Chapter 949

The Overgeared Kingdom—it was still a small country in Satisfy, but when compared to Earth, it was larger than Japan. After the so-called ‘Hexetia crisis’, the population increased sharply and the economy boomed as they monopolized the blacksmithing market.

By the way, the owner of this country was a single player—Overgeared King Grid. As a king, he could exert power over tens of millions of people with one word or monopolize the resources distributed throughout the kingdom. It was possible for him to convert all the proceeds of the kingdom into cash in reality. This was the wealth of a nation.

The more time that passed, the more wealth Grid obtained.

The Daejin Group, which was 7th in the South Korean business circles, might become a shining star thanks to Grid. It was unconditionally good to be in a partnership with Grid. If Grid became the face of Daejin, he would imprint the name into the minds of billions of people. He would also be able to solidify Daejin’s position on the international stage. In the end, it was a huge opportunity from the standpoint of the Daejin Group.

Chairman Lee Jinmyung barely recovered his dizzy spirit and replied to Grid, “...Understood. I will accept your offer. If you win in the Demon King subjugation event, I will sign a long-term contract with you and let Yura go.”

He calculated that he didn’t need to be obsessed with Yura if he could establish a partnership between Grid and Daejin. If he needed a blood relative, his second daughter’s child still remained. He might be a person without the surname of Lee, but blood was still blood. Lee Jinmyung could make concessions about the surname if he had the halo called ‘Grid.’ Chairman Lee Jinmyung made a decision, and his heart became lighter.

“By the way...” He grinned at Daejin’s bright future while asking Grid the most important question, “What is your relationship with Yura?”

Grid wouldn’t go this far if they were just friends or colleagues. Chairman Lee Jinmyung was convinced that Grid and Yura were lovers like the rumor claimed or else Grid wouldn’t come this far. Well, he wasn’t advocating his bloodline, but his granddaughter was the most beautiful person in the world. Additionally, she was smart and virtuous. Any man would definitely like her.

The chairman was smiling like a snake when he heard Grid’s reply.

-Well. I rely a lot on Yura, but I don’t know if she feels the same toward me.

“Rely on her...?”

-Once inside the game, Yura’s strength is a great help. In reality, I don’t have a good social life. I received a lot of advice from Yura about the media and tax matters.



“Is that the end?”


“Wasn’t there a scandal between the two of you? I heard that my granddaughter stayed at your house for a while?”

It was a fact he had learned from investigating both of them. During the 1st National Competition, his granddaughter had stayed overnight at Grid’s house. Grid’s confused voice rang out, -A-At the time, nothing happened. Yura was too drunk and I was forced to bring her home to sleep. My parents were at home. Nothing happened, really.

“....!!” Lee Jinmyung squeezed the phone in his hand. It was an obvious manifestation of his rage.

Was Grid someone with bad eyes? It was a part the chairman wasn’t satisfied with and hadn’t included in his calculations. However, he had no thought of going back on his promise. Grid’s value was too great, even if he had some defects.

Sigh... Well, I understand. Then I wish you luck. The moment you reveal your identity as the Demon King, there will be a flood of articles about your contract with Daejin. However, please keep one thing in mind. You shouldn’t expose your identity until the dramatic reveal.”

-That’s also what I want.

The first step was done correctly. The details of the contract could be worked out after the Demon King subjugation.


“You have worked hard.”

“It’s too bad.”

“What is with the terrible congratulations? What’s wrong with a silver medal? This is second in the world, second. Wow~ you are really cool.”

“I’m not saying a silver medal is bad. It is just disappointing compared to Yura’s abilities.”

“That’s right. She could’ve won the gold medal.”

Inside the South Korean team’s waiting room, her colleagues welcomed Yura’s return after PvP ended. Getting second in PvP was a feat that only a few people among billions could achieve, yet the team members were comforting instead of congratulating Yura. It showed how much they acknowledged her.

“You can aim for it next time,” Peak Sword told her. “There will be another chance next year and the year after. Then you will get first place. Isn’t that right?”

That was right. However, Yura didn’t have the luxury to do so. She could no longer exist as a player. Yura couldn’t answer and only smiled bitterly.

[The Demon King subjugation event will start in 20 minutes.]

[All 400 participants, please move to the private waiting room.]

[I will say it once again. The Demon King subjugation event will start in...]

An announcement rang out. It was about the Demon King subjugation event—the biggest issue of this year’s National Competition. This was a new event that required 400 rankers to cooperate instead of competing. It was clear that the degree of difficulty was frightening and the degree of attention it received from the world was extremely high, especially after the Demon King’s appearance event. In fact, it could be said that everyone on this earth was waiting for the Demon King subjugation event.

“T-Then I’ll be going!”

“Yura, get some rest. I can’t be as outstanding as you, but I will try my best to show a good performance.”

“Can I win a gold medal?”

Coke, Peak Sword, and Eat Spicy Jokbal—the Korean representatives participating in the Demon King subjugation left for the waiting room. When she saw the nervous Coke, Yura felt sorry toward him. In order to conclude the rematch with Kraugel, she had taken part in drawing the sword and the siege war. She had wanted to prove her potential to her grandfather by beating Kraugel.

Yura was uncomfortable because she seemed to have placed a huge burden on Coke due to her own desires. While Yura was making a dark expression, someone placed a hand on her shoulder. It was a hanbok-clad woman, Viola. “You are really kind. Don’t you care about everything?”

“I’m not kind. I’m selfish.”

“No, you are kind. You have been fighting alone since the 1st National Competition while other Korean rankers turned away. You’ve done enough. There is no need to carry everything alone. Now, it is natural to become greedy. Why should you feel guilty? My Lady, how can you be pure and spotless?”


Yura became a bit more relaxed. She had done enough.

These brief words comforted her. Yes, she could take a break now. Yura soothed her mind. Then her phone rang. She thought it was her grandfather, but the name floating on the screen was once again ‘Shin Youngwoo’.


-Keep watching until the end.

“What do you mean?"

-The Demon King subjugation event. 


-There will be someone fighting to protect you.


-Then I’m going. See you next time. 

“Hello? Hello! Youngwoo-ssi!” She shouted, but it was no use. He had already hung up. Yura’s trembling eyes shifted toward the monitor.


The stage of the Demon King subjugation was slowly revealed. It was a castle surrounded by a circular wall.

『 There are four gates to the north, south, east, and west. The gatekeepers guarding each gate are the four heavenly kings. 』

The castle was large, and the scale of the gates was also enormous. It was over 20 meters high and nearly 40 meters wide. The gates would never open until the four heavenly kings fell. 

『 The 400 participants must defeat the four heavenly kings in groups of 100. Once all four kings have fallen and the gates opened, they will have access to the corridor leading to the Demon King’s room. 』

『 Must they split up? Can’t the 400 people move in one group to defeat the four heavenly kings one by one? 』

『 It isn’t possible. Each gate is classified as an instant dungeon, and the dungeon is restricted to 100 people. 』

『 Hmmm... What happens if one of the four gates fail to be attacked? 』

『 Another party should take over instead. 』 

『 Then does that mean the party members who failed will be disqualified? 』

『 No. They will be left as dead and resurrected once the gate is opened. 』

『 So, there is no disqualification unless all four parties are wiped out? Then all 400 players will fight against the Demon King? 』

『 Yes, it is designed to be 400 against one even if they fail at the four heavenly kings stage. 』

It meant the Demon King was strong. Many people guessed that the level of his strength was at least between the strength of the great demons. In fact, the Demon King showed an intense force during his appearance. With the ability to destroy magic and then copy it… this was a power that could make magic useless.

At least 80 of the 400 participants would become folding screens. The magicians started protesting fiercely.

“No, does it make sense to discriminate against certain classes in the most important event?”

“Doesn’t this mean the magicians won’t get any rewards?”

In the waiting room for the Demon King subjugation event, Goshar and 80 magicians protested to the organizers. However, the officials dismissed them with the statement that there was no discrimination. Their attitude was the same every time. It was enough to make people boil with anger.

“XX! When will a new virtual reality game come out? This is really dirty!”

Many people cursed in a place out of sight. In this harsh atmosphere, some clever people started making guesses.

“Perhaps the four heavenly kings are weak against magic while the Demon King is highly resistant? We might not be able to break through the four heavenly kings without magicians.”

“The four heavenly kings also give medals. The magicians can be active against the four heavenly kings and gain medals.”

“Then what about against the Demon King?”

“Don’t you know the concept of phases? Most named bosses change their characteristics according to their health. The same should be true for the Demon King. There is a high possibility of losing magic resistance or becoming vulnerable to magic in certain phases.”


As expected from rankers, their conjectures were quite logical. The magicians were able to calm down and think rationally.

‘Okay. We can be active in the early and late phases of the event, leaving a strong impression on people.’

‘I should take this opportunity to star in some commercials.’


Yohohoho.” The 1st ranked earth magician, Goshar, belonged to Group B in charge of attacking the west gate and laughed with delight. It was due to the state of the heavenly king standing alone under the huge gate. The woman had a large blindfold on her face that was covering her eyes, but the condition of her items was very poor. Despite being a woman, she was armed with a heavy armor set. There was a helmet with a neck protector, armor down to the thigh and steel shoes that went up to the knees.

The only parts of her body that were exposed were the lips, jaw, and hands. It ignored the ridiculous formula where a female character’s defense was proportional to her exposure. Such a ridiculous appearance could only be seen in the novice villages.

“She looks too weak.”

“You shouldn’t be careless. She is one of the four heavenly kings of the mad Demon King.”

“The four heavenly kings might be weak compared to the Demon King. Isn't that right? In the first place, the Demon King is the main event, and the four heavenly kings are the bridesmaids.”

Goshar was confident. He had gotten disgraced by the Demon King, and he believed this was the change to make up for it.

“Go! Giant’s Haaaand!”

A gigantic hand made of earth flew like a hydra’s neck and covered the heavenly king. There was a violent sound!


“Is it working?”

The players of Group B watched the dust expectantly. They saw the unmoving heavenly king holding a shield. The giant hand was obstructed by the shield, and only dust was scattered.

“...Aren’t you the weak one?”

The gazes of the participants focused on Goshar, who could only sweat nervously. It was because a notification window had popped up.

[The target has blocked most of the spell!]

[The target has received 12,090 damage.]

It was just over 10,000 damage? Wasn’t this one of the ultimate spells that could deal 500,000 damage to a monster?

‘Aren’t the four heavenly kings supposed to be weak to magic?’


‘Isn’t defense proportional to the amount of exposure for a female?’

Goshar felt scammed in many ways. The heavily armed female. One of the four heavenly kings with the name ‘Benz’ above her head pulled out a sword. It was a long red sword that was as beautiful as her lips.