Chapter 924

The time required for item auto production was affected by the level of the blacksmithing skill and dexterity. The 100 blacksmiths who came to the East Continent had over 3,000 dexterity, and they spent an average of 2 hours and 9 minutes to make an item. Grid had selected a truly elite group. However, the speed at which items were created wasn’t proportional with the item rating.

Urgh. It is rare.”

“I have a normal rating...”

“Only five people made epic items? We are all going to die.”

Agitated voices emerged from the smithy. The result of the first item production was a crushing defeat for the unlucky humans gathered.


The shaky eyes of the blacksmiths turned toward Grid. Ttang! Ttang! Grid was working silently in the corner.

“Can we really rely on Grid?”


No one denied the words. They couldn’t count on Grid this time. Grid was someone who produced items manually. It was rumored that the penalty of Pagma's Descendant was that he couldn’t make items automatically. Ttang! Ttang! Ttang! The rumors seemed to be true. The blacksmiths had already completed one item and entered the second production while Grid was still hammering. He had yet to finish his first item.

“No matter how much I think about it, there is only one way.”

A few blacksmiths pulled out the unique rated weapon production method. It was the compensation they had obtained in exchange for arriving in Pangea. The blacksmith’s hammer was classified as a weapon, making it possible to make unique rated hammers. A unique rated hammer would greatly elevate the chances of making epic rated items.

Of course, they didn’t want to do this. In Pangea’s smithy, steel was the only material for making items. A unique rated hammer made of ordinary steel would just produce ‘low’ quality items. There might not be a big difference with the current epic rated hammers the blacksmiths were using.

‘I wish I could use the exchange.’

In Satisfy, the intercontinental auction house was still mostly blocked. The exchange system wasn’t activated on the East Continent because the players’ market was on the West Continent. It meant there was no separate way to gain materials unless they collected it themselves. However, they couldn’t go mining because of time issues. The blacksmiths sighed and made up their minds.

“It can’t be helped. Unfortunately, we’ll have to make steel hammers. Isn’t it funny to come all the way here only to give up the quest?”

20 blessed armor enhancement stones—these were naturally a coveted reward, but the blacksmiths wanted to work for Grid rather than for the immediate compensation in front of them. If it wasn’t for Grid, they wouldn’t have been able to come to Pangea in the first place. They also wouldn’t have been able to knock down the jiangshi or rescue the residents. They had earned all types of rewards thanks to Grid, and now they didn’t want him to receive damages. It was a matter of conscience before faith.

“This time, we will help Grid.”

The blacksmiths settled their resolve. A small number of blacksmiths seemed to hesitate, but the atmosphere didn’t allow them to refuse.

“Let’s begin.”

Using a unique rated weapon production method to make a steel hammer... It was a waste no matter how they thought about it. Still, what could they do? The blacksmiths, who had made up their minds, felt anguished about using the unique rated weapon production method.

“Stop!” Grid shouted at them. The attention of the blacksmiths was now focused on him. There were two hammers in Grid’s hands that he had supposedly just made.


The blacksmiths had completed one item in two hours while Grid was still hammering. Yet he had two finished products...?

‘One item was already finished, and he was working on a second item?’

‘Is it possible he is doing it automatically, not manually?’

‘No, even if auto production is possible, can he make two items in two hours? Is his dexterity over 6,000?’

The Genuine - (Fighting against the Gods) Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill reduced the amount of time it took to make an item. However, ordinary blacksmiths didn’t know about it.

“Jin Haecheong, Alanta, Cedar, ” Grid called out the names of three people.

Huh? Yes.”

Alanta and Cedar were the highest ranked people among the 100 blacksmiths. On the other hand, Jin Haecheong was the owner of a unique rated hammer despite his ranking only being in the middle. Grid said to Jin Haecheong, “Show me your hammer again.”

“Yes…” Jin Haecheong didn’t know Grid’s intentions, and he trembled as he pulled out his hammer. Grid’s eyes were filled with a blue light.

[Eyes of Pagma-Baal’s Contractor Version Lv. 1]

[You can check and copy the stats, options, and production method just by looking at the target item.

However, in order to copy the item, you must use an item that you have created yourself as the material. Additionally, the difference in rating of the target item and the item used as the material must be within one grade. The item used as the material can’t be recovered.

* Skills that belong to the target item may not be copied.

* The duration of the duplication is one day. The copied item that has reached the end of this duration will be permanently destroyed.

Skill Resource Consumption: One item.

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 hour.]

This was the power he had gotten from defeating the clone. Grid sacrificed the epic rated hammer he had just made and copied Jin Haecheong’s hammer.

[You have succeeded in duplicating the item!]

[Great Hammer]

[Rating: Unique

Durability: 486/520  Attack Power: 193~240   

Odds of Making a Rare Rated Item: +3%  

Odds of Making an Epic Rated Item: +34%

It is the work created by the blacksmith Rolloman, who wasted his fortune to gambling. Rolloman decided it would be more profitable to make in demand items than to attempt high rated with extremely low production odds.

He made this hammer and could become rich with the power of the hammer.

User Restriction: Level 210 or higher. 603 or more strength. The Intermediate Blacksmithing skill.

* It is a duplicated item. It will be destroyed after 23 hours.]

Despite being a unique rated hammer, there wasn’t an option to increase the chances of making unique rated items. On the other hand, the probability of making epic rated items was greatly increased. This was why Grid copied Jin Haecheong’s hammer. For this quest, Jin Haecheong’s hammer was the best weapon. Then Grid used Divinity.

[Show off the virtues of a blacksmith who deserves to be praised as a god. The casting time and cooldown time of all blacksmithing skills will be removed. It can be used up to two times whenever the skill is activated.]

[The cooldown time of Pagma’s Eyes has been reset.]

“Pagma’s Eyes.” Grid’s eyes, which had returned to normal as soon as he copied the hammer, turned blue again.

The blacksmiths were momentarily distracted by this sight that was hard for them to understand. By the time they came to their senses, there were two Great Hammers in Grid’s hands. Of course, the original hammer was still in Jin Haecheong’s hands. Grid shared the information of the copied items to the blacksmiths and handed the two hammers to Alanta and Cedar.

“From now on, I will give you the same hammer every hour. Good luck.”

Of course, he could make the Great Hammer from the beginning instead of copying it. However, it was doubtful if he could reproduce the Great Hammer in one hour using the auto production. It was a unique item after all.

“...” None of the blacksmiths answered. All the blacksmiths’ mouths were open, unaware of the flies going in.


“That’s it!”

It was six hours before the end of the quest.


“We did it! We did it!”

The blacksmiths cheered.

[★Hidden Quest★ ‘East Continent Experience (3)’ has been cleared.]

[20 blessed armor enhancement stones have been acquired as a quest reward.]

The quest wasn’t hopeless. They managed to clear the quest they thought they wouldn’t succeed in. It was thanks to Grid continuously copying the hammer. The blacksmiths were able to experience being overgeared and looked enviously at Grid. Grid shrugged inwardly. He was proud of all the events he had experienced and solved over the last few years that resulted in miracles.

Still, now was the time to keep his composure. Grid suppressed his excited mind and waited for the notification window with a stiff expression.

[A linked quest will occur as a quest reward.]

It was as he had expected. A new quest emerged immediately without a break.

[Hunt the Daoist]

[★ Hidden Quest ★

There is an unusual number of jiangshi filling Pangea. It is believed that there is a daoist producing and controlling jiangshi near Pangea. Find the daoist and defeat him. Armed with their new weapons, the Pangea residents will help you.

Quest Clear Conditions: Kill the daoist within three days.

Quest Clear Rewards:

1. Create a linked hidden quest. 

2 Three random elixirs.

Quest Failure: Level -2. The highest stat will permanently decrease by 30 points.]

The loss of two levels and 30 points from his highest stat—the penalties for failing the quest had increased greatly. However, Grid wasn’t afraid. Grid’s highest stat was dexterity, and from Grid’s point of view, it was very easy to raise dexterity. So, losing a bit of dexterity wasn’t a problem.

‘I can also restore my levels by hunting.’

The remarkable part was the reward. Elixirs—they were the ultimate remedy that permanently increased a stat by 10 points. This was an opportunity to get three of them. The other blacksmiths were also eager for the rewards, but their fear was greater. 

“What is a daoist?”

“We have to fight against the jiangshi...”

The blacksmiths were different from Grid. They had no combat ability. The quest difficulty and penalties were a huge burden for those who couldn’t come here on their own. They desired the elixirs, but they didn’t feel that elixirs were worth more than their levels because it was hard for them to raise their level as members of a non-combat class.

Yet what could they do? The water had already been spilled, and it was impossible to get off this road. So, the blacksmiths just tried to raise their morale.

Grid looked at them with regret before turning his eyes toward the residents. The residents were in high spirits thanks to their new armor and weapons. They felt several times stronger than before and were filled with hope that they could protect Pangea. Grid asked them, “What direction did the jiangshi come from?”

“Most of the jiangshi came from the west.”

“The west...” Grid grasped the location of the daoist. Meanwhile, the residents murmured with serious expressions:

“Are you going to fight for us again?”

“Please allow us to add our strength.”

“We won’t disturb you! Pangea’s Duke of Virtue, please let us follow you!”

“Okay.” Grid didn’t refuse them. He checked the information of the residents through Character Observation, and he found that most of the residents were over level 300 and could fight a bit. They might be helpful in fighting the daoist who could summon jiangshi in large quantities.

Thereafter, Grid’s party moved west. The residents’ report was correct. The jiangshi were entering Pangea from the crumbling western wall. Grid and the residents advanced while cutting through the jiangshi. Simultaneously, they tracked down the daoist in the direction of the jiangshi. Then the party was able to arrive at a deep cave under a cliff. The jiangshi were jumping out of it.

“Kill them...!” The residents were filled with killing intent. They didn’t intend to forgive the daoist who was making the jiangshi and attacking Pangea. Due to him, they didn’t have a chance to restore the city and had even lost several family members and friends. Grid stood at the forefront of the group, and the light elemental above Grid’s head revealed the dark cave.

...How far had they ventured into the cave? In the depths of the cave, three large jiangshi popped out. They were blood jiangshi. Blood jiangshi weren’t made from the same materials as the steel and poison jiangshi. They had the blood of virgins mixed with all types of drugs, making them three times faster and stronger. They also had some intelligence, so they were difficult to deal with.

Heok!” The residents were greatly impacted when they saw the blood jiangshi. They felt great despair at the sight of the blood jiangshi who were stronger than their warriors. On the other hand, Grid maintained his calm.

“Link.” He unleashed a sword dance that made him look as dazzling as a butterfly. Three blood jiangshi, that could even threaten an army, were cut into dozens of pieces in a matter of seconds. Grid’s cold gaze fell on the shaking body of a middle-aged man, who was the daoist hiding deep inside the cave. The middle-aged man was pale with fright after seeing Grid take care of the three blood jiangshi in an instant.

“You should’ve at least prepared the black horse jiangshi if you want to deal with me...” As Grid spoke, a chill went down Grid’s spine. It was due to the direction of the frightened daoist’s gaze. He was not looking at Grid but behind Grid.

‘Who...?’ Grid hurriedly turned his head. There was a gust of wind, and the bodies of some of the blacksmiths and residents standing behind Grid exploded like firecrackers. Grid’s chest was crushed by a strong pressure.

[You have suffered 29,590 damage.]

It felt like he was hit by a debuff that decreased his defense. Grid panted while staring at the man in the full dopo. (Link:

[You have discovered a strong person of this era!] 

[The Hero King’s fighting energy has started to boil!] 

The man stood there, surrounded by the corpses of the blacksmiths and residents. The yangban Garam had a distorted smile on his face. “I was trying to catch you, but there is a bunch of junk here.”