Chapter 928

Grid gained a total of 2,340 stat points from the 234 elixirs. Only one-tenth of them went into the four major stats, but that was still more than 200 points. If calculated simply, it was like gaining 20 levels. Furthermore, Grid managed to secure a large number of good luck stats and successfully enhanced his item. He couldn’t calm his excited mind. By visiting the East Continent, he jumped several steps at once. It was the feeling of receiving a windfall.

‘Pangea’s secret dungeon should also be a great place.’

Grid wanted to use the admission ticket that he earned from the last quest reward. However...


It could also be a damn trap. Compared to Garam, Grid was still a helpless little boy. Jumping a few stairs at once...? It was futile. He had to climb hundreds of steps just to be at eye-level with Garam. It wasn’t just Garam. There were many strong enemies on the West Continent, and Garam was just one of the few trials Grid would have to face.

‘I’m still lacking.’

The afterglow of joy was brief. Rather, it made Grid extremely thirsty.

‘I am still missing a lot. It is insufficient.’

He needed to be stronger. Grid thought about a few colleagues—Euphemina, Faker, Regas, Yura, Jishuka, Chris...

He hadn’t forgotten what he had seen from them. They didn’t repeat mistakes, their learning speed was unthinkable, and the way they applied what they learned was inspiring. Grid sometimes got goosebumps when he went hunting with them. The difference in interpretation was like the difference between an adult and a child. Yes, they were in the realm of geniuses, and he was the one who had gathered these geniuses. Although, the real genius was actually Kraugel.

“I won’t catch up next year. The next year, or the year after that, I will suppress them with my stats and items.”

They were his respected competitors. As long as they didn’t disappear, Grid’s passion and development wouldn’t stop.


Lauel didn’t just take care of the internal affairs of the Overgeared Kingdom. He also managed the Overgeared Guild. One of Lauel’s tasks was to ensure that the Overgeared members enjoyed better benefits and developed further. The Galgunos Temple—Lauel invested a lot of time and effort into finding this new hunting ground. It didn’t drop rare items such as elixirs or vampire rings like the vampire cities, but it gave a large amount of experience. 

The problem was the level of difficulty. Considering the number, type, and level of the monsters that appeared, the Galgunos Temple was twice as difficult as the vampire cities.

[You have entered the Galgunos Temple.]

[You can feel the source of the demonic energy.]

[All stats have decreased by 10%, and health recovery has decreased by 50%.]

[You have resisted.]

“The atmosphere here...”

It was a temple with a complex structure like a labyrinth. Grid shook off the curses and remembered Lauel’s words.

“Pon, Regas, and Chris are hunting here these days... They can’t resist the curse, but it isn’t hard...”

Based on their personalities, the three people were unlikely to have formed a party. They probably scattered and were hunting alone all over the labyrinth. In any case, they weren’t ordinary people.

“An intruder.” Galgunos’ messenger—a humanoid monster roaming the labyrinth—found Grid and rushed over. It was at an extremely fast speed that meant the messenger had at least 2,000 agility. However, it wasn’t enough to pressure Grid who had over 3,000 agility. Compared to Garam’s speed, it was slow enough to make Grid yawn. He avoided the messenger’s attack and struck back.

[You have attacked the weak point!]

[The target has received 16,940 damage.]

[Black flames have exploded!]

It was overwhelming damage! The Galgunos’ messenger wore sheet metal armor and seemed to have high defense, but it was useless in front of Grid. Grid’s basic attack alone reduced the messenger’s health by one-tenth. Thanks to the increase in the good luck stat, his targeting of the weak points, his critical attacks, the black flames and red thunderbolts emerged more often than usual. It took only five seconds for the messenger to turn to grey.


It wasn’t an elite monster, but it dropped an amount of experience that was similar to that of a direct vampire? The messenger was an ungrateful monster who didn’t drop any items, but it was still lovable.

“I should stay here until the National Competition. There is a reason why the kids didn’t leave here...”

Grid needed to get stronger. As such, he decided to go hunting. Grid planned to raise his stats and resources by focusing on leveling up, which he had been neglecting for a while.

“Summon Tiramet!” Grid shouted, and a vampire emerged from a dark-colored belt. Tiramet was manly, unlike the usual neutral appearance and long hair of the vampires. His sharp eyes and ruffled hair gave a fierce impression.

Um...” Unlike his impression, Tiramet was timid. He prepared for an attack as soon as he was summoned. It was due to the incident where he had come to the outside world after a long time, only to be killed by the yangban Garam.

“Hey. It’s okay. Don’t be scared. There are no enemies.” Grid patted the shoulder of Tiramet, who flinched like he was a scared cat. Then he gave Tiramet several items.

[+7 Duliani’s Sword]

[Rating: Unique

Durability: 1,250/1,250 

Attack Power: 1,890   Defense: 340

* Creates a shield when attacked. The amount of damage absorbed by the shield is proportional to the user’s maximum health and can stack up to five times.]

[+7 Emous’ Armor]

[Rating: Unique

Durability: 785/785    Defense: 930

* Reduce damage by 12%.

* 50% increase in health recovery.

* Two set effect: 10,000 additional health.]

[+7 Emous’ Helmet]

[Rating: Unique

Durability: 566/566    Defense: 675

* 20% reduction in the probability of a hit in a vital spot.

* Two set effect: 50 additional defense.]

There was a total of 23 items to choose from in the unique rated production methods. Grid chose items that would strengthen Tiramet’s advantages and even enhanced them using the remaining enhancement stones.

“The shoes and gloves are epic rated, but please use them for now. I will recreate them when I get Emous’ gloves and shoes."

“I understand...” Tiramet was different from Iyarugt. He equipped the items and stood upright beside Grid. It was a compliant attitude.

‘Indeed. I’ve known this since seeing the status window.’ Grid smiled.

As Grid had expected, Tiramet was the perfect pet. In the case of Iyarugt, he had the stats and the nature of an NPC, while Tiramet had completely changed to the nature of a pet. Like pets, his summoning time was indefinite. This was why Grid greatly appreciated Tiramet. Right now, it was difficult because of Tiramet’s depression and low level. Still, if he hunted with Grid, then his growth potential was high. There was plenty of room for him to be the best partner after Noe.

“Please serve me actively.”

“...I understand. I am honored to serve the master who has the Qualification of a Blood King.”

‘Oh, this is great.’

Grid discovered why Tiramet’s attitude was compliant. It wasn’t just because Tiramet was a pet. He was also attracted to Grid’s title. It was very positive news. Earl Elfin Stone was the most powerful noble that Grid had dealt with. Grid felt excited at the thought that he would one day summon Elfin Stone and have that guy be loyal to him.

‘Iyarugt isn’t a problem.’

In the meantime, Grid had entrusted Iyarugt to Peak Sword. Iyarugt’s poor speech was somewhat annoying, but the main reason was that Iyarugt’s sheath maximized Peak Sword’s power. Grid had asked Peak Sword to raise Iyarugt by using it until Peak Sword obtained a better weapon. This was a win-win situation for Grid and Peak Sword.

“Okay. Let’s go.”

Grid summoned the Overgeared Skeletons, Noe, and Randy and started the full-scale exploration. As Grid, Tiramet, the Overgeared Skeletons, Noe, and Randy headed deeper in the labyrinth, more and more messengers attacked the party.

Galgunos—he was only the servant of a great demon, but he was a powerful lich. The statues in this temple released endless amounts of demonic energy, and Galgunos’ messengers exerted an explosive attack power. They used the demonic energy of the temple as a resource and unleashed attack skills. However, the firepower wasn’t enough to neutralize Tiramet who had become overgeared.

[Your pet ‘Tiramet’ has recovered from some of the damage received.] 

[Your pet ‘Tiramet’ has recovered from some of the damage received.] 

[Your pet ‘Tiramet’ has recovered from some of the damag...]

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Link!”

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Wave!”

Tiramet was tanking while Grid and Randy attacked the messengers. The messengers were hit hard, but they were fearless and tried to counterattack. However, they were interrupted by the Overgeared Skeletons who shot the silver thread from a distance. Additionally, when there was a chance, they approached and broke bones, restricting the messengers’ actions.

“Punish the intruders!”

The monsters’ fast recovery speed exceeded Grid’s expectations. While Grid’s party were busy dealing with 20 messengers, new enemies appeared in the rear. They were messengers wearing robes, not sheet armor.

“This is really...” Grid detected danger. It was as he had expected. The messengers in robes were magicians. They chanted spells, and red magic spheres were formed everywhere with the attack spells aiming at Grid’s party. It wasn’t a big threat to Grid, but it was different for Randy and the Overgeared Skeletons. Grid thought that Randy and the Overgeared Skeletons would have their summoning canceled.

‘I wanted to raise their levels as much as possible...’

Then dozens of huge fireballs came flying. Grid wanted to intercept them with Transcended Link, but he soon realized it was pointless. An explosion would occur as soon as the fireballs and Transcended Link hit each other. Randy and the Overgeared Skeletons would have no defense against the splash damage which would occur at that time. Lauel had said that in order to deal with the ‘intermediate bosses’, Grid shouldn’t waste Blackening or Quick Movements.

This was the moment when Grid gave up on Randy and the Overgeared Skeletons.

[Your pet ‘Noe’ has leveled up.]

[Noe has reached level 100 and acquired a new skill.]

This notification popped up the moment one of the messengers being attacked by Randy and the Overgeared Skeletons died.

Nyaang! At the rear of the party, Noe faced the flying magic and suddenly raised his paws. A lightning curtain appeared in front of Noe. It was a powerful shield that blocked all the spells shot by the messengers.


It completely destroyed dozens of spells...? Grid was more confused than the messengers. Laughter rang out in the midst of the silence, “Nyahahahat! This is a memphis, the best demonic beast of hell... Nyang...” 

The situation was reversed again by Noe’s actions. Grid entrusted the messengers in front to Tiramet and shot to the rear, using Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Link, to quickly neutralize the magicians. After that, Grid took care of all the messengers attached to Tiramet before confirming Noe’s status window. Grid was curious about Noe’s new skill.

[Become Majestic (SSS)]

[Hell’s best demonic beast, a memphis, has pushed the power of the thunder stone to the limit. A shield of lightning that blocks all attacks will be created for two seconds.

Cooldown Time: 30 minutes

* The user will become drained for one minute after using the skill.]

“I love you, Noe.” Grid’s words were sincere. There was love in Grid’s actions as he hugged Noe tightly and rubbed his face against the fur. Noe purred like he was happy. After that...

“Grid, I also raised my level. You should hug me as well.”

“Y-Yes, Randy. I’ll do it once the transformation is released.”

Clack! Clack clack clack!

“Overgeared Skeletons, I also congratulate you.”

Grid moved through the temple labyrinth rapidly. His speed was at least four times faster than Pon, Regas, and Chris who were soloing at different locations in the labyrinth. The experience gauge of Noe, who had evolved and had his level reset, and Tiramet rose quickly in just half an hour. Grid’s experience gauge was the same.

It was a moment of regret for the experts who had been talking about the fact that Grid had fallen to the 80th rank in the past year.