Chapter 508

After annihilating Borneo’s army and absorbing Patrian. Lauel took control of Borneo and looked at a map of Eternal.

“By conquering Patrian, we have succeeded in completely connecting the north and the west. From now on, we’ll use the resources produced in the north to defend against the empire’s invasion based on Reidan, the Eternal Kingdom’s invasion based on Patrian, and the Gauss Kingdom’s invasion based on Borneo.”

Reidan, Patrian, and Borneo were able to form a triangular defense zone. The disadvantage of having to disperse their troops was created, but there was the tremendous advantage of not having to worry about their rear. 

‘Looking at the current situation, we’ll be able to hold on for the next two years. If we hold on, there’s a chance to counterattack.’

The problem was Cork Island, separated from the southern part of the Eternal Kingdom by the sea. It was impossible to protect it. Lauel made a painful decision.

"...Give up Cork Island. Please have all the members residing there return to Reidan.”

Peak Sword fiercely argued against it. "Cork Island is the territory that the Silver Knights Guild won after a fierce battle! We can’t give it up so easily!”

Toban spoke carefully. “Cork Island has a high profit as a tourist destination and has 23 mines. It’s the territory with the highest value, so it’s hard to obediently give it up.”

Lauel replied coolly. “But what can we do? It’s impossible to spare resources and forces for Cork Island.”

Lauel also felt regret that they had to give it up. It would be a lingering regret. But he needed to make a realistic decision.  He couldn’t be emotional like Peak Sword or express an opinion without a solution like Toban. Lauel had the responsibility of being Grid’s representative.

"Cork Island won’t be able to last long against an offensive from Eternal. It’s better to not be obsessed with it and give it up instead of receiving huge damages.”

Lauel showed an objective judgment, but Peak Sword declared.

“I will go to Cork Island. I’ll protect it for as long as I can. Just give me permission to take 10 guild members from the Silver Knights. I’m well aware of the lacking manpower, but please do me this favor. I will make sure that you benefit from this.”


Peak Sword’s skills were among the top in Overgeared. He didn’t perform well in the National Competition. However, it was inevitable due to the nature of his class. Looking at simple combat ability, he was just below Regas and Pon, and his leadership was better than theirs.

"...If you have the Silver Knights members, you will be able to extend the time it takes for Cork Island to be occupied.”

The limit was probably one or two months. The resources and taxes from those two months would certainly be a great help to Overgeared. But Lauel thought the damage was larger than the benefits.

"Peak Sword, Cork Island doesn’t have any monsters suitable for third advancement classes to hunt. Your growth during your stay there will be stagnant. In the long run, this will be a huge loss of power for Overgeared. Thus, I can’t send you...”

"No, I can grow without hunting.” Peak Sword interrupted Lauel’s words with a hoe. No, it was a pickaxe. "I will stay in the mines when I’m not defending the island.”

Steady labor would raise his mining skill as well as his stats. He would become stronger little by little. They could also obtain ores there.

“Cork Island is a special territory for me. It resembles Dokdo. So Lauel, please sent me to Cork Island. I will protect it as long as possible.”

He was prepared to die many times. One month, two months. No, he would secure funds for Overgeared by defending Cork Island for three or four months. Lauel finally gave up when he saw the flames burning in Peak Sword’s eyes.

“I understand. Your stubbornness is comparable to Grid’s and I can’t break it.”

Were all Korean people like this? Lauel laughed at the thought. A gentle smile that couldn’t be seen when confronting the enemy spread across his face.

“Peak Sword, I will believe in you.”

Lauel personally liked Peak Sword. A person with persistence and a noble mind, he closely resembled Grid.

"Stay as long as possible on Cork Island.”

Peak Sword respectfully rose from his seat and said to Lauel.

"I will hold it and collect resources for the guild warehouse.”

Peak Sword moved quickly. He left Borneo for Cork Island on that day. He had 10 elite members of the Silver Knights with him. There was a pickaxe in the corner of their inventories.

After that. Lauel dispersed the Overgeared members between Reidan, Patrian, and Borneo, telling them their top priorities.

"Always be prepared for war and concentrate on levelling up. Spend all the assets you’ve collected on potions and just keep hunting."

Lauel would stay in Reidan. He placed the safety of Duchess Irene and Lord as his top priority.


“Finally, it’s starting.”

King of Shadows, Kasim. Immediately after Lord was born, Kasim stayed by his side and taught him Lantier’s techniques. Therefore, he heard when Reidan became hostile to the Saharan Empire. He looked at the residents and soldiers of Reidan who were preparing for war.

"Don't be afraid. My shadows will embrace you.”

The Nero who had been destroyed by the empire. As the last survivor of the Nero, Kasim’s hatred for the empire was great. Lord spoke to the man who was burning with the desire for vengeance.

"Teacher, control your breathing. Assassins must manage their emotions.”

“Hah... Haha, yes. I made a big mistake because I’m still lacking.”

Kasim controlled his heart and was thrilled to see how Lord was growing.


Kasim disappeared into the darkness.

"Young Nobleman Lord, it’s time to study.”

Sticks visited Lord. Lord’s response wasn’t good.

"Are we studying great demons today?”

"Yes, the great demons are the enemies of all species on this earth. It’s natural for you to acquire information about the great demons in advance, since you will be ruling over many humans in the future.”

"I don’t like great demons.” 

Lord, who had advised Kasim just a while ago to manage his emotions, wasn’t controlling his emotions at all. He pouted and started complaining. Even a continent-level genius couldn’t control his emotions when he was still under four years old.

"I hate talking about great demons. It’s scary. Let’s study something else. Yes~? Teacher?”

Lord’s innocent facial features were combined with his begging eyes. The child had a lovely appearance that combined the merits of his mother and father, causing Sticks to feel a strong pain in his heart.

‘Ugh... So cute.’

Maybe it was because he almost died from a heart attack previously. Sticks breathed roughly to ease the pain of his heart and stroked Lord’s head.

"Young Nobleman Lord, you have to learn it because you hate it.”


It was somewhat philosophical. Grid wouldn’t have understood what it meant, but his young son did. He focused his mind on Sticks’ lecture.

[You have gained new knowledge. You have acquired the ability to detect weaknesses in some low-grade demonkin.]

[You have gained new knowledge. Dark magic evasion and defense has increased.]

Sticks’ vast knowledge was gradually passed down to Lord. The combination of a genius student and a mentor with close to infinite knowledge was producing great results.


“Why is Bunny Bunny broadcasting with OGC? Where did Park Shinye go?” 

After the end of the advertising break. The broadcast of Grid’s hunt resumed and the viewers were confused. It was because OGC’s announcer, Park Shinye disappeared without a trace. What happened during the 10 minutes when ads were playing? The viewers questioned it and Park Shinye felt confident.

‘Grid, don’t you know how popular I am?’

As an announcer representing OGC, she had countless fans. After the truth was revealed, her fans would accuse Grid. She was confident that Grid would lose some popularity. Unfortunately, people’s concerns about her didn’t last long. Finally, the final boss of the vampire city appeared.  Everyone’s attention focused on Grid and the boss. From the beginning, Park Shinye’s existence was infinitely weak in front of Grid.

『 Kukukuk! I am a true blood kindred! Vampire Viscount Steg! 』

The vampire descended with a bloody energy around him. His force wasn’t a joke. An overwhelming feeling was being emitted by his shining eyes and dark trident. This was like the dignity of a king. He seemed much stronger than the drake that appeared in the National Competition. It seemed impossible for Grid to raid him alone. But Grid was stronger than he was during the National Competition and he had something that made the vampires much weaker than drakes.

Peok! Peok peok peok!


The God Hands wielded Mjolnir and caused infinite stiffness! Steg wasn’t able to resist and died, while Grid gave advice to the viewers.

『 A sub-boss can’t resist CC with a short duration like stiffness. It’s simple to raid them after causing infinite stiffness. 』


No, what did he mean by infinite stiffness? The viewers started to become heated. Grid, Bunny Bunny, and the OGC staff succeeded in leaving the vampire city. At this moment, Grid’s hunting broadcast stopped. Grid reached level 317 and turned to a new hunting ground.

‘The East Continent.’

He was planning to follow the footsteps of Kraugel, who had held the number one ranking with his overwhelming levelling speed. His ultimate goal was to get ahead.

‘I will make you go after me.’

Grid’s motivation shot up. He always set a new goal so that he wouldn’t become stagnant.