Chapter 620

Based on lineage, acquired by force, appointed through the wishes of the people, etc. There were many reasons and methods of becoming a king. But not just anyone could be a king. It was right to say that the king was a being from heaven.

Satisfy’s developer, Lim Cheolho, paid special attention to the existence of being king. The King Aslan and Belial episode had a great influence on the game. King Maxong could produce artifacts and had powerful strength. All the Satisfy kings exerted a unique presence and this was designed by Lim Cheolho.

Grid directly experienced this and he could infer it naturally.

‘The king of the evil eyes must be special.’

After all, he was the king. He would be different from the other chuuni evil eyes.


Grid took a deep breath as he was guided by the minister. The evil eyes. A species that exerted absolute power to the majority of players except for legendary classes. Their relationship with the Overgeared Kingdom depended on Grid. Grid was overwhelmed by the burden and couldn’t help feeling tense. However, he had no intention of shrinking back.

‘I need to develop a good relationship with the evil eyes.’


Grid controlled his mind as he neared the entrance of the great hall.

“A person who transcends human limitations. Overgeared King Grid, who makes our evil eyes submit, is entering.”

The evil eyes minister informed the king of Grid’s entry. They looked like Grid’s servant.

“I heard we were able to secure the insane dragon egg thanks to you. I want to express my gratitude on behalf of all the evil eyes.”

‘I like his nature.’

There was no candlelight. The King of the Evil Eyes was sitting on a throne in a dark place. Grid confirmed his position and was grateful for the polite manners.

‘He’s grateful and courteous, not disregarding me because I’m a human. Indeed, the king is different.’

The dignity in his voice clearly showed he was different from the general evil eyes. Grid didn’t need to worry about him being a chuuni. 

"I am willing to hand over the insane dragon egg to the evil eyes. I don’t want to miss a chance to exchange with the evil eyes. I want the evil eyes to be allies with the Overgeared Kingdom.”

Grid also responded with respect. He gave the King of the Evil Eyes as much courtesy as possible and honestly expressed his will. The King of the Evil Eyes responded in a somewhat surprised manner.

“Allies... Humans and demonkin? Is that possible?” 

"What does the species have to do with it? If we can help each other, isn’t it better to rely on each other?”

"It is a rational argument. But won’t your people be different? Ordinary humans will be afraid of demonkin. Will they be willing to exchange with our demonkin?” 

"Rather than being frightened... Well, my people are already fully adapted to Lauel, so it should be fine.”

"Oh? Lauel? I don’t know what you mean.”

“In any case, there’s no need to worry about my people.”

"Hrmm... You are determined. It’s incredible.”

Step. Step.

The King of the Evil Eyes smiled and started down the stairs. He slowly approached Grid standing alone in the center of the great hall.


Grid confirmed the appearance in the darkness and was amazed.

‘Both eyes are covered?’

In order to control their powerful eyes, all evil eyes wore something over one eye. Grid thought the king would be the same. However, the king that Grid saw was beyond imagination. A thick band was covering both of his eyes.

‘How can he see in front of him? Perhaps... Mind's Eye?’

It was seeing things with the mind. Grid couldn’t help but involuntarily gulp.

‘Is he similar to the Vampire Duke Marie Rose in strength?’

After the death of the founder, Marie Rose was the reigning vampire. Grid had once met Marie Rose directly before, and she was overwhelming enough to crush the current Grid and Overgeared members into the dirt. Yes, the King of the Evil Eyes should be in the same class as her.

‘Is he taking the initiative to be my opponent?’

Grid tensed up after this thought ran across his mind.



One step, another step. The King of the Evil Eyes suddenly stumbled as he came close to Grid. Grid asked the king in an embarrassed manner, "What happened?"

“I can’t see in front of me...”


Grid doubted his ears.

"In front... You can’t see?”

Both cheeks flushing from embarrassment, the King of the Evil Eyes nodded at Grid’s question.

"As you can see, I have both eyes covered. It’s normal to not be seen in front of me.” 


Why was he blindfolded when he couldn’t see or walk properly?

'Is he a pervert?’

The King of the Evil Eyes smiled bitterly like he read Grid’s mind and explained the reason.

“It’s uncomfortable. I’m the owner of the legendary evil eyes, the owner of a cursed fate that is capable of destroying the world with my own two eyes... If I don’t seal my eyes, then I will go down in history as a slaughterer... This is the karma of my past life and the responsibility that I have to bear.”

"...It’s the same.”

The king wasn’t that different. An evil eye was an evil eye. Grid thought that the King of the Evil Eyes was a normal person, and thus felt a sense of betrayal. But he didn’t show any signs of dislike, as he wanted to keep the evil eyes as a friend. Grid barely managed to control his limbs as he spoke to the demon king.

"Oh, that’s really bad. You were born too powerful and need to cover your eyes?”

"Correct. It’s a terrible curse. I can’t even see the faces of my wife and child. My evil eye might lead them to destruction... Heh, you might not believe this, but I have never untied the band covering my eyes from the moment I was born until now.”



Lightning struck Grid’s mind as he was reminded of something while conversing with the King of the Evil Eyes. It was an idea that he could only think about because Grid was an NPC expert. Grid coughed to hide his grin and spoke,

"That’s too bad. Then does that mean you haven’t ever seen anyone’s face?”

"Yes. I don’t even know what my family and people look like. I feel like I’m alone in this world; this awful loneliness is rotting my heart and soul.”

At that moment, Grid’s mouth curved upwards into a crafty smirk. However, he didn’t dare smile at the King of the Evil Eyes. He waited before speaking as calmly as possible.

"Why don’t you become friends with me?”


The king doubted his ears. A person that he had met for the first time today wanted to be his friend. What was even more absurd, though, was that this person was a human!

“Are you sympathizing with me?”

"Oh, don’t be offended. I just wanted to give you the pleasure of seeing a person and talking to them.”

"The pleasure of seeing a person...? You! Have you been listening to my words? I’m the owner of the legendary evil eyes! A cursed being who will annihilate everything just by looking at it! I absolutely will never release this band!”

"No, release it.”


Was this person insane? It was too scandalous.

‘Does he think I’m bluffing?’

An evil eye was a demonkin. They didn’t enjoy unnecessary slaughter like ordinary demonkin, but that didn’t mean they weren’t demonkin. In the end.

"You dare to provoke me...! I am the king! Even if you’re the benefactor who secured the insane dragon egg, I can’t tolerate you ignoring me!”

The King of the Evil Eyes untied the band around his eyes. The moment that his red left eye and white right eye were exposed.


There was a turmoil in the great hall and countless notification windows appeared in front of Grid.

[You have been captured in the sight of the cursed third evil eye!]

[All of your actions are predicted!]

[You have fallen into the ‘burned by hellfire’ state.]

[You have fallen into the ‘hell freezing’ state.]

[You have fallen into the ‘absolute fear’ state!]

[You have resisted.]

[Reflecting the status has failed.]

Jjejeong! Jjeejeeeong!

Kwang! Kwarururung!

The King of the Evil Eyes exuded a splendid brilliance. All objects in his field of view were frozen, burned, and collapsed helplessly. The huge hall was destroyed in an instant. However.

“...You’re fine?”

The devastated great hall. Grid stood in front of the king without being burned or frozen. He just stared at the King of the Evil Eyes with a calm expression. The king couldn’t believe it.

“A presence who isn’t hurt by my third evil eye...?”

Suddenly, an old story came to mind. It was a human who wasn’t burned by Hell Gao’s hellfire. Sword Saint Muller.



The eyes that saw the world for the first time trembled. They slowed observed Grid.

"My evil eyes... Do we look like you?”

The king spoke in a deeply moved voice and Grid replied.

"No, you look much nicer.”

Words that didn’t contain a single bit of truth! But Grid knew. These minor words could give someone great joy. Grid believed that his past self would’ve gained courage if someone had spoken warm words to him. 

“...I see.”

Grid’s answer made the king’s eyes wet. The tears disappeared and the king covered his eyes again. Then he reached out to Grid.

"My evil eyes will be a strong ally of the Overgeared Kingdom.”

"Thank you. You won’t regret this choice.”

[The Overgeared Kingdom and ‘Evil Eyes’ species have signed an alliance.]

On this day. The powerful demonkin, still unknown to the players, became allies of the Overgeared Kingdom. The Overgeared Kingdom grew much stronger.