Chapter 626

XX city, XX district.

It was originally a very quiet neighborhood located on the outskirts of Seoul. It was the level of a village with simple facilities and farming fields. However, the atmosphere of the neighborhood changed drastically since Overgeared King Grid built the 10 billion won Youngwoo Building.

If people went there, they could see Grid! People filled with anticipation started gathering in XX District and the people of XX District started trading with them. Seven months after the Youngwoo Building was constructed, XX District was able to grow into the busiest area in XX City.

Some citizens felt so grateful they argued that the name of XX should be changed to the Youngwoo District.


The Youngwoo Building had a low number of floors, but a luxurious appearance. Only expensive materials were used and a world famous architect designed the building. It cost 10 billion won for a reason.

In front of Youngwoo’s Building.

“This is Grid’s building.”

"I want to see Grid’s roof penthouse.”

“Let’s look around. Do you intend to just go back after coming all the way here?”

Chinese tourists were gathered. They were the main culprits who spat and left cigarette butts all over XX District. The merchants around the Youngwoo Building looked at them with uneasy eyes.

"They want to go into Youngwoo-ssi’s building...”

“It’s possible. Not all Chinese people are like this, but the majority of Chinese tourists are famous for not having common sense. They don’t care about signposts forbidding entrance.”

“Maybe... They want to interfere with Youngwoo-ssi’s game?”

For the residents of XX District, Shin Youngwoo was their hero and benefactor. Thanks to Youngwoo, the local commercial district developed and they were able to accumulate wealth. Of course they loved him. The merchants wanted to help Youngwoo and approached the Chinese tourists.

"Tourists, this building is mainly used as an officetel, except for the cafes and restaurants on the first floor.”

"Tourists shouldn’t be blocking the elevator entrance for the residents.”

"What are these Koreans saying?”

"We can’t enter the building?”

"What’s with these guys?”

The eyes of the Chinese tourists turned nasty. They stared angrily at the residents trying to protect Youngwoo’s privacy.

"What right do you have to interfere with us?”

“Koreans really don’t understand! They’re just small village people!”


The merchants shrank back as the atmosphere started to turn ugly. There were many Chinese tourists and the impression they gave off was terrible. In the first place, it wasn’t good to get tangled up with people who had no common sense. At that moment.

“What’s happening?”

A beautiful girl in a school uniform appeared. She had milky white skin, a small face, and slender limbs in the ratio of a model. Her identity was Youngwoo’s younger sister, Sehee.


“Saintess Ruby!”

"She’s no different from her appearance in the game!”

"It’s the color of South Korea!”

The Chinese tourists became excited. They rushed towards Sehee.


“Can I have a photo?”

"Shake hands...! No, let's hug!!”

It was complete chaos. Almost 50 Chinese tourists surrounded the small and fragile girl.


The merchants paled. They tried to protect the frightened Sehee, but they were pushed aside by the Chinese tourists.


The moment that Sehee screamed as she was forcibly embraced by a Chinese man.



There was a large luxury car that could be seen in movies. A limousine more than 10 meters long appeared beside the Chinese tourists. The Chinese tourists were surprised and focused on the limousine.

"I’m quickly becoming mad.” (TL: This is Chinese written in Korean. I guessed the meaning based on googling, but might not be completely accurate.)

A man emerged from the limousine and glared at the Chinese tourists with cold eyes. It was fearsome killing intent. His sharp look seemed to piece the hearts of the Chinese tourists like a dagger.


The Chinese tourists confirmed the identity of the man and were astonished. The miracle of the continent, Hao. Why was the best Chinese ranker in South Korea? The Chinese tourists wondered if this was a dream as Hao moved to protect Sehee. 

"Making a fuss when visiting a foreign land... Don’t you know that your unreasonable behavior affects all of us? Get out of here before I call the embassy to get rid of you.”


Hao was someone who couldn’t be ignored in China. There was a rumor that even the president was Hao’s fan. Hao’s influence was enough to reach the embassy. The Chinese tourists started to run away. In addition, today’s event would be published as an article in China. It claimed that the Chinese should no longer disgrace their country when visiting other countries, which led to the disappearance of the noisy Chinese tourists in front of Youngwoo’s building.

“Are you okay? Miss Ruby?”

Hao asked in awkward Korean. Sehee nodded. Her big eyes made her look like a small and cute squirrel.

“Thanks to you.”

“It’s very fortunate.”

Hao looked at Sehee with a gentle expression. He might’ve met many beautiful women in China, but it was a rare experience to see a woman as beautiful as Sehee. It was inevitable that he would like her. Sehee thought he was gentle like her brother and felt comfortable with him.

“By the way, why are you in South Korea?”

"It’s because I want to talk to Grid about Kraugel.”


The sky above the sky who her brother had a fierce struggle with twice. Sehee recalled his desperate desire to treat his mother’s illness and flushed. Like most women, Sehee was instinctively attracted to a charming man like Kraugel.

Hao asked, “Is Grid home right now?”

"Yes. Did you have an appointment?”

“Of course. But I arrived 1 hour and 15 minutes earlier than scheduled.”

“Oh my... Then you’ll have to wait until the promised time. My older brother is living on a strict schedule. He won’t log out of the game until the promised time, even if a knife is held to his neck. Well, there’s a lot to do since he became a king.”


He visited on his own, but wasn’t he still the best ranker of China? Sehee laughed at the embarrassed Hao.

"When the mayor visited, he had to wait for three hours.”

"...Is the coffee at this cafe delicious?”

"I'm still a student and I don’t drink coffee, so I don’t know. But the sweet potato latte is delicious.”

“I see... I will wait while drinking the sweet potato latte.”

Indeed, Grid was now one of the busiest people in the world. Hao understood and decided to sacrifice some of his precious time today.


Earl Bruno’s mansion. It was the second largest building in Frontier. Grid confirmed the size of the mansion and realized Earl Bruno’s position in Frontier.

‘My father-in-law’s right hand man lives in such a stately place.’

Indeed, he was a great person, since he was favored by Duke Steim.

Grid greatly anticipated his encounter with Earl Bruno, one of the nobles who supported the Overgeared Kingdom. Earl Bruno was in charge of Frontier’s affairs and probably knew where Fatima were.


Guards stopped him as Grid approached the entrance of mansion. Unlike ordinary people, Grid wandered around without fur clothing, making him look odd.

‘What? Doesn’t he feel the cold?’

'It might be a humanoid monster.’

The guards were alert! Grid confirmed the state of the spears they were pointing and felt proud.

‘The soldiers of the north are superior to soldiers of other kingdoms.’

There truly were many monster habitats in the area. It was clear that Duke Steim concentrated on training and arming his soldiers, making them a solid force of the Overgeared Kingdom.

“Who are you?”

Grid wasn’t cold and his face was covered by a wide brimmed hat. Rather than being afraid of the guards, he watched them closely. Now he smiled in the darkness, causing the guards to feel fear.


Grid realized that the guards were terrified and took off his hat. His black hair was revealed and shone in the moonlight. 

“...King Grid?”

The guards lost their souls. It was surprising and absurd that the king who was their master’s target would appear here.

"Open the gate.”

“Heok...! Y-Yes!”

The king exercised unconditional influence in his own territory. Overgeared King Grid used his absolute power and the guards opened the gate to the mansion.


The torture room underneath Earl Bruno’s residence.

"Ugh... S-Stop... Please stop...”

Had it already been a few days?  After a few days and nights of torture, Fatima’s mental strength reached its limit. Fatima couldn’t withstand the pain anymore. He wanted to put an end to this suffering. Earl Bruno smiled after recognizing that Fatima was waving the white flag.

“Have you finally decided to hand over your underwear making method?”

"I will hand it over. But...”

"But what?"

"Outstanding skills are required in order to make functional underwear. Not just anyone can acquire the production method.”

“There are good tailors all over the continent. Sir Fatima, don’t think that you are special.”


Fatima was Frontier’s best tailor. He was proud, since he couldn’t find a better tailor than himself in the Overgeared Kingdom. Fatima’s pride as a tailor was enormous. Yet Earl Bruno damaged Fatima’s pride. This was an incalculable wound that was incomparable to the physical suffering felt when being whipped.

"Hoh, what is with that rebellious look? You still haven’t had enough?”

Earl Bruno once again raised the whip.

“E-Earl Bruno!”

At that time, the basement door opened without permission and the butler ran in. He looked like he had seen a ghost and Earl Bruno frowned.

“What’s the fuss? Don’t tell me that Grid came to my house?”

"T-That's right!”

“Eh? Haha, what a funny joke.”

“R-Really! King Grid has arrived!”


Earl Bruno got goosebumps.

'Grid...! He acquired information that I’m the head of the Anti Grid Alliance and came to take care of me!’

Grid’s intelligence network was beyond imagination. No matter how Earl Bruno hated Grid, he had to acknowledge Grid.

‘He’s a king for a reason. A great figure that far exceeds my imagination.’


Earl Bruno didn’t think his tail would be caught so quickly by Grid. He left the basement with a sour expression.

"Gather the entire army. If I have to die, I will die with Grid.”

On the other hand, Fatima was left alone and felt infinite affection and respect for Grid whom he had never met.

“I didn’t think the king would come to rescue me... If I survive today, I will be loyal to him for the rest of my life.”