Chapter 933

[Queen of Mocking and Violation]

[Once health falls below 50%, an illusion will be summoned with every further 10% decrease in health.

The health, defense, and agility of the clone are affected by your body’s current health, defense, and agility. However, its attack power is fixed at 10% of the body. Additionally, the skills of the clone are limited to basic skills.

Every time you summon an illusion, it will show hallucinations to all the surrounding people. They won’t be able to distinguish between your body and the illusion.

A target who attacks the clone will have 30% of the damage the target dealt reflected. However, it won’t lead to death.]

The third of Belial’s powers was a near perfect illusion magic. It summoned a clone every time the caster lost health. All targets in the area couldn’t distinguish between the two of them. The target that attacked the illusion would receive reflected damage. Additionally, the clones copied most of the stats of the main body.

All the effects were as good as gold. He would be a pushover if he used such a skill and couldn’t devastate the enemy. However, Grid never used this skill in actual combat. Was it because he was a pushover? No, it was because the skill was extremely difficult to control.

The disadvantage of this versatile skill was simple and clear. It was difficult.

[You have suffered 8,190 damage.]

[The target has received 12,200 damage.]

[You have been counterattacked by a mysterious technique.]

[You have suffered 12,200 damage.]

[An illusion has been summoned with the effect of Queen of Mocking and Violation.]

The body, which was wounded from exchanging blows with the war god follower, divided into two.

“...?” The war god follower stopped. It lost its aggro since Grid was split into two, and it became hard to tell which of the two Grids were real. The situation was good up to here. Grid was like the main character in a movie. It seemed as if the two Grids would work together to blow away the follower of the war god.

However, Grid stood still and couldn’t move. Of course, it was hard to move. His ‘vision’ was divided into two.


This was why Grid never used the power of lies. Every time an illusion was summoned, Grid had not only his own vision but the vision of the illusion as well. The really fortunate thing was that there was no crazy demand of ‘I have to control the illusion.’

That’s right. Grid watched in real time what the illusion was doing through the illusion’s eyes, thinking and deciding how to cooperate with the illusion. This was a difficult problem.

Urgh...!” Grid’s illusion got hit, and the vision of one of the two Grids changed as he was blown through the air. One side of Grid saw the war god follower in front of him, while the other saw the crown of the follower’s head. He got motion sickness. This wasn’t a problem solved by closing one eye. His divided vision remained the same even if he closed one eye. The split screen was just smaller.

The follower of the war god was blocking the illusion’s attacks. The illusion had attracted its aggro. It was a natural result as Grid was standing still while the illusion moved swiftly. Now the follower of the war god was ignoring him as a fake. The more blows that the follower and the clone exchanged, the more nervous Grid felt. It was hard to adapt because the shared vision with the illusion was shaky and made him dizzy.

Still, Grid had to concentrate. He shared the vision of the illusion, and once the war god follower revealed a clear gap, he would enter the battle and change the flow.

‘Steady yourself. Steady yourself, Grid! I have to hit it as much as possible before the buff ends!’

Grid started to raise his concentration. The clone used Link, and the war god follower was hit continuously. The war god follower couldn’t defend against each one and allowed seven consecutive attacks. It wasn’t a good thing from Grid’s standpoint. If the illusion who had 10% of Grid’s attack power could kill the war god follower, Grid wouldn’t have suffered such damage from it.

On the other hand...

The clone couldn’t cope with the war god follower’s immediate counterattack and subsequent strikes. The bloody clone turned to ashes. In the process, the war god follower also suffered tens of thousands of reflected damage. At that moment...

“Flash!” Grid overcame the war god follower and activated the light elemental while rushing forward. The light elemental flew to the war god follower and released a bright light that blinded it.

“Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle!” Grid used his ultimate attack, and his continuous strikes pierced the war god follower.

[The target has received 490,580 damage.]

[The target has received 511,900 damage...]

Kiyaaaaaah!” The blind follower received a lot of damage, failed to counterattack, and struggled with the pain. Grid followed up with the movements of Wave. The dozens of energy blades tore at the war god follower and then gathered in the air.

“...Battle gear mountain...!”

The war god follower wasn’t aware of the intense aura that had gathered above its head. The war god follower recovered from the blindness and roared, “Where?!” 

Then Pinnacle fell like a lightning bolt.

[The target has received 3,040,580 damage.]

The war god follower was hit by the blow and sent stumbling. The follower’s posture was so bad it was surprising the follower didn’t drop its sword. Ignoring the rules of physics, the war god follower triggered the counterattack skill despite the apparently unstable posture of the sword. It reflected the damage of Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle! Then Grid followed up with his next play.


It was too close to Grid. Grid had dealt with many war god followers using Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle and had a perfect grasp of the timing for Revolve.

[The target has received 3,040,580 damage.]

The war god follower suffered even more damage because of Grid’s counterattack. In fact, the war god follower suffered damage it shouldn’t have had to bear originally and once again stumbled. If it had been a war god follower who escaped from the grave, it would’ve died by now.

‘Crazy. It is as I expected.’

Grid was currently facing the war god follower who had learned two secret techniques. The intermediate boss of this dungeon probably had twice as much health as the follower who escaped from the grave. Grid hit it with the ultimate skill and the reflected counterattack damage, but the follower still had half its health remaining.

The war god follower once again roared angrily, “I... Battle gear mountain...! Guide me!!”

The act of its counterattack being returned was a situation beyond the common sense of the war god follower. The war god follower felt a big threat come from Grid and showed its second skill.


This was after the Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle combo. Grid had secured a safe distance from the war god follower and was restoring his breathing. Now his eyes widened. The sword had increased in size. The war god follower took only one step, yet the rusty sword it wielded stretched out over the three-meter distance.

Was this a magic trick? Grid got a chill, but it was too late for him to take evasive action. The sufficient distance that Grid had secured caught his ankle instead. He was relaxed, so his response to the unexpected situation was one step too late. 

[You have suffered 19,250 damage.]

Ugh! Grid groaned as his chest was cut by the sword as the war god follower showed three times more attack power than usual. The war god follower took one more step, and the sword once again increased in size.

[An illusion has been summoned with the effect of Queen of Mocking and Violation.]

Grid’s body shook and split in two, causing the war god follower to once again lose its focus. The second skill of the war god follower couldn’t reach Grid and struck the ground between Grid and his illusion. Grid observed the sword stuck in the ground and discovered its identity. ‘Aura.’

It wasn’t a growing sword. An aura that was dozens of centimeters stretched out from the tip of the sword, making the sword stretch. This was a sword that could change its length in real time. It was obviously a tricky technique. The attack power had tripled, so Grid would die after being hit several times. An ordinary player wouldn’t be able to go against the war god follower who had learned two secret techniques.

However, Grid was accustomed to aura. He knew its potential better than anyone else. This was due to what Piaro had told him. Why had Piaro placed Hurent near him, and what was the extent of Hurent’s abilities? Piaro had described the characteristics of aura to Grid in the process of making sure that Grid fully understood.

Thus, Grid wasn’t confused when the sword embedded in the ground suddenly changed to the form of a mace and sharp thorns stretched out from the mace. He easily avoided the thorns as if he had predicted it, even pulling his own illusion away. If the war god follower were alive, it would be panicked about how its secret technique was avoided.

This wasn’t the case though as the war god follower Grid was fighting was an undead. It had no thoughts and wasn’t upset by Grid dodging its blow. The war god follower just kept wielding its sword. The aura at the end of the sword changed every time. Sometimes it was a mace, a spear, or even a whip. Grid’s body became more and more wounded as he moved tirelessly. 

[An illusion has been summoned with the effect of Queen of Mocking and Violation.]

[An illusion has been summoned with the effect of Queen of Mocking and Violation.]

[An illusion has been summoned with the effect of Queen of Mocking....]

Grid’s vision was split into five. It meant he had summoned four illusions. In the process, the war god follower missed its target several times, attacking an illusion and suffering from reflection damage.

Pant... Pant... Grid had a headache. His mental power was exhausted from dealing with five fields of view.

‘It would be hard for Kraugel’s grandfather, not Kraugel, to adapt,’ Grid thought sincerely.





Grid’s illusions surrounded the war god follower and started a sword dance. The visions of the illusions were shared by Grid, and he barely gulped. One illusion used Link, another used Kill, one more used Wave, and the last one used Pinnacle. Their fates were determined as they could only exercise one-tenth of Grid’s attack power. This meant they would only deal slight damage to the war god followed before being hit by the counterattack and disappearing. They were just like flies from the perspective of the war god follower.

Yet what if the flies were actually wasps? The illusions couldn’t avoid dying from the counterattacks, but what if their damage to the war god follower could exceed the predicted levels? The illusions’ deaths wouldn’t be in vain.

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Let’s go. I can do it.’

Out of the five fields of views that Grid was currently seeing, the ‘main body’ was at the center. He watched his illusions use skills on the war god follower. At this moment, Grid cast a spell, “Distortion.” 

Then Grid focused on another point of view. It was the scene where he was using Link on the war god follower.

[Queen’s Distortion]

[Replace the body of the virtual image. The target can only be replaced once.

Cooldown Time: None.

Mana consumption: 2,300]

Ohhhhh!” Grid became the illusion who was using Link. He only focused on the central vision and aimed energy blades at the war god follower.

[The target has received 23,500 damage.]

[The target has received 21,430 damage.]

[The target has received 22,990 damage...]

[The target has received 22,800 damage...]

100% of Grid’s attack power was applied. The war god follower suffered damage that couldn’t be ignored and then counterattacked. Simultaneously, Grid swallowed his nausea and used a spell again, “Distortion...!”

This time, the scene that appeared in front of him was of an illusion stabbing the war god follower with Kill.


[The target has received 1,010,590 damage.]

The body of the clone Grid had just occupied was blown away. Grid’s field of views decreased from five to four, and he once again used Queen’s Distortion. It was just in the nick of time. The illusion who used Kill was stabbed by the war god follower and turned to ashes. Additionally, the illusions who used Pinnacle and Wave died at the same time.

Now, Grid only had one field of view left. It was the view of his original body. Grid stared at the war god follower in the distance. There had been five Grids on the battlefield, and now there was only one.

Kieeek! KIeeeek...!” The war god follower was creaking like a toy that would soon be broken. The damage Grid had dealt as he moved and occupied the bodies of the different illusions was considerable. There was also the damage reflection every time Grid’s illusions were killed.

Pant... Pant... Pant... Grid couldn’t move. His mental power had been consumed by sharing the vision of five clones and using three consecutive distortions. It felt like his brain was burning.

‘If my reflexes were a bit faster, I could’ve connected an attack from my main body with the attacks of the illusions.’

He could barely stand on his trembling legs.

“Leave it to us.” The 1st ranked Chris, White Knight Pon, and Asura Regas stood side by side. The 1,000 Ton Sword and 100 Ton Sword caused the war god follower to fall down. Then Mach Spear pierced its heart, and lightning-fast kicks hit its head. At the end of the struggle...

[The war god follower who learned two secret techniques has been destroyed.]

[129,990,250 experience will be divided.]

[Overgeared Skeleton One’s level has risen.]

[Overgeared Skeleton Two’s level has risen.]

[Party leader Grid has acquired ‘Burnt and Unreadable Secret Technique of the War God Follower.’]

[Party leader Grid has acquired the Sword Grave’s Map Fragment (7).]

[Party leader Grid has acquired the Sword Grave’s Map Fragment (3).]

[Party leader Grid has acquired the Sword Grave’s Map (1).]

[You have completed the map of the Sword Grave!]

Grid succeeded in the new challenge.