Chapter 904

The sea shook, and the waves shot up higher and higher. The force seemed enough to cover the sun.


After the sudden appearance of the red phoenix, the sea became boiling hot due to the rain of fire and explosions caused by the high tides. The people who witnessed these threats in succession were overwhelmed, then they sighed because of the people who appeared against the backdrop of the sun.

“Fortunately, I’m not too late.” A woman let out a short breath to cool the leftover heat of her bow. Her bewitching figure excited many men, and she was the one who summoned the red phoenix. The woman was Godly archer Jishuka—the best archer among the two billion players. 

“There are many spectators. If I use them as a blood offering, I can easily subdue that monster,” an Asian man said as he looked at the Murray soldiers and players. He was Blood Warrior Katz. Along with Agnus and Euphemina, he had been one of the first three people to obtain a hidden class.

“Euphemina lost in a one-on-one match? I guess she wasn’t prepared.” The man holding a spear was White Knight Pon.

“It is as Grid said~~ Doesn’t this mean his clone is strong? I’m so excited!” The blond-haired man, who had sparkling eyes and wore gauntlets, was Regas. He had the normal class asura which was classified as having a SSS-grade acquisition difficulty.

“I can further improve South Korea’s status if I fight here. Huhuhut. The man who stroked his sheath while laughing was Peak Sword, who had broken the Hero in just two moves.

“If you don’t take off My Liege’s mask right now, your parents...” There was Huroi who mentioned the opponent’s parents without blinking.

“First, I want a one-on-one fight.” The man who raised his greatsword with enthusiasm was the 1st ranked player, Chris.

“We need to be vigilant.” There was the unique beauty who turned the surroundings into grey—Demon Slayer Yura.

“Hey, isn’t that Failure? Can it hurt me with that?” The confident man was the bald Vantner.

Kuk... kukukuk! I can already feel your despair. Your fleeting life, which is imbued with a purpose that can never be fulfilled, will end today. I will provide you with rest.” The young man speaking cringey words that made the fingers and toes of others curl up was Lauel.

Their appearances were all splendid as they appeared on a red wyvern. They were the best players who had won gold medals while representing their country at the National Competition.

“Euphemina and Asmophel, you’ve both struggled. Leave it to us now.” Finally, there was a black-haired man with a white light sphere and golden blade floating around him. 

“O-Overgeared King...”

“It is Grid! It is the real Grid!”

The public cheered after recognizing him. He was the most well-known player who exerted a greater influence than the 10 people mentioned above combined. It was the emergence of Grid. Unlike his friends who relied on the wyvern, Grid flew in alone like a magician and landed on the ground. A sharp sound suddenly entered the ears of those present.


Grid’s clone was trapped by a thread so thin that it was invisible to the human eye. It was the silver thread—the thread which was produced in Pangea on the East Continent and never broke!

“Is there any need for conversation between us?”

Targets above a certain level or with high resistance could quickly escape from the binding of the silver thread. Grid knew that from experience and wasn’t overly greedy. He immediately pressed the button of the pulling device, loosening the silver thread tied tightly around the clone. Then he pressed the button on the pulling device again. The +1 Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires attached to the end of the silver thread pierced the clone’s chest.

[You have dealt 2,900 damage.]

‘What is this defense?’

It seemed that the enemy’s defense was superior to the sword’s attack power since only the minimum damage was dealt. Considering the fact that the clone was armed with the Holy Light Armor, it meant that the clone’s stamina stat was at least 3,000 points. After confirming that the clone was frozen, Grid formed the Enlightenment Sword using the silver thread.

“Magic Missile!” Grid attacked without giving the clone time to rest. It was a plan that Grid had set up ahead of the confrontation with the clone. Based on his own experiences and Yura’s testimony, Grid knew the clone could use more sword dances than Grid and his level of swordsmanship was higher.

However, what was the fatal weakness of Pagma’s Swordsmanship? It required a process to activate. That’s right. Grid constantly attacked the clone so that the clone wouldn’t get a chance to activate Pagma’s Swordsmanship.

“Noe! Randy! C-Can you Become the King of the Dead?”

First, Grid shot Magic Missile at the clone to block the clone’s vision, then he summoned various pets.



Clack! Clack clack clack!

It was a strange situation where there were three Grids. Randy copied Grid and immediately launched Kill at the enemy who was being bombarded with Magic Missiles. Meanwhile, the white-furred Noe moved his limbs while firing lightning.

[Your pet, Randy, has dealt 4,100 damage to the target.]

[Your pet, Noe, has dealt 6,300 damage to the target.]

[The target has resisted the electric shock.]

Clack! Clack clack!

The Overgeared Skeletons occupied the left and right sides of the clone. Overgeared Skeleton One triggered the power of a skeleton destroyer and stabbed the clone’s wrist with the Grid Rapier for Beginners, trying to trigger Bone Cracking. Meanwhile, Overgeared Skeletons Two’s basic attack was low, but it managed to disperse the clone’s concentration.

[Overgeared Skeleton One has failed to use the skill ‘Bone Cracking’.]

[Overgeared Skeleton One has dealt 190 damage to the target.]

[Overgeared Skeleton Two has dealt 23 damage to the target.]

Bone Cracking relied on chance and failed to activate. However, there was the creepy sound of bones breaking through the Magic Missiles which Grid continued to shoot. It was the sound of Overgeared Skeleton One being blown away by the clone.

[Overgeared Skeleton One has suffered catastrophic damage!]

[Overgeared Skeleton Two has used the Bone Sticking skill.]

[Overgeared Skeleton One has been restored.]

[Overgeared Skeletons One and Two have received fatal damage and returned to the earth.]


The levels of the Overgeared Skeletons were still too low. They were no match for the clone who had a level equivalent to or higher than Grid’s. The Overgeared Skeletons died in vain because of the clone.

“1,000-ton Sword!” Chris jumped down from the wyvern and used his ultimate skill. The greatsword made from Belial’s bones struck the head of the clone. The clone couldn’t endure the weight and was pushed down, creating a pit that was more than 50 centimeters deep. The clone was like a stake in the ground.

[You have dealt 251,500 damage to the target!]


It wasn’t a fatal injury. Chris’ ultimate technique wasn’t able to do much more than make a serious scratch on the clone. The clone saw blood flow down Chris’ eyes and prepared to counterattack.

“Are you ashamed of the face that your parents gave you? Is that why you have to use the face of another person? Aren’t you sorry towards your parents? Ah! You don’t have parents?” Huroi borrowed the power of his wind elemental to trigger a fast-paced Taunt skill, shifting the clone’s aggro to him.

The clone stared up at Huroi on the wyvern and missed the chance to counterattack against Chris.

“Stop making such noise and get lost.” Pon’s spear pierced the clone.

“Insane Dragon Wave!” Regas’ feet kicked the chest of the clone.

“...!” The shock of the simultaneous back and forth movements was quite large, causing the clone to swallow back a scream.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship!” Grid was able to complete his strongest skill while his colleagues bought time. “Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle!”

The powerful Kill continuously stabbed the body while a storm of energy blades was released, trapping the clone inside. As a red lightning bolt fell, blood emerged from the clone’s mouth and chest.

[You have dealt 2,395,700 damage to the target.]

It was an overwhelming attack! Grid’s attack shocked Chris, Pon, and Regas, who had measured the clone’s defense.

“Not enough...!” Grid felt that it was a pity. He criticized God’s Command for not activating at such a crucial moment. However, he was currently with his colleagues. There was no need to fret because anything he lacked would be made up by his colleagues. 

“Give it to me.” Peak Sword had descended to the ground from the moment Noe and Randy appeared, and now he took a posture to draw his sword. His eyes shone sharply as the Iyarugt in Iyarugt’s Sheath gathered energy.

[Iyarugt, who is 100% changed with magic power, is in an intoxicated state. He has lost his ego and is running wild.]

[The conditions of use for Iyarugt has been changed to ‘person to be sacrificed’.]

[It is impossible to summon Iyarugt.]

[Iyarugt’s damage has increased by 500%.]


Draw Sword, which had the best attack power and speed among all the skills in Satisfy, emerged with a red light. The sword of light reached Grid’s clone.

“...!!” The clone had been determined to endure Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle, but now he was shaken. His shoulder was cut so badly that he lost one arm, and he stumbled.


“Yes. Storm Dragon’s Fury.”

Jishuka and Lauel joined forces. Lauel triggered the ability of a flow master and twisted the direction of the wind, while Jishuka’s fire arrows flew in the strong winds and accurately pierced the clone. The blood of the clone flowed from the successive strikes. Then Katz took control of the blood. “Blood Tornado.”

He steadily gathered all the blood that had permeated the ground and used it as a resource, gathering all the blood into a bloody storm.



Noe and his colleagues sent a signal to Grid. They didn’t need to rush as Grid was already using Linked Kill Wave. He intended to finish off the clone trapped in the bloody storm.

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang! There was the sound of hammering from within the storm of flames. Grid hurried, but he was too late. The clone confirmed the information of the equipment that Grid was wearing with Blacksmith’s Eyes, then he used the production skill and succeeded in copying Grid’s equipment. 

He used the Moving Fortress skill of Valhalla of Infinite Affection—the armor that contained Grid and Khan’s story—and neutralized the blood storm and Linked Kill Wave.