Chapter 515

[Daoist Woodcutting Axe]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 1,000/1,000    Attack Power: 310

* Emits strong flames every time durability is lost.

* Easily cuts the white phosphorus tree.

* Influences the flames of the white phosphorus tree.

An axe resembling those used by the daoists in Shangri-La.

It originally is something that can’t exist in the human world, but Legendary Blacksmith Grid broke the rules by producing it. There was no malice, nor was it a fluke. This is the result of Grid devising the ideal form and is purely from his abilities.

The Daoist Axe produced by Grid has a much better effect than usual daoist axes.

Conditions of Use: Daoist

Weight: 410

[An legendary rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by +10 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by +500.]

[There is a beneficial effect from producing the highest quality. The good luck stat has increased by 5.]

It must be a special legendary item that he made for the system to attach a ‘beneficial effect’ to it. Grid felt lacking in his intelligence and good luck stat, so this made him happy enough to fly. He felt like rain had come after a drought.

“16 good luck! Nice!"

Good luck was more difficult to raise than any other special stat. It was impossible to distribute stat points to it, and the act of bringing out a ‘beneficial effect’ was unconditionally random, so training it was difficult and even the title effects weren’t applied to it. Now his good luck stat increased by 15 points at once, making it 16.

“Amazing... This is really amazing.”

What if his good luck stat kept rising like this?

‘There will be a day when there is a 100% chance of making a legendary item!’

It was like saying he would always win the first prize when purchasing a lotto ticket. Grid was counting the chickens before they hatched. He was in a good mood and put on his best smile as he touched the axe.

“This is really, very well made.”

An axe made of white wood from the handle to the end of the blade. He had hesitated for a moment about making the handle with the white phosphorus wood, but it was a good choice.

‘I learned a lot as soon as I came to the East Continent.’

He learned how to make use of the properties of minerals from the White Hammer smithy and was able to grasp the existence and characteristics of the white phosphorus tree through the quest given by White. In retrospect, White was a good person, not a bad one.

‘He was giving me a trial. Perhaps he instinctively knew my skills from the beginning.’

He was ashamed of himself for blaming White the whole day. 

‘Indeed, there are no blacksmiths who are bad people. Isn’t he as nice as Khan?’

Whatever happened, the result was good. During this process, Grid’s dislike for White had turned into liking. It was the aftermath of obtaining a good result.


Grid hummed happily as he finished chopping the firewood and returned to the White Hammer smithy. Then he shouted to White and the other blacksmtihs.

“I have come to deliver firewood.” 

Why was Grid so excited?

[A special thing has happened after making the 20th legendary item!]

This short phrase had come to mind the moment he produced the white phosphorus axe. It was the biggest factor behind Grid’s good mood.



The black-haired man who delivered firewood. White also initially failed to recognize who he was. He was the owner of one of the four great smithies in Pangea and couldn’t remember all the rabble.

‘When did I see him?’

The wild eyes that were intense like a hawk. White remembered seeing them somewhere before.


White gazed at the black-haired Grid silently before becoming surprised. Early this morning. Someone who dreamt about becoming a blacksmith but didn’t have any knowledge, he had left to cut down the white phosphorus tree. This young man was that very person.


Surely he didn’t really cut the white phosphorus tree? The confused White burst out laughing.

‘That is impossible.’

The white phosphorus tree was as hard as dragon iron. Cutting it? It was impossible unless the best people in the Hwan Kingdom came. There weren’t one thousand year old white phosphorus trees for nothing.

"You are the friend from this morning. You’re aware that I don’t want ordinary firewood, right?”

"Of course. I am well aware. This is very remarkable firewood.”

Grid was beaming. White thought it was ridiculous.

“Yes, it isn’t a firewood that anyone can obtain.”

Saying that he came to deliver firewood?

‘Did this person paint oak wood white?’

White wouldn’t be deceived by such a cheap trick. Grid grinned at White and raised a thumb.

“Amazing. Did you see my skills with one glance and gave me a hard task? You knew it from the beginning. I’m able to chop down the white phosphorus tree.”


White couldn’t understand this nonsense. They were talking face-to-face, but a conversation couldn’t be established. White was in the shade so only his dark skin was visible. Grid pulled out the white phosphorus wood.

"I studied many things thanks to you. Here. It’s what you requested.”

‘This isn’t an ordinary trickster.’

This was one of the typical characteristics of a scammer. It was to use ambiguous or distracting words to make a person less vigilant.

'Hrmm, it won’t work on me.’

White never trusted anyone since being betrayed by his wife. He was convinced that Grid was a scammer and started to look at the firewood with distrustful eyes.

‘Trying to trick me by painting oak wood white... Heok? Heooook!!”

White’s face became darker. He looked at the firewood with a disbelieving expression and started looking through them. Then he became more and more shocked.

‘T-This is really white phosphorus wood?’

He was certain. There was no doubt. Thus, White was confused.

‘H-He really cut down the white phosphorus tree?’

The white phosphorus tree wasn’t hard to cut down just because of its hardness. It was the nature of the white phosphorus tree to emit flames as soon as it was hurt. Even if a person managed to cut down the white phosphorus tree, death was waiting for them.

It was impossible to obtain firewood from a living white phosphorus tree. But this black-haired youth in front of White. To be honest, White didn’t catch his name, yet this unknown young man had cut down the white phosphorus tree.

‘...It can’t be!’

The astonished White came to a conclusion. Maybe this man in front of him...

‘A legendary woodcutter!’

Handling gold and silver axes!

‘Once a person reaches the peak in one field, they will become a daoist! Is this a daoist who is about to leave for Shangri-La?’

Yes, it was White’s own mistake when he thought this young man was interested in becoming an apprentice blacksmith. In fact, he wasn’t a blacksmith, but a great woodcutter.

‘Ahh...! Who knew that my smithy would have such a person helping them?’

Perhaps his father had made a deal with this person to help the White Hammer smithy. He must’ve thought about the old ties with the White Hammer smithy and ran over.

“Thank you! I really appreciate it!”

White was caught in a big misunderstanding and bowed to Grid. Bowing all of a sudden? Grid’s expression stiffened.

"...Thanking me like this, does that mean you didn’t expect it? Don’t tell me that you’re trying to decrease the value?”

Grid’s eyes changed the moment he spoke these words. He also lowered his voice. It was to express a threat about what would happen if White took away some rewards.

‘Ohh! This pressure!’ White felt a big thrill as he looked at Grid. ‘This is really a daoist. In fact, he doesn’t need a reward. But I will feel burdened if he helps me without receiving anything in return.’

The heart was like a sea. White felt really thrilled.

“No way. Of course I will give the appropriate rewards.”


Then a notification window flashed in front of Grid.

[The quest difficulty of ‘Chop Firewood!’ has been revealed.]

[The quest difficulty of ‘Chop Firewood!’ is SS+.]

[The clearance compensation for Chop Firewood! has changed.]

[The character experience and experience of all skills will increase by 40%.]

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath is now Lv. 7.]

[Blacksmith’s Rage is now Lv. 7.]

[The level of Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Link, is now Lv. 8.]

[The level of Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Kill, is now Lv. 7.]

[The level of Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Wave, is now Lv. 6.]

[The level of Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Pinnacle, is now Lv. 6.]

[The level of Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Restraint, is now Lv. 4.]

[The level of Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Transcend, is now Lv. 4.]

[The affinity with White, the master of the White Hammer smithy, has reached the peak!]

[In the future, you can buy all items in the White Hammer smithy at a 20% cheaper price. The goods you sell will be bought for a 20% higher price.]


The quest was really difficult. He was convinced when he saw it was an SS+ quest.

‘No, what constitutes an SSS quest?’ 

Grid thought he was probably the only player able to clear the white phosphorus tree logging quest. It was a quest that only one out of two billion users could clear. Considering the difficulty, he felt like 40% character experience and skills experience was actually less than he deserved. At the very least, he should’ve gained one level for each. Grid felt regret.

Then White looked at him and asked carefully.

“Perhaps... What is your name?”

"...” This man didn’t even know his name? “Grid.”

Grid replied with an absurd expression and White grabbed both his hands.

“Do you know the famous battlegear production competition of Pangea?

‘Battlegear production competition?’ 

Grid didn’t know. He couldn’t answer as White shouted towards him.

“Grid! Please come to watch the competition! In order to repay your hard work, the White Hammer smithy will definitely win this year!”


Grid’s mouth curved upwards. He couldn’t resist an opportunity to see the skills of the blacksmiths of the East Continent.

“When is the competition?”

"In three days."


He could spend three days adjusting to the hunting grounds near Pangea and return with loot to sell. Grid made a decision and nodded.

“I understand. I will expect to see something good in three days.”