Chapter 513

“It’s hard.”

The gravity of the East Continent was much stronger than the West Continent. As a result, Grid’s stamina, strength, and agility received a penalty. The aftermath of this was quite large. From the center of Pangea to the White Tree Forest. He was already exhausted after only one hour of running. He would’ve been fine for another 20 minutes on the West Continent.

‘It would’ve been relatively comfortable if I flew.’

But he didn’t use that method. Something annoying might notice him if he flew.

‘Huhuhut! Now I have become pretty smart!’

Grid was pleased with his development and caught sight of the white forest below the hill. A white forest that existed in the city. The scale wasn’t huge. There were roughly 1,000 trees densely packed together. It was beautiful. Like snow had fallen, the leaves were white and the forest looked like giant cotton from the distance.

‘It goes well with the old Korean-style houses outside the forest.’

It reminded him of a snowy winter landscape seen in historical dramas. At least this place gave him the Oriental feeling he was hoping for.

‘If I sit here eating kimchi...’ 

It was best with soju. He wanted to take a break to log out and have some kimchi with soju. But playing Satisfy after drinking was a shortcut to defeat. It wasn’t uncommon for people to try enhancing their equipment under the influence of alcohol. Grid had to refrain from drinking if he was aiming for the top.

"I need to use the break time to eat and exercise, raising my physical strength to play the game...”

Grid controlled his heart and descended the hill into the forest.

‘I have to cut down a 100 year old tree?’

In today's society, there were many ways to measure the age of a tree. They could know the age of the tree without having to cut it down and check the growth rings. It was the same with Satisfy. It was simple using the appraisal system. In particular, Grid had the Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal skill.

The Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal skill was unrivalled among the various types of appraisal items and skills in Satisfy. While top rated appraisal items revealed around 6~10 pieces of information, the Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal skill revealed 10~12.

“Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal.”

It was the nearest tree. Grid laid a hand on the tree that was around 5m high and used the skill.


[White Phosphorus Tree]

Status: Very healthy

Age: 607 years

It is assumed that the origin of this tree is Shangri-La.

It is often called the Daoism Tree and is the national wood of Hwan Kingdom.

The trunk and branches extend straight towards the sky.

The hardness of this tree, which symbolizes high dignity and elegance, is comparable to dragon iron.

"There’s a place on the East Continent called the Hwan Kingdom... What’s dragon iron?”

The existence of Shangri-La and daoism weren’t surprising. In the past, Grid became aware there was a class called daoist. But he never heard of dragon iron.

“It seems like the name of a mineral.”

It was a name that he never heard of on the West Continent. Grid found it interesting.

‘Indeed, there are separate materials that only exist on the East Continent.’

The natural environments of the East Continent and West Continent were different. It was expected that there would be things on the East Continent that weren’t present on the West Continent, and vice versa. 

‘It’s possible to produce different items.’

Grid was full of expectations as he imagined that his base as a blacksmith would expand in the future.


He started humming as he appraised the other white phosphorous trees around him. Then he learned a surprising fact.

“Aren’t the trees a lot older?”

100 years old? How funny. Most of the white phosphorous trees were older than 500 years. There were some that were over 1,000 years old.

'Cutting down trees that are hundreds of years old...’

It was quite troubling about the trees, but that was all. It was a very easy quest. Then he could gain 12% experience.

“I have decided on these ones.”

Grid picked a 103 year old and 106 year old white phosphorous tree. He pulled out the axe he received for the quest.

[White’s Axe]

Rating: Normal

Durability: 150/150  Attack Power: 53

An axe made by the owner of the White Hammer smithy, White. It boasts great durability, allowing more trees to be cut down.

It is highly popular among the nearby woodcutters.

Conditions of Use: None.

Weight: 109

There were no options, but the durability was acceptable for an axe. The attack power was also considerable for something with no usage conditions. If White was active on the West Continent, his axe would be sold as a ‘weapon’ to novice players.

“Similar to Khan...”

White’s age seemed to be in the mid-30s. The fact that he was already comparable to Khan was great, considering he was a NPC.

‘He isn’t even a named NPC.’

It was obvious that the blacksmiths of the East Continent were ahead of those in the West Continent. They seemed to have a lot of special know-how.

‘The difference is due to the environment.’

While the West Continent limited the number of blacksmiths in each territory, there was no such restriction on the East Continent. The number of blacksmiths on the East Continent was far greater than the West Continent. This large number meant a bigger competition. The blacksmiths of the East Continent developed steadily while competing with each other. It was understandable that they would be more skilled than the blacksmiths of the West Continent.

"As a result, the soldiers of the East Continent are stronger than the West Continent.”

The East Continent soldiers would have better equipment than the Western soldiers, which would lead to a difference in attack power.

"Well, I guess it won’t be better than my soldiers.”

The Reidan soldiers under the aegis of the legendary blacksmith were the real overgeared soldiers! Grid was filled with pride as he opened Latina’s Power, which was attached to the Rune of Darkness.

“Can you Become the King of the Dead?”

...He called out the skill name in question. Two skeletons popped up to Grid’s left and right. They were skeletons holding half moon axes. Overgeared Skeletons One and Two. Grid handed White’s Axe to Overgeared Skeleton One. Then he sat down to one side.

“I will recover my stamina while you cut down the tree. You should be able to do this much, no matter how stupid you are.”

Clack clack! Clack!

In response, Overgeared Skeleton One struck the white phosphorous tree in front of him as hard as possible with the axe.


The moment that Overgeared Skeleton One struck the white phosphorus tree with the axe!


The eye sockets of the Overgeared Skeleton One became larger. The bones of the skeleton started to twist.

‘What is this?’

Grid blinked at the behavior.

[Overgeared Skeleton One has suffered catastrophic damage!]

[Overgeared Skeleton One has returned to the soil.]

Overgeared Skeleton One crumbled. The white phosphorus tree was fine, without a single scratch. Grid frowned.

“These guys are really...”

They were too useless. It was a skeleton that couldn’t even cope with the impact of hitting the tree. He didn’t know why. Grid clicked his tongue and spoke to Overgeared Skeleton Two.

“Skeleton Two, I hope you are different from Skeleton One.”

It was at this moment that he decided. He would only invest points in intelligence for the fragile Overgeared Skeleton One, raising it as a skeleton mage. Meanwhile, he would raise Overgeared Skeleton Two as a skeleton warrior. But what was the reality?

Overgeared Skeleton Two was the same as One. Their level and stats were the same.


Clack! Claack! Clack clack!

Overgeared Skeleton Two struck the white phosphorus tree and was damaged like Overgeared Skeleton One. It soon crumbled.

“This is crazy.”

Grid was stunned when he saw Overgeared Skeleton Two return to the soil. He cursed as he picked up White’s Axe left on the ground.

“You useless little bastards!”

They couldn’t even cut down a tree! Grid controlled his heart and struck the white phosphorus tree with an axe. Then he had a shocking experience.


[The durability of White’s Axe has decreased by 37.]

[There is a strong pain from your wrist. You are temporarily paralyzed.]

[You have resisted.]

[Health has decreased by 1,700.]

[You were unable to damage the white phosphorus tree.]


It was hard. It was at least the steel grade. Grid was shocked and took one step back.

‘I expected it to be hard since it was compared to dragon iron, but it’s this hard?’

Now he understood. This was why a woodcutting quest gave 12% experience.

‘This quest isn’t easy.’

Grid guessed that the odds of a typical blacksmith not clearing this was 100%. But Grid was a legendary blacksmith. He put away White’s Axe and armed himself with the +9 Failure.

“I didn’t know I would need to cut a tree with a sword.”


Grid grasped Failure with both hands.


Among the pure white leaves falling like snowflakes from the white tree, he started a dazzling sword dance. It was Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Link. The legendary rated skill was aimed at the white phosphorus door in front of Grid.




Dozens of energy blades struck the white phosphorus tree.

[The durability of the +9 Failure has decreased by 4.]

[The durability of the +9 Failure has decreased by 5.]

[The durability of the +9 Failure has decreased....]

[There is a strong pain from your wrist. You are temporarily paralyzed.]

[There is a strong pain from your neck...]

[You have resisted.]


[Health has decreased by 1,801.]

[Health has decreased by 1,730...]

[You were unable to damage the white phosphorus tree.]


The +9 Failure also didn’t do any damage?

‘Shit, how hard is this?’

“Yes! Let’s see who will win!”

He felt sorry for calling the skeletons incompetent. In the beginning, the tree wasn’t an opponent they could go against. Grid apologized to the skeletons and unfolded a new sword dance. He used Pinnacle Kill, which was regarded as one of the strongest skills existing right now.


The white phosphorus tree was damaged.


Grid was astonished.


An explosion of light from the cracked white phosphorus tree hit Grid.

[You have done great damage to the white phosphorus tree!]

[The white phosphorus tree has exploded from the shock!]

[You have suffered fatal damage!]

[A legend doesn’t die easily. You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]


The white forest revolted. The ragged Grid was filled with confusion.

“...Oh my god.”

HIs immortality passive was activated while cutting down a tree? He never imagined it. It was a different experience. Grid was at a loss for words for a moment before bursting into laughter. It was a laugh of disbelief. At his feet, there were the fragments of the white phosphorus tree. They were the fragments that fell off from Pinnacle Kill just before the explosion.