Chapter 37

Chapter 37

[Traitor of the Red Knights]

Difficulty: S

Piaro, a former colleague of Asmophel, has committed a terrible betrayal. Asmophel was wounded and vowed to take revenge on Piaro.

However, Asmophel has become seriously ill afterward.

In the end, Asmophel was forced to give up on his own revenge and asked you to get revenge for him.

Quest Clear Conditions: Defeat Piaro who is hiding in Kesan Canyon.

Quest Clear Reward: Title ‘Agent of Revenge’

* Agent of Revenge: The ‘Cruelty’ stat will be opened. Attack Power +100. Skill ‘Murderous Impulse’ will be generated.

Quest Failure: Level -2. Asmophel’s confidence will decline. 

Euphemina, who was currently level 190, had one experience with clearing an S-grade quest once in the past. Therefore, she knew the terrible difficulty of an S-grade quest more than anyone else.

‘Piaro... the strongest knight of the Saharan Empire.’

Asmophel had already explained how powerful Piaro was. His swordsmanship had reached the peak and when he used his ultimate technique ‘Fated to Perish’, death was inevitable. Euphemina couldn’t overcome her tension and nervously gulped. She had taken 63 days to prepare for this quest, but she was still afraid.

“I believe it. I can do it. Skill window.”

Euphemina basically only possessed nine skills. It was an unbelievably poor skill tree for a level 190 user. However, her skill window now had a total of 50 skills listed. In addition, they were all top class skills.

These were the skills that Euphemina prepared to clear the quest. She traveled all over the continent during the past 62 days, searching for top-ranked players. Then she duplicated their skills.

Only for today!

“Let’s begin.”

Euphemina cleared her mind and entered the cave. She was going to face Piaro, who was more powerful than a boss monster, alone. Pride? No it was proper confidence.

She was the first epic class in Satisfy. A fraudulent class that could duplicate other people’s skills, the Duplicator. This was the identity of the first epic class that appeared in Satisfy.

"Someone sent by Asmophel?”

A voice in the darkness was heard from the depths of the cave. Then a notification window popped up.

[The eternal hermit Piaro has appeared.]

[You are overwhelmed by Piaro’s killing intent and the fear effect has been applied.]

[The trap that Piaro installed is activated.]

Syu syu syu syu syuk!


From the land where Euphemina was standing, sharp spikes reminiscent of shark teeth rose and arrows flew from the walls on both sides. At the same time, Piaro appeared in front of them. Euphemina hastily used one of the skills that she had prepared.


Tartan was currently the strongest defensive skill known to be available only to ‘Bump’, the first ranked guardian knight. 


A huge steel giant appeared out of thin air and then embraced Euphemina’s small, delicate body. All the arrows and spears didn’t reach Euphemina’s body as they were obstructed by the giant. But Piaro’s flashy blow was enough to pierce the giant. Immediately before the sword was about to reach Euphemina’s heart!

“Counter Barrier!”

The strongest assault knight, Miared’s skill was reproduced by Euphemina.



As soon as Piaro’s sword came into contact with Euphemina, Piaro coughed up blood and flew backward in the air. The damage that Euphemina should’ve received was reflected back on Piaro due to Counter Barrier.

“How dare you!”

The brilliant Piaro turned in the air, not caring about his wound. However, Euphemina didn’t stay still.

“Swirling Frenzy!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Before Piaro could reach the ground, a fierce storm covered him. Piaro had no place to lean on, so his body couldn’t resist being swept away by the storm. However, Euphemina was well aware that he wouldn’t die. She didn’t miss this opportunity. 

"Scorching Heat Wave! Tyrant’s Majesty! Mace of Light! Spear of Darkness! Prelude to Destruction!”

Euphemina had dozens of top-level skills that she had prepared for 63 days. The strong attacks of different properties shattered the cave, burying Piaro in the debris.

‘Have I succeeded? No. There would be a quest clear prompt.’

Euphemina’s intelligence stat was very high. She even prepared advanced mana potions. But nonetheless, she had a shortage of mana due to using so many top-level skills in succession.

‘I have to wait for the potion reuse time.’

Piaro was still alive. She didn’t know when a strong counterattack would come from the pile of stones. Until then, she had to make up for her low mana.  Euphemina decided to use ‘flying’ magic to maintain as much distance as possible from Piaro.

As she rose into the sky, Piaro crawled out from the remnants of the cave. He was relatively unscathed, despite the skill bombardment that would’ve killed an army of hundreds.

"Female... I recognize your strength and will do my best.”


Piaro jumped.

Peeng! Peeng!

Piaro jumped into the air in bursts, as if he was stepping on an invisible staircase. He instantly narrowed the distance towards Euphemina.

“I’ll give you an inevitable death!”

A red light emerged from Piaro’s sword. It was the forerunner to the skill that Asmophel mentioned, Fated to Perish. Once the skill was activated, Euphemia wouldn’t be able to avoid death. It meant that her 63 days of hardship would be for nothing.


The distance between Piaro and Euphemina was so close that they could hear each other’s breathing. The reuse time for Euphemia’s potions was almost over. Euphemina drank a mana potion and used the spells she prepared to stop Fated to Perish.

“Nightmare Projection!”


The sword rushing towards Euphemina stopped. Euphemina gazed at Piaro and gulped.


The red sword, which should’ve sliced Euphemina, cut the empty space dozens of times. It showed he had properly fallen into a hallucination. Now Piaro was fighting against the most fearful nightmare in the world.

"You have come to me. Asmophellllll!”

The flaming sword continued to swing without stopping. Thanks to him, the sky was as red as the sunset. Euphemina tried to use a bombardment of skills again while Piaro was preoccupied.

But there was a variable.

[You have reached your physical and mental limits after using an excessive amount of force during a short period of time.]

[Your skills can’t be used for a while.]

[All stats have fallen by 50%.]

“W-What?! No way! My quest success was in sight!”

It seemed that she had used too many top-level skills in a short amount of time, causing her physical and mental stress. It was her first experience and she couldn’t deal with it because she never thought this could happen.

As she was confused, Piaro was slowly escaping from his hallucinatory state.

‘This can’t continue!’

The physical abilities of a Duplicator were minimal. Once her skills were blocked, she had no way to fight against Piaro. There was only one choice remaining. Give up the quest.


Her 63 days of effort ended in vain. The quest had already failed and the situation would be worse if she died here. Euphemina swallowed back her tears and left this place. Shortly afterward, Piaro woke up from his hallucination and realized that Euphemina was gone.

"Wicked female... I will surely repay today’s disgrace.”

[Quest failed!]

[Your level has dropped by 2.]

[You are now level 188.]

[Asmophel’s confidence in you has fallen.]

Euphemina was frustrated at the notification windows that emerged after she barely escaped from Piaro. She tried her best for more than two months, but all her efforts returned such a horrible outcome, so her disappointment was undeniably huge.

"It was a chance to get a new title after a long time...”

The more titles, the better. It was because the effects overlapped.  But gaining titles wasn’t easy. Most titles were obtained through quests, but quests which gave titles were rare.  Despite being a top ranker, Euphemina only had two titles.


Euphemina couldn’t suppress her disappointment. As she was filled with anger, a messenger from the Mero Company came to her.

"Will you take a job? Miss Erina.”

Due to the nature of a Duplicator, Euphemina had multiple identities. Among them, Erina was the name she used when she copied an advanced NPC blacksmith and crafted an epic rated item.

‘Since they came with this name, is it a blacksmith related quest?’

Euphemina’s guess was correct.

[The quest ‘Item Production Game with the Mero Company!’ has been created.]

[Item Production Game!]

Difficulty: Unknown.

The world doesn’t know your true identity.

The Mero Company has approached you after hearing about your good blacksmith skills.

They want you to participate in an item making game held in Winston.

The opponent is the successor of the reputable blacksmith, Khan, who was once famous in the north. The successor is a variable who can’t be measured.

Quest Clear Conditions: Win the item production game.

Quest Clear Reward: 1,500 gold. Title ‘Competitor.’

* Competitor: Fighting spirit stat will be opened. Good luck stat will be opened. Skill ‘Rolling Dice’ will be generated.

Quest Failure: Your relationship with the Mero Company will become the worst. 

[Would you like to accept the quest?]

‘A title giving quest!’

She had been frustrated at missing the chance to get a new title, only to receive a quest with a title reward. It was also a title that opened the good luck stat.

'The good luck stat, I want to have it.’

The good luck stat was very famous. The higher the good luck, the higher the probability of receiving beneficial effects in Satisfy. It started with finding money on the road, to finding hidden quests and treasures.

As the name suggested, it gave good luck to the user so many people really wanted it. Naturally, this included Euphemina.

‘I also wonder what the Rolling Dice skill is. Doesn’t it sound interesting?’

The biggest disadvantage of being a Duplicator was that there were fewer types of skills available. Therefore, Euphemia had a huge desire to possess skills.

'The reward is also 1,500 gold... should I accept?’

The rewards were excellent. For Euphemina, this quest was an inevitable temptation. She had just failed a quest, so she felt like earning some profits back with this quest. But she shouldn’t be in a hurry to accept the quest.

‘The difficulty is unknown...’

Euphemina made a hypothesis.

‘Khan’s successor must be a blacksmith character whose level isn’t open to the public. Is that why the difficulty isn’t determined?’

The hypothesis was plausible.

‘Well, I don’t have to worry too much. Does the difficulty of a production game matter in the first place?’

No blacksmith skills existed that Euphemina couldn’t duplicate. If she participated in the production game, she could copy the opponent’s blacksmith skill and play with the same skill level. In other words, it was a game where she would compete with luck.

When competing with the same skill level, the luckier person would create a higher rated item and victory would be decided accordingly.

‘If I am lucky, I can easily clear the quest. On the other hand, I might fail if I am unlucky.’

It was a quest where she couldn’t be certain of success. The risk was big. However, she coveted the rewards. Euphemina decided to accept the quest.

“The game, please leave it to me.”

The game was established to be between Grid and Euphemina. If the world knew the identities of Grid and Euphemina, their competition would be the hottest issue in the world. A confrontation between an epic class and a legendary class, the attention would’ve been enormous.

Unfortunately, the world still didn’t know the identities of the two people. Such a significant battle spread secretly.

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