Chapter 39

Chapter 39

One-sided cheering! But Grid actually became more excited. A weed would grow stronger once it was trampled on.

'I will win! Then I will make all of you shut up!’

Grid completed the smelting and started the process of making the dagger. 

Ttang! Ttang!

Euphemina became nervous as he started to tap the steel with his hammer. It was because she hadn’t finished smelting yet.

‘Fast! The difference in our skills is too large.’

It was inevitable. In the first place, was Euphemina a blacksmith?

‘I shouldn’t be hasty. It isn’t good to be too urgent.’

Euphemina calmly focused on the process of smelting. Grid had repeated the quenching and forging process several times by the time she finished smelting.  Then she pulled out a hammer from her inventory. She had bought this hammer for a lot of money, in order for this quest to be successful.

[Blessed Blacksmith Hammer]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 299/300   Attack Power: 50~70   Odds of Making a Rare Rated Item: +15%   Odds of Making an Epic Rated Item: +5%

A hammer user by a prestigious blacksmith. It will assist the user in creating higher rated items.

User Restriction: Level 150 or higher. More than 100 strength. Intermediate blacksmith skill. 

[You can’t equip it because you don’t meet the item usage conditions.]

Euphemina had enough strength and her level was high enough to  use the ‘Blessed Blacksmith Hammer.’ But she wasn’t a blacksmith, so she didn’t have the intermediate blacksmith skill. However, that story would change once she duplicated Grid’s blacksmith skill.

Euphemina faced Grid who was concentrating on making a dagger and used Skill Observation. Euphemina smiled with satisfaction.

‘If we both have the same blacksmith skill, it is likely that the person with a better production tool will win.’

The hammer Grid was using was old and shabby, much worse than Euphemina’s hammer. Euphemina was confident of her victory. But the moment she thought that! She was shocked as she saw the notification window that popped up. 

[The level of Skill Observation is too low.]

[You can’t analyze the skill of the target.]


Currently, Euphemina’s Skill Observation was level 7.  Her skill wouldn’t fail, even if she observed a third advancement NPC.  Above all, her skill was only level 5 when she analyzed and copied the skill of an advanced level blacksmith.

However, Grid’s blacksmith skill was impossible to observe with the level 7 Skill Observation? Surely Grid’s blacksmith skill wasn’t at the advanced level?

“...It can’t be. Skill Observation! Skill Observation!”

[The level of Skill Observation is too low.]

[You can’t analyze the skill of the target.]

[The level of Skill Observation is too low.]

[You can’t analyze the skill of the target.]

No matter how many times she used Skill Observation, the same notification windows repeatedly appeared.

“This must be a bug. Skill Observation!!”

[The level of Skill Observation is too low.]

[You can’t analyze the skill of the target.]

She used the skill until her mana was low, but her face was pale as she failed to complete the analysis.


Euphemina had to admit it. This stupid man actually had the skills of an advanced blacksmith.

'Is he a craftsman? That absolutely can’t be!’

The 1st ranked person on the blacksmith rankings was only at the intermediate level. Yet Grid, who she’d never heard of, had skills beyond a ranker. It was impossible. Craftsmen were rare even among NPC blacksmiths.

'Yes, he is a blacksmith, not a craftsman. But why would my skill fail to analyze if he is a blacksmith? D-Don’t tell me?’

Euphemina made a hypothesis. Grid wasn’t an ordinary blacksmith. She couldn’t rule out the possibility that this stupid man might have a hidden class like herself.

‘I don’t want to believe it, but it is reasonable.’ Otherwise, I can’t explain why Skill Observation can’t analyze this man’s skill.’

In addition to blacksmiths, the rankings of all production classes were currently at the intermediate level. Even the most famous NPCs only had advanced level skills, and craftsman NPCs were extremely rare.

If Grid was an ordinary user, it was impossible for him to master the craftsmanship skills. Euphemina was forced to believe that Grid wasn’t an ordinary blacksmith. Rather, he had a blacksmith-related class above the epic rating.

‘It isn’t a rare class. I can replicate the skills of a rare class since I have an epic class. The minimum must be an epic class. But except for me, the only other epic classes are Agnus and Katz... Surely that guy doesn’t have an unique class? When did a unique class emerge?’

It was really the worst case scenario. She had been thinking too lightly when she accepted a quest with an unknown level of difficulty.

‘Completely outrageous. I never expected to compete with a unique class!’ 

Euphemina fell into a confused state.

‘What should I do? I can’t do anything like this and will fail the quest.’

She couldn’t even start making an item because she didn’t have the blacksmith skill.  She knew how to make it, but the end result would be absolutely rubbish without the assistance of the blacksmith skills.

‘Should I give up? Again?’

She faced a situation where she had to give up another quest after ‘Agent of Revenge.’ Euphemina thought this was truly the worst.

Grid belatedly discovered that she wasn’t doing anything and mocked her. “What? Are you completely frozen? Are you jealous of my skills, Kid?”


Anger formed on Euphemina’s face again.

‘I can’t be defeated by a lowly man like this!’

If things continued like this, Grid would win. She needed to find a blacksmith and duplicate their blacksmith skills. 

‘But where can I find a blacksmith...? Ah!’

Euphemina had a good idea and suddenly glanced at the audience. Rabbit was aware of the strange turn of events and approached her.

"Is there a problem?"

Euphemina whispered into Rabbit’s ears.

"Who is Grid’s mentor? Call that person up on stage as well. Then make him help Grid with the dagger production.”

It was an absurd demand. Rabbit’s eyes narrowed. "Why? I can’t understand your intentions."

Euphemina explained with an embarrassed expression.

“I can’t say anymore because it is a personal matter, but please listen to my request. It will increase my chances of winning.”


It would increase her chances of winning? Rabbit wasn’t easily convinced. But what could he do? The game had already begun. There would be a lot of accusations if he tried to change the competition now.

‘In the first place, I have no substitute.’

In the end, Rabbit was forced to listen to Euphemina’s demands.

“I will try.”

Rabbit spoke to the host who yelled towards the audience.

“Mr. Khan! Come up on stage! Erina stated that she wants you to add your strength to Grid!”


A truly shocking proclamation. Confusion appeared on Grid’s face as there was an uproar.

“What? Erina wants to compete 2 against 1?”

"That guy called Grid must be very bad. Therefore, Erina felt pity and called Grid’s mentor to the stage.”

"Is she saying that they have to join forces for this to be a proper competition?”

“Wow, that is truly great confidence. She’s a wonderful woman.”

The crowd misunderstood and became more firmly entrenched on Euphemina’s side.  She was worshipped as a benevolent and confident queen.  On the other hand, Grid’s pride was dented and his hostility towards Euphemina became stronger.

‘This chick dares do this...!’

Khan walked over to the agitated Grid and said, “Calm down. This is a great opportunity for us. Let’s fight her together as she demanded.”

Grid puffed up. "What? Do you really think I will lose to her?”

“How can that be? I believe that you can win over anyone. Aren’t you Pagma’s Descendant?”

“Then why are you following her demands?”

"I respect you as a blacksmith. I would like to have the honor to work with you. In addition, my blacksmith’s heart wants to help instead of just watching. Grid, this is a request. I won’t hold you back, so please give me this opportunity to protect my smithy with you.”

Grid couldn’t refuse after hearing Khan’s words.

"...As long as we’re together, we will succeed. Let’s crush that girl in front of all these people.”


The two people teamed up. In particular, Khan was overjoyed at being able to work with Grid in front of so many people.

"I will demonstrate the best skills as your assistant! Give me a command.”

He was definitely a blacksmith. As Khan prepared to help Grid, Euphemina activated Skill Observation.

[You have successfully analyzed ‘Advanced Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship’ Lv.2.]

It was as planned. Euphemina smiled as an analysis of Khan’s blacksmith skill appeared.

"Skill Duplication!"

[You have successfully duplicated ‘Advanced Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship’ Lv.2.]

[The skill ‘Advanced Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship’ Lv. 2 is available to use once. You can keep it permanently until it is used.]

In the first place, the result of the blacksmith game depended on chance. Even if Grid had superior blacksmith skills, it didn’t mean he would unconditionally make a high rated item. In addition, Euphemina had the Blessed Blacksmith Hammer.

‘There is still a chance.’

Euphemina became engrossed in the production of the dagger.

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