Chapter 849

Asmophel and Haster didn’t bother following the fleeing soldiers. The inhabitants of the village were safe now, and it was unlikely that the soldiers would return to retaliate.

“You’re going to help me? Can you leave here? Weren’t you protecting the cabin for a reason?” Asmophel asked Haster, who had taken off the military helmet and returned it.

There was obviously a reason. Some of the skills that he learned from Master Winfred involved raising the level through ‘meditation.’ Additionally, Winfred had left a will saying that a person of distinction would visit here. Therefore, Haster had protected the cabin while waiting.

Now, it was time to leave. Haster’s skill level was high enough, and his teacher’s will seemed to be referring to Asmophel.

“I will leave now.” Haster would say goodbye to the place that contained memories of his teacher. Then a notification window appeared before Haster, causing him to smile.

[Affinity with Asmophel has increased by 10.]

Asmophel gladly welcomed Haster. “It is reassuring to be with Winfred’s disciple. I believe that we will help each other on the journey.”

“Me too.” As he replied, a transparent orange shield was formed around Haster.

[All resources have been restored by the effect of the passive skill ‘Heroic Story.’ For one minute, your defense will increase in proportion to the amount of resources used within the past two minutes. In addition, a shield that negates all types of skills and magic damage will be maintained for 10 seconds.]


[Jiangshi Recipe]

[Category: Skill Book (Unique)

-An old booklet containing the recipe for a steel jiangshi.

Conditions of Use: Daoist, Necromancer.]

Skills were mostly divided into two categories. They could be learned either through class-specific skills when their level went up or through acquiring them from hidden quests or skill books.

Of course, the value of the latter was higher. Unlike a class skill that could be acquired by raising the level, the skills acquired from quests and skill books were scarce. In particular, the higher the rating of the skill, the greater the versatility and power, as well as their astronomical value.

What about a unique-rated skill book? If it were placed on the auction site right now, the auction price would likely reach billions of won. The more assets the rankers accumulated, the greater the demand for items would be. Meanwhile, the supply remained unchanged. This meant the value of a Satisfy item was now several times higher than it was a few years ago.

“Are you giving this to me?” The 2nd ranked necromancer, Bullet, had been ignored by Agnus and then left the decaying Immortal after being used by Veradin. Now he was stunned. He hadn’t known that the jangshi making method Grid talked about was a skill. Of course, he assumed it would be an item. He’d thought that a jiangshi-type monster would be summoned when certain items were used.

In fact, he hadn’t thought about it too deeply. Bullet had come to find Grid because of the expectations Grid had held in his gaze when he looked at Bullet, not because of his incomprehensible words about jiangshi production.

“Why me?” Bullet asked again while staring blankly. He was wary that this skill book would be poison. “It is pointless if you want me to tell you information about Agnus in exchange for this. I don’t know anything about him. Even if I did, I wouldn’t say it. I don’t want to mess with him. I’m sorry,” Bullet bowed deeply and apologized.

It was an apology for disappointing Grid, who had expectations toward Bullet despite them being enemies.

‘I am once again missing out on a bond.’ Bullet’s expression was bitter as he looked down at the ground. He believed that Grid would be angry. After all, from Grid’s point of view, Bullet was protecting Agnus, who was an enemy.

However, Grid’s response was unexpected. “Why are you making a fuss on your own? Who wants something like that?”


“I want you to be my colleague. This skill book is simply a bribe.”

Grid definitely knew that he was strong. He also trusted the Overgeared members, who were prominent in all areas. Still, this didn’t mean that he felt no anxiety. His obsession with Kir wasn’t due to being fearful of a future enemy. Rather, it was because Grid predicted that the Overgeared Kingdom, which was developing uniquely, would soon be isolated, so he wanted more strength. Since there was a limit of the strength of an individual, his desire to recruit talented people naturally increased, and Bullet was a good candidate to fulfill Grid’s wishes.

Moreover, how long would Grid leave the unique-rated skill book that he’d received in the East Continent to rot away? He needed a good necromancer in the Overgeared Kingdom. However, most necromancer rankers belonged to Immortal, so he hadn’t been able to find any talent. The 2nd ranked Bullet was a treasure that Grid had fortunately stumbled across.

“I already heard the story of Immortal and Veradin. Agnus never showed up while Immortal was being smashed.”


Grid had accidentally seen Bullet screaming at Veradin and knew the ideal that Bullet pursued was a fit for the Overgeared Kingdom. It was why he was certain about this.

“Join the Overgeared Guild. We need you. I need you.”


Grid’s eyes didn’t shake as he stared at Bullet. It was different from those who tried to rely on Bullet’s strength and also from those who tried to exploit it. Grid was confident enough to make Bullet feel he was trustworthy. To think that there was such a firm belief despite them once being enemies… Bullet’s heart thumped. He felt a type of respect for Grid that was different from what he felt for Agnus. “Thank you. In the future, the Overgeared Guild... No, Grid, I will repay your faith.”

Nevertheless, there was something Bullet had to make clear before that. “I will purchase the skill book at a reasonable price. It is too big a burden if I just receive this from you.”

He had seen more than one or two relationships destroyed because of money and didn’t want to leave room for this at the very beginning. This decision was made based on Bullet’s previous experience. However, Grid refused to accept it. “What if I don’t want to? This is a skill book that I obtained from the East Continent.”

It was an item he had obtained after defeating the chief of the Lava Prison, the largest prison of the Cho Kingdom. The skill book was a rare item which couldn’t be obtained twice.

“Do you think you can put a value on this skill book?”


Then what was Bullet supposed to do? Confused, he just stayed silent. Meanwhile, Grid showed a wicked smile. “I’ll mortgage your life with this. You can never leave my side in the future.”

“What if I eat the skill book and run away?”

“Haven’t you already seen the result of the kill order? I will follow you to the ends of hell.”


Should he pull out now? Bullet thought about it seriously, but he couldn’t overcome the temptation. His wish of a ‘precious bond’ caused him to feel a deep attraction to Grid’s offer.

[Necromancer ‘Bullet’ has joined Overgeared Guild One!]


[The ’Jiangshi Recipe’ has been acquired.]

[The skill Jiangshi Production has been opened.]

[The skill Coffin Production has been opened.]

[The skill Jiangshi Control has been opened.]

[Jiangshi Production Lv. 1]

[You can turn a human body into a jiangshi. It can’t be produced from the body of another species, monster or animal.

If the level of the body is higher than the creator’s level, the jiangshi can’t be made.

The starting level of the steel jiangshi is 100 and the maximum level is 100 levels lower than the creator.

* The higher the skill level, the higher the variety of the jiangshi that can be created.

Skill Mana Consumption: 100% maximum mana.

Skill Cooldown Time: None.]

[Coffin Production]

[It is possible to produce coffins for the purpose of storing the jiangshi.

A coffin is required to control the jiangshi.

One coffin is consumed per jiangshi.

Resources Consumed: 1,000 mana.

Skill Ingredients Consumption: 12 spikes, 3 birch trees.

Coffin Production Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes.]

[Jiangshi Control Lv. 1]


You can have a maximum of two jiangshis.

Once taken out of the coffin, the jiangshi can be active for up to three hours. After three hours, it should rest for three hours in the coffin. After death, the jiangshi needs to rest for 12 hours in the coffin.]

‘Isn’t this unbelievable?’ Once Bullet saw the information of the newly learned skills and understood the concept of a jiangshi, he couldn’t help feeling surprised. ‘Won’t it grow to be recognized as a unique presence like the death knights?’

There was a disadvantage in the fact that the level of the jiangshi was limited, but this was likely to be overcome once the level of Jiangshi Production increased. In other words, the jiangshi was classified as a top-grade undead.

“This is a great undead...”

“I told you. It was obtained from the East Continent.”

Grid remembered the strength of the black horse jiangshi that had been the head of the Lava Prison. It was a monster that ordinary players couldn’t afford to go against. If Bullet had several black horse jiangshis...

“Bullet, please work hard in the future. I will give as much support as you need.”

“I will surely live up to your expectations...!” Bullet was overwhelmed by Grid’s cheers. He was convinced that if he summoned the regular undead, which consumed the dominance stat, and the jiangshi which didn’t consume the dominance stat, he would have an undead army that wasn’t lacking compared to Agnus’. Bullet felt a sensation that went beyond his limits.

Once this happened, a bit of greed rose inside him. “I’ll have to get a new necklace.”

His current necklace was made with crow bones. This bone necklace had a large amethyst embedded in the center and was an accessory which raised a necromancer’s dominance stat. The higher the rating, the higher the effect would be.

“Necklace? Do you know a good jewelry maker?” Grid asked Bullet, who planned to invest a lot of money in the necklace. The jewels acquired from the Belial raid were stuck in Grid’s inventory. Grid hadn’t been able to use the treasures which showed various effects because he couldn’t find a suitable person to work on it.

Bullet nodded without hesitation. “I have a relationship with Princess.”


Why was a princess suddenly being mentioned? Bullet explained to Grid, “Oh, she is famous among the necromancers. There is a skilled jewelry maker who lives deep in the dungeon of Gerad Mountain and only makes necklaces. Her style and attitude are like those of a princess, so we call her ‘Princess’.”

“Introduce me to her.”

“It will be difficult.”

On the day that Grid and Bullet joined forces, Satisfy’s communities heated up.

-Necromancer Rankings-

1st place – Veradin (No affiliation).

2nd place - Bullet (Overgeared Guild).

-After Muto, it is Bullet?

-The 2nd ranked necromancer joined the Overgeared Guild... This is big.

-Wasn’t Bullet part of Immortal?

-He kept dying because of the kill order, so he surrendered and joined the Overgeared Guild...

-He has no guts. From the perspective of Immortal, he is a complete traitor.

-Are you condemning him for trying to find a way to live? Is this something to criticize?

-The Overgeared army + an undead army...

-Even if the old Seven Guilds are reunited, they won’t be able to go against the Overgeared Guild.

-Isn’t that obvious? Weren’t the Seven Guilds slaughtered by the Overgeared Kingdom’s farmers before?

-Ah... ㅡㅡ;; There was something like that.

-Where are people like Zibal and Seuron these days?

-They can only suck on the Overgeared member’s fingers everyday.

-What about Agnus?

-Agnus is too elusive...

The current powerhouses, the old powerhouses, and the new powerhouses were destined to be discussed. Additionally, it was natural for the public to be interested in Agnus after he became a legend.

Kilkik! One man arrived before the giant mountain—Gerad Mountain—which contained six artificial dungeons. Eat Spicy Jokbal panicked as he confirmed that the dungeons were being destroyed one by one.

“Grid?” No, it wasn’t. The invader was destroying the dungeons much faster than when the old Grid did it. “A dragon has appeared!”

Troubled, Eat Spicy Jokbal rushed off to Gerad Mountain.