Chapter 503

[You have entered the Vampire’s Underground City (8).]

[The entrance of the dungeon is blocked. Contact with the outside world will be blocked.]

[You can’t escape the dungeon until you have died or kill the dungeon boss.]

‘Right here...’ 

‘Grid was able to raise his level so quickly in this place.’

‘8th city, does this mean that Reidan has seven more cities like this?’

‘A territory with eight instant dungeons, the value is astronomical. This is why the Overgeared members can dominate the rankings.’

The world’s best gaming BJ Bunny Bunny and the shooting staff of OGC Station. They entered the dungeon to shoot Grid’s hunting broadcast and were immediately perplexed.

“Huh? Isn’t it too dark?”

“Nothing can be seen.”

"Turn on the lights!"

A darkness that didn’t allow anything to be seen! The OGC staff and Bunny Bunny decided this couldn’t continue and turned on their lights. Was it a view of the city that appeared as soon as the lights were turned on? No. It was the sight of at least 50 bats and wolves.


"L-Large-toothed wolves and red-eyed bats!”

They were powerful monsters that were at least level 270. Dozens of these monsters showed up? The shooting staff shrank back while Bunny Bunny showed his professionalism.

“Viewers, look at this! A huge number of high level creatures are coming! Ahh! We will be wiped out! Will we die before we can pass on Grid’s levelling secrets?”

The moment that the viewers gulped and felt great tension because of Bunny Bunny’s words.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

Grid’s dancing had become much more natural after getting the diamond capsule. His cloak flapped as he moved quickly and generated a strong energy.



At the same time, there was a blast of energy! The stones around Grid floated in the air. Grid’s eyes became sharper under his black hair as he swiftly swung his sword.



Every time he swung the sword, energy blades shot out and killed the bats and wolves.


“Wah... So strong.”

The shooting staff let out sounds of admiration. They knew that Grid was one of the best in Satisfy, but this was the first time they saw him hunting! They didn’t think he would slay 50 monsters with levels in the late 200’s in a flash. Grid scolded those whose mouths were open with shock.

“Next time, if you act selfishly and risk yourselves, then I won’t save you again.”

“Ah...! Ah, yes! I’m sorry!” 

Unlike the hurriedly apologetic staff, Bunny Bunny asked unabashedly, “The monsters that just appeared are the vampires’ familiars. Do you raise your level while hunting the familiars until you meet the boss?”

Grid asked like he didn’t understand.

“The vampires’ familiars?”

“Huh? Ah, yes. Indeed.”

“I should hunt vampires.”


Vampires were a senior species. They were overwhelming stronger than monsters of the same level and was a monster with the trinity of physical power, magic power, and intelligence. Common players avoided hunting vampires because they were very demanding to handle. Yet Grid said he was going to hunt vampires.

Bunny Bunny doubted his ears and turned his gaze towards his camera.

“Did you hear that? Grid says that he will hunt vampires! Maybe today we can witness the huge scene where a player hunts three or four vampires at the same time...! Heok!”

Bunny Bunny’s face turned white. The buildings in the city. Grid was standing in front of hundreds of coffins, not dozens? It was the first time Bunny Bunny realized that there were so many vampires in the world.

OGC’s announcer, Park Shinye carefully speculated. “Perhaps... Grid will raise his level by quietly breaking each coffin one by one... Kyaack!”

Announcer Park Shinye shrieked. The reason why she was surprised...

“Linked Kill Wave.”

Crazy Grid. He used a wide area skill to wake up hundreds of vampires simultaneously.

-Wow, boss class ㅋㅋ

-The shooting team is wiped out!

-Sweet ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The viewers forgot to eat their chicken. Every action that Grid showed after entering the vampire city was amazing and interesting. The immersion wasn’t a joke. However, they felt desperate. Grid’s levelling secret. It was impossible to follow him, even if they learned the secret.


Near Patrian.

‘They are rabble.’

This was Marquis Valtin’s impression after he joined Reidan’s army. Reidan’s soldiers were unimpressive. They were covered with sweat and panting like a tired dog on a summer’s day.

‘They weren’t trained in the usual manner.’

Becoming this tired just from crossing the desert? Their stamina was low. It was truly pathetic.

‘Indeed... They won’t have the stamina to train normally.’

The circumstances behind Reidan’s desertification and impoverishment were well known. It was difficult to even obtain food to eat. How could they afford to train the army in the harsh manner? It was natural for Reidan’s soldiers to be weak.

‘Just gathering 3,000 troops is great.’

There were 20,000 residents and 3,000 soldiers. It seemed like all the young men had come out.

‘It will be the end of Reidan if we lose today.’


Marquis Valtin made a scoffing sound. Meanwhile, Lauel was talking in the guild chat with the Overgeared members.

&Jishuka: We arrived half a day ahead of schedule, but we joined just in time?

&Toban: How did you know to align the time?

&Lauel: Jude would overuse the soldiers, so I took that into account. After thinking about it, I hastened the meeting with Marquis Valtin. Well, it’s good that this is happening so quickly.

&Pon: ...Jude? Why Jude?

&Lauel: What’s with this reaction? Surely you still don’t know? Jude is Reidan’s commander. Asmophel received my permission to act freely.

&Vantner: Wow. Nonsense. The great commander was Jude?

&Ibellin: Lauel. Are you crazy? What fool would entrust Jude with an army? You should’ve left it to Jishuka or Peak Sword.

&Lauel: Does the commander have a role other than directing the march? It’s a task that can easily be carried out by Jude. In the first place, I don’t want to place the Overgeared members at the front where Marquis Valtin can see. He might become wary if he sees such outstanding people.

The convoy escort was also the most important part of the march.

On the other hand, Marquis Valtin’s gaze was fixed on Jude.

‘Amazing. He’s like an ogre.’

Large muscles harder than stones could be seen. Indeed, a person praised as the hero of Eternal would have such a great physique.

That’s right. Marquis Valtin thought that Jude was Grid.

‘He is only staring at the front?’

Grid (Jude) was just looking at the front, not even bothering to thank Marquis Valtin who brought a large army of 10,000 troops. His eyes were hollow and Marquis Valtin didn’t know what he was thinking. It was the point where Grid wouldn’t hear anything. This wasn’t a normal appearance. It was remarkable.

Marquis Valtin felt admiration.

“The small fries are here.”

The height of 20 meters. The man who appeared on Patrian’s high walls gave both Reidan and Borneo soldiers a sense of oppression and despair.


There was a thunderstorm above them and rain poured down. The man’s ghost-like pale face was revealed under the flashing sky.  It was Earl Ashur. The man who was still beautiful at 50 years old opened his mouth.

“I expected Reidan’s revolt, but I never imagined it would coincide with Marquis Valtin’s march. You are fools who don’t know honor.”

Marquis Valtin laughed.

"Your tough talk is still the same, Ashur! But I won’t fall for your provocations today!”

He was confident. Originally, he would be scared of Earl Ashur. However, Grid was by his side.

‘Grid and Reidan’s army will keep him in check, while my troops can easily enter Patrian and occupy it.’

He was the reinforcements, so he wasn’t in the position where he had to sacrifice his troops.


Lauel took a step forward as Marquis Valtin smiled. Then he politely spoke to Earl Ashur. “I am Lauel and I serve Duke Grid. It is an honor to meet one of the 10 great magicians on the continent.”

The fishing rod and bait that Lauel prepared. He threw the fishing rod first.

"As you know, Sir Bland is currently secured by us.”

Lauel glanced over at the eight young knights and Bland stepped forward from beside them.



Earl Ashur’s eyes trembled. Lauel didn’t miss his agitation and immediately tried to negotiate.

“The one who killed 1st Prince Ren wasn’t Duke Grid, but King Aslan. He killed his older brother and placed all his sins on Duke Grid. The truth will be proven by Bland.” 


Earl Ashur’s face filled with confusion as Lauel continued.

"Earl Ashur has no obligation to be loyal to the royal family that has lost its legitimacy. Come join Duke Grid. Duke Grid will dispose of the false royal family that deceived you and will give you greater honor and power than before... Urgh.”

Lauel let out a groan of pain and stumbled. It was because a dagger had flown without a sound and pierced his chest.


"Protect Earl Lauel!”

The eight knights hurriedly ran to where Lauel and Bland were standing. Then something dropped from the high walls. It was a robed man. The 9th knight of the Saharan Empire’s Red Knights. A solo number knight who could destroy a city by himself. He pulled out a strange Y-shaped blade and made it at lightning fast speed.




The eight young knights selected and trained by Piaro and Asmophel were defeated in an instant. They couldn’t even follow the robed man’s sword. A serious injury was dealt and they barely survived.

“E-Earl Lauel...!”

The eight knights screamed. Lauel was paralyzed by the poisoned dagger. In no time, the robed man reached him and swung his sword.


All the Overgeared members running from the rear of the army were shocked. The swordsmanship was so amazing that Faker, Pon, and Regas became nervous. What about Lauel, who was the target?

‘I’m dead!’

This was bad. He never thought that such a monster would be hiding in Patrian.

‘Why am I always weak when it comes to variables?’

Lauel scolded his lacking qualities and closed his eyes.


A pebble came flying from Reidan’s troops and stopped the sword of the solo number knight.


A man hiding among the soldiers! A chill went down the spine of the solo number knight.