Chapter 531


The White Hammer blacksmiths called out, but White didn’t respond. He sat to one side with his head bowed. He was trembling with shame after Enoch laughed at him. The White Hammer blacksmiths were worried. The ashamed White turned away from them. Grid approached White with a frown.

“Is there time to be doing this?”


"If you’re upset, pay it back. There’s no time to be absentminded. Do your best with your skills.”

Grid had contempt for bullies. It was because he had once been ignored and despised by people. That’s how he could sympathize with White’s heart. Blacksmith’s Affection also added to the feeling of wanting to help White.

"If you don’t like that feeling in your chest, blow it away. Then I’ll get right to the point. Pull it out. The design of the Red Phoenix that you envisioned.”

“Huh? U-Understood.”

White wanted Grid’s help with the bellows. It was his only task. There was no need for him to see the design.  In addition, this design was made by the White Hammer blacksmiths and it was something that shouldn’t be shown to just anyone. But White was in a daze and easily handed over the design to Grid.

[The Red Phoenix Bow (Reproduction: White Hammer Version) design has been acquired.]

[Red Phoenix Bow (Reproduction: White Hammer Version)]

Rating: Normal ~ Epic

Normal Rating Information:



Rare Rating Information:



Epic Rating Information:



It was 1m 20cm in size. It is slightly larger than a short bow and much smaller than a longbow. The bow was divided into three big pieces. In the center, Hwangpyeong Mountain bamboo was used as a material, while both sides had mulberry wood. Grid checked the design and accompanying explanatory text before asking White.

"What are the characteristics of the Hwangpyeong Mountain bamboo and mulberry wood?”

"Hwangpyeong Mountain bamboo is specially selected because it contains a lot of fiber, while the mulberry wood is both soft and strong.”

"In other words, the bow is made from materials that maximize elasticity?”

“Huh? Oh, that's right. It doesn’t break easily and can fire the arrows.”

Shouldn’t a woodcutter know all this? As White was feeling confused, Grid started to scan the materials.

‘Certainly, both the bamboo and mulberry wood are of the best quality.’

It wasn’t comparable to the bamboo and mulberry on the West Continent. The trees on the East Continent was much better in quality.

‘Is it because they grow in an environment filled with mana?’

Good. Obviously good.


Based on the name, the Red Phoenix Bow had the fire attribute. No matter how outstanding the performance, it was questionable if the bamboo and mulberry wood could sustain the heat of the flames. Grid identified the next dubious part of the design.


The exterior of the bow was wrapped with a fireproof leather.

“What is that red leather?”

"It doesn’t burn even when covered in flames. It’s Rascal Leather. It’s very solid and durable against fire.”


Now he understood. But the most important thing was the creation of flames. What did the White Hammer smithy think about to summon fire? Grid was filled with anticipation as he confirmed the final part of the drawing, only to deflate. He discovered that they used a fire stone.

"What are you doing?”

Why was the design that White made with all his heart being crumpled? White looked at Grid with a disbelieving expression. Grid realized his mistake and muttered as he unfolded the pattern again.

“This won’t do.”

Fire stone? It might be a rare ore, but it could be found on the West Continent. Grid was convinced since it was a production material he used quite often.

‘It might be possible with an iron bow or a composite bow, but a simple wood bow won’t be able to bear the weight of the fire stone. The balance would be off. If the weight of the fire stone is lowered, the firepower will weaken.’

If a bow was made in accordance with this design, it wouldn’t be qualified to be called the Red Phoenix Bow.

‘Indeed, the answer is to use the white phosphorus wood. It’s certain.’

The problem was that he didn’t know the shape and characteristics of the Red Phoenix Bow, but White could help with that.

"White, you’ve seen the Red Phoenix Bow, right?”

"Of course. It’s the treasure of my hometown, so I have seen it many times from a distance. The lord holds the Red Phoenix Bow for big events.”

Liking faded from White’s eyes when looking at Grid. He didn’t appreciate his design being crumpled and his affinity fell. But Grid didn’t care. There were plenty of chances to make up for his mistake!

"Is this design based on the Red Phoenix Bow that you saw?”

“Yes... However, the Red Phoenix Bow wasn’t covered with leather. It was made entirely of wood... This is the result of trying to copy the form as much as possible.”

“Was the color of the Red Phoenix Bow white?”

"Huh, how did you know...? That’s right. The Red Phoenix Bow was white...”

It was up to here. Grid no longer hesitated and immediately took action.

"Item Creation.”

[What item do you want to create?]

“A bow.”

[What materials would you like to use?]

“White pho.... No, wait.”

The white phosphorus wood was comparable to dragon iron. It was harder than steel and had weak elasticity. Thus, Grid was somewhat hesitant. White’s design was based on the Red Phoenix Bow that he saw and it had the shape of a bow that emphasized resilience. If the Red Phoenix Bow emphasized resilience like White interpreted, then white phosphorus wood shouldn’t be the main material used.

'But what if White misinterpreted?’

Then the story was different. Grid believed in his own intuition. It wasn’t arrogance.  It was the pride he had as a legendary blacksmith.

"I will use the white phosphorus wood as a material.”

Grid made his decision.


"What is he doing?"

"Let’s see?”

The White Hammer blacksmiths were confused. The woodcutter Grid was suddenly asking about the Red Phoenix Bow. After a while, he squatted in the corner and started drawing something. One blacksmith cried out with surprise.

“Don’t tell me! He’s copying the design of the Red Phoenix Bow that we spend three years and countless trials and errors completing?”

"Haha, how silly.”

“It’s nonsense.”

Grid couldn’t be a design thief. Surely a thief wouldn’t blatantly copy in front of the parties involved?

"He would deliberately go to a place that is dark... Heok?”

Was he really a thief trying to steal it? The blacksmiths became alert. White restrained those who were feeling hostile towards Grid.

"You shouldn’t judge a person so casually.”

Yes, just like White a few days ago. Didn’t he see only a few pieces of Grid and judged from that? White thought Grid was an unscrupulous person dreaming about becoming a blacksmith without even knowing the job.

‘I didn’t know he was such a distinguished person. Hrmm...’

But now he was different. What was Grid doing while squatting down? Maybe Grid was actually taking part of their design as his fellow blacksmiths said?

‘No, he wouldn’t steal so openly... Hrmm.’

White was worried. White was reminded of the darkness that lived in people and approached Grid. He looked at what Grid was drawing in the air and became shocked. He was amazed enough to jump like a rabbit. The picture Grid was drawing. It was the Red Phoenix Bow. It was a much more complete design than the Red Phoenix Bow that White had envisioned for the last three years.

“N-No, how can this be...? How can a woodcutter do such a thing?”

White still misunderstood Grid as a woodcutter. Grid laughed as he confirmed the information of the completed design.

[Red Phoenix (Reproduction)]

Rating: Epic ~ Legendary

Epic Rating Information:



Unique Rating Information:



Legendary Rating Information:



The treasure of Pangea that was reproduced by a legendary blacksmith. Its value can compete with the original.


Now the key depending on the rating of the Red Phoenix Bow produced during the competition. Grid asked the baffled White a question.

"Did you say the competition time was eight hours?”

White replied with a dazed expression.

“Ah... Yes, that’s correct. It’s too long to make a bow, but this is the competition to reproduce Pangea’s treasure...”

‘This is rotten.’

The time was too short. For Grid who spent a day or two making a bow, eight hours was nothing.

‘I have to use it wisely.’

There was also the new power he obtained from making the 20th legendary item.

‘Item Upgrade!’

Grid was convinced that he could easily clear the quest with this power, even if he couldn’t perfectly reproduce the Red Phoenix Bow. He checked the time and rose.

"Then let’s depart.”


“The White Hammer blacksmiths are entering!”

“Boo! Boooooo!”

The White Hammer blacksmiths entered the stadium with Grid in the front, not White. The spectators booed loudly since they lost the last three competitions. White and the blacksmiths shrank back, while Grid enjoyed it.


Ignore him more.

‘The more you ignore us, the more dramatic the result will be.’

Grid grinned widely, revealing his teeth. The blacksmiths of the other smithies on the stage ridiculed him.

“Who is that person?”

“It is the first time I’ve seen him... Isn’t he new?”

"Why is a new person leading instead of White?”

"White might be embarrassed and is using the new person as a shield.”

"He’s pathetic to the end.”

The tens of thousands of spectators and the hundreds of blacksmiths. They had no idea that this newbie would cause a huge commotion. It was the first step of Grid’s legend on the East Continent.