Chapter 18

Chapter 18

I melted iron ore and jaffa together, mixing them in the right proportions. Then, I poured the molten iron into the mold. Then, after 40 minutes, I pounded it into the shape of a wire.  I poured a bucket of water on the wire.


A loud sound was heard as the scorching wire cooled rapidly. Quenching. This process increased the hardness and strength of the metal.

Smith seemed disappointed for the first time.

"You even know about quenching?”

“Yes. I have studied various production methods. I am a person who is always prepared.”

"Uhh, I don’t know what you studied, but is this the limit of self-study? Why are you using quenching when making the arrowhead? I’m not sure if you know, but if you quench the metal, it becomes harder and less durable. The moment the arrow strikes the enemy, instead of piercing the enemy, the arrowhead might break in the enemy’s armor.”

That was right, but I had a special plan.

"I'll also use tempering.”

Tempering involved reheating the quenched metal and then gradually lowering it in order to decrease the metal’s brittleness. It was adding a flourish to the production method, which could strengthen the metal in the end. 

However, it would take a lot of time to do all of this. It was labor that I didn’t like!

Smith frowned as he felt the same way.

"Do you intend to make the arrows all night? I don’t know why you would spend so much time making the arrows. Those who buy arrows consider them as a one-off consumable, so why are you so devoted to making the consumable item?”

Why?  The reason for increasing the amount of labor was simple. I replied while reheating the quenched wire and hammering at it,

"If I make it a bit better, I can sell it for a more expensive price.”


Smith understood once he heard my words and no longer interfered. I made the arrowheads by repeatedly quenching, forging, and tempering.  How much time passed by?  I was tired and sore, but the heat from the smithy was even more painful. My awkward hammering skills steadily improved over time.

[Your persistence has risen.]

[Your dexterity has risen.]

My growing stats really made everything feel worthwhile. I was willing to do anything to raise my stats. 


Dammit! It was labor in the game! But it was also fun!

“I will become addicted to labor one day!”

Would a day come when I enjoyed labor in reality as well? It was a big deal. I might end up with osteoporosis in my later years of life.

Ttang! Ttang!

I complained but still immersed myself in the actions. The wire was slowly converted into an arrowhead as my hammering and my skills became more sophisticated.

“Hoo. Hoo.”

I took short breaths. My arms were numb and my skin was hot, but I endured it. My concentration increased as my stamina fell.

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience skill has been activated. Concentration, stamina, and defense will rise to the extremes for one hour.]

Suddenly, the weariness in my body disappeared and I felt refreshed. This was similar to the vigor I felt whenever I ate cereal with milk.


I alternated between the hammer and metals, producing the arrowheads. The effect of my increased concentration was noticeable in the arrowheads. It might’ve been because I made it myself, but the arrowheads were really beautiful. 

I was happy. Sweating in front of the fire gave me a sense of fulfillment.

'This isn’t mere labor. Rather, it is akin to art.’

In reality, I had no talent so I felt no pleasure no matter what I did. I had to work my guts off just to fall behind. But now I had talent. It was a talent that could only be shown in Satisfy, but it was enough. 

Ttang! Ttang!

A harmony with the hammer! It was a moment when I felt stability and contentment.

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath has increased the effectiveness of your production items]

[Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath] 

Lv. 1

When you are concentrating on making an item, the will of Pagma’s Descendant will fill the production item.

All stats of a production item will increase by 5%.

There is a rare chance of giving special features to your production items. 

 Then 100 arrows were completed!

[Special Jaffa Arrow] 

Rating: Epic

Attack Power: 35~42

An arrow made by a craftsman with great skill and potential but lacking in experience and reputation. 

Due to the effect of combining jaffa with steel, it has extremely high penetration and ignores some of the enemy’s defense.

* Has a certain chance of ignoring the enemy’s defense.

Weight: 0.1 

[An epic rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by +4 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by +80.

[Quest success!]

[Affinity with Smith has risen to the maximum.]

[Experience has risen by 300.]

[Your level has risen.]

There was no time to rejoice over the quest’s success and my level up.

“...Epic rated arrow?”

Weren’t arrows unconditionally a normal rating? 

'I’ve never heard of an epic rated arrow.’

I was filled with an indescribable sense of emptiness.

“Epic rated consumables... An epic rating appeared when I created arrows...” 

If it was a costly item like a sword or armor, then I would’ve made a big profit. But arrows were cheap and considered consumables, so the profit of an epic rated arrow was limited. I was overcome with bad emotions.

‘Dammit! He should’ve told me to make either sword or armor!’

I started to hate Smith, who recommended the Jaffa Arrow. When I looked at the arrow I made, the short feeling of admiration turned into anger.

"You haven’t gone through an apprenticeship yet you are already making something so great! Ideal arrows! This is the first time that I’ve considered an arrow to be beautiful! You are definitely Pagma’s reincarnation! Ahh! You must be tired of my surprise by now! You are great! Amazing! Wonderful!”

I regained my spirit at Smith's words.

Yes, the first item I made had an epic rating. I didn’t even fail. This fact was enough for me to rejoice and be thankful. As a result of making the epic rated items, all of my stats increased by 4 and my reputation increased. 

In addition, the performance of the arrows was amazing. Were there any existing arrows whose attack power exceeded 40? Plus, there was a special option.

‘One arrow is better than a level 20 hand weapon.’

Arrows were less profitable than other equipment items due to their nature, but this great performance meant that I would definitely get some money.

‘I was a little confused because something bigger than I planned emerged.’

I had the Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship skill. Due to the effect, the abilities of all my items increased by 10%. In others words, the basic attack power of a Jaffa Arrow was 20~26, but the ones I created would be 22~28. From a buyer’s point of view, they would rather buy the Jaffa Arrows from me rather than the general Jaffa Arrows. 

But they would be reluctant to pay more. Why? It didn’t make sense to pay more money just for a slight increase in attack power. So I used quenching, forging, and tempering as a way to maximize the effects of my skill. I expected that a fairly good arrow would emerge from a 10% increase in performance plus a more elaborate production process.

Then the finished arrows had a better performance than my expectations due to the breath skill. I made Jaffa Arrows that had 15 more attack power than existing Jaffa Arrows, and it also had the option of completely ignoring the enemy’s defense. A high-level user would purchase the Jaffa Arrows I made, no matter how expensive they were. It was well worth it.

“Pu~~~~~~ hahahahat!!”

The superior stats and skills possessed by Pagma’s Descendant. The 40 stat points obtained through the minus levels! My stats also increased from making epic rated items. Finally, the arrows that could be sold at an expensive price. I could be certain that today was the best day of my life.

"It is better than my birthday.”

Besides, there was only my little sister who remembered my birthday. It was annoying to hear on my birthday things like ‘Are you sitting alone at home again?’ or ‘Don’t you have any friends?’ This year, I should say those words on my sister’s birthday.

Therefore, it was natural to be one hundred times happier today compared to my embarrassing and lonely birthdays.

Smith watched me laughing like a madman and handed over the 100 completed Jaffa Arrows.

"I originally promised you half of this... but I can’t take such wonderful things. I want you to take all of them.”

The effect of maximum affinity! Wasn’t this a beautiful favor? 

My heart thumped. Smith seemed just like my grandfather so I couldn’t help embracing him.

"You have shown me great kindness! It was a short meeting but I will never forget you.”

Tears dripped from Smith’s eyes as he hugged me. "Are you leaving already? That’s too bad.”

“We might meet again someday if we’re lucky.”

“I don’t want you to leave...” Smith glanced at me with a flushed face. 

Like a male peacock opening its colorful tail feathers to seduce a female, he tried to attract me using hammers, tongs, and the solid muscles of his upper body. This man, he had the smell of a widower so he must’ve been alone for a long time. Maybe he was so lonely that he became gay after his affinity towards me reached the maximum...?  No, he might’ve been gay from the beginning.

His dignity decreased in front of his affection. I straightened and let go.

“Then I’m going now.”

I grabbed the 100 epic arrows and hurriedly moved away. However, due to the 100% reduction in movement speed, I couldn’t leave the blacksmith quickly. Smith approached me and hugged me from behind.

"I can see that you also don’t want to separate from me! You are thinking of me in that passionate heart of yours. I’m reluctant to give up this affection. I won’t forget you until the day I lay in my coffin! No, I will think of you, even in my coffin!”

“This damn person. Stop speaking such terrible words!”

Just like with Doran, the excess weight caused a misunderstanding again.

I barely got away from Smith made a vow to sell my arrows, find a warehouse, and move to another village as soon as possible.

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