Chapter 807

[Name: Kazak

Age: 6 years old  Gender: Male

Race: Human

Level: 1

Strength: 1/40  Stamina: 2/50

Agility: 1/30  Intelligence: 1/???

-A child with innately high magic power. Four years ago, he was kidnapped by the magic tower and raised by magicians.

He lacks language and intellectual abilities because he didn’t receive any education.]

[Name: Cha Cha

Age: 5 years old  Gender: Female

Race: Human

Level: 1

Strength: 1/20  Stamina: 1/40

Agility: 1/40  Intelligence: 1/???

-A child with innately high magic power. Four years ago, she was kidnapped by the magic tower and raised by magicians.

She lacks language and intellectual abilities because she didn’t receive any education.]

Shortly after destroying the thunder stone, Grid immediately descended to the 79th floor. In fact, he wanted to rush to the imperial palace right now. However, he couldn’t pass by the children who were being treated as livestock.

Abu? Ah!” Dozens of boys and girls extended their hands as they found Grid. The sounds from the children’s stomachs indicated they were hungry.

‘Dammit.’ Grid found it hard to understand. Goldhit had selected children to be the ‘vessel’ of her soul. If she was going to use their bodies, then it was normal to take care of them. Yet why were the children treated as cattle?

‘It’s also annoying to look after too many of them.’

He could imagine all types of things. It was horrible and disgusting. Tsk, Grid narrowed his eyes only to suddenly control his expression. It was because the children became scared when they saw his tough face.

“It’s okay. I’m not a bad person.”

Since when had he been so kind? It was strange for him to save people who weren’t related to himself. Grid smiled bitterly and smashed the lock containing the children. The small padlock was too thin to cope with Grid’s strength that was over 3,000.

“Come out.” Grid opened the door as gently as possible. However, none of the children attempted to come out. For the children, this was the only world they knew.

‘...Shit.’ Grid’s emotions intensified. His blood boiled just thinking about Goldhit’s face, or rather, the face of the child that she took over.

Sigh.” Grid reigned in his heart and entered the 79th floor. He fell to his knees without worrying about the dirt between the haystacks. “Come outside with me. If you go outside, there will be many delicious and pretty things. You can feel the clean air when you breathe.”


The intentions in his heart were delivered. Grid’s smile combined with his high charm and dignity stat gave the children confidence.

Abu...” The first one to bravely move was a small boy. He took a cautious step outside. It was a signal.

Ahh! Ah! All the other boys and girls started running out.

“Please stay quiet.”

Then it happened when Grid was handing out the underwear he’d made to the children.

“What are you doing?!” Magicians emerged. They had come rushing when they heard the sound of the thunder stone exploding. The frightened children hid behind Grid’s back. Grid asked, “What are these children?”

“Haven’t you met Goldhit already? Can’t you guess the identity of the children based on her appearance? Then...”

“Just answer. Why did you abuse the children like this?”

“Neglect isn’t abuse. Of course, we looked after them well at first. Now they are just waste children who lost the qualification to be a ‘vessel.’”

“...Waste? Wouldn’t it be better to let them go instead of treating them like this?”

Grid had experienced countless incidents while playing Satisfy. He had suffered a lot in the past and learned not to lose his cool. However, this time was an exception. The victims were so young. Grid’s voice was shaking, but the magicians didn’t care much. They were also angry. Grid had become an enemy the moment he destroyed the thunder stone.

“It’s a waste to release them, don’t you know? They can be used as experiments someday. They’re guinea pigs.”

The words were a taunt filled with ridicule. In the end...

“You trash!” Grid couldn’t endure his anger. He threw his body toward the magicians, who acted like they had been waiting.

“Water Wave!”

“Chain Lightning!”

Overgeared King Grid—he was the Hero King born hundreds of years after Muller. Yes, hundreds of years… The years were too long for people to accurately gauge the value of the Hero King. The magicians acknowledged Grid but mistook him for someone they could go against. This was a misjudgment that would lead to a terrible tragedy.

“What...?” The magicians were shocked as Grid was unharmed despite their collaboration magic. Grid also ignored the binding magic and grease magic on the floor.

Tch! Explosion!” One of the magicians used a powerful explosive spell. He was the first to realize he could be killed if he fought while worrying about the tower collapsing. However, this enlightenment was too late. Grid used Valhalla’s magic resistance to minimize the magic damage and Doran’s Ring to regain health. Then he also succeeded in completing his sword technique.




The explosion, which should’ve hit Grid, swallowed up the magician instead. Someone was seriously injured, while someone else’s casting was canceled. However, the group of magicians could draw out an ultimate efficiency by casting different spells sequentially.

Grid had various combat experiences and couldn’t be unaware of this fact. The reason he had chosen a counterattack as his first skill was to cut off the magicians’ flow, and it had a big effect. The magicians’ formation broke down, but Grid didn’t use any skills on them. 

He judged he would get more out of the basic attacks instead of just one skill. It was a judgment based on the inherent limitations of a magician with low defense and health. The magicians weren’t able to endure the basic attacks Grid dealt them with the assistance of Alex's Quick Gloves. It was safe to say that the battle ended at this point. Of course...


“Thunder Hammer!”

There still existed excellent people in a group. Some of the magicians, who were Goldhit’s disciples, showed excellent combat power in a melee. They used relatively weak spells with a quick casting time in order to accumulate damage on Grid. The problem was that a single hit from Grid dealt more damage than three of the magicians’ spells. Resistance was futile.

Kuk...! Cough!

“You...! You are really crazy!”

The fallen magicians threw threats at Grid.

“Do you think you will be safe if you harm us?”

“How dare you insult subjects of the empire?! Can you afford the empire’s wrath? You and your country will soon disappear into history!”

The tower magicians were estimated to have a minimum level of 360 or higher. Despite the limitations of humanoid NPCs and magicians, it wasn’t easy for them to die from Grid’s attacks. That’s why they could talk like this. Grid looked at them and didn’t let go of his sword. ‘It’s a good idea to take care of all of them.’

It wasn’t just because of his anger but also for the future of the Overgeared Kingdom. The empire was eventually destined to become the main enemy of the Overgeared Kingdom, which meant the magicians were expected to be a major threat. Now that Grid had destroyed the thunder stone to get rid of the great demon, it was an opportunity for him to get rid of the magicians. That’s right. Grid was someone who usually didn’t fall for provocations easily. So, the reason why he responded to the magicians’ provocations was actually due to his calculations.

“It’s a mountain I have to cross. I’m afraid it can’t be avoided.”


Grid’s reply sank the magicians into despair. Then Grid glanced at Noe, who yawned and approached the boys and girls. “You human kids! You can appreciate the noble appearance of hell’s best demonic beast! Nyang!

Abu! Abuoo!” The children had never seen something cuter and more beautiful. After confirming that the children were looking at Noe, Grid cleaned up the magicians.

“Let’s go.”


‘I have to help Mercedes,’ Grid judged as he left the tower with the magicians in it. ‘The fact that I visited the empire today will be known by Goldhit.’

It was inevitable that he would be identified as one of the suspects behind the chandelier falling and walls collapsing. However, Grid wasn’t greatly concerned. Wouldn’t it be considered the work of the great demon?

‘Astaroth was revealed at a good time, so things are going well.’

Grid decided to rescue Mercedes from danger without realizing that he was the reason for Astaroth’s emergence.

“All of you wait here.” Grid moved the children to a place that looked safe and handed out food to be shared. Noe’s mouth was in a ‘ㅅ’ shape as he flew around Grid. It was difficult to see Noe as a ‘demonic beast.’

‘If these children were raised in a good environment, they would be happy right now...’

Greater compassion and gentleness filled Grid’s eyes as he looked at the children.

[A legendary knight has been born!]

[Every knight in the world will look up to her and praise her!]


The world message about the birth of a new legend appeared before Grid. Grid noted that the legendary knight was a ‘her.’

‘Don’t tell me it is Mercedes?’ Grid was naturally reminded of Mercedes.

[You have succeeded in sealing the weakened great demon, Astaroth!]

[1st place raid compensation is acquired!]

He was stunned. “...No, what is this?”

It wasn’t unusual for the empire to be able to raid the great demon. That was natural when considering the power of the empire. However...

‘Why do I have the first place contribution?’

He got the first place contribution despite not participating in the raid?

‘Something like this... Ah!’ The confused Grid realized it. ‘Is it because raiding Astaroth was impossible until I destroyed the thunder stone? Is that why I have first place in the contribution?’

He was only half right. Revealing Astaroth’s identity was considered by the system to be part of Grid’s contribution. However, it was impossible for Grid to notice this fact.

‘In any case, this is serious.’

It was a surprise! Grid didn’t have much of an expectation, but he was worried. His developing thinking ability sent him a warning.

‘Mercedes is a legendary knight.’

A legend...

She had made a great contribution in raiding Astaroth and was now the empire’s hero. Could she still join the Overgeared Kingdom? It was impossible. The empire wouldn’t let her go, and her nature meant it was impossible for her to leave the empire.


Grid depended on items more than anyone, considered items as more important than anyone, and thus became the Overgeared King. However, he knew the importance of personnel. He had a large number of named NPCs such as Piaro, Asmophel, Sticks, and Rabbit. Grid felt more regretful about losing Mercedes than joyous over the various raid rewards now entering his inventory.

“Return to the kingdom first... Eh?

Grid was moving the children when he stopped. The last raid reward captured his gaze.

[‘Weakened Great Demon Astaroth’s Power’ has been attached to the Rune of Darkness!]


It was an incoming reward. However, he didn’t know what Astaroth’s power was. Grid hadn’t fought with Astaroth personally, so he didn’t know Astaroth’s skills and abilities. It was hard to predict what power would be attached to the rune without information about Astaroth.

The excited Grid immediately confirmed Astaroth’s power.

[Weakened Great Demon Astaroth’s Power]

[If you are a demonkin or have demonic energy, you can create the ‘Storm Demonic Energy Field.’]

“...Field?” Grid’s mouth dropped open. Create a field...? This was completely...

“Am I a boss mob?”

Grid was becoming more omnipotent rather than versatile.