Chapter 506

Using the God Hands wielding Mjolnir to hunt the vampires and gain experience! The viewers showed a variety of responses after learning Grid’s secret.

-What should I do if I don’t have the God Hands and Mjolnir?

-Buy a hammer with divine power.

-Even if you hit them with a hammer with divine power, will the vampires really die so easily?

-It’s only possible with the God Hands.

Some people took Grid’s levelling secret seriously while others just enjoyed it.

-Ah, what is this? I watched the broadcast to learn how to raise my level quickly like Grid, only to get nothing.

-Tsk~ I could’ve been playing the game during this broadcast time.

Some people grumbled. But few people directly criticized Grid. In the first place, Grid wasn’t obliged to reveal the secret behind his levelling. It was a position where people couldn’t complain, even if they couldn’t get any help from Grid’s broadcast. Most people were happy and thankful that Grid appeared on air to resolve their questions. Grid might be ridiculed, but his popularity was real.

However, OGC Announcer Park Shinye felt somewhat uneasy.

How to hunt like Grid. She was worried that the ordinary players couldn’t follow Grid’s actions and the audience ratings would fall. In the end, she used the interim advertising time to speak to Grid.

“Youngwoo-ssi, can’t your attitude be more serious? Shouldn’t you do your best to satisfy the viewers of the broadcast?”

"Serious attitude?"

Grid became confused where he was sitting and resting.

“Aren’t I being serious?”

His role was to show the viewers how he hunted and he stuck to this role. What was the problem? Park Shinye explained to the puzzled Grid. “You need to make the viewers feel that it is worthwhile watching this. For example, when catching a vampire, explain the weakness of the vampire in detail...”

Grid frowned.

“Why should I?”

Did he need to be that kind? If OGC had asked him for such a role from the beginning, he would’ve declined to appear. Grid disliked the fact that Park Shinye was making demands for things that weren’t in the contract. His negative reaction stimulated Park Shinye.

"Youngwoo-ssi, you don’t have the attitude of a professional. I heard that you received 20 billion won in exchange for appearing on this broadcast. Shouldn’t you at least be aware of the value of that money?”

“The value of the money? I think this is enough.”

Grid was well aware that broadcasting stations weren’t charities. He could easily guess that OGC had already earned over 20 billion won revenue from this broadcast.

“Hey Shinye, what are you doing all of a sudden?”

“Relax. Don’t make a fuss.”

The moment that the OGC staff were trying to stop Park Shinye.

“The smell of humans!”

“Delicious. Prey has arrived after a long time.”

The vampires sensed it as Grid’s party became lively and flocked.

"They showed up again.”

"Withdraw to the rear.”

The broadcasting staff who were initially afraid of the vampires were now calm. They weren’t nervous because they knew that Grid could easily handle the vampires. However.

“W-What are you doing?”

Grid didn’t get up, despite the vampires approaching. He just sat and waited. The broadcasting staff belated noticed this strangeness and became anxious. In particular, Park Shinye urged Grid.

“Youngwoo-ssi! Get rid of the vampires! Everybody will die like this!”

Her shouts were useless. Grid stayed still until the end and the staff were eventually attacked.


Park Shinye was dressed conspicuously and became the first target. She was pierced by the vampire’s nails and bitten on the neck, dying instantly. Then Grid rose.

"Phew, good riddance.”

There was a refreshed smile on Grid’s face! Bunny Bunny gulped as he watched Grid command the God Hands and start hitting the vampires.

‘I should be careful.’

He had noticed it a long time ago, but Grid didn’t have a nice personality. He knew how to treat the people around him well and wasn’t rude, but he was never nice or innocent. It was important not to forget this.


The fortified city, Patrian.

"You lowly and wicked man! Stabbing your allies in the back! You have no honor or goodness! If today’s incident is known to the world, Duke Grid’s reputation will fall to the bottom!”

Marquis Valtin shouted at Lauel while being tied up. It was against common sense to betray and attack allies during a war. There were few such incidents in the whole continent. Marquis Valtin thought Lauel was the worst person. 

Lauel acknowledged this fact. "Indeed. If this is known to the world, I will be stigmatized as the worst trash and Grid’s credibility will also fall. No one will trust Reidan again, and we will be isolated both economically and with the military.”

“Then you understand! The only thing waiting for you is ruin! You were blinded by the immediate benefits and have made an irreversible mistake! There’s no future for you!”


Lauel fell silent. He couldn’t refute Marquis Valtin’s words. The Overgeared members were agitated.

"Isn’t this situation serious?”

“It’s serious. The other forces won’t sit idly by after this incident. The concept of an alliance is to be trustworthy, so the wave caused by this will be big.”

“What are we going to do now?”

“As Marquis Valtin says, the future won’t be smooth.”

“Wow... Then we should cover it up as much as possible to prevent the world knowing that we stabbed Borneo in the back.”

“How can we conceal an incident where tens of thousands of people were present?”

"Eh... Then are we ruined?”


Marquis Valtin smiled with satisfaction when he saw the agitated Overgeared members.

"Free me and my army right away. This is an opportunity to make up for your mistake!”

According to the common law, killing enemy nobles captured during a war was prohibited. It was resolved after receiving money. The liberation period was normally delayed as much as possible, but Marquis Valtin was convinced.

‘They have to release me now.’

They would want to escape from the worst situation. However, it was already too late. ‘You will never be forgiven!’ Once he returned to Gauss, he would immediately find the king and urge for an alliance with Eternal. 

‘I will make an alliance with Eternal and punish all of you!’

Lauel smiled awkwardly at Marquis Valtin. "I'm sorry, but I can’t release you. Now that I have done this, I won’t be able to regain the trust that has been lost. I can’t risk freeing you when you will become a greater enemy in the future.”

“What are you saying? Don’t you know that the common law is not to kill captive nobles?”

"I'm aware of that. So I have to manipulate the truth. Uhh, well. Marquis Valtin was hit by an arrow on the battlefield and died.”

“Don’t make me laugh! The 3,000 Borneo soldiers who survived are my witnesses! My soldiers will attest that you executed me!”

Borneo was forced to surrender in the late afternoon, resulting in 3,000 troops still surviving. Behind the tied up Marquis Valtin were 3,000 soldiers kneeling down, their weapons thrown away. Lauel acted like he didn’t understand Marquis Valtin’s confident words.

“Where are the 3,000 soldiers? All 10,000 Borneo troops were wiped out in the war.”


Marquis Valtin’s heart sank. The Overgeared members were also shocked.

“L-Lauel, do you mean to kill all of them?”

Lauel nodded easily at the whisper of the Overgeared members.



Even if they were NPCs, they were still alive. It was also 3,000 lives! It was terrible to kill 3,000 soldiers who had already declared surrender. Lauel looked indifferently at the rejection from some of the Overgeared members.

"It’s difficult to gain power if you aren’t evil. Those who behave justly are always bound to receive damage.”


“Execute all 3,153 Borneo soldiers, including Marquis Valtin. The execution will be carried out be Reidan’s soldiers. Raise the level of the soldiers.”

Some people would accuse him of being a demon and some wouldn’t want to look at him. But Lauel didn’t care. He wasn’t part of the Overgeared Guild to play around. Marquis Valtin shook at his emotionless face and shouted, "I wonder if you can cover the sky! The evil you committed today will eventually be revealed and will lead to Duke Grid’s destruction!”

Lauel laughed as he imagined it.

"No, Duke Grid will be extraordinary. I will block and overcome everything that gets in his way, no matter the trials.”

Lauel foresaw this from the time he planned to take over Borneo to acquire Earl Ashur. The fate of Overgeared was to be isolated. Nevertheless, it was inevitable for his plan. What if they didn’t ally with Borneo and occupied Patrian with their own power? They would still be stigmatized as ‘those who betrayed the kingdom.’

‘Since we are going to be isolated no matter what, it’s better to get as many benefits as possible.’

Independence. The power of Overgeared, his brains and the forces of Marquis Steim and Earl Ashur would be their foothold!

‘It doesn’t matter if other kingdoms don’t acknowledge us to the end and are hostile.’

Break through this with force. Lauel pledged as Marquis Valtin and 3,153 Borneo troops were executed. Then he received a new title.

[You have caused a massacre using the pretext of war. You have become an object of hatred to an unspecified number of people. On the other hand, you will also have enthusiastic followers.]

[The title ‘Wise Villain’ has been acquired!]

[The stat ‘political power’ will be opened due to the title effect.]

[Political power has increased by 500.]

[Attack power and magic power will slightly increase due to the title effect.]

[You have gained the skill ‘Madness’ as a result of the title effect.]

[You have gained the skill ‘Harsh Tax Levy’ as a result of the title effect.]

[You have gained the skill ‘Merciless Commands’ as a result of the title effect.]

“This, this... I received great strength at the cost of sad slaughter. Look forward to the future of the dark shadow Lauel, who will be responsible for the darkness of Overgeared...”


The Overgeared members were worried about Lauel’s increasingly serious illness.