Chapter 24

Chapter 24

[Blacksmith’s Rage]

Difficulty: B

As Pagma’s descendant, you have inherited Pagma’s will as well as his techniques. You have Pagma’s humanitarian ideology of using ‘blacksmithing to benefit other people.’

You can never forgive the Mero Company and its minions, who oppress the old and powerless blacksmith.

Help the blacksmith Khan, who had fallen for the tricks of the Mero Company and lost his customers.

Quest Clear Conditions: Get rid of the Mero Company’s minions and destroy the smithy transfer contract.

Clear Reward: Blacksmith Khan’s alcoholic symptoms will improve. Affinity with Khan will reach the maximum.

* Khan was originally an excellent blacksmith. But after his business was ruined due to the tricks of the Mero Company and he was subjected to severe stress, an alcohol dependency was created. He is currently an incompetent old man, but if he improves from his alcoholism, he will surely regain his status as a great blacksmith. At that time, he will figure out your identity and help you greatly...

Quest Acceptance Reward: The skill ‘Blacksmith’s Rage’ is created.

Quest Failure: A few days later, Khan will die and all quests related to him will be permanently destroyed. 


The blacksmith’s ideology?

"Is this a parody of humanitarianism?”

The motto of the legendary blacksmith Pagma!

"...Is there a  hidden class that will appear after eating only garlic for 100 days?”

No, now wasn’t the time to joke around.

“This situation is a quest.”

It was as I expected. A ruined smithy and blacksmith. The sudden appearance of gangsters was the precursor to the beginning of a new quest.

[Would you like to accept the quest?)

There were five enemies. Their level was estimated to be 35 or higher. On the other hand, I was alone and only level 3. I was also unharmed because I left my sword and armor in the warehouse.

Should I refuse the quest? No.

“I accept.”

There was no reason for me to refuse this quest.

Even though I was level 3, my stats made me equivalent to a level 20. I also had the skill ‘Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience.’ It was a tremendous skill that increased my concentration, stamina, and defense to the peak for an hour. But was that all? I had the passive skill that allowed me to become invincible for five seconds if my health was at the minimum.

“In fact, I’m not without a weapon.”

I opened my inventory. I took out one arrow that I had left behind as a souvenir.

[Special Jaffa Arrow] 

Rating: Epic

Attack Power: 35~42

An arrow made by a craftsman with great skill and potential but lacking in experience and reputation. 

Due to the effect of combining jaffa with steel, it has extremely high penetration and ignores some of the enemy’s defense.

* Has a certain chance of ignoring the enemy’s defense.

Weight: 0.1 

Arrows were consumables. But that was only when fired by a bow.

“If I hold it and use it as a dagger, it won’t be a consumable.”

In fact, there were many cases when arrows were retrieved and reused. It was said that most arrows could be reused except when it was too damaged by the target, but I didn’t know because I had no experience shooting the bow.

‘I thought it was strange that arrows were so expensive so I grabbed a passerby. Thanks to that, I realized that arrows weren't always consumables. Huhut, information was power! I shouldn’t neglect the impact of  gathering information in the future.’

I smiled with satisfaction and examined the gangsters closely. They were holding threatening weapons like axes, swords, and maces while wearing leather armor.

'The heavens are helping me.'

It might be different if they were wearing iron armor. However, I could cause serious damage if I stabbed the leather armor several times with the Jaffa Arrow.

‘This arrow is something I made with my heart. Its value couldn’t be compared with normal arrows. I might have the attack power of a level 20 but I trust this arrow. Due to the option to ignore defense, I will be able to fill up the offensive gap. There is also the countless combat experiences I have accumulated in my days as a warrior.’

My stats that were higher than my level, a suitable weapon, a fraudulent skill and combat senses acquired from past experience. I believed that these four elements were enough to clear the quest.

‘It is a very low possibility.’

Would I willingly accept a quest that was more likely to fail than succeed? It was obvious. 

First, there was no penalty if the quest failed. The NPC Khan would die and all quests associated with him permanently destroyed, but it wasn’t something I should be afraid of since I didn’t know what the quests were.

Secondly, I was rewarded just by accepting the quest.

[The quest has been accepted.]

[Due to the quest acceptance, the skill ‘Blacksmith’s Rage’ has been acquired.]

The quest acceptance reward was different from the quest clear reward. It was a skill I received just by accepting the quest. Who would resist such a quest? I immediately opened the skills window to check the new skill.

[Blacksmith’s Rage]

Lv. 1

Increases attack power by 10% and attack speed by 30% for 20 seconds.

Skill Mana Cost: 50

Skill Cooldown Time: 60 seconds 


Production-related classes such as blacksmiths were said to not be able to learn combat skills. However, now I have learned a combat buff just by accepting a blacksmith related quest! Furthermore, its performance was enormous.

‘Isn’t this a lot better than the combat buff skills I learned as a warrior?’

The warrior buff skill that I used raised my attack power by 20% for a certain duration, and the cooldown time was three minutes. But the buff I just learn increased by attack power and attack speed, and the cooldown time was one minute.

‘Isn’t this a windfall? Kukuk... Oh, is this the hidden quest that I’ve heard about? However, isn’t the quest difficulty too low for a hidden quest? Maybe this... it is likely to be a linked quest. The quests owned by Blacksmith Khan are probably linked quests. This is a real hit.’

As soon as I realized the importance of Blacksmith Khan, I had an obligation to do my best to clear the quest.

‘Thanks to the new skill, the possibility of clearing the quest is even higher... Good.’

I decided to approach the gangsters.

"What the, this guy?” The gangsters tilted their heads as I came back instead of leaving.

I pointed the arrow towards them. Then I explained to them the biggest reason why I accepted this quest.

“You crossed the line. I am also indifferent to elderly people, but not as much as you. You don’t have to feel respect towards elderly people, but shouldn’t you maintain the minimum of courtesies? You should take care of your education, you bastards. I can’t forgive you.”

I wasn’t trying to imitate the apostle of justice. I just didn’t like people like these!

“Blame the fact that you look like Mother's Heart is Happy employees.”

As I stepped closer, the gangsters started to grab their weapons.

"You bastard! This brat dares say such things to us? Eh? No, did something suddenly happen to this brat? Hey you! Do you want to go to hell? Huh?”

"This bastard didn’t appreciate the fact that we let you go...”

Indeed, lawless NPCs were fearsome. They instantly showed an intention to kill me. They were truly people who had committed numerous evils.

‘They are too formidable.’

But there was no reason to avoid them due to fear. Right now, these people weren’t the objects of fear. They are targets that must be defeated to clear the quest. The ambition of a warrior was boiling inside of me.

I snorted with derision towards the gangsters and raised my hand. "Stop your useless talking and come on.”

The gangsters reacted immediately.

“This crazy bastard!”

"Get him! Hold on to him for me! No, kill him! Just kill him.”

The red-faced gangsters rushed towards me. There were a total of five opponents. In a wide open space, I would be surrounded and die instantly. I had identified the terrain of the smithy ahead of time and headed for the stairs leading towards the second floor. The staircase was wide enough for two adult men to stand side by side.

I stood in the middle of it with the arrow.

"Anyone who wants to be stung should come up here.”

The gangsters flinched when I took the geographical advantage, then belatedly confirmed the identity of the weapon in my hand.

“What is that? An arrow?”

“Puhahaha. Do you want to deal with us with that arrow? Where is your bow? Eh? Did you drop it on your mother’s skirt, Newbie?”

"Anyway, a blacksmith can’t use a bow. They don’t handle weapons very well. So it is no wonder he needs to swing an arrow. He is seriously young.”

These guys were belittling me! Among them, Johnson had the most vicious nature so he rushed forward first. “I will cut this blacksmith up like a bear.”

I faced Johnson, who had charged forward ignorantly like a wild boar, and used the skill I had just learned.

“Blacksmith's Rage.”

[Blacksmith’s Rage has been activated. Your attack power and attack speed will increase significantly for 20 seconds.]

At the top of the screen, a message with ‘20 seconds’ popped up. It was a notification window that showed the duration of the skill. I confirmed that the skill was successfully cast and quickly thrust out my arm.


It was quicker than Johnson could swing his axe. My arrow pierced his chest twice. Large weapons had the advantage of high damage and durability, but they had a fatal disadvantage of slow attack speed. On the other hand, my attack was quick due to the weightless arrow. In addition, I used Blacksmith’s Rage and was able to overwhelm Johnson with speed.


[The effect of the Special Jaffa arrow is activated, meaning the enemy’s defense is completely ignored.]


It was only two attacks, but the full power was unleashed. One hit was a critical strike, while the other one ignored the defense due to the optional effect of the Special Jaffa Arrow. At this moment, I was sure that luck was following me. I never imagined that an arrow could deal damage like this.


Johnson had a disbelieving expression on his face as the arrow pierced the leather armor. Then he coughed up blood and rolled down the stairs. He turned into a grey light and several messages popped up before my eyes.

[You have defeated Winston’s outlaw, Johnson.]

[Reputation in Winston Village has increased by 60.]

[Your relationship with the Winston outlaws has become hostile.]

[The Winston outlaws will try to kill you when they find you.]

[4,300 experience has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]


I expected the gangster to be at least level 35. As if to prove my guess right, I gained five levels just from Johnson’s death. 

‘I defeated a level 35 enemy in just two hits?’

I couldn’t believe it myself. Even if it was a critical hit and the enemy’s defense was ignored, I never expected to do it in only two hits.

'These guys, do they have less health compared to their appearance?’

It was a good explanation. Considering their aggressive tendencies, it was likely that the gangsters had focused their stats on strength. 


I felt more hope that I could clear this quest. 

“Status window.”

Name: Grid 

Level: 8 (125/1,400)

Class: Pagma’s Descendant

* The probability of adding additional options when making items will increase.

* The probably of item enhancement will increase. 

* All equipment items can be worn unconditionally. However, there is a penalty depending on the rating of the item. 

Title: One who Became a Legend

* Abnormal conditions don’t work well on you.

* You won’t die when health is at the minimum.

* Easily acknowledged.

Health: 316/316    Mana: 87/87

Strength: 24   Stamina: 22   Agility: 16  Intelligence: 29 

Dexterity: 55  Persistence: 21

Composure: 14  Indomitable: 16   Dignity: 14   Insight: 14

Stat Points: 110

Weight: 842/1,000 

I gained five more levels, so now I had 110 stat points.

‘This is the right timing to distribute my stat points.’

I didn’t hesitate to invest all my stat points in strength and agility.

[You have invested 50 points in strength. Is this correct?]


[Once the points are invested, it can’t be reversed. Do you want to proceed?]


[You have invested 60 points in agility. Is this correct?]


The warning statements popped up and my strength and agility greatly increased. The other gangsters were surprised to see their companion suddenly die and couldn’t climb the stairs.

“W-W-What is that guy? How did he handle Johnson so easily?”

"Johnson wasn’t vigilant and allowed himself to be stabbed in the heart twice.”

“Still, isn’t that bastard’s weapon just an arrow? It wasn’t shot from a bow, but a hand wielded arrow broke through leather armor and did such damage? Nonsense. It is impossible.”

"...This blacksmith must be so strong that he doesn’t depend on weapons. Maybe he isn’t a blacksmith in the first place. He is a warrior. I’m sure of this.”

“What does that... Maybe he just looks weak.”

"Don't just pay attention to the outward appearance.”

The gangsters watched me carefully. Blacksmith’s Rage only lasted 10 more seconds so I provoked them.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you attacking? Isn’t it four of you against one of me? You third-rate, hulking gangster scum.”

"Third-rate? What is this jerk seeing?”

"Praga, wait!”

Despite the calls from his companions, the gangster called Praga fell for the taunt and rushed. This time, the weapon was a huge mace. The attack speed was very slow, just like Johnson who used the axe.


He ran up the staircase and the mace aimed for my face. I avoided it as much as possible and pushed the arrow forward.


My increased agility was immediately effective. This time, I was able to strike the arrow three times before the enemy could attack once.


Praga was stabbed three times in the chest and retreated.


This time, there wasn’t a critical hit. In addition, the optional effect of the Special Jaffa Arrow wasn’t activated. Was that why? My attack power had increased thanks to the 50 points invested in strength, but Praga didn’t die.

"Hey, are you okay?”

"Kuoock... it isn’t enough to kill me.” 

"Hmm... I guess it was just a coincidence that he took care of Johnson in two hits. The attack power seems weaker than I expected.”

Little by little, the gangsters started to identify my strength. Then Veil explained to his men, "The thing we need to watch out for now is his attack speed. He is overwhelmingly faster than us because we use large weapons, so fighting one-on-one is definitely a disadvantage.”

“Then what?”

“What should we do? It is simple.”

Veil winked and they stood as a group in front of the staircase. Then he spoke to me, who was standing alone on the staircase. “I won’t go up to grab you. You can’t stay up there forever. Won’t you eventually have to come down? Then I will kill you.”

Heok... they were quite smart.

‘If they were monsters, they would move without thinking.’

My plan to take advantage of the terrain was all in vain.

‘There are four people remaining. One of them is seriously injured, but he can still fight. Damn... no matter what method I think of, it is too dangerous to deal with them all at once. How can I clear this quest?’

I could be satisfied with the fact that I acquired a new skill through this quest. I was curious about the linked quests and rewards that would be received from Blacksmith Khan, but should I take the risk?

‘It is wiser to forcibly quit the quest by running away, instead of dying. But...’

My eyes looked somewhere else. I flinched the moment I met the eyes of the old man standing in the corner, Khan. Was it due to the expectations, hope, and gratitude in the eyes of the old man looking at me?

It was like he was looking at a hero.

‘Don’t gaze at me with such eyes. I’m not a hero.’

I tried to ignore the old man's gaze. Then I stopped just before logging out.

'Just accepting the quest gave me a new skill. I am 100% certain that this is a hidden quest. The rewards of the linked quests received from that old man must be beyond imagination. Isn’t it stupid to give up on a rare quest that I might not encounter again?’

Yes, I should try it. I headed down the stairs. I was immediately besieged by the gangsters waiting for me.

'My defense is close to zero. My health is also small. If I allow these guys to attack, I will be killed in two or three hits, even if they aren’t fatal wounds. The important thing isn’t to fight as quickly as possible. Carefully, carefully.’

I concentrated as much as possible, confirmed the cooldown time of Blacksmith’s Rage was over and used the skill again.

“Blacksmith's Rage.”

[Blacksmith’s Rage has been activated. Your attack power and attack speed will increase significantly for 20 seconds.]

Okay. Next.

“Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience.”

[Nothing happens.]


The skill didn’t activate? I was confused and hurriedly opened the skill window. Then I read the detailed explanation of the Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience skill.

[Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience]

Vitality, defense, and dexterity will rise by 200% for one hour.

* This skill doesn’t consume mana. 

* This skill can’t be used intentionally. It was naturally be triggered if you continue to persevere. 

“...Ah, you.”

This damn thing... A conditional activation skill?

‘I should’ve read the skill description... It is like not reading the fine print.’

As one of the factors that I believed in disappeared, the gangsters narrowed the distance with their weapons.

"Hey, are you ready to go to hell?”

“I will make you pay for hurting and killing my companions.”

I was screwed.

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