Chapter 841

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Satisfy boasted freedom that went beyond reality and had a vast worldview that was close to infinite. It would take years to explore the continent and find the unique food of each region. However, humans pursued their own path. 

Some people enjoyed Satisfy in a way that was no different from existing games. They were typical rankers, who were obsessed with maintaining their ranking or reaching a higher ranking. This meant they spent most of their time connected to Satisfy in hunting grounds. They abandoned the ordinary content that others enjoyed and focused on hunting. Thanks to their efforts, they became rankers and could earn wealth and honor.

However, Grid was different.

[Name: Grid

Level: 362

Class: Pagma’s Descendant (Conditional Great Magician)

Title: One who Became a Legend and 25 others (If you want to view the list, please click for a detailed view)

Health: 88,815    Mana: 14,268

Strength: 3,160 (+360)

Stamina: 1,987 (+580)

Agility: 2,690 (+330)

Intelligence: 1,838 (+540)

Dexterity: 3,547 (+880)

Persistence: 1,472 (+330)

Composure: 1,078 (+330)

Indomitable: 1,333 (+440)

Dignity: 1,986 (+330)

Insight: 1,826 (+330)

Courage: 1,022 (+330)

Political Power: 21 (+330) 

Demonic Power: 15,498

Good Luck: 241

Deity: 4

Remaining Stat Points: 267]

Compared to normal rankers, Grid spent a very small amount of time hunting. In fact, he spent most of his time in the smithy and suffered from various incidents. So, logically, he shouldn’t have such a high level. Yet Grid’s level was still in the single digit rankings. How...?

He was linked to various NPCs and was at the center of the world view. In the process, he had raided powerful bosses or cleared hidden quests. Grid had gained the same experience in a single raid that others would spend 100 days of hunting for. This was due to him building up relationships with NPCs.

However, other people didn’t know this.

“100,000 Army Massacre Sword.”

There was an explosion followed by dozens of energy blades filling the air. The Penan soldiers who ran in response to Boutian’s and Arisa’s cries all turned to gray. The number was well over 200.

“You damn son of a bit—...!” Boutian shuddered as he witnessed the soldiers, who had been trained using Merchant King Kir’s money and their efforts, disappear due to the overwhelming firepower. He was resentful that he had overlooked the ‘personal power’ of Grid, who had the position of king and yet still retained the top ranking.

‘I should’ve expected him to chase us here! He is a diligent guy who only eats and plays games!’

In fact, Boutian played Satisfy for an average of 12 hours a day. He spent most of the time at the hunting grounds, apart from when he was carrying out Kir’s orders. Even so, he had never dreamt of reaching the single-digit rankings. His highest ranking was in the top 100. He thought that Grid was likely to spend all his time eating and playing games.

‘If only I was 10 years younger...!’

It was frustrating that his body had weakened once he reached his 40s. Envious of Grid’s youth, Boutian shouted, “Full force! Build a barricade!”

Despite witnessing 200 troops being wiped out with a single skill, Boutian didn’t despair. He still had hope because there were too many advantages when it came to defending a city.

There was the help of various facilities. A typical example of this was the barricades which were installed in various parts of the city. The soldiers lined them up in a row so that the attacker would have to first break through the barricades while the soldiers could attack freely.

Boutian smiled with satisfaction. “Overgeared King! You came to your grave on your own! You will forever regret today’s stupidity!”

He was naturally aware that Grid could break the barricades with his high attack power, but the blow would have to be heavy. While Grid attacked the barricade, the archers and magicians should be able to hit Grid dozens of times. In a perfect environment, the numerical advantage was absolute. It was clearly common sense.

“Magic Missile.”


The God Hands fired white missiles one per second, and the barricades installed throughout the city broke down.

“Lightning, nyang!” A cat flew to the soldiers and used a wide-range lightning spell, causing the soldiers to collapse. The guards collapsed in a flash, causing Boutian to coordinate the archers hurriedly. “Hurry!”

“Revolve.” Randy duplicated Grid’s appearance and reflected all the arrows.



The archers were pierced by arrows and fell!

“What is this?” Boutian and the magicians cast magic belatedly, but it was too late.

“Do you think I would’ve come alone if I was going to be hit by such shallow tricks?” Grid avoided the magic using Freely Move and reached Boutian’s side instantly.

[You have suffered catastrophic damage!]

[Your spirit can’t endure it!]

Cough!” Boutian’s health gauge dropped to less than half when he was hit by the Enlightenment Sword. Due to Grid’s attack, he was stunned and became unable to do anything. During this moment, he was hit by creepily smiling skeletons. 

[You have dealt 509 damage to the target!] 

[You have suffered 480 damage!]

Boutian was stabbed by a short dagger. As the soldiers rushed over to protect him, Boutian roared angrily, “You! Are you looking down on me by not finishing me off yourself?”

The finishing blow was going to be left to these small fries? Boutian was in shock as he shouted angrily. Then the insignificant attack power of the skeleton’s dagger, which had failed to penetrate Boutian’s defense, now caused a stunning critical hit.

[Your ribs have been broken!]

[It is serious damage! Skills can’t be used! Your spirit can’t endure it. Movement speed is reduced! Health recovery is reduced by 80%!]

[You have taken medicine for broken bones.]

[The effect of the medicine isn’t working.]

[You need the best medicine for broken bones.]

“What?” A chill ran down Boutian’s spine. Grid was currently slaughtering the soldiers while ignoring Boutian. The golden hands, the cat, the doppelganger, and the skeletons… None of them were ordinary. Grid monopolized the strongest items and pets alone, while other players would be happy with just one. Due to this, there was one major problem.


Grid’s individual power was enough to overwhelm two and three digit high rankers, including Arisa. Boutian was convinced of this as he watched Arisa while being stabbed by the skeletons.

‘...It is enough to transcend the category of a player.’

Grid transcended the category of an ‘individual.’ He was an army, a giant that couldn’t fall. There was only one choice remaining. Boutian judged that the remaining forces wouldn’t be able to stop Grid and gave an order before dying, “Shit! Army... full force! Keok!

However, it was an Immortal’s necromancer who killed him, not the Overgeared Skeletons.

“I can't miss this great opportunity.” The necromancers smiled as they raised the dead bodies all over the place. Today was different from when they were in the empress’ palace as the Black and White sisters were present.

“It has been a long time, damn bastard.”

“Today is a chance to get revenge.”

The sun-grade players who once represented Blood Carnival...! They had abandoned Blood Carnival a long time ago and hid from the world after joining Immortal.

There was a fierce wave of energy as Black and White sisters burned off fat and summoned clones. They had raged with the desire to take revenge against Grid, Faker, and even Grid’s son, Lord, as they raised their levels while hunting for several months. After doing so, they were now confident that they had become strong enough to shatter Grid. In particular, Kir and Immortal were supporting them, so they were sure it would be easy to repel Grid.


It was finally time to get revenge. After blowing away the Overgeared Skeletons with one blow, Black’s clones and White headed toward Grid. They quickly reached Grid who was dealing with the soldiers. However, this was no different from suicide.

“Blackening.” When Grid discovered the Black and White sisters, he used a skill without delay.

“Open the Rune of Darkness, Weakened Great Demon Astaroth’s Power.”


“Storm Demonic Energy Field.”

From the beginning, the sky had been overcast. As such, Grid selected ‘today’ because of the weather. The power of the great demon immediately caused four to eleven lightning strikes per second to strike in a radius of 200 meters around Grid. The sisters and soldiers hit by the lightning received 10,000 fixed damage and were paralyzed, stunned, burned, and so on.

Eek! What nonsensical item is this?”

Fortunately, Black avoided the paralysis and stun. She gritted her teeth and endured the pain. A player could summon a field...? There was no way that this power could be a skill. Now he wasn’t a player but a boss. White was convinced that Grid had used a consumable item to overcome the current crisis.

“Overgeared jerk!” White barely moved her heavy body under the wind pressure as she avoided the lightning and rushed to Grid. It was a blow containing all her strength. However, it was virtually impossible for the blackened Grid to be hit by Black and White after the field slowed them down and reduced their accuracy rate.

Grid easily avoided White’s blow, which contained her anger and grudges, before slashing at her. Then he continued to attack until the sun-grade player died.

“Sister!” Black was in despair as her clones became paralyzed whenever lightning struck. The two suns were equally under the new sky.