liked Grid.

"I am Adon who took 1st place in this test! I want to work under King Grid when I finish my education and graduate!”

“I’m Shannon, who will be first in the next test. Please remember that I’m doing my best to be a talented person for King Grid.”

Their words were bragging and thankful. The students’ shining eyes and eager words allowed Grid to erase his fear of the empire for a while.

"I will be watching for that day.”

Originally, Grid wanted to be king in order to gain more taxes from the people. He wanted to eat everything he wanted to eat and buy everything he wanted to buy. Of course, this dream was still the same. But there was a prerequisite for Grid to achieve this wish.

It was for the people to be better off. The better off his people were, the more taxes they could afford to pay. That’s right. Grid was greedy, but he was fundamentally different from the emperor. He had no intention of persecuting the poor. It was natural. Grid had been deprived for most of his life. He knew better than anyone the suffering of people in this position and couldn’t behave like the emperor. Grid’s selfishness wasn’t in the shape of something that would be satisfied by innocents. 

“I heard a envoy came from the empire... It must be something bad.”

Sticks guessed after seeing how Grid ran to the academy. Grid told him.

“Send me to the East Continent. Oh, this time don’t forget the scroll to return to the West Continent.”


His memory was distorted! Grid remembered that Sticks was the reason when he didn’t have a return scroll to the West Continent.  Sticks sighed before handing Grid an East Continent movement scroll and West Continent return scroll.

“There is something you should know.”


“Reinhardt doesn’t have an environment where I can make scrolls. I need to go back to the Behen Archipelago in order to make scrolls and it takes 28 days to make a scroll.”


What if Sticks was away for a month? The Overgeared Academy was currently lacking teachers so the education would be stopped. In other words.

'I have to make the most of this one chance.’

Grid’s original plan for the East Continent was simple. Bring back Idan, whose food would give the Overgeared members a chance to raise their stats. He could also get elite troops and support from Han Seokbong. But it wouldn’t be enough based on the current situation.

‘The East Continent isn’t a place I can go anytime I want... This time, I need to make an army.’


[You have used the intercontinental movement scroll.]

[You have arrived at Pangea, a starter village on the East Continent.]

Grid blinked as he arrived on the East Continent. He was amazed by the greatness of Sticks’ scroll, only to realize that Pangea’s atmosphere was different from before.

‘Why are the expressions of the people so dark?’

In the past, Grid had made a huge difference in Pangea. Not only did he reproduce the Red Phoenix Bow, he also eradicated the armored needles. Pangea’s peace was restored, so it should be more energetic than before. It was strange that all the people on the streets were sad, as if someone had died. The market was as quiet as a dead rat. The merchants and passersby were all looking at the ground.

‘What on earth happened?’

Sua was the first thing to come to Grid’s mind. She was the lord’s daughter who received the respect and love of the people.

‘Did something happen to her?’

Grid had a high liking for Sua, even if she was a pervert. She was beautiful enough to be comparable to Irene? Of course, that played a part. However, it wasn’t everything. Sua was a great woman.  Despite being the lord’s daughter, she wasn’t arrogant. She fought the armored needles for the stability and peace of the people.

'...Although she’s a pervert.’

Grid started moving in the direction of Pangea Castle. Then someone suddenly grabbed Grid’s wrist. The slender hand belonged to Idan’s restaurant employee, Yang Fei.

“Oh, it has been a while. Have you been well?”

He waved to Yang Fei. Grid’s welcome made her usually expressionless face flush. But then she looked around and led Grid into an alleyway.


Yang Fei placed a hand on the wall Grid was leaning against and approached. He was pushed against the wall by a girl who hadn’t yet become an adult? Grid was embarrassed by the sudden situation and stuttered.

"W-Why are you bringing me to such a bad place? D-Don’t tell me you...”

Had she become a pervert?

‘The East Continent women are really great.’

Grid’s heart thumped as he felt expectant. Then Yang Fei shouted.

“Why...? Why did you come back?”


Yang Fei’s expression was serious. He couldn’t believe that the always expressionless girl had become so restless and uneasy. She even shouted.

Grid made a serious expression and asked, “What happened?”

At that moment.


Yang Fei’s shoulders shook as she started crying. All the sadness and worries she had been enduring exploded once she saw Grid’s trustworthy face.

"Lord Han Seokbong and Lady Sua have been dragged to the capital...”

“The capital? The capital of the Cho Kingdom?”

“Yes... Rumor has it that the king wanted to know Grid’s whereabouts. Lord Han Seokbong refused to answer and was branded a sinner.”

“My whereabouts?”

Grid noticed it straight away.

‘He wanted to obtain the blacksmith who created a Red Phoenix Bow better than the original.’

Why were the people in power always so selfish? Grid gritted his teeth.

Yang Fei urged him.

“Run away. If you stay here, you will be caught by the king’s soldiers.”

In fact, Yang Fei had missed Grid more than anyone. She remembered his touch every night. But she didn’t want to see Grid in danger. For someone who had only experienced feeling responsible for her family’s livelihood from a young age, Grid was... He was her joy. She wanted him to be safe.

“Don’t worry. It will be fine.”

Grid felt Yang Fei’s hand trembling and hugged her. It was to reassure her, but the excitement was too much for Yang Fei. Her face, neck, and ears were red as she blushed. On the other hand, Grid understood that this situation was a precursor to a quest.

At the same time.

[★Hidden Quest★ ‘Rescue the Han Seokbong Father and Daughter’ has been acquired.]

A new episode was presented to Grid.