Chapter 947

[The audience voting has ended.]

[The winner of the most votes is the Demon King.]

“What? What nonsense is this?”

It was an absurd notification window. Some players responded violently.

“A monster was included in the voting? Does this make sense? Why are they playing around with busy people?”

“Don’t you know the nature of those S.A people? They didn’t want to pay the compensation so they included the Demon King in the voting. They played us.”

They were all elites who represented their country. No one cursed due to the weight of the stage called the National Competition. However, the atmosphere was terrible enough that it wouldn’t be strange if there was cursing. The Demon King wasn’t a player and it was right for him to be excluded from the voting. In the first place, they wouldn’t have let the Demon King have an active role if they knew he was included in the voting.

It was the logic of the players. They protested that they shouldn’t recognize the Demon King’s votes. However, the S.A Group’s reply was, “We never said the voting was limited to players.”

The S.A Group that moved according to its own rules was famous for being a ‘wall’ and their logic couldn’t be refuted. Furthermore, this situation was a positive for the majority of players. It was better for none of them to benefit than for one outstanding player to monopolize the rewards.

The players studied Kraugel. Kraugel was silent. He had an arrogant expression like he wasn’t interested in the rewards from the beginning.


“Thank you for your efforts.” Yoon Nahee greeted Grid after he returned to the waiting room. She hadn’t expected Grid to be this active.

Breaking down magic and duplicating it. Grid suspected that the S.A Group might’ve intervened in the probability of Magic Contemplation skill of the Duke of Wisdom, since the above aspects had a 50% and 4% chance of activating respectively.

‘It is a game of luck.’

The perfect activation of Magic Contemplation was the good fortune due to the increase in his good luck stat. Grid prayed that he would walk a path of luck in the future and asked about something he doubted. “By the way, won’t there be doubts over the Demon King being included in the voting?”

“What doubts?”

“That the Demon King is actually a player.”

“It is hard to doubt that a monster is actually a player. Who would imagine that a player would be a raid target for 400 people?”

In the first place, Grid was covered in the skin of the Demon King. Grid’s appearance, his items and his pets all looked different. The skill names and descriptions had also changed. The lightning storm used in the Demon King’s Appearance event was also different from usual. For example, lava appeared on the ground and the sound from the sky was subtly different from usual. It was virtually impossible to doubt that the Demon King was a player and then associate that player with Grid.

“Then I’m glad.”

Grid was reassured and sat in his spot with a light heart. The PvP semi-finals were about to begin.


125 countries participated in the 4th National Competition. It was the largest scale so far. There were a total of 53 events that allowed players to showcase a wide variety of talents and provide a spectacle to the viewers. The result...

[Medals Status]

1st - United States (9 gold, 17 silver, 11 bronze).

2nd - China (7 gold, 5 silver, 7 bronze).

3rd - Canada (7 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze).

4th - Russia (6 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze).

5th - United Kingdom (6 gold, 1 silver, 5 bronze).

6th - South Korea (6 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze).

7th - Japan (3 gold, 3 silver, 4 bronze).

8th - India (3 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze).

9th - Brazil (1 gold, 1 silver, 0 bronze).

10th - Spain (1 gold, 0 silver, 1 bronze).



The dignity of the United States, the world’s most powerful country, was revealed to the world. The United States boasted a pool of talent that couldn’t be compared to other countries and swept up the medals in many events. The shocking fact was that not all American powerhouses participated in the National Competition. 

The United States was the overwhelming first place country despite people like Hurent, Box and Asuka not participating. It was a superpower that could carry out selection trials for the National Competition, something that South Korea couldn’t even imagine.

『 At this point, I realize how great Overgeared King Grid is. 』 

『 I agree. Grid has the history of overcoming the terrible United States and placing South Korea in first place. 』 

『 Players from all over the world must be watching the United States’ solo play and missing Grid. 』

『 Haha. Still, there is no guarantee that the United States will keep being first. Isn’t there still the PvP and Demon King Subjugation left? 』

『 In particular, up to 15 medals can be earned in the Demon King Subjugation. There are five gold medals so the US can’t feel relieved. The rankings can change at any time... Ah, as I was speaking, the players entered. 』

『 After the shocking Demon King’s Appearance event, it is the semi-finals of PvP! Now! It is starting! 』 


“Strong.” This was Regas’ impression after being eliminated from the quarter-finals. He didn’t try to make any excuses. He knew that Zibal was stronger than him and admitted defeat. 

‘The person must be at least Faker-level to make Regas admit defeat without hesitation,’ Chris thought.

Zibal. He was a monster who stood at 2nd in the rankings for more than three years after Satisfy opened. He was skilled enough to be elected as the leader of the seven guilds and in the field of PvE, he was a superior figure compared to Kraugel when Kraugel was the sky above the sky. He was evaluated to be relatively weak in PvP but this proved to be a misunderstanding.

In the 2nd National Competition, Zibal displayed outstanding skills in PvP. However, he couldn’t use his skills when he met Grid or Kraugel and eventually gained the stigma of being a punching bag.

“...You have succeeded in a brilliant comeback.” Chris smiled on the stage. They might have a bad relationship but they had a bond from living in the same era. Chris was deeply moved by Zibal’s successful return. A quiet excitement filled him. “You must’ve been trying to death for two years.”

“Yes. I tried until I almost died.”


Chris was stunned when Zibal answered honestly. He didn’t know that the highly prideful Zibal would admit to putting all that effort into this. Honestly, he thought Zibal would disagree.

Zibal shrugged. “I’m not a genius like Grid or Kraugel, so I had to try as hard as I could. For two years, I let go of my ego and started from the bottom again. I’ve been through many dirty things but I’ve endured it.”

“You have changed.”

“Yes, I’ve changed. I will continue to change in the future. Well, let’s stop talking here. I want to fight with the Demon King.”

Zibal summoned a ride. It wasn’t the two-headed hippo shown in the round of 64 and 32 or the pegasus shown in the quarter-finals. It was inanimate, an artifact instead of a living thing.


A crack appeared in the sky and a white robot with a seething aura descended. Its name was Raiders and the golden horns on both sides emitted light. An ancient relic, the magic machine. The 100,000 spectators, the commentators and the billions of viewers in front of the TV and computers couldn’t close their mouths. The intensity of the shock they received was equal to when the Demon King appeared.

“At the very least, I will be the strongest this year.”

His attitude showed that it was natural to be the strongest in Grid’s absence.

“Zibal! Zibal! Zibal!”

The crowd of 100,000 people started to chant Zibal’s name. The emergence of the humanoid weapon with a height of 5 meters was gorgeous and romantic enough to replace the strongest person who was absent.

[Synchronizing with Raiders.]



[Synchronization success!]

[Raiders is in operation!]

[Your maximum mana is too low!]

[The maximum time you can activate Raiders is 21 seconds.]

“I...” For the past two years. His hard work and patience were for this very moment. “I’m back!”

He boarded Raiders. He felt that the whole world was paying attention to him. A large, thick spear fell toward Chris’ head.

[You have blocked a powerful blow.]

[The durability of Yetima’s Greatsword has dropped by 108!]

[Both wrists have been fractured!]

[Your lower body has lost strength!]

[You have suffered 7,930 damage.]

[You can’t move for 15 seconds.]

Kuek...!” Chris’ knees bent as he raised his greatsword above his head to block the blow. He had to open up the Tyrant’s strength in order to withstand the weight of the giant spear.

[Tyrant’s Strength has allowed you to withstand the status effects from the damage and increase attack power in exchange for defense.]


Wasn’t it like David facing Goliath? Chris’ appearance looked shabby against the giant spear but he was determined not to break. The 1st ranked player, Chris. He was the mountain that stood under Grid. He had no intention of giving up the top spot to anyone unless it was Grid. However...

[You have blocked a powerful blow.]

[The durability of Yetima’s Greatsword has dropped by 79!]

[Your right wrist has been fractured!]

[You have suffered 6,030 damage.]

[You have blocked a powerful blow.]

[The durability of Yetima’s Greatsword has dropped...!]

The mountain was eventually conquered.

[Your defense has failed!]

[You have suffered 28,090 damage.]

[The durability of the Silver Ogre’s Armor has dropped by 190!]

[You have received internal injuries! All stats have fallen!]

Chris couldn’t withstand the constant bombardment as the PvP stage was destroyed. An artifact made by the ancient humans who wanted to endure the raids of the great demons and archangels. It was impossible to bear with a body that hadn’t yet become transcendent.

“You aren’t weak.” Zibal spoke as Chris struggled silently every time Raiders aimed at him. “I... No, Raiders is strong.”

The sharp edge of the spear pierced Chris and the first game of the semi-finals ended in an unexpected manner.

“Zibal! Zibal! Zibal!”

The crowd was still chanting Zibal’s name. The men’s voices were particularly loud. A hero riding a robot. It was the romance of all men around the world, regardless of nationality and race.


Pon, who just had the long reach of the spear to overpower his opponents, met Yura in the semi-finals and was defeated. The bullets shot at medium range were fatal and Pon’s white horse was slow compared to Zibal. The white horse was successfully shot and Pon suffered a deadly blow after it died.

“Isn’t it hard?”


Despite Yura entering the finals, South Korea had a funeral-like atmosphere. The citizens couldn’t forget the white giant that broke the 1st ranked Chris like he was a toy. On the other hand, the dream where Yura won the gold medal in PvP and South Korea rose to 4th in the rankings had disappeared into bubbles. 

In the midst of the people’s disappointment, Yura’s grandfather Lee Jinmyung was relieved. “That child’s place isn’t Satisfy.”

Chairman Lee was one of the beneficiaries of an international law to prevent the S.A Group’s economic monopoly. The Daejin Group, which had originally focused on the automobile business, was able to produce and distribute 7.3% of the Satisfy capsules in Northeast Asia due to its technological prowess. It was expanding its business in this area. However, Chairman Lee Jinmyung was 77 years old this year. He always said that he will live to be 120 years old but he had to admit that it was hard to lead a big company in his old age. A successor was required.

That’s why he clung to Yura. Chairman Lee Jinmyung was aware of his granddaughter’s business talents. Yura was well-known for being a genius and the image that she built up over time with the shareholders was excellent.

“That child must sit in my position. I can’t give the company founded by my ancestors to those terrible people.”

Only the leader of the Daejin Group could sit in this place. Lee Jinmyung grabbed the armrest of the cowhide chair with his wrinkled hands. 


On the TV, he saw his granddaughter standing on the finals stage. His granddaughter fought and suffered. Her beautiful appearance was messed up as she was forced to one knee by the giant opponent and her blood poured down to the ground. Then she turned to ash.

“...Yes. Now it is all done.” The chairman uttered a deep sigh as he watched his granddaughter’s last match. His eyes were red and bloodshot as he leaned against the chair. He wanted his granddaughter to be defeated but he was upset by the result. He didn’t feel pleased to see his proud bloodline fail and feel frustration.

Suddenly, he didn’t want to be the chairman of the Daejin Group. He resented the responsibility he bore.

‘...At this age, I have to bully my young granddaughter. Tsk.’

It was his son who left first. Truly a cruel person.


“It is strange.”

After the completion of the PvP event. Grid felt strange as he watched Yura wearing the silver medal. It was because Yura’s expression was too detached. It looked like she had no regrets. Yura shouldn’t show such a reaction based on her personality, which was hard on herself.

‘Yura can’t be satisfied with the silver medal...’

He was nervous. He was extremely nervous. His senses as a man were telling him to contact her right away. However, how could a man who never had a relationship or knew love talk about ‘senses.’

“Ah, I don’t know. Why should I feel bad? Isn’t it normal to say hello to a friend?”

It was a problem because he couldn’t do such ordinary things. Grid made up his mind and pressed the call button. It was the first time he called a woman simply because he was worried, without any clear purpose. He was nervous and his heart thumped whenever he heard a beeping sound.

The fact that this one phone call was going to create the hottest issue of this year’s National Competition... 

No one knew.