Chapter 28

Chapter 28

I responded lightly,

"The heroes that Pagma mentioned... I’m probably different from them.”

Disappointment passed over Khan’s face.

This person had an urgent nature. Should I have some fun?

“To be honest, I’m more similar to Pagma than to those heroes.”

"You are like Pagma? What does that... Ah! No way... are you?!”

Khan belatedly realized that while the heroes that Pagma mentioned could use Dainsleif and Valhalla, would they be able to recognize their value? It would be impossible to understand their value unless the person was a blacksmith on the same level as Albatino.

However, I recognized their value. That meant-

“That’s right! You see! I am Pagma’s descendant.” I proudly revealed my identity. “I’m the one who can understand Dainsleif and Valhalla better than anyone else, and I can even use them freely! Give me a chance to obtain them.”


Khan was extremely excited. It was natural for him to be excited. Just like his ancestor who faced Pagma 130 years ago, he now had the opportunity to be the one facing Pagma’s descendant.

"I understand. If you are Pagma’s descendant, I will definitely hand over the heirlooms to you. But is there any way you can prove that you are Pagma’s descendant?”

[The quest ‘Pagma’s Descendant’ has been created.]

[Pagma’s Descendant]

Difficulty: Class quest.

You have certainly been given Pagma’s blacksmith skills, but do you know exactly who Pagma is? Can you proudly and confidently carry out his will? Who is Pagma? If he were simply a blacksmith with good skills, his legend wouldn’t be scattered across the continent.

First, start with the clue of the swordsmanship that pierced the sky and follow Pagma’s legend. If you can collect all of the legends, you will truly understand Pagma and be the successor to his will. 

At that moment, a new legend will be born.

* There is no time limit for this class quest.

* If you accept the class quest of a legendary class, you can’t change your class again.

* The legendary class quest has the power to transform Satisfy’s world, according to the result.

Class Quest Clear Conditions: Complete all linked quests successfully.

Class Quest Clear Reward: Unknown.

* First Class Quest: [Pagma’s Swordsmanship.]

It was said that the force of Pagma’s swordsmanship pierced the sky. This may be a clue to Pagma’s swordsmanship, which wasn’t described in Pagma’s rare book.

* First Class Quest Clear Condition: Learn Pagma’s swordsmanship.

First Class Quest Clear Reward: Dainsleif (Reproduction).

[Quest is in progress.]

I should’ve guessed due to being able to wear all equipment, but Pagma wasn’t just a blacksmith.

'Then what? Is Pagma’s Descendant a class that isn’t limited to just a blacksmith?’

What will I look like after completing all quests? A blacksmith and a warrior? Or, maybe more? I couldn’t anticipate it yet. Perhaps, a new legend would be born.

“Good! I will look for Pagma’s swordsmanship right now.”

I was about to leave the smithy with strong footsteps when I suddenly stopped.

‘Where should I go? In addition, I am currently only level 21. Should I really leave on an adventure without making a plan?’

The ultimate goal of the class quest was to collect all of Pagma’s legends scattered throughout the continent. In other words, didn’t I need a level capable of venturing across the continent? It was impossible.

‘This is a quest where I will need to take my time and proceed slowly. I want to finish the quest right now but... it can’t be helped.’

My excitement became dull. Khan saw my disappointment and handed me a drink.

“It is late at night, so why don’t you have a drink? There are many things I want to talk to you about. I want to talk about Pagma, the blacksmith techniques and the future of this smithy.”

“Excuse me... shouldn’t you stop drinking?”

“...Cough cough.”

I took the bottle from Khan’s hand. Then I found all the other alcohol bottles hidden around the smithy. “I will confiscate all of them.”

A class quest that I wouldn’t know the reward until it was completed! Someday I would finally clear it, but I couldn’t be rewarded if the client was dead. I had an obligation to make sure that Khan stopped drinking.

“Today I am happy, so just one bottle...”

“You can’t.” I said firmly and placed all the bottles in my inventory.

‘Okay. If I sell all of this liquor, I can get two gold.’

As I was pleased with the thought of earning money, the door of the smithy opened. A slim man entered. He looked at me while adjusting his glasses, then turned and greeted Khan politely.

“Are you Khan? It is nice to meet you. I am Rabbit, an employee of the Mero Company.”

Mero Company?

‘The one who hired those gangsters? Doesn’t he look too gentle?’

I watched silently. The nervous Khan warily watched the person called Rabbit. Rabbit opened his mouth with a mild expression.

“You owe 600 gold to the Mero Company. But according to what I heard, you don’t have the ability to pay off your debt.”

“So you want me to hand you the smithy?”

Rabbit smiled. “I want to give you an opportunity because I have a high opinion of your ability.”


“Yes. Khan’s blacksmithing skills are excellent, so I want to buy those skills. How about it? The Mero Company will take ownership of this smithy, but we will transfer the operating rights to you. I promise a high salary.”

The Mero Company was compromising. They would own the smithy, but they would let Khan run it.

"In other words, the Mero Company will be the dog above me?”

“Haha, you speak such rough words.”

“And if I refuse?”

Rabbit’s expression showed that he didn’t understand. “You refuse? Why? Aren’t these conditions good compared to before?”

“I’m not afraid of losing a job! I don’t want to hand over this smithy, which has been in my family for generations.”

“Hrmm... Indeed.”

The glasses-wearing Rabbit talked to himself while touching his chin.

“Then should I use armed force? No, it is a shame to use such a savage method. Can I sue the blacksmith for not paying his debt? No, there are several steps and it will take too long. Khan is stubborn, so what is the best way to persuade him?”

Mutter mutter.

He was an unusual person who revealed his surface thoughts by speaking them aloud. He soon came up with an idea.

“Khan, I would like to see if you qualify to keep this smithy. How about it? Compete with the blacksmith the Mero Company will hire. If you make something better than our blacksmith and win, I will admit that you are qualified to be the owner of the smithy. I will also reimburse your debt. But if you lose the game, you must admit that you aren’t qualified and hand the smithy over to us. How about it?”

The conditions seemed good at first glance, but I thought that Khan should reject it. It was obvious that the opponent would be someone more skilled than Khan. In order for Khan to overcome this crisis, he had to inform the lord that he was unfairly tricked by the Mero Company and seek legal help. But Khan enthusiastically accepted Rabbit’s proposal.

“I understand!”

"Ohh, good choice.”

Khan attached some conditions, “However, I can’t exert my old skills due to drinking and not working for a while. Is it possible for my successor to participate in the game instead of me?”

Rabbit’s expression stiffened. "I heard that you didn’t have a successor?”

“You are misinformed. Over there. He is my successor.”

“Hoh... I see? He looks too incompetent to be your successor. You want him to participate in the game? Are you certain?”

“Do I look like I am someone who will joke around?”

"Well, it is fine with me. Rather, I am grateful.”

What was going on? Why was Khan pointing at me?

[The quest ‘Item Production Game with the Mero Company!’ has been created.]

“...What is this?”

Khan must be crazy! He didn’t ask my permission and just arbitrarily gave me a quest. Wasn’t this too presumptuous?

“No, hey, Khan... huh?”

As I was about to express my resentment towards Khan, the quest window popped up.

[Item Production Game with the Mero Company!]

Difficulty: A

The Mero Company has asked Khan to compete in a blacksmith game. But Khan is in the worst condition. Khan decided that it was too hard for him to participate in the tournament, passing it on to you.

Quest Clear Conditions: Win in the game against the Mero Company.

Quest Clear Reward: +500 reputation in Winston. The affinity with the Winston residents will rise. 600 gold prize.

Quest Failure: Reputation in Winston will fall to a minimum. 

Khan’s smithy will belong to the Mero Company. 

[Would you like to accept the quest?)

I canceled my curses towards Khan. Look at the quest success rewards! 600 gold! A huge 600 gold! How much was 600 gold in cash? 100 gold was 120,000 won...

"720,000 won!” 

720,000 won was a huge amount that could only be earned by doing labor tasks all day without resting, for eight days. What was the failure penalty compared to the tremendous success rewards? There was still some damage, but Khan would be the one receiving most of it. I never thought there would be a day when this honey-like quest would come to me.

“Why would I refuse? I accept the quest!”

[The quest has been accepted.]

Rabbit asked with a surprised expression.

“Hoh? Is your successor not avoiding it? He is surprisingly confident.” 

“What is so surprising? Look at my brave face. I clearly look confident right?”

“Huhut, that can either be good or poisonous... Okay. I will pass on the place and date that the game will take place in the near future. Then farewell until that day.”

Then Rabbit left. Khan knelt in front of me.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Doing this without consulting you... But it couldn’t be helped. I want to keep this smithy!”

I pulled Khan up. Then I embraced him tightly. “Why are you sorry? Don’t be bothered. Is there a need to be sorry considering our relationship? I will help you. So don’t worry.”

“Ahh... thank you... Thank you very much. I wonder if there is another angel like you? Sob sob!”

Khan's tears soaked my clothes. I would like to ask for laundry money, but I didn’t need to go that far. It was thanks to Khan that I had the opportunity to earn 720,000 won.

"Kukukuk... kuhahahaha!”

Winston! Blessed land! You are so lovely!

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