Chapter 41

Chapter 41

“A disgraceful person. Trying to beat me like this.”

Valmont chuckled as he watched Grid being arrested before speaking to the silent Rabbit,

"How is it? He is arrested before the result came out, so there is no concern about losing public sentiment?”

"...That's right.”

Valmont’s actions were understandable from the point of view of the leader of the Mero Company. If it were the usual Rabbit, he would’ve done the same thing as Valmont. But now, he didn’t feel comfortable.

‘That youth called Grid...’

Grid created such a great work in just three hours. A blacksmith of that degree might truly be the best on the continent. Becoming the best in his field at such a young age? He truly was a unparalleled genius.

'He has tremendous growth potential. If I could cooperate with that young man, I will be able to accumulate an unmatched wealth...’

Rabbit was a person who only moved for profit. His merchant’s instincts meant he showed a profound interest in Grid.

On the other hand, Euphemina was still on the stage.

‘It is clear who the victor is.’

She thought she had an incredibly high chance to win after making the Dagger of Bewitchment. The Dagger of Bewitchment was an outstanding work. However, she soon realized that she was mistaken.

The work that Grid made was far superior to her own at first sight. Euphemina knew she would lose and fail the quest the moment the information appeared on the display board. But at that moment, Grid was arrested? It was really exquisite timing.

‘It is disgusting but...’

Euphemina descended the stage, walked over to Rabbit, and said,

"The development was strange and the actual result might be different, but the crowd is convinced of my victory. Even though the game has been stopped, the crowd thinks I won. Isn’t that alone sufficient to achieve the Mero Company’s aim? So I want the reward.”

Rabbit nodded and said, “It is as you said. I will keep the promise.”

[Quest success!]

[1,500 gold has been acquired.]

[Title, ‘Competitor’ has been acquired.]

[Fighting spirit stat will be opened.]

[Good luck stat will be opened.]

[The skill ‘Rolling Dice’ will be generated.]

Euphemina’s expression brightened as she received the rewards. She checked the newly create stats and skills.

[Fighting Spirit]

The lower the health, the greater the attack power and mental state.

* The higher the number, the higher the effect.

* Stat points can’t be distributed to this stat.

[Good Luck]

The likelihood of lucky phenomenon will increase.

* The higher the number, the higher the effect.

* Stat points can’t be distributed to this stat.

[Rolling Dice]

Roll a dice and a phenomenon will occur, depending on the number that is rolled.

* If the target is yourself or an ally: There will be a beneficial effect if the number 4 or higher is rolled. There will be a harmful effect if the number rolled is 3 or lower.

* If the target is an enemy: There will be a beneficial effect if the number 3 or lower is rolled. There will be a harmful effect if the number rolled is 4 or higher. 

‘Isn’t this a completely random skill?’

Fighting spirit and good luck. The effects of the two stats were so great that she forgot about the painful ‘Agent of Revenge’ quest for a moment. But the Rolling Dice skill was ambiguous. It would be nice if the good numbers were rolled when she used the skill, but what if the numbers were bad? That would lead to a terrible situation.

‘However, if I increase my good luck stat, the probability of a beneficial number being rolled will rise. I’ll be able to use it someday once my good luck stat is higher.’

Euphemina thought positively and prepared to say goodbye to Rabbit, but she hesitated and asked.

"By the way, why was that person captured?”

"He was witnessed conversing with an enemy of Winston.”

"They suspect he is an accomplice?”



Grid had randomly ridiculed her. If possible, she wanted to beat him, but then he had been arrested.

‘Thanks to that, I managed to clear the quest.’

It was really lucky. But then she felt regret.

‘I wanted to know his identity...’

If he really was a unique class, it would be beneficial in many ways to get to know him.

‘No, no. I don’t want to see him again. Isn’t his nature too horrible? I will just get more wrinkles if I get close to him.’

Euphemina shook off the lingering regret and was about to leave, but then Rabbit called out to her, "You, in fact, you aren’t a blacksmith, are you?”


Euphemina panicked and stuttered with confusion.

“W-What are you suddenly saying? Didn’t I make the dagger? How can I create something like that unless I’m a blacksmith?”

"I noticed that Erina wasn’t your real name. In addition, I don’t believe you are a blacksmith with those white, fine, delicate hands.”

Due to the nature of the class, blacksmiths had scorched hands that were full of calluses, but Euphemina looked completely different from a blacksmith.

“In addition, the way you handled the bellows was very crude. Even a beginner blacksmith would be more skilled.”


“I noticed it more after you brought Khan to the stage, and then confirmed that you moved exactly like Khan. Perhaps you are capable of duplicating the techniques of others.”

Euphemina could try to refute Rabbit’s criticism. But she remained silent. She noticed that it was the prelude to a new quest. 

“So? What are you trying to say?”

Rabbit cut to the chase. “Will you help me? Go and rescue Grid.”

“Huh? Why? Isn’t he your enemy?”

Rabbit shrugged. “There is no eternity in front of money.”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

Euphemina required a detailed explanation. Rabbit led her to an unfamiliar alley. He thoroughly checked that there was no one around and opened his mouth.

"The Mero Company is greedy for the maximum benefit from Winston, making it a ticking time bomb. It wouldn’t be strange if Earl Steim received accusations against the Mero Company at any moment. In other words, there is a dark cloud in the Mero Company’s future. It is time for me to leave it.”

Rabbit’s eyes shone.

“As soon as I saw Grid’s skills, I realized where my new job would be. Khan’s smithy. I’ll take a job at Khan’s smithy. Then I will form a team with Grid. I will distribute Grid’s works using my network of contacts and my business skills. If I assist Grid well, I believe that Grid and I alone can generate a revenue that is equal to a small or medium business company.”

“T-That much?”

Euphemina’s eyes also shone. One user had the potential to generate top-level profits! It was indeed amazing.

‘Who is the current first place merchant?’

Euphemina searched through her memories and recalled the person.

‘That’s right, Beiga. He became first place three months ago. But I heard the scale of his company is so small that he isn’t able to make a profit compared to the NPC merchants...’

In other words, the first ranked merchant couldn’t even operate a small company properly at the moment. However, Grid was able to generate the revenue of a small company just by making items.

‘I know he doesn’t have a regular class but to think it is to this extent...’

Rabbit explained his plan to Euphemina.

“These are the prerequisites to get a job at the Khan smithy. First of all, the fall of the Mero Company and Winston’s lord. Secondly, makeover my image. Finally, the most important thing is to rescue Grid. If I can save Grid and cause the downfall of the Mero Company and Winston’s lord at the same time, I will be able to appeal myself to Grid and the residents.”

“So you need my help?”

“Yes. I have been watching your abilities. They will be sufficient.”

[Quest ‘Help Rabbit’s Job Seeking Plan’ has been created.]

[Help Rabbit’s Job Seeking Plan]

Difficulty: S

Rabbit is uncertain about the future of the Mero Company. He predicts that the Mero Company will soon fall, but he would rather break it with his own hands so that he will get a new image. 

Help Rabbit rescue Grid and cause the downfall of the Mero Company and Winston’s lord!

Quest Clear Conditions: Rescue Grid trapped in the dungeon of Winston Castle. The fall of the Mero Company and Winston’s lord.

Quest Clear Reward: 5,000 gold. Affinity with Rabbit and the Winston residents will rise to the peak.

Quest Failure: Level -2. Rabbit's death. All quests associated with Rabbit will be permanently destroyed. 

[Would you like to accept the quest?)

‘I can’t believe it...’

Euphemina was speechless as she confirmed the quest. Quests that gave titles or S-grade quests weren’t easy to find. But these type of quests were happening in succession after being linked with Grid. At the very least, this proved that Grid was an incredibly huge person in Winston.

'Grid... it is true that his nature is bad, but he has great abilities and presence. I think it would be wise to build up a relationship through this matter.’

Euphemina decided to accept the quest.

“Okay. I’ll do it.”

[The quest has been accepted.]

Just because a man wanted to switch jobs, the leader of a huge company and the lord of a territory were in trouble.


The residents of Winston gathered in Khan’s smithy.

"The rumor that Huroi was caught while leaving Winston is true.”

"Then the lord already knows what we entrusted to Huroi right? It is a big deal. The surveillance will tighten and a second Huroi won’t appear.”

“We can’t do anything now. Winston won’t be able to escape from the grasp of the Mero Company...”

The residents were agitated. Usually, Khan would be soothing them, but he wasn’t in the position to take care of others right now.


Huroi was arrested for trying to reach Earl Steim. Unless the Mero Company and Winston’s lord were idiots, they wouldn’t let him out of prison for the rest of his life. Considering how close Grid was to the Winston residents, including Khan, it was likely that Grid would suffer a similar fate to Huroi.

‘I can’t let Grid rot in jail for the rest of his life. I must save him!’

Khan made a decision and shouted.

"We can’t close our eyes to this injustice! We have to protect our future with our own hands! Grab our weapons! We will drive the lord and the Mero Company out of Winston!”

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