Chapter 920

‘It works better than I thought.’

Grid had the Minerals Strengthening skill. As the name suggested, it was a skill that could enhance the performance of minerals. It was a good skill just based on the description. However, its actual utility was low.

The weight of the materials which could be put into the ‘strengthening frame’ was limited to 30 grams, and it took 30 days to complete the strengthening. Grid had been strengthening blue orichalcum for the past seven years, but the weight of the strengthened blue orichalcum that he had secured was only around 2.5 kilograms. He needed 4 kilograms to make an average one-handed sword. Therefore, Grid couldn’t get enough minerals to make a sword despite his seven years of investment. It was a skill that was virtually obsolete.

This was from before he met God Hexetia.

[Legendary Minerals Strengthening]

[-Strengthens the performance and durability of minerals by using the strengthening frame.

Mineral weight that can be placed into the strengthening frame: up to 1 kilogram.

Time needed for the strengthening: 3 days.]

The ‘special event’ that occurred when Grid produced the sixth myth rated item during his confrontation with God Hexetia was an upgrade to the Minerals Strengthening skill.

In fact, Grid hadn’t been very happy. It was a skill that had unnecessarily occupied his skills window for seven years. He still didn’t feel any appreciation for it now that the skill had been upgraded. However, Grid changed his mind after securing a large amount of strengthening minerals and using them in a set of armor for Noll.

‘Good. I did well by strengthening the blue orichalcum and black iron.’

Black iron was one of the most commonly available minerals. There was a lot of demand for it, but it was a mineral that could be bought if there was money. On the other hand, the supply of blue orichalcum was so small that it couldn’t be bought even with money. It had a better performance than black iron, and the Overgeared Kingdom had been monopolizing the blue orichalcum that was dropped from the Guardian of the Forest. The first result of the strengthened black iron and blue orichalcum was Noll’s armor:

[Valhalla of Strong Trust]

[Rating: Myth

Durability: 1,745/1,745   Defense: 1,322

* 30% increase in health recovery.

* 20% reduction in damage from physical attacks and magic attacks.

* Adds defense when dealing with multiple enemies (100 defense per five people) 

* 20% increase in physical defense and magic resistance in dark places.

* The passive skill ‘Immobile Fortress’ will be generated.

-The armor that Grid, the legendary blacksmith who went against a god, made based off Khan’s work.

The strengthened black iron covers the entire body while the steel plates made of blue orichalcum cover the shoulders, chest, and waist.

The owner of this armor will shine brilliantly in the darkness and will become the god of the battlefield spoken about for a long time.

Weight: 4,770

User Restriction: Level 400 or higher. 3,200 strength. 2,200 stamina.]

‘Unlike Khan’s Valhalla of Infinite Affection, this lacks the ‘birth background’ but it is myth rated. It is extremely durable and has high defense thanks to the strengthened minerals.’

It reflected the intentions of the maker, Grid.

Grid used the blue orichalcum in hopes of enhancing the racial traits of vampires, who ruled over the night. He also used some characteristics of Valhalla of Infinite Affection in hopes of strengthening Noll’s recovery ability. Additionally, he didn’t forget Noll’s potential to become stronger against a large number of prey and referred to the options attached to Dainsleif. The results were a boost to his blood absorption, increased defense in the dark, and increased defense when dealing with multiple enemies. 

It was a new enlightenment for Grid.

‘Having a variety of production methods gives me a better understanding of various types of options and how to elicit them.’

In this sense, the benefit of having the Overgeared Guild was huge. They ran to Grid every time they got a new production method.

‘Come to think of it, I have been able to concentrate on various quests thanks to my colleagues... Unlike other blacksmiths, I don’t have to waste time finding production methods.’

Of course, it wasn’t a one-sided benefit. Grid steadily produced items for his colleagues, and the value was no less than the benefits that he obtained. Noll was hopping around. “Grid! Look at this! Hahat! This armor is brilliant! It has a blue shine!”

“Yes. It is great.” 

[Affinity with ‘Noll’ has risen by 20.]

The Valhalla of Strong Trust was worth billions of won. No, it was an item that could be sold for tens of billions of won. However, nowadays, Grid didn’t move for mere wealth. He was just happy to see his colleagues and subordinates rejoicing. Grid knew from experience that his colleagues and subordinates becoming stronger was worth more than money.

‘I’m sorry that the shield is only unique rated but...’

It was too unrealistic to make a legendary shield. Grid could be stuck here for several months if he clung to the ‘rating’ upon which luck had an effect but Grid was a busy person.

“Then I’m going.” Grid cleaned up his various tools and rose from his spot. Noll’s expression hardened as he spun around with the triangular shield in one hand. “You’re going already?”

“The shield took three days, and the body armor another three days. I’ve been here for almost a week already. I have to go back now.”

“I have lived for over 200 years."


“One week... is short.”


Noll’s small fingers grabbed Grid’s collar in a pathetic manner. It made Grid uncomfortable about leaving a young boy alone in this dark and desolate city. Still, he couldn’t afford to be sentimental. He had to check the statuses of Piaro, Asmophel, and Mercedes.

“Noll, you have to protect this place.”

“Why? Is it due to the fields? How much larger should I expand the fields?”

“I don’t know exactly. Just continue farming for the next 153 days. Once the fields expand to a certain size, it can be recognized as a territory and will belong to my kingdom.”

“153 days? I have to farm for 153 more days? I have to keep chewing on these potatoes?”

“Didn’t you say you have lived for over 200 years? Isn’t one week short? Then 153 days will go by fast.”

“One week and 153 days are different! This... After 153 days, can I follow you?” Noll stopped shouting and asked carefully. He seemed to want to be with Grid. In fact, Grid also wanted this. A strong NPC like Noll would be a great power for Grid. Lord would also be glad to have a male friend around his age... 

There was one problem though. “Unfortunately, you are the only person who can rule this place. Most of my colleagues and subordinates are human and can’t live in an underground city. It’s getting hard for me to breathe just living here for a week.”

“Then what? I have to stay here all my life?”

“It can’t be helped. In any case, you can’t see the sun, right?”

Bah, this body is made of pure blood. Sunlight somewhat restrains me, but... Wait. How about asking someone else to rule this place on my behalf?”


“A vampire like me.”

“Yes, but... don’t the other vampires sleep differently from you? I will tell you in advance, but someone who always sleeps can’t be the lord.”

For someone to be a lord, they had to exercise the minimum of operating skills. They had to develop the city and collect taxes. A lord with low intelligence or no ability to operate a city would ruin it rather than develop it. It was one of the reasons why Lauel was searching for talent every day. Noll made an angry expression. “Damn Yatan jerk...”

He hated the Curse of Idleness. However, it was still cursing a god, and Grid was relieved when he once again realized that Noll wasn’t normal. The fact that he and Noll were on the same side was reassuring.

“Then I’m really going. Watch over the city well for 153 days. I want to accept your people as soon as possible.”

The vampire cities were a rare hunting ground where vampire rings and elixirs dropped. While the Overgeared Guild controlled the vampire cities, the control wasn’t perfect. Forces frequently invaded the cities without permission. They even hurt the Overgeared soldiers stationed at the city’s entrance. As such, they were included in the main enemies that the Overgeared Kingdom had to deal with.

Bah, you are the only human who can step onto my land.”

“That’s reassuring.” Grid smiled and waved.

Noll watched Grid’s retreating back and muttered in a small voice, “The armor and shield... Thank you.”

It was the first time he had received a gift since he was born. He couldn’t be ungrateful.


Sparks appeared on a straight path that had nothing left. They were the remnants of Draw Sword.

Cough...” Blood flowed from Peak Sword’s right arm as the sword returned to its sheath. It was due to the gauntlets he was wearing on his right hand.

[Blue Dragon’s Gauntlet]

This was a gauntlet made from the Blue Dragon’s Breath that Peak Sword obtained from the National Competition last year. It was an item which maximized the power of Draw Sword by greatly increasing attack power and attack speed, but the penalty was too much. The ‘Lightning Speed’ effect that had a certain chance of triggering doubled the power of Draw Sword in exchange for consuming 12% of the user’s health and causing a ‘one-arm fracture’ for five seconds. A fracture was directly linked to a decline in combat power, so the activation of Lightning Speed was a double-edged sword.

‘I wanted to increase the rating before the National Competition started...’ 

Last year, the gold medalists of the Overgeared Guild like Peak Sword and Yura received the sacred creatures’ byproducts as Grid had advised. They had asked Grid to make items, but the results were all ranged from unique to legendary. Among them, Peak Sword’s Blue Dragon’s Gauntlet had a unique rating.

However, Peak Sword didn’t feel too much regret. In the first place, he hadn’t hoped for a myth rated item, and the rating of the Blue Dragon’s Gauntlet was preceded with ‘growth-type.’

Yes, the Blue Dragon’s Gauntlet was an item that could grow to a minimum of the legendary level. If the rating increased, then it was likely that the penalty, which was the sole disadvantage of the Blue Dragon’s Gauntlet, would be mitigated. In comparison to similar items, there was a lot more room to boost the Blue Dragon’s Gauntlet performance, and Peak Sword was looking forward to it.

The problem was that the accumulation of item experience was going far slower than Peak Sword’s expectations. Peak Sword had spent eight months raising the Blue Dragon’s Gauntlet, and it was only at 20%. He had stuck to hunting grounds except for when he was doing quests.

‘There is a reason why God Grid couldn’t summon Elfin Stone despite a few years passing...’

Peak Sword recalled that God Grid had often said that a ‘growth type item is truly X’. Then he recalled the news articles about Grid not participating in the National Competition that emerged today.

‘By now, those scum will be swearing at God Grid, right?’

Peak Sword’s affection toward Grid was close to infinite. The hero who had elevated his country’s honor and helped him countless times... Peak Sword felt extreme admiration toward Grid and was disgusted with the people who swore at him. Every time he read an article criticizing Grid, he logged in with the Internet ID called ‘Peak Dislike.’

“It can't be helped. I’ll go and make a clean comment.”

In any case, it was time to have lunch. He logged out without regret and turned into the head of the Patriotic Association, Kang Daehan. The real-time search queries were all about Grid. There were endless articles about Grid’s declaration of non-participation in the National Competition.

Kang Daehan logged into the Peak Dislike account and clicked onto an article at the top of the rankings. He was ready to ‘recommend’ every comment sympathetic to Grid and ‘report’ every comment condemning Grid. However...

“These scum talking about things they don’t know about... Huh?

He sorted by recommendations and didn’t find any bad comments about Grid.

-Being absent from the largest event held once a year... Perhaps God Grid has a problem with his health? I’m really worried.

Recommendations: 21,034  Dislikes: 509

-I’m praying for God Grid’s recovery.

Recommendations: 18,110  Dislikes: 288

-Grid should take a break once in a while... The spotlight and expectations of the people are on him every year, he must be burdened... I think it is good for him to rest for a year. It is a shame about the gold medal rewards, but rest is important.

Recommendations: 14,500  Dislikes: 1,209

-In my opinion, last year’s Reinhardt invasion has a great influence. Immortal or other groups might invade Reinhardt if there are no Overgeared members there. Grid’s idea is probably to prevent the same thing from repeating... Why isn’t the S.A Group improving the system? The communication isn’t good.

Recommendations: 13,990  Dislikes: 102

-I’m cheering on the Korean representatives! Please work harder for Grid who is watching from a distance!

Recommendations: 12,010  Dislikes: 93

“Wow...” Kang Daehan realized that he wasn’t the only person who loved Grid. All Korean people cherished Grid. Of course...

[(Column) Grid is full.]

[We don’t know the exact compensation that Grid gained from each of the past National Competitions. They were certainly a big help for Grid at the time, but they aren’t items that will give a boost to the current Grid.

Grid is full.

The National Competition is only a waste of time for the present Grid. He has built up his own strength and isn’t afraid to ignore the wishes of the people

He has abandoned his country and his people.]

This was the attitude of the experts. They needed stimulating material to attract the public’s attention, and it was rare for Grid to have such inflammatory materials.

“These scum...”

Kang Daehan picked up his phone. He planned to exercise the power of the Patriotic Association.