Chapter 628

“Your Majestyyy!! I never imagined that Your Majesty would save me personally! Someone who takes care of the wellbeing of every person. You are the epitome of a king!”


"This Fatima will pay back Your Majesty’s grace from generation to generation! I would take off my underwear and walk the streets naked for you!”

“Ah... Um...” 

Grid scratched his cheeks with embarrassment when he met Fatima. It was purely a coincidence that Grid saved Fatima.

‘I didn’t know that Fatima had been confined in the mansion by Earl Bruno.’

Earl Bruno. He hadn’t expected Duke Steim’s aide to be the head of the rebel group...

Grid glanced over at Duke Steim who was still bowing his head as a sinner. Grid sighed and encouraged him.

"Father-in-law, aren’t you the one in the one in the most pain right now? I’m fine. Please calm down and stabilize your land.”

“...I understand. In the future, I will be more thorough so that this terrible situation doesn’t occur again.”

Duke Steim pledged and left with his soldiers. Earl Bruno was head of the Anti Grid Alliance and Grid came to Frontier and punished him. If such rumors spread, Frontier would become a crucible of chaos. Duke Steim had an obligation to restore the anxious public sentiment.


"Yes, Your Majesty.”

Fatima respectfully replied despite his wounded body. It was a sign that one-sided violence had been dealt by the strong against the weak.

‘It’s the same everywhere.’

Grid was reminded of the heavy past and pulled out a potion. He hesitated before handing it to Fatima.

"This is precious medicine. Drink this first. Then I hope you will show me the method to making underwear.”

"Y-Your Majesty is giving me a potion...!”

In fact, Grid had given Fatima a cheap low-grade potion. It was for level 50 novice users or lower. But it was a precious potion to Fatima.

"I-I will keep this as an heirloom!”


Fatima shouted while hugging the potion. He didn’t seem like he was going to drink the potion. Grid trembled.

‘That bastard is trying to take my potion bottle...’

But what could he do? He moved immediately. Grid took out another potion with trembling hands and urged Fatima.

“It doesn’t qualify as a heirloom so drink it. Then let me know your underwear making method.”

"Follow His Majesty’s words!”

"Tailor Fatima, what are you doing not following the command?”

The knights were furious. The 28 knights left from Earl Bruno. They stared at Fatima, who didn’t immediately follow Grid’s orders. The scared Fatima hurriedly drank the potion. Grid looked at the knights with a warm smile.

‘They are strong.’

He already looked at their strength using the Great Lord’s Sword. The 28 knights, freed thanks to Earl Bruno, had reached level 250. The level of the skills they acquired were far behind the eight knights trained by Piaro and Asmophel.

‘It isn’t a problem since those eight knights are exceptional.’

Grid planned to direct the eight knights to lead these 28 knights. It would be easier on Grid and Grid wanted the young talents to develop the capabilities of a leader. This was an investment for the future of the Overgeared Kingdom.


‘This is the tailor’s workshop.’

Grid moved to Fatima’s residence and looked around the studio with interest. The tailor’s studio was completely different from the smithy. It was calm, without the noisy sound of hammering, and there was no heat. The smell of leather, instead of iron, filled the air. It was a tranquil and relaxing place. The most important factor when working with cloth and leather was concentration.

‘Well, I’m not lacking concentration.’

It wasn’t unusual for a smithy to be busy and chaotic. Working there required high concentration, so Grid would naturally have high concentration as a legendary blacksmith. Who was Grid? Other people got a production button while he had to make every individual item by hand. Therefore, he was... A god. A god of labor. His concentration wasn’t lacking compared to others.  

‘Now, come.’

Frontier’s tailors learned how to make underwear due to environmental factors. The learning difficulty would be high. However, Grid had around 3,500 dexterity and infinite tenacity. No matter the difficulty of the underwear, it was likely he would master it quickly. Fatima was worried as he watched Grid.

‘It’s clear that the king has a high pride as a legendary blacksmith. He probably thinks of underwear making as easy.’

In reality, there were no techniques that was easy. Tailoring was as difficult as blacksmithing and it wasn’t a skill easily learned. Among them, the underwear making method required high dexterity and intermediate level tailoring skills.

‘I don’t want His Majesty to be disappointed if he can’t learn how to make underwear.’

Fatima was pained at the thought of his king suffering a broken heart. Grid urged him while he was making a sad expression.

“Why aren’t you teaching me your underwear making method?”

"...Please prepare your heart.”

Fatima could no longer delay it. He hoped that Grid wouldn’t be frustrated as he handed over the underwear making method that he invented.

[Fatima has handed over the Intermediate Underwear Production Method!]

[Since you have made thousands of battle gear, the difficulty of the Intermediate Underwear Production Method isn’t high. You have understood it easily.]

[2,000 dexterity is required to acquire the Intermediate Underwear Production Method. Your current dexterity is 3,487.]

[The Intermediate Underwear Production Method has been acquired.]

[The Collection of New Production Methods (1) quest has been completed!]

[Your have gained two levels from the quest reward.]

[Due to the effect of the ‘Legendary Great Magician’ second class and the ‘First King’ title, a total of 28 stat points are obtained!]

[12 points have been forcibly invested into intelligence due to the influence of the second class, Legendary Great Magician.]

[Collection of New Production Methods (1) will be linked to the Collection of New Production Methods (2) quest!]

[Collection of New Production Methods (2)]

Class Quest

You finally learned how to create underwear. Then you realized that you need high tailoring skills to make underwear. You need to acquire tailoring skills in order to use the Underwear Production Method.

Quest Clear Reward: Level +2. The Tailoring skill will be acquired. A following linked quest.

[You have fully understood the Intermediate Underwear Production Method and naturally acquired the Intermediate Tailoring Technique Lv. 8!]

[The Collection of New Production Methods (2) quest has been completed!]

[Your have gained two levels from the quest reward.]

[Due to the effect of the ‘Legendary Great Magician’ second class and the ‘First King’ title, a total of 28 stat points are obtained!]

[12 points have been forcibly invested into intelligence due to the influence of the second class, Legendary Great Magician.]

[Collection of New Production Methods (2) will be linked to the Tailoring Technique Training quest!]

[Tailoring Technique Training]

Class Quest

The possibilities for your development have become greater after learning the Tailoring Technique. 

If you get to the point where you can combine blacksmithing and tailoring, your foundation as a blacksmith will expand exponentially.

But it is still difficult to utilize the tailoring technique.

The gap between the intermediate tailoring skill and legendary blacksmith skill is too large.

The intermediate tailoring technique is likely to degrade the quality of the legendary blacksmith’s work.

Raise the level of your tailoring skill to the point where it can be combined with blacksmithing.

Quest Clear Conditions: Master the Advanced Tailoring Technique.

Quest Clear Reward: Level +6. The opening of craftsman level Tailoring Technique.

“Ah, XX.”

He had accidentally subjugated the head of the rebels and easily obtained the underwear making method, only to automatically clear the next quest. This luck was too good. 

‘Does it make sense to ask a blacksmith to master the tailoring skill? Are they crazy?’

How many cloth clothing would he have to produce to master the tailoring skill? It couldn’t be measured. That’s right. This class quest was forcing Grid past the level of labor. It was natural for Grid to curse.

‘When will this class quest end?’


Grid spat out curses. Fatima looked like a carp beside him. The other tailors of Frontier couldn’t learn how to make underwear no matter how hard they tried, yet the blacksmith Grid did it in the blink of an eye.

‘This is the skill of a true legend...! It’s no different from a god!’

It was the moment another Grid believer was born. 


"Hao, I am so glad to meet you.”

"If you don’t mind, can you give me a signature?”

The Youngwoo Building 1F cafe. The lively cafe employees showed a passionate response to Hao. This was the position of a Satisfy high ranker. People with outstanding achievements in Satisfy were popular in reality, regardless of their personality. Even the bald Vantner was surrounded by fans when he went to the city center. Ah, in Vantner’s case, the proportion of male fans was overwhelmingly high.

“I will order a sweet potato latte.”

Hao didn’t care about managing his image. He didn’t give a business smile even when he met enthusiastic fans. He just acted according to his personality and that coolness caused an increase in female fans. The employees were amazed when they received Hao’s order in sloppy Korean.

“Oh my, how strange.”

“Isn’t this the same drink that Grid orders every morning?”

"Do the rankers like sweet potato lattes?”


Hao’s ears pricked up at the words. His pupils became bigger. He asked the employees.

"Grid has a sweet potato latte every day?”

"Yes, he likes it a lot. He drinks sweet potato lattes on sunny days and cloudy days.”

"I have never see Grid drink coffee. Does he dislike it?”

“Isn't he cute? Hehe.”


The employees forget their duties and started gossiping about Grid. Hao stared at them and opened his mouth.

"Two sweet potato lattes. No, I will order three.”

Hao was a genius called a ‘miracle’ in China, which boasted the world’s largest population.  It was enough to recognize himself as a person at the top of humanity. But that was just until he met Grid and Kraugel. Hao was firmly aware that he was below Grid and Kraugel and felt envious of them.

He dreamt that he could grow to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Kraugel and Grid. Thus, at this moment, he decided to drink sweet potato lattes. He thought he could grow more if he followed Grid’s food and drink preferences.

'I will drink sweet potato latte every morning in the future. The key to Grid’s focus in the game is the sweet potato latte.’

Hao was jubilant that he came to South Korea.