Chapter 831

These elves had survived Mercedes’ and Grids’ attacks, and Beniyaru had even endured Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle. The elves had a high defense vitality, unlike their slender bodies which were covered with just a few leaves. They were an upper-level species different from vampires.

However, could they withstand the 100,000 Army Massacre Sword?

[100,000 Army Massacre Sword (Degraded) Lv. 1]

[-Deals 60% of your attack power 30 times to everyone (can’t distinguish between friend or foe) in a 10-meter radius.]

It was impossible to confirm. Despite being degraded, the swordsmanship of the Undefeated King that ‘slaughtered’ 100,000 enemies had a power beyond Pagma’s Swordsmanship. There was even the possibility of the black flames exploding when 100,000 Army Massacre Sword was used with the +1 Enlightenment Sword.

So why? Why did Grid use the 100,000 Army Massacre Sword when he wanted to save the elves? It was because he had faith. There was a thimble on Grid’s long and thick thumb.

[Elf’s Bow Thimble (Made by Pagma)]

[Rating: Legendary

Durability: 111/111

* Bow attack speed +20% when worn (elves receive double the effect).

* Allows normal attacks or skill attacks to switch to ‘target mode’ (Three-minute cooldown. The cooldown is halved when used by an elf).

-A legendary item received from Death Knight Povia on the Behen Archipelago!]

It was a fraudulent item that transformed non-targeted skills into targeted skills. However, Grid’s brain hadn’t been in an active state when he received the thimble. He hadn’t recognized the fraudulent nature of the thimble and had only been fascinated with the 100,000 Army Swordsmanship. As such, he had naturally forgotten about the bow thimble.

Consequently, the biggest harvest Grid got from discovering the forest of the world tree was actually realizing the use of the bow thimble. Grid put on the World Tree’s Necklace and the bow thimble, then he used the skill.

“100,000 Army Massacre Sword.”

He used a wide-range skill, but only the bodies of the Kir members were blown away from where they were hiding amidst the thousands of elves. Black flames occasionally swept over the elves.



The basic vitality of the elves’ was high enough for them to not die. However, the two or three successive explosions caused the elves to be seriously injured. 

“Look. The elves wouldn’t die from this much.”

In the end, they would just have to endure it even if it hurt. Grid confirmed the countless gray pillars that rose into the air and used Revolve immediately after 100,000 Army Massacre Sword. Then Arisa’s scimitar which aimed at Grid ended up reversing and striking herself in the chest instead. She fell into a stunned state from receiving the great damage and cried out in a trembling voice, “What the hell is this...?”

The black flames were the instant skill which had killed Tarma instantly during the National Competition. Yet how many times did the black flames just explode in a row? Every skill had a cooldown, and the more powerful the skill, the longer the cooldown would be. Logically, this situation was completely incomprehensible.

Grid asked the confused Arisa, “What do you mean?”

That’s right. Grid didn’t understand Arisa’s question. He didn’t know that Arisa and others had misunderstood the black flames as a skill! Grid’s basic attack struck once at Arisa’s unprotected side. Then he stabbed a second time and a third time.

However, the third strike wasn’t required. Arisa was already seriously damaged from the time she was hit with Revolve, and she turned to gray after Grid’s second blow. A high-level player who couldn’t be harmed by hundreds of 200+ level players had been helpless before Grid’s nonsensical attacks.

Grid wanted to shout, ‘All existences apart from me are equal!’

Knight, who had been hired for millions of gold, and the top members that Kir had fostered were brutally killed, leaving Kir speechless. “Crazy...” 

The disaster called ‘Grid’ was something that the 1st ranked merchant and so-called Merchant King was unfamiliar with. Only 34 people survived the bombardment of 100,000 Army Massacre Sword. Having lost their killing intent, they simply stood silently. No one interfered with Grid as he approached Kir.

Everything Kir had done was in vain. The army that he’d built with his hard-earned strength was made to kneel before a one-man army. Grid was an unjust existence for Kir, who lived with the power of money.

‘...Power is imperative.’ Kir realized that he shouldn’t be elated about purchasing one city. The thing he needed was the power to break through the limits of money. ‘The money I invested in a small city could’ve been spent on the emperor.’

Grid wouldn’t have dared be so hostile to him if Kir were under the aegis of the empire. While Kir was feeling regretful and remorseful, Grid arrived right in front of him and asked, “Is there a demand for elf slaves?”

“Don’t you think it is a merchant’s role to create demand? Why? Do you intend to find the slave buyers and punish them? Is that your justice?”

“I’m not that diligent. I was just wondering how many people take for granted the buying and selling of people?” 

“People?” Kir doubted his ears and burst out laughing. “Are you crazy? Are you going to say that the masses of AI are actually people?”

Anger filled Kir’s eyes. “NPCs exist for the convenience and progress of us players. Only players can be called people. Have you forgotten the reality of games after marrying an NPC and giving birth to one? Or is it your wish? Are you one of those madmen who wish to become an NPC so that your wife and child are real?”

In reality, many people fell in love with anime characters television. So, it wasn’t strange that people would fall in love with NPCs who could actually converse, touch, and share emotions.

Kukuk!” Kir could only laugh. He had been fiercely playing the game in order to fulfill his grand dream of completing his revenge against his father. Meanwhile, a famous ranker had been playing house with NPCs.

“...I can’t acknowledge it.” Kir’s anger exploded. He stared at Grid with murderous eyes and pulled out a heavy bag. Based on the sounds the bag was making, it was clearly full of money. Were there gold coins that weighed around hundreds of kilograms? 

“You carry that much money with you? You are the 1st ranked merchant for a reason.” The surprised Grid scoffed. “So what? Will you give me money in order to spare you? Okay. Give it a try. I might spare you depending on the amount.”

He had succeeded in rescuing the elves, and Mercedes was wiping out the remaining members of Kir’s Company. Kir was the only one left, so Grid could afford to spare him. He didn’t have any personal grudges that made him want to kill Kir, and there was no reason to reject the offer.

However, Kir ridiculed Grid, “You talked about different things, but you are the same as the rest.”

In the end, humans wanted money. It was rare for a human to not be greedy. Kir once again remembered this fact.

“Money? If you want it then I’ll give it to you!” He shouted and swung the bag full of money toward Grid.

‘Is he crazy?’

Was this called an attack? Grid was unfamiliar with the merchant class and saw them as having no combat power. Therefore, this attack seemed meaningless. It was so lame that he couldn’t even mock it.

...!” Grid shook his head and was too surprised when he was about to be hit by Kir’s attack. It was because he couldn’t avoid Kir’s slow move.

[The huge power of gold stimulates your greed.]

[You can’t resist. You have been attracted by the gold force.]

‘What?’ Grid felt a moment of anxiety. Then the heavy money bag struck Grid’s face.

[You have suffered 1 damage.]

[The weight of riches is a great law. You can’t bear the weight!]

[You have exited from the battlefield!]

Grid’s body flew high into the sky and disappeared.