Chapter 826

A limited edition supercar, of which there were only three models released in the world, captured the attention of every driver on the road. Moreover, it was in an East Asian country! The other drivers made way in their lanes, and the owner of the supercar, Lim Cheolho, was able to make his journey faster than expected.


The late autumn landscape was filled with widespread foliage. Lim Cheolho was able to calm his mind as he headed into the suburbs.

‘Isn’t Grid supporting his family?’

Grid was someone who had succeeded at a young age and owned a building. Taking into account the nature of young people at this age, it wouldn’t be strange if he enjoyed his own independent life. However, Grid looked after his family. He kept his original intentions by looking after his parents and sister while playing games. 

‘I can’t arrive empty-handed.’

Lim Cheolho was going to ask Grid for a favor, and it was also a place where Grid’s other family members lived. So, he had to prepare a gift… But what gift? When had he ever needed to worry about this? Lim Cheolho called the name of his most trusted friend, “Morpheus.”


It was the best supercomputer! The world’s top supercomputer that maintained Satisfy immediately responded to Lim Cheolho’s call.

Lim Cheolho asked, “What type of gift would be most appropriate for a high school girl a few months away from entering university and a couple in their mid-50s?”

[The first place gift for a high school girl who wants to go to university is a full-body plastic surgery certificate while the top gift for the couple in the mid-50s is divorce papers.] Morpheus took no more than one second to answer. Its analysis combined various data embedded in its many servers and was both fast and perfect.

“I see… Um. Lim Cheolho made a surprised expression. As humanity’s top scientist, he trusted data, but he also had common sense. He understood the plastic surgery certificate, but it didn’t make sense to show up as a guest and give divorce papers as a gift.

“What are the second place and third place gifts for a couple in the mid-50s?”

[Skin care gifts and travel abroad vouchers.]

“Okay. That’s it.” Chairman Lim Cheolho showed a satisfied response. Then Morpheus asked for confirmation, [I will order a plastic surgery certificate, which has the most experience with high school girls and the highest patient satisfaction, through the cheapest site. Will that be okay?]

“Yes. Please order the cheapest and best skincare vouchers and overseas travel vouchers as well.”


These gifts were perfect. Lim Cheolho’s burden was relieved, and he smiled with satisfaction as the many gift certificates arrived on his phone. The supercar increased in speed after reaching the suburbs and soon arrived in front of Grid’s building.

“It is a bit out of Seoul, but the air is good.”

[The fine dust density is good.]

“It is a nice neighborhood.” Chairman Lim Cheolho looked around as he got out of the car. The area around Grid’s building was filled with flower gardens. It was so peaceful that couples sat side by side in the flower garden while drinking coffee. Then he saw some buildings across the road from Grid’s.

“Do those buildings belong to the Overgeared members?”

[Yes. These buildings belong to Yura, Jishuka, Regas, and Pon. Jishuka, Regas, and Pon are expected to move to South Korea within the next few months.]

Haha...” Chairman Lim Cheolho’s heart was moved. He was proud to see that bonds that had been built up in Satisfy transferred to reality. “The young people who love Satisfy are a blessing...”

Chairman Lim Cheolho was once again convinced. He was certain that Grid’s affection toward Satisfy was no less than his own as the creator. Grid had obtained a new life from Satisfy, so Lim Cheolho was sure that Grid would be praying for Satisfy’s infinite success.

‘He will definitely understand and listen to my request.’

Chairman Lim Cheolho’s steps were light. He took the elevator to the top floor and encountered Toon—a Satisfy high ranker who had been part of the Italian Mafia. In recent years, Toon had been a main member of Overgeared who was active as Grid’s bodyguard. He was also someone whose life had changed due to Satisfy.

“I’m really glad to see you.” Chairman Lim Cheolho looked at him with a proud expression.

However, Toon was puzzled. “Have we met?”


“From here on, you can’t enter unless you have a prior appointment,” Toon spoke firmly as he stood in the hallway and brushed his teeth. It seemed that he had just woken up.

Lim Cheolho smiled at Toon. “You must be lacking sleep.”

After all, this person was Lim Cheolho. He had been in the newspapers every day since Satisfy was released, and he was always in the top Internet search rankings. Lim Cheolho was a person who was welcomed anywhere and at any time.

How could a Satisfy player, let along a high ranker, not recognize him? Lim Cheolho thought that Toon made a mistake due to sleepiness. However, he was mistaken as Toon was a man who had little interest in the world. His life had been too hard for him to pay attention to people living in other worlds.

“Who are you?”


Wasn’t this too absurd? Lim Cheolho was at a loss for words for a moment before recovering his spirit. Then he whispered to Morpheus, “Please call Grid’s parents.”

[His mother or his father?]

“...Connect me to the one who responds faster.”

[I understand.]

A man was blocking the hallway to the front door. His sleek and strong muscles had a threatening appearance while his eyes resembled those of a wolf. Lim Cheolho gulped as he faced someone who saw him as an ‘enemy’ for the first time in years.

In the meantime, Morpheus succeeded in calling Grid’s parents.


“Is this Shin Youngwoo’s father?”

(That’s right...)

“Hello. I am S.A Group’s chairman, Lim Cheolho. I am glad to greet you this way...”



Chairman Lim Cheolho had been dedicated to in-company activities and official activities for the past few years. He had been cut off from ordinary lives and belatedly realized that the weight of his name was now too big. That’s right. The reason why Grid had blocked his whisper and why Grid’s father had cut off the phone call was due to the weight of the name, Lim Cheolho, carried.

‘They think I am an impersonator!’

This was a complete impasse! It was a big deal to suffer something like this in such a desperate situation. Lim Cheolho felt upset.


Then a girl showed up in the elevator behind Lim Cheolho. It was Sehee dressed in a uniform.


Lim Cheolho and Sehee saw each other and were surprised. 

‘She didn’t add any compensation effects to her profile picture and game character?’ Lim Cheolho was surprised that Sehee’s face, body, and skin tone all matched up perfectly with what she looked like inside the game.

‘Why is he here at our home?’ Sehee was shocked to see Chairman Lim Cheolho.

“H-Hello?” Unlike her brother, Sehee was polite and gave a greeting despite her confusion.

Lim Cheolho made a gentle expression as he saw her bow her head. “Hello. Hahah! This is a surprise. I prepared a gift for nothing.”

He would have to refund the full-body plastic surgery certificate as soon as possible. Sehee looked at the deep in thought Lim Cheolho and smiled brightly. “Did you come to celebrate Oppa’s birthday?”


The cake in Sehee’s hands captured Chairman Lim Cheolho’s gaze. Morpheus analyzed the situation and whispered, [The top birthday present for a male in his late 20s is a Satisfy exclusive luxury capsule. The second-ranked gift is an epic rated or higher Satisfy item.]

“...He already has a lot better.”

Lim Cheolho had come to get back an item rather than to give one. Well, it wasn’t bad. He was looking forward to meeting Grid.


Ah, what is it?” Shin Youngwoo complained as he was forced to log out due to Sehee’s continuous calls. He still had one hour and a half left of his daily connection time. There were many things he could do in this time, so he didn’t like that his sister was urging him to log out.

However, as expected from the Comet Group’s diamond capsule...! Grid didn’t have a bird’s nest for hair despite having lain in the capsule for more than 12 hours. He didn’t even need to stretch his body to make sure that he wasn’t stiff. It was the convenience of a luxury capsule that ordinary people couldn’t get a glimpse of.

“Where did she go after calling me?”

Shin Youngwoo was in a spacious room which contained only a capsule and a fridge. He quickly realized he was alone in this game room he called his ‘office’ and headed out to the living room. Then he was surprised.

“Congratulations on your birthday!”

“Happy birthday!”

Sehee and Yerim smiled while setting off firecrackers.

Youngwoo’s expression went blank. A birthday message and pretty decorations covered the living room walls. There was also a table set up for a birthday party. Shin Youngwoo saw the unexpected scene and asked, “Is it my birthday today?”

“I knew this would happen,” Sehee pouted. “I didn’t call you to eat in the morning, so did you have lunch? The seaweed soup was still the way I left it.”

Youngwoo’s parents spoke up as well.

“So what if you are working hard to earn money? You should take care of your nutrition! Is there any point in Korean people not eating rice?”

“It is good that you don’t smoke, but you should take care of your meals, just as your sister and mother said.”

“Yes...” Youngwoo smiled bitterly and nodded. He was touched by the sight of his parents, Sehee, Yerim, and Toon, who was now like a family member, sitting before his birthday party table. Despite forgetting about his own birthday, Youngwoo was glad that they had prepared for this day. In particular, Toon’s eyes were red with tears. He was an orphan, so holding a birthday party gave him a great deal of pleasure.

However, in the midst of this friendly atmosphere…

“By the way… why is Chairman-nim here?” Youngwoo took his seat and asked this to Chairman Lim Cheolho. Both Youngwoo and Lim Cheolho had awkward expressions on their faces. Who would’ve expected this development?