Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Grid and Euphemina hurriedly ran away from the knights. Thanks to Euphemina grasping the layout of the first and second floors of the dungeon, the two people didn’t have to wander and managed to reach the surface level.

Brilliant sunshine! Blue sky! A green lawn! Grid was excited by the bright and brilliant landscape that was unlike the dark dungeon where all sides were blocked.

“Hahahahat! We escaped the castle~”

The dungeon entrance that Grid and Euphemina escaped from was located between towers erected on the east-facing wall. The two of them were exiting the tower, and there was a lookout above them. In other words, there were concerns that the guards in the watchtowers would hear Grid’s loud voice.

“Be quiet, we are still in the middle of enemy territory.”

Euphemina tried to calm Grid down but he was so excited about escaping that he didn’t hear her. 

"Kya! Look at this clean air. The humid air in the dungeon was so bad! I thought my lungs were rotting away. Air is important! I finally understand why city people are so excited about the air in the countryside!”

Grid made a fuss as he lay down on the lawn and rolled around. He was out of control. 

Euphemina had a headache. Most of the soldiers were defeated but the power of the lord’s bodyguards still seemed intact. The bodyguards weren’t a match for knights, but their level and skills exceeded that of ordinary soldiers. Euphemina didn’t want to face them. In the worst case, they could tie up her feet until the knights arrived from underground.

“Hey Grid, we need to leave this place as secretly and quietly as possible, so be a bit more quiet...”

"Hah~~ the smell of the grass is so clear and refreshing! The nice scent of pine needles!”


Euphemina tiredly rubbed her temple, steadily reaching the limits of her patience.


In the end, Euphemina took action and approached Grid, who was sniffing the lawn, and grabbed his collar. Then she pushed her mouth towards Grid’s ears and yelled,

“You!  Didn’t I tell you to be quiet? Don’t you have a brain? We are in the middle of enemy territory! We should be running away from this dangerous territory, so why are you making noise while rolling around!!! Yes?”


Grid felt like his eardrums had ruptured from the shock. The tearful Grid struggled to escape from Euphemina.

“You, don’t embarrass me anymore but acting like a fool. Don’t you want to leave this damn place? So do it properly. If you act so stupidly again, I really will kill you.”

Euphemina knew that the grade of Grid’s class was higher than hers. Grid wasn’t a weak person. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help becoming angry as she kept scrutinizing Grid.

Grid was really afraid that he would be killed by Euphemina when he suddenly turned his attention to one side. Then he gently spoke to Euphemina.

"There... are they enemies?”

An ominous feeling. Euphemina slowly turned in the direction that Grid pointed. Then she was frustrated. 16 bodyguards armed with full plate armor appeared in a systematic formation.


Their 16 swords reflected in the sunlight, causing flashes throughout the castle.

Grid scowled and snapped at her. "Look what this angry girl did... You caused such a big fuss that the enemies emerged.”

Euphemina was upset and retorted, "This is because you were loud first!”

Euphemina’s killing intent flared up. Grid trembled with fear as he apologized, “S-Sorry, I was wrong. It was a slip of the tongue.” 

Euphemina’s head throbbed as she thought,

‘This man, what type of concept is he trying on? Why does he keep acting afraid of me?’

Grid was the one who defeated the Northern Nova in a one-on-one match. He also overwhelmed four knights with just his presence. She didn’t have direct knowledge of his skills, but she could make a guess. Grid was strong. A type of man who wouldn’t be afraid of anything in Satisfy.

So, Euphemina started trembling.

‘This guy is playing with me.’

Euphemina disliked Grid from the beginning. When the two people first met at the item production game, Grid wasn’t misled by Euphemina’s beautiful appearance.  That fact alone was humiliating for Euphemina, then she heard all the ridiculing words Grid had spoken.

Kid, fox, etc!

Now he was blaming her for doing nothing wrong? This man! It was an embarrassing memory that Euphemina wanted to forget for the rest of her life.

At that moment, a middle-aged man dressed in silver and gold appeared from among the bodyguards. His identity was Baron Lowe. He was the lord of Winston, the one who allied with the Mero Company and allowed the residents of Winston to suffer.

"To have reached here... did you get rid of all the soldiers and knights? Ha...hahaha! I can’t believe it!”

Baron Lowe laughed like he was insane. It was impossible to maintain his sanity after losing most of his army from one intruder and one prison escapee.

"...The people can’t be controlled without the army. Now I have no way of stopping people from going to Earl Steim. Thus, Earl Steim will find out about my actions and my life is ruined.”

Baron Lowe was extremely angry after realizing his fate. He couldn’t forgive Grid and Euphemina, who took everything away from him.

"Catch them! Tear apart all their limbs and make it so that they can’t close their eyes!”

The 16 bodyguards followed what was possibly the lord’s last command and got into formation. This was a formation that could even compete with a knight. But it was no use in front of Euphemina.

“Demon King’s Tail Fire.”


The bodyguards groaned at the same time. It was because their armor started to heat up. Then the amazing sight unfolded.


Blue flames soared from the bodies of the bodyguards.


“W-What is this...? Kuack!”

The terrible screams and painful struggle only lasted a short time. It didn’t take long for the bodyguards to be turned to ashes.


“T-This is ridiculous...”

A magic that annihilated 16 of the bodyguards. Grid and Baron Lowe couldn’t believe it, despite witnessing the scene with their own two eyes. As their faces paled with horror, Euphemina gave a refreshing smile. By taking care of the bodyguards, she had managed to relieve some of the stress that reached the limit due to Grid.

‘Indeed, the lord’s guards are very strong. Their experience is pretty good.’

Grid and Baron Lowe felt a similar sentiment as they looked at her.

‘I need to avoid this evil girl...’

‘Demon. She is a demon.’

After that, Baron Lowe was captured by Euphemina. He was tied up and dragged away like a dog caught by a dog catcher.

Grid vowed yet again. ‘I must never touch this woman again. I won’t be able to survive if I do.’

Maybe Huroi had managed to tie up their feet for a while since the pursuit of the knights still couldn’t be felt. Euphemina hurried and they managed to safely escape the castle.

Then they met an unexpected person outside the castle. It was the second highest ranked person in the Mero Company, Rabbit. He was standing with 10 people as if he had been waiting for them.

Colour returned to the face of the lord. “Ohh! Aren’t you Rabbit? You heard the news and came to rescue me!”

Grid became tense.

‘This... are they soldiers from the Mero Company?’

As Grid inwardly shouted, Euphemina strode forward towards Rabbit. She looked at Rabbit’s subordinates and asked.

"These are the people you mentioned earlier?”

Rabbit nodded. “That’s correct. They originally followed Valmont but became disappointed with his brutality. They won’t hold you back.”

“They do look strong. Great. I can count on them.”

The two people were talking like they were friends!

Grid felt extreme anxiety. ‘Why are the two of them so close? Wait, wasn’t Euphemina hired by the Mero Company in the first place? Then why? Maybe Euphemina saving me was a trap!’

Grid’s guess was this:

If Euphemina really belonged to the lord, she wouldn’t have killed his soldiers. She also wouldn’t be dragging the lord around like a dog. In the first place, why would Euphemina rescue Grid if she was the enemy?  She also returned the unique dagger to him instead of selling it.

But Grid was so confused that any thinking was impossible. He could only make the simple judgment that Euphemina was the enemy.

‘It is the end... I really can’t easily trust a black-bellied animal like her! I showed her some goodwill, only to be duped!’

Grid thought of some of the historical dramas he watched and decided. 

‘I won’t obediently let her kill me. I wanted to be more careful about my stat distribution, but it can’t be helped. Status window.’

Name: Grid

Level: 45 (3,400/238,000)

Class: Pagma’s Descendant

* The probability of adding additional options when making items will increase.

* The probably of item enhancement will increase. 

* All equipment items can be worn unconditionally. However, there is a penalty depending on the rating of the item. 

Title: One who Became a Legend

* Abnormal conditions don’t work well on you.

* You won’t die when health is at the minimum.

* Easily acknowledged.

Title: First Unique Item Maker

* Dexterity +200

Title: Knight Slayer

* Stamina +100. 

* Strength +30

Title: Apostle of Justice

* All stats +10.

* The Apostle of Justice’s bravery is unmatched.

Health: 2,964/2,964    Mana: 243/243

Strength: 166   Stamina: 244   Agility: 118  Intelligence: 91 

Dexterity: 391  Persistence: 82

Composure: 66  Indomitable: 74   Dignity: 66   Insight: 66

Courage: 10

Stat Points: 240

Weight: 842/4,960 

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