Chapter 882

The role of the blacksmithing god, Hexetia, was to inform humanity of how to use fire and iron. Hexetia descended to the earth under the will of the goddess of life and faithfully fulfilled his role. He gave the concept of cooking and tools to the savage humans. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the development of humanity was due to Hexetia, and he was very proud of this fact. He realized this was the reason why the gods existed, and it filled him with satisfaction.

However, it was only for a short time. Human beings were arrogant and evil. They would throw babies into boiling iron or cover the iron with the blood of virgins. Humans were uncivilized beings who relied on the gods and passed their responsibilities onto others instead of developing their own trivial skills.

“They are worse than the great demons.”

Hexetia felt only hatred toward them. So, he started to thoroughly ignore humanity. He didn’t care when they reached out for salvation. It was the same even when the world was destroyed by the evil god, Yatan. Rather, he felt a great joy at the destruction of humanity. He hated humanity so much that he rebelled when Goddess Rebecca declared that she would resurrect humanity.

-In particular, he didn’t tolerate Pagma.

Pagma, the legendary blacksmith who had developed without his help, was a mutation that denied Hexetia’s existence. He was a human capable of developing without the help of a god, a monster who proved his potential was comparable to a god’s. Hexetia became envious of Pagma and kept him in check. He placed all sorts of hardships and trials on Pagma so that he wouldn’t be able to transcend.

However, Pagma overcame all the sufferings and trials. In the process, he became transcendent—a stronger and more innovative being who wasn’t bound by the ‘mind.’ At the time, the work born from his hands became a ‘myth’ and started to be compared to Hexetia’s works.

-Hexetia went looking for Yatan. He wanted to destroy humanity right then and reset the world. Kukuk, isn’t it funny? A god wanted the world to perish just because he feared a human would surpass him. A god isn’t almighty or benevolent. There is an end to their talents, and they are terribly selfish, just like humans. 

Asgard was the world of the gods that existed above the clouds. The voice echoed in Grid’s mind as the golden area around him gradually became violent.

-They aren’t qualified to ‘manage’ humanity! It is no different from breeding a dog!

Kuek...!” A powerful rage struck Grid’s chest. The unknown person’s wrath, which Grid felt, was great. Grid’s breath stopped, and his pupils trembled. He couldn’t endure it! His vision from above the clouds spun round and round.

‘My head!’

He had a terrible headache. Grid frowned as the surrounding scenery changed. He now appeared in a black and red world. Grid knew this place which was dominated by seething lava and poison.


The earth was shaking, and the appearance of a volcano erupting was seen through the window of a dark castle. However, the two men standing opposite each other weren’t agitated at all. Grid looked at them. The man with long red hair was the hero of this story, Hexetia, while the fair-skinned man giving off an ice-cold air was 1st Great Demon Baal. Baal looked like he was very interested. “You’ll make weapons for the great demons?”

‘What?’ Grid doubted his ears.

It didn’t make sense for the blacksmithing god, Hexetia, to make weapons for the great demons. Yet Hexetia nodded instantly. “Yes. I will give you strength. Therefore, destroy humanity.”

Grid learned Hexetia’s intentions and spat out, ‘This crazy guy!’

Hating the entire human race was a good excuse. On the other hand, for a god to join hands with a great demon just because of a grudge against Pagma… It couldn’t be accepted. 

Baal delayed giving an answer. “The role of God Yatan is to destroy Earth...”

“Don’t destroy Earth! Just have the great demons wipe out the humans!”



Ahh, good. Only...” 


“A one-sided entertainment is no fun, so I will balance it out.”

“Entertainment? This is entertainment?”

“Yes, it’s entertainment. It will be a good match between the incompetent god, Hexetia, and the human who incited his envy.”


“Enjoy it. It is enjoyable. Or do you think your god’s position will be at risk, just like that time?”


‘That time? What was that time?’ Grid questioned it.

-It was the war between the gods and the seven half-gods, the mysterious voice gave the answer.

Grid belatedly realized, ‘The seven malignant saints existed long before Pagma?’

-That’s right. The reason I am showing you Pagma’s era is to help you understand.

In other words...

-This was the second time Hexetia was jealous. He was envious of the seven half-gods who threatened his position as god and later committed the same sin. He’s a really narrow-minded guy!

A chill went down Grid’s spine as he was reminded that Hexetia was also jealous of him.

‘This Hex bastard!’

Was Hexetia already plotting to hurt Grid? Grid was feeling concerned when the surrounding scenery changed again. It was now a place that was familiar to him—the Hall of Fame. The great demons who climbed up from the red-black earth faced a man. He was armed with a sword and a scythe as he watched the great demons with sharp eyes.

“In the end, I am alone.”

The hand holding the sword wasn’t very strong, but Pagma’s black eyes which shone through his long hair were splendid as he started a sword dance.


The sky began to fall. The great demons felt an infinite pressure as the sky fell down right in front of them. The sky was falling while Pagma’s sword dance destroyed the earth.

“If I knew that the distinction between good and evil in my mind was wrong, I would never have betrayed Braham.” Pagma shed tears.

-Hexetia’s envy brought sorrow to countless humans and threatened all of humanity. Hexetia’s sins are truly heavy. Will you be able to forgive him?



Grid was a powerhouse. He had experienced numerous battles, so how could he fail to manage his stamina? It was hard enough when the conditions were normal. Damian judged that Grid’s physical condition was very bad. “I think you are pushing yourself too hard. Take a break.”

Grid had been using all up his daily access time for the past few days. He had only eaten jerky and dried bread and hadn’t left the smithy. Both his physical fatigue and mental fatigue should’ve reached the limit. While Damian was feeling concerned, Grid woke up.

“No, I’m fine.” Grid shoved himself away from Damian’s chest and stood up alone. However, his face was still pale and his breathing was rough.

Damian couldn’t help worrying about Grid. “Please rest. Your health is much more important than the quest.”

“...” Grid didn’t answer.

To be exact, he had no time to answer. He was busy checking the notification windows in front of him.

[The original sin of envy has been revealed!]

[Unless the blacksmithing god Hexetia gives up on his envy, the Stone of Original Sin encroaching on the holy sword won’t disappear.]

[If you pass on this fact to the Rebecca Church and its members, the Cleanse the First Holy Sword quest will end and you won’t be able to receive the goddess’ blessing. Affinity with Goddess Rebecca will drop to minus values.]

[If you bury the truth, the duration of the Cleanse the First Holy Sword quest will be extended indefinitely. You can receive the goddess’ blessing after clearing the quest.]

[You have discovered the hidden story of the legendary blacksmith Pagma.]

[Telling this story to great magician Braham will likely cause a positive phenomenon.]

[The new skill Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Drop has been acquired.]


[-A sword dance that displays a grudge against the sky.

It is a deep and serene sword dance that informs the world of the authority of the fallen sky.

-Inflicts 30% of your physical damage to all enemies within five meters of you, and there is a 30% chance of ignoring the enemy’s status resistance. 

-Deals an additional 300% damage to all divine beings.

That target that gets hit won’t be able to attack, and their defense will decrease.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword type weapon equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 850

Skill Cooldown Time: 6 minutes.]


Grid didn’t care that the reality of the gods was different from what was known or that the progress of the quest was becoming complicated. He wasn’t even interested in the newly acquired sword dance. All he was thinking of at the moment was Braham.

‘Pagma regretted it. He felt sorry toward you.’

Braham had been betrayed by his only friend, Pagma, just because he was a demonkin. Wouldn’t the grudges and sadness imprinted on Braham’s soul be slightly relieved now?

‘I’m glad. I’m really glad...’ Grid sincerely felt pleased.

He wanted to quickly reunite with Braham and convey this truth. That’s right. Grid didn’t know that Braham’s soul had scattered after leaving him.

‘Come back soon, Braham.’

Braham had left to recover his body. They were separated right now, but they would be able to reunite someday because they were living in the same era.

‘Old man, I want to see you.’

Their first encounter had been the worst, but Braham was Grid’s mentor. Grid missed Braham’s empty spot from time to time. Simultaneously...

“This is the place.”

It was Skunk, the 1st ranked explorer who discovered the Yatan Church’s main temple in the past. He found the Sword Grave, where Braham’s body was known to be buried.

“Now! Let’s find the treasures!”


Skunk and his colleagues started to move.