Chapter 824

‘This is a monster I’m not meant to catch.’ Grid noticed it the moment he faced the giant cave cricket.

It had a disgusting appearance that couldn’t be endured by ordinary people, and it didn’t fall down despite being hit by two legendary NPCs. The cave cricket was at a level that players couldn’t reach. Once he combined all these factors, Grid knew the giant cave cricket wasn’t meant for players. There were no chances of winning if a player met this monster.

‘I’m certain. A normal person will be stunned just by looking at it.’

It was a super large version of a cave cricket. Grid thought about its eyes, stretched-out snout, long whiskers, bent antennae, translucent skin, and so on… These were features that were hard for humans to accept. It felt like a few people would faint when they saw the giant cave cricket and then try to sue the S.A Group. 

Additionally, there was clear proof that the giant cave cricket was a monster not scheduled to meet players.

‘It appears to be an event monster related to a specific story.’

Grid had been playing Satisfy since the open beta test. Unlike the talented people in the game, he had experienced rock bottom. He didn’t have regular experiences, and it wasn’t difficult for him to understand the nature of certain monsters. 

Behind Grid, Mercedes was changing into the new set of armor, and the leather armor she had been wearing since she left the empire fell to the ground. That was when Grid confirmed the information of the leather armor.

[Old Leather Armor]

[Durability: 15/140  Defense: 60

-The armor that Legendary Knight Mercedes wore during her days as Piaro’s aide. The performance of the armor isn’t bad, but it has long lost its original function because it can’t withstand the long years that have passed.

Weight: 290

User Restriction: Level 180 or higher.]

“Wow...” Grid was appalled. He had analyzed Mercedes’ worn equipment with a Legendary Blacksmith’s Eyes and thought it should have a level limitation of 200. However, he had no idea that the performance of the armor was such garbage. The usage condition was level 180, but the leather armor’s actual performance was like a set of level 20 armor.

“Fighting with something like this... Heok. Grid turned his gaze toward Mercedes, only to close his eyes with horror. It was because he’d caught a peek at Mercedes’ body as she just started wearing the red and purple full plate armor. Grid blushed while Mercedes was casual about showing her naked body. She wasn’t embarrassed since this was the process that a knight used to wear equipment.

“It is shameful to blame the equipment.” There was a determined expression on Mercedes’ face as she adjusted the hinges of the armor. “However, I changed my mind since using the sword that I borrowed from Your Majesty.”

The more formidable the equipment, the higher the strength would be. It was an undeniable truth. The newly enlightened Mercedes made a new chivalric code, “Overgeared... Is that what you called it? In the future, I will also be overgeared.”

It happened at this moment.

[Legendary Knight Mercedes has created a new chivalric code.]

[Legendary Knight Mercedes’ stats have increased by 10%. Every time she wears a high rated item, she will receive a compensation effect.]

[If the legendary knight Mercedes wears epic rated items, she will receive an additional 5% increase in the item stats (apart from the options). If she wears unique rated items, she will receive an additional 7% increase in the item stats (apart from the options). If she wears legendary rated items, she will receive an additional 10% increase in the item stats (apart from the options). If she wears myth rated items, she will receive an additional 20% increase in the item stats (apart from the options).]

[The legendary knight Mercedes has equipped the Hero King’s Armor.]

[Due to the class bonus of wearing heavy armor, there is a 20% increase in defense.]

[A myth rated item has been worn. The stats of the Hero King’s Armor that Mercedes is wearing have increased by 20%.]

“What?” Grid’s eyes grew bigger and twitched as he realized the unique nature of a legendary knight’s chivalric code was more than he’d imagined. In awe of Mercedes, Grid felt a greater liking toward her.

‘Pagma's Descendant in the future...’

Grid was well aware of the fraudulent nature of Item Creation. He could mass produce a large number of high rated items. However, Grid’s own stats didn’t increase when he used Item Creation. On the other hand, Mercedes had overwhelming growth every time she made a chivalric code, while Sword Saint Kraugel was able to build his own skills based on Swordsmanship Creation.

It was evident that the attack power of Pagma's Descendant would fall over time compared to other classes. Just as Grid was feeling frustrated, a voice entered his ears.

“My strength is Master’s strength.” It was Mercedes’ soft voice. Grid looked at her and once again admired her. She was so beautiful. The intense combination of white hair and transparent skin with the red and purple armor took Grid’s breath away.

[Hero King’s Armor]

[Rating: Myth

Durability: 1,430/1,430  Defense: 1,190

* Strength increased by 200.

* Two of the wearer’s highest stats will increase by 15%. If strength or intelligence increases at this time, there will be 300 additional attack power. Physical defense will increase by 300. An increase in agility will raise accuracy and evasion by 12%.

* Increases magic resistance in proportion to the wearer’s intelligence.

* The effect of the wearer’s highest level skill will increase by 25%.

* The cooldown of the wearer’s two lowest level skills will decrease by 10%.

* Attack power will increase by five for every hit (Up to 500).

* The power of all wide-range skills will increase by 20%.

* When a large weapon is equipped, attack power will increase by 10% and attack speed by 5%.

* There is a low probability of accumulating ‘incomplete fighting energy.’ Stats will rise every time the incomplete fighting energy rises by 10 points. 

-An armor that the legendary blacksmith Grid, who even the gods admire, made for the legendary knight Mercedes.

-A heavy armor made of black mithril filled with the red energy of the Saharan emperor, ogre bones and rosar tin, and the fighting energy that was given by Grid.

Due to the limitations of the rosar tin, there is less defense. However, it has the ability to give more aggression to the wearer as the battle continues.

Weight: 3,020

Conditions of Use: Grid or Mercedes.]

It was an armor that couldn’t be sold. Who would buy it for an expensive price when Grid and Mercedes were the only ones who could wear it? Still, Grid wasn’t worried.

After all, the Hero King’s Armor was made only for Mercedes. Grid had no thoughts about commercializing an armor with such excellent performance in the first place. He wasn’t certain that he could get another black mithril that contained the emperor’s red energy.

‘The defense is lower in exchange for offense.’

Step. Step. Step.

Mercedes wore the armor and steadily walked through the forest that was transforming into farmland. The giant cave cricket’s antennae detected Mercedes as its aggro was still focused on her. Then it moved soundlessly. The cave cricket swung its legs through the air. The sharpness of its legs cut through the wind, air, and space in 0.1 seconds to reach Mercedes.

Mercedes’ might’ve had a 10% increase in stats from making the chivalric code, but it was still impossible for her to avoid the cave cricket’s attack completely. Not only was the cave cricket fast, but it also aimed at all types of gaps in her defense. Mercedes disregarded defense and took the offensive. This was a judgment that was different from before as when she wore the leather armor, she had tried to block some attacks.

The cave cricket made a confused sound. The small creature stuck to its legs. The sweet smell of blood disseminated and flew away, while the creature clung to it like a rock.

“It hurts.” Mercedes gulped as blood flowed from her side and grasped the White Tiger Sword more firmly.

Step. Step. Her pace didn’t stop. The distance between Mercedes and the cave cricket was now only four meters. The cave cricket’s ability to detect danger was fast, just like an insect’s instinct. Compared to the past, the number of Mercedes’ offensive attacks had increased, and the cave cricket had no intention of allowing Mercedes to get close to it.


The cave cricket had become faster...?

Mercedes was forced to use White Tiger’s Attitude once the Hero King’s Armor started to lose its durability. She maintained a slow pace as she advanced steadily. Suddenly, four golden hands flew in and started to assist. They were Grid’s God Hands.

Then what was Grid doing? A strong aura came from the sky. Grid had flown up there. He swung the Enlightenment Sword and shouted, “Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle!”

Kuwaaaaaang! The storm of fighting energy descended. It was Grid’s signal.

“Growth! Threshing! Polishing!!” After finishing the clearing, Piaro quickly spread all types of fast-growing grain and seeds, making them explode. The farmland received a lot of damage and collapsed. Mercedes was the only one who had access to the cave cricket.


Thanks to the Hero King’s Armor, Mercedes was able to exert more damage by accumulating damage. Her swords hadn’t been able to penetrate the skin of the cave cricket earlier, but they entered easily now and caused great damage. The cave cricket struggled as some of its nerves were damaged. Its eight legs moved strangely in every direction, forming a sight that could induce someone to vomit.

However, Grid wasn’t shaken at all. He had learned to control his emotions after seeing the boys and girls raised like cattle in the Tower of Eternity. Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle crushed the shell of the cave cricket. 

“Fated to Perish!” Piaro ultimate attack dug into the cave cricket’s inner flesh.

Kyak kyak! Kyak kyak kyak!

“Lightning Discharge! Discharge, nyong! Nyang nyang nyang!

The Overgeared Skeletons, Randy, and Noe also attacked the cave cricket with all their might. The cave cricket’s cries stirred up the forest at dawn. The effect of God's Command was activated, and Grid used a second Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.

[Your level has risen!]

A really welcome notification window popped up in front of him. The growth of his pets and the items dropped were a bonus...

[Your memphis Noe’s level has risen!] x8.

[Doppelganger Randy’s level has risen!] x3.

[The level of Overgeared Skeletons One and Two have risen!] x15. 

[3 ancient weapon enhancement scrolls have been acquired.]

[5 ancient armor enhancement scrolls have been acquired.]

[59 ancient steel have been acquired.]

[67 shells of an ancient species have been acquired.]

...This wasn’t a bonus. It was too big to be called a bonus.