Chapter 21

Chapter 21

After breakfast, my parents immediately headed towards the vegetable store that they ran. The two of them normally left at 5 a.m, so they were quite late today.

‘They are late because of breakfast with their son.’

I suddenly felt that tsunami of emotions again as tears filled my eyes. It was the first time my stomach felt so full in a while. 

I sat on the couch and dozed off, before waking up because of Sehee. Sehee had changed into her school uniform and looked like a neat schoolgirl. She was my sister, but I had to admit that she was beautiful.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I’m glad to see you. You grew up well.”

“W-What are you saying all of a sudden!?” Sehee flushed red before hitting my forearm.

‘What? Did I do something wrong? But what is this cool feeling?’

I felt some relief in the area that Sehee had hit. It was like a massage!

“Ahh, good! Hit me more! More! Keep hitting.”

“Kyaaak! Pervert!”


...Why did she slap me all of a sudden? I placed a hand on my tingling cheek as Sehee shouted, “I've filled up the tub with hot water. Then your body will feel better. This perverted Oppa!”

“Ah, eh, yes...”

She was someone who got angry at me but always took care of me.

‘But why am I a pervert?’

Sehee headed to school while I soaked in the hot water.

“My fatigue is going away.”

Then after a few moments...

I exited the bathroom and paid the loan interest through a direct account transfer. It was hard to bear seeing the money from my blood and sweat disappear before my eyes.

“Ugh... This world is hell...”

I needed stability. So, I hurriedly entered the capsule and connected to Satisfy.

‘How much have the arrows sold for?’



The capsule’s door closed, and my field of view slowly turned black. Then the familiar system voice and music entered my eyes, then my vision brightened again.

“The air is good.”

I appeared in a place which reminded me of a charming village in medieval Europe and immediately stated a command, “Status window.”

Name: Grid 

Level: 3 (75/500)

Class: Pagma’s Descendant

* The probability of adding additional options when making items will increase.

* The probably of item enhancement will increase. 

* All equipment items can be worn unconditionally. 

 However, there is a penalty depending on the rating of the item. 

Title: One who Became a Legend

* Abnormal conditions don’t work well for you.

* You won’t die when health is at the minimum.

* Easily acknowledged.

Health: 336/336    Mana: 87/87

Strength: 24 + 5   Stamina: 22   Agility: 16  Intelligence: 29 

Dexterity: 55  Persistence: 21

Composure: 14  Indomitable: 16   Dignity: 14   Insight: 14

Stat Points: 60

Weight: 3,095/1,000

* The weight limit exceeds 200%, so movement speed is reduced by 100%. 

The body is heavy and cannot exert any power properly. 

The probability of receiving the ‘weakened’ state has become really high.

“Level 3... Huhu, is that really the case?” 

My stats had increased by making an epic rated item. Considering the 60 stat points which I hadn’t used yet, I was actually around level 26. If I equipped Mamon’s Greatsword and Mengel’s Plate Armor, I could demonstrate the combat power of a level 50.

“Is this the feeling of superiority that only a special person can feel? Huhuhut...”

In a square filled with people, I forgot the harshness of reality as I talked excitedly to myself. Then with one hand on my hip, I laughed like the protagonist of a movie. The women passing by sent me dirty looks and gossiped with each other.

“What is with that person? Striking such a strange pose and laughing while talking to himself.”

“Is he on an ego trip? Perhaps he has the prince disease?”

“He is ugly. He probably doesn’t have a lover.”

Normally, I would be unhappy, but right now, I was so thrilled that I didn’t care about the gazes of others. I ignored what they were saying and checked the experience of my various skills.

[Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill] Lv 1 (3.7%)

[Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath] Lv 1 (2.0%) 

I’d thought it would take longer for the experience of these skills to rise. 

‘Is it thanks to making an epic item?’

I headed to the auction house with a light heart. As usual, the auction house was bustling with people.

“I wonder what the winning bid is...”

The price for one Jaffa Arrow was six silver. However, the Jaffa Arrows I’d made had an epic rating! I expected the price to be 3~4 times higher. 

In the case of general equipment items, it was reasonable to calculate that rare-rated items would be three times more expensive than normal items, while epic items would be seven times more expensive than normal items.

However, I soon became worried. Would even a rich user want to spend so much money buying arrows? In the first place, consumables were cheap compared to equipment items.

‘Yes, don’t expect too much.’

I opened the auction window while thinking that I would be satisfied if they sold for double the price. Then...


After confirming the bidding price of the Jaffa Arrows, I couldn’t shut my mouth. Meanwhile, I could hear the voices of the women looking at me.

“Isn’t he that person laughing to himself in the square? Oh. my. What is he doing now? His mouth has fallen open.”

“Kyaaak~! His saliva is dripping! Nasty!”

“Ugly... He must have no lover.”

“Argh… Uhhh...”

I tried to shut my mouth, but it wasn’t easy.

[Special Jaffa Arrow] (99 Pieces)

[Bid Price: 72 silver per piece.] 

It sold for 12 times the price of ordinary Jaffa Arrows!


I touched the inventory with trembling hands, then I took out the calculator which was a default item provided to all users. 99×72=?


100 silver was 1 gold. 7,128 silver meant 71 gold and 28 silver. For reference, 100 gold was worth around 120,000 won in cash.

‘Didn’t I create 100 arrows in around a day?’

It was approximately a day in game time. If I calculated it in real time, I’d earned around 84,000 won in less than six hours.


I was thrilled. Uncontrollable laughter emerged from my mouth, “Puhahahahat!”

“T-That person has finally gone mad!”

“Ugly! He definitely doesn’t have a lover! His mother must be the only female contact in his phone.”

‘Cough, do their words have to be so sharp?’

No, I wouldn’t be shaken by these females.

‘Talk in your hearts.’ 

At this moment, I could still smile even while hearing such shameful words.

‘I can see a definite way.’


“I will pay it back in the game!”

There was no need to go find labor jobs. It was more profitable to make money from the items I create in the game. Indeed, Pagma’s Descendant was definitely a goose that lay golden eggs.

I formed a fist and shivered, while the auctioneer at the counter handed me gold and silver coins. However, why was the amount of money lacking?

“Why are you only giving me 60 gold and 59 silver?”

The auction house manager smiled at my question.

“The amount is limited to 10 gold and 69 silver because of the sales commission. There is a 15% sales commission for epic rated items. Thank you for using our service.”

The commission fee was 8% for normal rated items and 10% for rare rated items. Compared to that, the sales commission for epic rated items was too expensive.

‘How much is the commission fee for unique or legendary rated items?’ 

Suddenly, the auction house and Mother’s Heart is Happy seemed to overlap. Exploitation was the same in reality and in Satisfy.

“Shit... I will become a successful person who exploits the weak...”

I would produce legendary items which weren’t possible for anyone else except Pagma’s Descendant! The two billion users in Satisfy would be overwhelmed!

“But that is a story for the distant future. Ugh!”

Tears flowed as I thought about the 15% commission. This was because the day before, I hadn’t been able to open a stall because I’d needed to go work, so I had decided to use the auction house. 

Once I got the money, I thought about whether I should take the carriage to Winston Village or not.

‘I can stay here and make a lot of money with the Jaffa Arrows, so do I really need to move villages?’

I was trying to move villages because I wanted to find a suitable hunting ground. However, I didn’t need to cling to hunting and leveling up, when I could make a profit by making items.

‘It would be good to just stay here and make items all the time...’

However, there was one thing I had to consider. It was the fact that Smith was gay!

‘If I stay here alone with him... Just imagining it was terrible.’

I wasn’t in a hurry to hunt now, but I would be more comfortable living in a village suitable for my level. In the end, I decided to move to Winston as planned and headed towards the carriages. Just like last time, I started negotiating the price while armed with the saddest stories.

“My ailing sister is waiting for me in Winston Village...”

“Oh, no! Then I will leave one hour early. Climb into my carriage!” 

“But right now, I only have seven gold...”

“Oh, I thought you were a customer with a reservation. I’m sorry.”

My first bargaining attempt failed!

“My grandmother died the day before I was born, and her death anniversary is today. I needed to go to Winston Village right now, but I only have 7 gold and 50 silver...”

“Um, I want to help you because of your high reputation and your situation, but it is too much of a loss to visit Winston VIllage for 7 gold and 50 silver. I’m sorry.”

My second bargaining attempt failed. It was the same as humans constantly stepping on other humans. 

“You should give me a choco pie, ah, these people. You should realize that we are all the same!”

In the end, I failed to negotiate the price I wanted, but I got on the carriage that was the cheapest.

“Let’s depart for Winston. It should be a quick and safe trip, considering the money I paid. And be friendly! You should show full hospitality.”

“...I will be very grateful if you didn’t talk.”

Travelling always made people excited. The bumpy carriage ride and the unfriendly attitude of the coachman were bad, but my mood was good.

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