Chapter 44

Chapter 44

Erina’s personality was as angelic as her looks.

‘A really good girl.’

As I was feeling thrilled, she spoke. “I have a condition instead.”

Indeed, it was rare for a girl to be pretty and have a good heart. 

“Oof! Oooof!”

This damn girl! Setting a condition in a situation like this? If she came to rescue me, shouldn’t she rescue me? Erina interpreted my expression and laughed.

“You will listen to any conditions, so talk quickly? It’s good that you are so straightforward. You will make an orb for me that contains as much magic as possible. At a minimum, the orb should have the same performance as this dagger. You can do it with your blacksmith skills, right?”

Orb? I had never created one before. Was an orb a magic item? Why is she asking me, not a magician…? No, now wasn’t the time to think about that.

I nodded.

Erina made a satisfied expression. “Okay. The other condition is that you can never call me ‘kid’ in the future. My name is Euphemina. Just call me Euphemina. Understood?”

Did she drink alcohol during the day? Earlier she was Erina and now she was Euphemina? Did she forget her name? ... Or was it a pseudonym in the first place?

Anyway, this was good. I nodded again and Erina, no Euphemina took out a key and opened the prison door. Then she released the gag in my mouth.


I finally felt alive again. I wiped the saliva around my mouth and asked Euphemina to release my tied up body.

“What is happening? Why did you come here to save me?”

Euphemina threw the dagger towards me.

"Isn’t it better to talk once we escape?”

As she finished talking, there was the sound of dozens of soldiers rushing down the stairs. I was dismayed.

"Hey,, Euphemina, what is this? Didn’t you manage to come here because you took care of the soldiers?”

“There are a lot of soldiers. I took care of over 100 soldiers, but there are still people remaining. You’ll have a hard time escaping.”


I let out a laugh at Euphemina’s ridiculous words. Euphemina glared at me.

"Why are you laughing?”

"I’m laughing because you said you took care of over 100 soldiers. How can a blacksmith fight so well? Yes? You should bluff more moderately...”

"I'm not a blacksmith."


Euphemina faced me. Her deep blue eyes were as beautiful as any jewel. Although, she was still a kid.  Well, if she ate a lot of rice and her breasts grew bigger, then I might be attracted.

“Where are you looking?” Euphemina covered her breasts and asked with a frown.

"I'm not interested in small breasts, so don’t worry about it. You aren’t a blacksmith? What do you mean?"

"I really dislike people like you.” Euphemina grumbled, but still explained. "I have a special class. My class is a Duplicator. I was able to pretend to be a blacksmith by duplicating Khan’s blacksmith skill. You are like me, right? You’re not an ordinary blacksmith?”

Duplicator? It was the first time I’d heard of this class. Perhaps...

“A rare class?”

Euphemina cried out indignantly. “It isn’t a rare class! It’s an epic class!”


One of Satisfy’s three epic classes belonged to this kid? There was no reason for her to bluff in this situation, so if this was true...

"Didn’t you thoroughly hide your identity? Then why bother revealing it to me? And why in this situation?”

"I am saying it now because of this situation. Don’t you have a hidden class as well? I know everything. So don’t pretend to be an ordinary blacksmith, and fight with all your abilities. Otherwise you’ll be killed here.”

"I was already planning on that.”

I nodded with a convinced expression and held the dagger.

[Due to your class characteristics, you have equipped the Ideal Dagger.]

[This is an item you created. Your understanding is 100%.]

[In the case of items made by you, a penalty will be applied if you don’t meet the item usage requirements, even if you have full understanding.]

[Attack power of the Ideal Dagger will decrease by 20%. Only half of the option effects will be applied.]

[Ideal Dagger]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 168/168   Attack Power: 242~264   Attack Speed: +11%

* There is a rare chance of instantaneously killing the target.

* Agility +20

* The skill ‘Wind Blast’ is generated.

* The skill ‘Quick Movements’ is generated.

A dagger created by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but lacks experience and reputation. It was made with the renowned blacksmith Khan. 

There is nothing special about the materials or method used, but the craftsman’s skill and the co-operation with Khan has created an ideal dagger.

User Restriction: Level 180 or higher. More than 450 agility. Advanced Dagger Mastery. 

The penalties would be applied even if I had the maximum understanding of the items I created!? Dammit! This was truly deplorable.

'But the penalty of a unique item is only 20%? Still, this is nice.’

Euphemina was astonished as she saw me equip the dagger.

“Is your real class part of the assassin series? It requires 450 agility and Advanced Dagger Mastery... But isn’t it strange? How do you have the blacksmith’s craftsmanship technique?”

I noticed when she told me to produce the orb, but Euphemina must’ve seen the information about this dagger. However, she wasn’t greedy and returned it to me. When I looked at her, she was a pretty good person.

‘If it was me, I wouldn’t taken it... She’s stupid. Truly a little kid who doesn’t know the truth of the world. No, she wants me to make an orb that is as good as this dagger? Wait... Will she support the cost of the materials needed to make the orb? S-Surely she isn’t expecting me to make it for free? W-Wicked girl...’

No, it was still too early to know. I had time to make a decision about Euphemina.

“Wind Blast.”

I used the skill in the direction of the rushing soldiers. A sharp wind emerged from the dagger, causing blood to pour from the soldiers. Euphemina confirmed that 10 soldiers were seriously wounded and whistled.

“A skill attached to an item manages to display this much destructive power, how incredible.”

Originally, the destructive power wasn’t at this level. If I met the conditions to use this dagger, the power of Wind Blast would’ve been two times stronger.

‘It is a pity that only half of the option’s effect is applied.’

I lamented again before speaking to Euphemina.

"Hey Euphemina, I have to go rescue a person.”

“Eh? A person? Ah, are you talking about Khan? I already rescued Khan before coming here...”

“Khan was also captured? I’m glad he’s safe. But the person I’m talking about isn’t Khan. It’s Huroi.”

"...Who is that?"

I briefly explained to Euphemina, who made an annoyed expression.

"I don't know the name.”


I could read Euphemina’s feelings. She seemed to think she had stepped in shit. Well, it didn’t matter how she felt. There was only 1 hour and 50 minutes remaining. I had to rescue Huroi during that time period!

‘After I save that bastard, I will tell him off.’

He was the cause of all of this. I was furious.


The soldiers jumped in unison. There seemed to be around 30 soldiers. I was nervous, but Euphemina didn’t show any signs of agitation at all. She didn’t change her expression and reached out a hand.

“Spear of Destruction.”


A dark red spark jumped from Euphemina’s fingertip. A spear was created and the soldiers were hit.

Bam bam bam! Kwang!

The spear pierced the bodies of the soldiers and exploded, causing the 30 soldiers to turn into a grey light. It was an incredibly powerful spell that was used lightly. Maybe Euphemina was comparable to that witch Yura? How could she cast it so easily?


I hiccuped from the surprise.

‘What did I say to her before? Didn’t I say a lot? Is she angry with me?’

As I froze with fear, Euphemina said to me.

"What? Don’t you have to go and rescue Huroi?”


I was going to speak casually, but suddenly thought that it would be awkward not to use honorifics.

‘Let’s never call her a kid again. I will make her orb. She has endured it so far. I won’t offend her anymore.’

I made a decision and headed deeper underground.

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