Chapter 866

[★Hidden Quest★ ‘Vatican Invasion’ has been abandoned.]

[Affinity with the Yatan Church has decreased by 100.]

[The relationship with the Yatan Church has changed from friendly to wary.]

The Vatican Invasion was a hidden quest with huge rewards, and the clear probability of a story unfolding from it was very high. Yet Agnus was now abandoning the honeypot that he had been certain to win. It was a craziness that no one could understand.

“You are crazy!!” Rose screamed. It was already too late to stop Agnus. Lich Mumud attacked Silvenas, while Agnus flew through the gap and reached Irene.


He was the man who was called a mad dog. Coke was frightened when the man everyone called crazy approached the queen and prince. He didn’t know that Agnus had stopped Silvenas’ scream and squeezed his sword with trembling hands. The sight of a weak person determined to defend someone caused Agnus’ eyes to flash with emotion. 

Recalling his past helpless self who hadn’t been able to protect the woman he loved, Agnus felt regret, anger, resentment, and sadness. Agnus’ face distorted in a terrible manner as he hated his past self. It was a face that induced sympathy rather than fear.

“Who are you?” The little prince asked. He was aware of the sad face of the man who was protecting him and his mother.

Agnus barely suppressed his anger and replied, “Just a fool.”


He was obsessed with the past that couldn’t be reversed and was forming new regrets at this moment. Wasn’t he a fool? That’s right. Agnus was clearly aware that it was wrong for him to give up the hidden quest just for old memories. He knew he was going to regret it.

In fact, Yatan’s Third Servant Aliburn was threatening him right now.

“Baal’s Contractor...!! Have you forgotten the grace we showed you by giving you the Stone of Life? You will regret this!” Aliburn was furious, misunderstanding why Baal’s Contractor was trying to betray the Yatan Church. “It is always Baal’s Contractor...! You always pester us!!”

The Yatan Church served the evil god, Yatan, and the great demons were Yatan’s children. Originally, the 1st Great Demon Baal was the second highest subject of respect for Yatan’s Servants. However, Baal had an incomprehensible side. Hundreds of years ago, he contracted with the legendary Pagma and gave him a mighty force, interfering with the descent of the great demons. It was on a mere whim, but Aliburn was forced to doubt Baal’s intentions when his contractor betrayed the Yatan Church.

“Baal wants to betray God Yatan!” Aliburn knew that there was no limit to the desires of a great demon, so he interpreted it as the 1st Great Demon Baal wanting to pull down God Yatan and become a god.

Agnus laughed. “That jerk’s intentions aren’t important.”

“What? You..?” 

“I am me. Do you think I will act for others? Kik!” Agnus didn’t care if this was the wrong move. He pointed to Coke and Irene. “I want to save these people. That is the desire in my heart.” 

He was like a heaven-sent savior to Irene and Lord, but Coke was still vigilant toward him. Watching Agnus, Aliburn became speechless. Then he made a blatant threat, “Someday, you won’t be able to protect them with your present strength. You will surely be defeated, and they will die.”


“Then you will have the Stone of Life stolen from you.”

This was Agnus’ last chance.

“Now, wake up and change your mind.” Aliburn reached out to Agnus.

A notification window asking if he wanted to accept the Vatican Invasion hidden quest once again appeared in front of Agnus, and once again, the rewards for the hidden quest were amazing. He would be able to secure a large amount of demonic power, intelligence, dominance and also gain a 50% resistance to divine attacks. There were quest rewards which maximized the strengths of Baal’s Contractor while overcoming the weaknesses.

It was a temptation that couldn’t be refused unless the person was a fool… and Agnus was a fool.

“I am still going to fight. Kik!” 

Agnus’ desires were different from ordinary people, and he didn’t want strength, power, or wealth. He just wanted to recover the past. That’s why it was impossible for him to turn a blind eye to this scene due to his regrets of the past, even if new regrets rose. 

[★Hidden Quest★ ‘Vatican Invasion’ has been rejected.]

[Yatan’s Third Servant Aliburn is extremely angry.]

[The relationship with the Yatan Church has changed from wary to hostile.]

[The hidden class quest ‘Will of the Former Generation’ has been opened!]

[Will of the Former Generation]

[Difficulty: Class quest.

You have become hostile to the Yatan Church. This means you will be hostile to God Yatan and all great demons. 

You have chosen the same path as the former Baal’s Contractor, Pagma.

Go to the Hall of Fame!

Understand Pagma’s will!

Glimpse the will and power that he left behind and prepare to fight against the great demons!

Quest Clear Conditions: Clear the events that will occur in the Hall of Fame.

Quest Clear Rewards: Baal’s Contractor will acquire some of the power left by Pagma.

Quest Failure: The rewards will be permanently deleted.]

He ended up being connected with Pagma? The new development interested Agnus. One of the Five Miracles once again broke Morpheus’ predictions.

Kik?” Agnus burst out laughing.

“Yes! Baal’s Contractor is like this!” Aliburn roared. His magic power that had been built up by absorbing divine power stirred the ground. However, Agnus wasn’t afraid to confront it.

“Summon! Death Knight!”

Lich Mumud tied up Silvenas’ feet while the death knights rose from the ground.

“Furfu’s Power!”

A white light covered the stormy night sky. It was a scene where the pouring rain turned to ice. This was the power of Great Demon Furfu. His power was manifested through Agnus’ hands and strengthened all of Agnus’ servants, from the demons to the death knights and Lich Mumud. Silvenas was trying to keep up with Lich Mumud’s iridescent magic when she suddenly screamed, “Kyaaak!

The strengthened Lich Mumud alone threatened Yatan’s Fourth Servant. Once Agnus crossed the irreversible river, Aliburn’s eyes turned red. “You...!” 

Aliburn’s infinite pride as the best black magician of the continent was destroyed.

“The unclean darkness will spread, and the sky and earth will be corrupted!!”

The sky, which had turned white due to Furfu’s Power, darkened once again, and the heavy rain pouring down was invisible. All types of curses flew out while the people present trembled in terror.

“Do as you please!” At this moment, the elders devoted to breaking the barrier containing Pope Damian unleashed Goddess’ Purification. The elders had high dark resistance and weren’t affected by Aliburn’s Mana Burn. The divine light created by the 13 of them cleaned the polluted sky and earth in an instant.

“It will be dangerous if I don’t go out directly.” The silent 2nd Prince of the Saharan Empire manifested his red energy. His sword was wrapped in red energy and destroyed dozens of black magicians at once.

“What?” The eyes of Yatan’s Sixth Servant Cardiora widened as she engaged with the solo number knights who escorted the imperial prince. She couldn’t have imagined that the imperial prince, who grew up in a greenhouse, would have such great power concealed. It wasn’t just Cardiora. Kasim, who was flying to defeat Aliburn, and everyone else in the banquet hall was surprised by Dulandal.

‘This cursed strength!’

Naturally, Kasim knew about the power of the royal family. Indeed, he couldn’t forget the red energy that wiped out his clan.

Silvenas was caught by Agnus, and Rose was facing Chucksley and Isabel. Aliburn was fighting the elders and other Rebecca’s Daughters, and Cardiora was facing the Red Knights and Dulandal. Meanwhile, the black magicians were holding back the knights of other kingdoms and the Rebecca’s Daughter candidates.

Agnus’ betrayal and Dulandal’s power were unexpected variables for the Yatan Church, and the situation was going badly for the Yatan Church.

‘There is hope!’ The royalty, who had fairly high insight, were filled with expectations.

They believed that if they cooperated actively, they would be able to overcome this crisis and survive. With this in mind, they led the knights to kill the black magicians quickly. However, Yatan’s Seventh Servant Hill reversed the situation again. Everyone became desperate as the fat middle-aged man showed up from wherever he had been hiding since the beginning of the battle.

Hehe! Kihehe! Aliburn! I have succeeded!” The laughing Hill was holding a sword that was stuck in a piece of rock. The trapped Pope Damian, the elders, and Rebecca’s Daughters were all astonished. It couldn’t be helped since the Holy Sword which had been given to the first pope by Goddess Rebecca was now in the hands of the Yatan Church.

Damian was forced to proceed with a new quest.

[Recapture the Holy Sword]

[The Sealed Holy Sword, which the goddess gave to the first pope, has fallen into the hands of the Yatan Church!

The Holy Sword is the symbol of Rebecca and proof of the pope!

You must retrieve it!

Quest Clear Conditions: Take back the Sealed Holy Sword.

Quest Clear Reward: Goddess Rebecca’s blessing. Affinity with the elders will reach the peak and you will be respected by all believers.

Quest Failure: Many believers will be disillusioned with the ineffective church leadership and will leave the church. You won’t be eligible to serve as the pope. Goddess Rebecca will be disappointed in you. Level -5.]  

No, what could he do when locked up in this barrier? In the midst of this crisis, Damian prayed for salvation. However, Goddess Rebecca was silent.

Ugh...!” Despite his anxiety, Damian’s gaze kept following Isabel and Irene. He hoped that the woman he loved and the people precious to him would all be safe. How long could they continue enduring this? As Aliburn started cursing the Holy Sword, the Rebecca priests, paladins, elders, and daughters started to lose their divine power.