Chapter 891


[-The strongest mineral produced by the collaboration between the legendary blacksmith, Pagma, and the legendary great magician, Braham.

It is harder than the god’s mineral, adamantium, and has more compatibility with magic than mithril. It also boasts more elasticity than jaffa.

By default, the pavranium revolve around and protect their owner, but they will also take other actions when given commands from their owner.

* The pavranium have obtained healing skills due to Goddess Rebecca’s blessing. They will increase their owner’s health recovery speed by 300%.

* The pavranium have obtained an attack buff skill due to God Dominion’s blessing. The owner’s attack power will increase by 15%.

* The pavranium have obtained a defense buff skill due to God Judar’s blessing. The owner’s defensive power will increase by 15%.

Smelting Conditions: Pagma, Grid.

Conditions of Use: Pagma, Grid.]

This was the explanation for the mineral. It couldn’t be called perfect because sometimes having an ego was a disadvantage, but for Grid, pavranium was the best mineral. Nevertheless, Grid never made any battle gear with pavranium. Was it because pavranium was too hard to smelt? No way. Pavranium was the best mineral, and it was simultaneously a class item for Pagma’s Descendant. From Grid’s point of view, it was naturally easy to smelt.

Grid was like a fish in water when smelting and hammering pavranium. Grid found it easier and more enjoyable to smelt and temper pavranium than iron ore, which had the lowest degree of difficulty. The reason why Grid didn’t make battle gear with pavranium was that it was too precious. He didn’t want to bind the pavranium into a solid form when it could move around and act on its own.

Now, the situation had changed. This was a competition with a god. He couldn’t afford to save the pavranium when facing a god.

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang! Grid hit the pavranium using the hammer he had used for many years. The pavranium responded to Grid’s intentions and techniques, and it gradually became a hammer.

Hexetia’s eyes narrowed. ‘He is definitely in the realm of transcendence.’

Grid’s hammering technique was four to five times faster and twenty times more sophisticated than the technique of ordinary human blacksmiths. It was a skill that was beyond the domain of humans. Grid’s skill was at a level similar to that of Pagma and the seven malignant saints whom Hexetia had been jealous of in the past.

However, Grid was different from them. Pagma had rebelled and resisted Hexetia, while Grid understood, embraced, and served Hexetia. The divine stone was a mineral which Hexetia had created, and it gathered the strength of all minerals. 

Tong! Hexetia placed the divine stone on the anvil and started working. He was confident that a mineral more perfect than the divine stone didn’t exist anywhere!

‘Grid, the feelings in your heart and your abilities have been sufficiently communicated to me. So I will show it to you in return...’

...The greatness of a god!

‘I will imprint my greatness on your soul, and you will serve me forever!’

Hexetia wasn’t loved by anyone. He was hiding alone in the shadow cast by the goddess of light. Why did he exist? Hexetia might’ve acted on the will of the goddess, but he wasn’t remembered by anyone. He was forgotten and avoided... Why? What was the point of his existence? Would it be better to not have been born in the first place?

These thoughts constantly revolved around Hexetia’s mind. Hexetia sometimes became envious of the humans on the ground. They were existences who lived in the moment. He felt jealous of those born inferior to himself laughing, crying, and finding meaning in life. There was no chance for Hexetia to find meaning in life when he existed alone. However, the opportunity had now finally arrived.

‘I will be sure to prove my worth to Grid!’

This was the first time in his life that there was someone who understood his hard work and wanted to serve him.

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang! Hexetia started hammering the divine stone desperately. There was no room for him to relax. He was far from the omnipotent god that the world assumed he was.

‘I won’t miss this chance...!’

He couldn’t lose. Otherwise, he would fail to prove his value. He didn’t want to become alone again. Hexetia’s hammering speed became faster and exceeded Grid’s speed. It was a huge 10 times faster! 

‘Crazy!’ Grid was astonished. Grid didn’t fear potentially causing damage with his hammering speed and had great pride in it. His hammer hit the pavranium on the anvil six times per second, which was already considered a new record. Yet Hexetia was hammering 10 times faster than him at 60 times per second!

‘Is that a person? Ah, no, he isn’t a person.’

Apart from the flames on the nipples, Hexetia’s appearance wasn’t much different from humans. In addition, the personality he expressed was far from transcendent. It was more like that of a normal person. That’s why Grid forgot for a moment. Hexetia was a god. Yes, he was the blacksmith god—a monster who could simply pinch his nipples to increase the temperature of the furnace!

‘Stay calm. Don’t get agitated.’

Watching the monster forge the metal at an unbelievable speed, the agitated Grid started to move his hand again.

‘Just being fast has no meaning.’

Yes, the important thing was quality. It was sophistication which was required when forging metal, not speed. Just forging a metal quickly wouldn’t produce refinement.

‘I have to maintain my own pace!’

In the first place, there was no time limit for this match. There was no need to be nervous because Hexetia was hammering 10 times faster than him. On the other hand...


Hexetia stopped hammering for a moment. The divine stone on the anvil was in the shape of a blade. Hexetia placed the hot blade into cold water and took it out, entering the next stage.

Ttaaang! The sound of metal being hit rang through the sky.

“...!” Grid admired Hexetia’s ability to enter the next stage ahead of himself. He was also wary of the fact that the divine stone was equivalent or better than pavranium.

‘Isn’t it natural?’

Pavranium had been made by the joint forces of two legends, while the divine stone had been literally made by a god. It was likely that the divine stone was a higher concept mineral than pavranium.

‘The best material I can take out might be trivial in front of a god...’

His belief in the pavranium faded. Grid weakened when he realized he couldn’t even compete in materials against a god.

“...” A stillness flowed through Grid, and his hammering stopped completely. Could he win when he was even beaten in materials? Had the game ended already? Was he currently wasting his time? Grid could feel defeat coming. It was a pity that he had to miss out on the goddess’ blessing. The moment these thoughts stirred Grid’s mind...

Ttang! Hexetia was raising the speed of his tempering. Every time he hit the blade with his hammer, the flames emitted from his nipples would warm the blade again, making the process of tempering much easier. Sweat flowed down Grid’s cheeks. As Hexetia continued working, the number of flames emitted by Hexetia’s nipples increased and the temperature of the entire area rose. The air was now as hot as lava. It was too hot for even the legendary blacksmith to bear. Grid could understand why the young angels avoided Hexetia.


Grid initially thought that a legendary blacksmith completely ignored the effect of temperature, but it turned out that there was a ceiling to that. Realizing how small he was before a god, Grid completely lost his motivation.

‘I was crazy. What confidence did I have to think I could win against a god?’

Yes, it was natural to lose. He should just neatly give up. This was the moment when Grid gave up his only advantage—his tenacity.

[The effect of Valhalla of Infinite Affection is helping to maintain your body temperature...]

The notification window that rose gave strength to Grid’s weakened body and mind, and his pained body suddenly felt lighter than a feather. Valhalla, Khan’s masterpiece which Grid had never taken off, triggered the effect that maintained his body temperature.

“...Khan.” Grid’s heart sank as he read Khan’s intentions in the armor. Khan had prayed for Grid’s well-being even in his last moments. Grid’s grip on his hammer tightened. ‘Yes. Khan didn’t give up.’

Despite knowing that his life was about to end, Khan never let go of the hammer in his hand. Grid was a blacksmith. How could a legendary blacksmith let go of the hammer in his hand? It was an unacceptable sin. Khan would probably be frustrated as he watched Grid from wherever he was now.

‘I have to fight to the end, even if I lose.’

He couldn’t disappoint Khan. Grid had this thought and was no longer fighting alone. Khan’s soul and will were with him.

Uraaaaat!” Grid struck the pavranium with force. He had reminded himself that Khan’s final work, Valhalla of Infinite Affection, was an armor which had been made without any special materials. Black iron, which was relatively common now, was the main material. Yet the armor had been born as a non-standard item, and its performance was equivalent to the myth rating.

Yes, the result of an item didn’t just depend on the value of the material. The more important thing was the skill, intentions, and will of the maker. This was the last thing Khan had taught Grid.

‘Khan, watch me until the end.’

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

The forged pavranium entered the quenching stage, and the hot metal gave off a golden glow.

‘Your son will face a god with your teachings!’

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

[You are extremely focused and the Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath skill has been activated.]

[You are extremely focused and the Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience skill has been activated.]

[You are extremely focused and the Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath skill has been activated.]

[You are extremely focused and the Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience...]



There was no distinction between day and night in Asgard. Under the serene sky, Grid’s first work was completed.

[You have created a myth rated item!]

It was the birth of a new blacksmithing hammer.