Chapter 11

Chapter 11

[Please design the item.]

A blank blueprint appeared in front of me. I was baffled.

'Design? How do I do that?’

I then knew what I should have done. Rather than visualize modern weapons such tanks and jet fighters, I needed to design a sword. Wasn’t it just a matter of the shape? I thought hard and started drawing on the blueprint with my finger. A correction effect seemed to be applied, as the picture perfectly displayed my thoughts.

‘I have to make it cool.’

First, the length of the blade was 2m and the width was 80cm. The thickness was 8cm. The length of the handle was set at 40cm. 

"...This is the appearance of a greatsword that can be seen anywhere.”

The finished picture showed the limits of my impoverished imagination. I pondered for a moment before thinking of a good idea. I changed the shape of the blade to something curved like a scimitar and then extended the length of the blade to 3m.

“Is this okay?”

I liked the finished picture. It was like I was looking at a large scimitar with a short handle. At the same time, it had the heavy weight of a greatsword. 

‘It is reminiscent of a shark’s profile. The part of the blade is like a shark fin, and the end of the handle is a shark tail.’

I admired the finished work for a while.

'I have made something sophisticated and cool!’

It gave the impression of a swimming shark. If I held it, some people might have the mistaken impression that I was carrying a shark and be shocked.

'I didn’t know I would be so good at designing. Once I make money and pay back the debt, I should change my major to design.’

I felt great satisfaction as I clicked on the OK button at the bottom of the blueprint.

[Have you decided? When you complete the blueprint, the number of available creations from the creation skill will decrease by one.]


Once I replied, numbers and languages quickly covered the blueprint. Figures were being calculated. It seemed that the system was calculating the details that I lacked in my design. After a while, an improved and completed design appeared. A bunch of Jargon and complicated numbers covered the blueprint. 


I could fully understand the jargon and numbers on the blueprint. I looked at the design contents and checked if there were any faults. It was amazing. I understood that contents of an item design that I had never even seen or studied.

'The class compensation effect!’

It was really great; I felt like an actual great blacksmith. As I was admiring it, a notification window popped up.  

[Please describe the characteristics of the item.]

“That’s right! Finally, the most important part is left!”

I was excited.

“This is an outstanding weapon. The attack power is one million... no, it is more than 10 million and the weight is only one. There is no level requirement. There is an option to absorb health with every attack. Can cause meteors to fall. The enemy will unconditionally die from one hit. Of course, defense is ignored. Anyway, this weapon is enough to hunt a dragon alone.”

[That isn’t possible. The performance and options of an item can’t be arbitrarily set. The performance and options are determined by taking into account the materials used, the design, and the description of the features.]

...Too bad.

I tried to make the explanation as good as possible.

“It is a greatsword, but thanks to its unusual shape, its cutting power is tremendous. The protruding part that resembles a shark’s fin will allow for unexpected attacks, and can even go through armor. Blue orichalcum is used as the material, so it is light and durable. And... and... um... well, that will be enough.”

Was my vocabulary so lacking? I was horribly ashamed. In the first place, I only knew that blue orichalcum was light and durable. I didn’t know the exact information, so I can’t explain the merits.

“Then... just...”

Suddenly, I felt like the back of my head was hit with a hammer. It was a belated epiphany but if I was designing this with blue orichalcum as the material, wouldn’t I need blue orichalcum to make the item?

‘I’m screwed.’

A level 200 boss monster dropped the material, while I was only level -3.  I could buy it from other people, but that wasn’t easy because the supply was small and the price was huge. It meant the design I made could become obsolete!

“Cancel! Skill cancel! Clear everything!!”

[The completion of the blueprint has already destroyed one of the available creation skill users. Even if you cancel the skill now, the number of times it can be used won’t be restored. Do you still want to cancel it?]


This was bad. It was a mistake in my thinking. It was a skill that should be used carefully after thorough investigation and thinking. 

[Please name the item.]

“Uhh... shit...”

[Have you decided on ‘Uhhshit?’]

“What nonsense are you saying? Please wait! Geez, what is this?” 

I didn’t worry about it for too long.


[Have you decided on ‘Failure?’]


Yes, it was a failure that shouldn’t have been created in the first place. I was saddened at the number of times I could use the skill decreasing, but a hologram of the items was listed in the drafts.


Rating: Unique ~ Legendary

Unique Rating Information:

Durability: 699/699   

Attack Power: 733~1,621    Defense: 50

* Agility +30

* There is a low probability of blocking the enemy’s attacks.

* There is a certain probability of activating the ‘5 Joint Attacks’ skill.

* There is a high probability of activating the ‘Cutting’ skill.

* There will be a fear effect if the enemy is more than 20 levels lower than the user. 

* Attack power +20% in dark places.  

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 1,090/1,090   

Attack Power: 874~1,820    Defense: 80

* Agility +50

* There is a low probability of blocking the enemy’s attacks.

* There is a certain probability of activating the ‘5 Joint Attack’ skill.

* There is a high probability of activating the ‘Cutting’ skill.

* The skill ‘Bisect’ will be created.

* There will be a fear effect if the enemy is more than 20 levels lower than the user.

* Attack power +20% in dark places.

It is designed by a legendary blacksmith. It is a greatsword, but its cutting ability is excellent because of its unique shape. It resembles the predator of the sea, a shark, and gives fear to the enemies. The small blades spiking from the sword will increase the defense. 

Blue orichalcum is used as a material. Its lightness means the attack speed doesn’t fall. Due to the nature of the blue orichalcum, it becomes stronger in the dark.

User Restriction: Level 300 or higher. More than 5,000 strength. 

Advanced Sword Mastery level 8 or higher.

Weight: 550 


Amazing. It was a master weapon, not a failure. A one of a kind item in this world. And I was the one who created this item. I couldn’t believe it.

"Isn’t this huge?”

The words automatically emerged from my stunned mouth. Yes, I could be rich. If I went into more debt and bought blue orichalcum, I could make ‘Failure’ and put it on the trading site. Then the price of the item would skyrocket. Then I could pay all my debts and still have a lot of money left! 

Truly a legendary blacksmith!  It was literally the goose that laid the golden egg.


Then that feeling sank as I read the stats and options of the completed ‘Failure’. I checked the usage conditions attached at the end.

“It needs level 300?”

Two days ago, I heard that the level of the first ranked person on the unified rankings was estimated to be around 250. 

‘Then 300?’

That wasn’t the only problem.

“5,000 strength?!”

10 stat points were gained with every level. Even if a person invested all of their points into strength for every level up, it would be almost impossible to have 5,000 strength at level 300, even with titles and equipment that raised their stats.

‘There are classes that receive extra strength, but it isn’t common. In the first place, who would be idiotic enough to invest all of their points in strength?’ 

Finally, there was the Advanced Sword Mastery level 8. Currently, the first ranked blacksmith had intermediate level skills. I couldn’t predict how long it would take for people to get Advanced Sword Master level 8.

Even if I managed to make ‘Failure’, nobody would be able to use it in the near future. This meant that selling it was impossible. My dream of making a fortune was shattered in an instant. As the name suggested, ‘Failure’ was a failure.

“...Then that’s it. There is no springtime in my life. Shit.”

I was frustrated but quickly corrected my mindset. Then I tried to deduce why such exorbitant usage conditions were attached to the item I created. It wasn’t difficult to come to a conclusion.

‘It was a mistake to try and make it unconditionally good.’

The development team of Satisfy had caught the hearts of the world, so they wouldn’t be that easy. ‘Failure’ wasn’t an item that could be acquired randomly through hunting or a raid. It was a production item that could be produced indefinitely if there were enough materials. It was likely that the system placed restrictions on the game items in order to maintain the game balance. Those restrictions were in the usage conditions.

‘An acceptable performance. Isn’t this the most important thing about the creative skills?’

The creation skill had a limited number of uses. It had to be used with care. I decided to seal the creation skill. If I created and sold superior items that didn’t destroy the balance, I would be able to earn a lot of money quickly and pay off my debt. However, I didn’t want to rush it.

I wanted to see it as the ultimate weapon to use for myself before encountering a difficult quest or a strong enemy.

‘The creation skill is for me. If I am in a crisis situation, I can create an item that can break through the situation.’

As a simple example, if I encountered a boss monster capable of causing tremendous fire damage, I could create and build an item that greatly increased my fire resistance properties before the raid.

If I didn’t create items for sale, I didn’t have to worry about the usage conditions. One of the biggest advantages of Pagma’s Descendant was that there was no restriction on the items I could wear.  If I created items with a fraudulent power like ‘Failure’, I could show the highest power among existing items, even if the penalty was attached. 

After I cleared my mind, I checked how to make ‘Failure.’ The materials were also a problem. In order to produce ‘Failure’, I needed a huge supply 15 blue orichalcum ore.

‘Even the handle is made with blue orichalcum... It was a mistake to choose only blue orichalcum as the material. If I used other materials as well, the number of blue orichalcum ore required would be reduced.’

I saw Failure’s tremendous options, so I was filled with the desire to produce and use it right away. If I could get my hands on Failure, I would be able to demonstrate a fearful combat power. But it was impossible to obtain blue orichalcum.

‘Let’s get rid of this vain regret. No, wait. Can I participate in the Guardian of the Forest raid party? The person recruiting party members said that level was irrelevant.’

I remembered the Guardian of the Forest raid party and headed back to the center of the square. Then I walked up to the black man with the ID ‘Toban’.

“I would like to participate in the raid.”

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