Chapter 459

『 Grid’s victory!! 』

‘This is ridiculous.’

He only struck a few times before Dean died! Grid was astonished.

‘How did he reach the semi-finals if he was so weak?’

Currently, Iyarugt had 98.3% experience. It wouldn’t be long before the rating increased. Grid’s goal was to accumulate as much experience as possible before meeting Kraugel. But Dean was too weak. He only received a few strikes before dying. It was embarrassing because it was unintended.

‘I should’ve adjusted my power.’ 

Hao, Chris, Damian, and Pon. He lost touch with reality because he only dealt with strong people through the PvP. His mistake was not adjusting his strength for Dean.


Grid cleared his throat as he logged out. Lauel’s expression was frustrated as he sat with the US representatives.

‘Now everything depends on Kraugel.’

It was correct to say that it returned to the beginning. Without relying on anything else, fighting using his own strength to create the desired result. Kraugel had always been like that.

‘Have strength.’

If you want to save your mother. Lauel clenched his fists as the match to determine the third place started. It was between Skull, who was defeated by Kraugel, and Dean, who was defeated by Grid. The winner was naturally Skull. Skull had a fierce battle against Kraugel and his skills as the 8th place ranker weren’t lacking compared to the other winning candidates.

"Well fought, Skull!"

"I won’t forget your performance!”

The Americans in the crowd started to shout Skull’s name. Skull, who struggled to the end to make his country first in the rankings, left a big impression on the American people.

“Next year... Next year will be different...”

The image of Skull tearing up as he resented his own helplessness was engraved in their minds. Lauel also felt guilty. He deliberately lost in the siege so that he could bring Kraugel to Overgeared. His conscience was pained because he was the reason his country lost first in the overall rankings. But Lauel was the chief of staff for Overgeared. It was natural for him to be faithful to that role.

“This is the fate of those who bear a mission... I will pay this price in my next life...”

The hands and feelings of the US representatives curled as Lauel spoke in his own language.


The long-awaited PvP finals!

It was the main stage of the National Competition which had been going on for almost a month, so the interest and expectations of the people were very high. Even the elderly had their channels fixed on the Satisfy competition. In particular, Russia and South Korea were in an uproar.

In this match, the first ranked country would be decided. Therefore, there was heated cheering for Grid and Kraugel.

『 I am so proud of Grid. Hasn’t South Korea’s status in Satisfy increased thanks to Grid? I’m so excited when I see that foreign players can no longer make fun of South Korea on the Internet. 』

『 I never dreamed that South Korea could be ranked first! Thanks to Grid, I’m enjoying watching the National Competition. 』

『 The chicken sales have increased by 2,000% during this period! Grid saved our store that was almost ruined! He is the benefactor of my family! 』

『 My parents are quite old and not interested in Satisfy... These days, they have started to show interest after watching the news about Grid. Thanks to that, I have a capsule at home. Of course, it was purchased from the Comet Group. 』

『 Recently, the Satisfy membership for people over 70 is increasing rapidly. The elderly are saying that Satisfy is like a second life... 』

『 As the stock prices of the S.A. Group and the Comet Group are surging rapidly, South Korea’s economic rate is also soaring. Experts call this the ‘Grid effect’... 』

『 Recently, the number of Japanese and Chinese tourists have increased rapidly. They are visiting the area on the outskirts of Seoul, where buildings are being constructed under the names of Grid and the Overgeared members. Economists say this is a phenomenon that suggests a new main street. 』

『 The best K-pop group, ‘We are Legendary Class’ has announced a new song ahead of the PvP finals. The title of the new song is ‘God Grid’s Praise Song’ and the lyrics wishing for Grid to win the National Competition are receiving favorable reviews. Two minutes after its release, it is first place in various real time music sites. Their agency, Urek Entertainment, is confident that the God Grid’s Praise Song will enter the Billboard chart as well. 』

『 I received information that top star Song Yekyo, who is loved for her cute appearance and glamorous body, has secretly left for Paris last night.  Song-ssi also wrote posts on her SNS supporting Grid. After seeing that Song-sii is going directly to Paris to support Grid, netizens are concerned that Song-ssi will be his conquest after Yura and Jishuka. 』

『 The president said that we should nurture a second and third Grid at a luncheon with representatives of the ruling and opposing parties. Unexpectedly, the members of both parties all agreed. The Satisfy Rankers Training Policy will be brought up in the near future to the parliament... 』

The wavelength generated by Grid was overturning all of South Korea. Grid’s parents and his sister Sehee became worried once things became too big. They were worried that the people’s excessive interest might put a strain on Grid. There was also the chance that people would stick to Grid and mislead him in the wrong directly.

But there was no need to worry. Grid had already become accustomed to people’s attention since he became lord of Reidan. He knew how to manage himself well. Also, when people changed, the environment also changed. Now many talents were gathered around Grid and actively assisting him.


『 Who dares to doubt Grid’s abilities after he climbed to the finals by defeated the winning candidates? Grid is the strongest. 』 

『 However, that is on the premise of ‘after Kraugel.’ In the winner’s prediction survey that was held again, only 5% expected Grid to win. Almost everyone is confident that Kraugel will win. 』

『 It’s unavoidable. Kraugel’s undefeated myth is well-known, and the abilities he has shown is beyond Grid. 』

『 One variable is that Grid has an immortal skill. I think the key to this match is Grid’s immortal skill 』


A 30 minute break was given before the finals would take place and Kraugel was in the waiting room. He meditated with his eyes closed, only thinking about his mother.


The only thing in the world that was irreplaceable. She lost her husband at a young age due to illness and sacrificed her life to raise her son. 

‘I can sacrifice everything.’

“The effect of this new drug is certain. The clinical trials are done. However, there are no plans for commercialization. Why? Because I know its tremendous value. This medicine will be one of Russia’s powerful bargaining tools. Haha, medicine should be used to heal people? That’s right. However, it’s only the people with value.”

If he wanted it, improve his status in Russia! Kraugel once again thought about the Russian government’s proposal. Then he opened the pendant with a portrait of his mother that he always carried around.


Kraugel had no memories of a healthy mother. She used her weak body to raise her son alone, becoming a middle-aged woman who suffered from illness. This was a chance to repay all that she had done for him. Yes, this was a unique opportunity.


He would be sure to see her healthy smile.


He absolutely couldn’t fail. Kraugel ate all the poison in his heart and rose from his seat. There was five minutes until the finals started.


“Lauel, why don’t you report the truth to Grid? If we explain Kraugel’s situation to Grid, won’t it easily solve the problem? A person’s life is at stake. Grid will choose defeat and Kraugel will join the guild.”

This was Vantner’s opinion. Jishuka answered his foolish question.

"Lauel doesn’t want to place strain on Grid.”

The reason that Lauel wanted to recruit Kraugel was purely for Grid and Overgeared. In addition, he knew how much Grid had been looking forward to winning against Kraugel. If Grid knew about Kraugel, his dream would be broken and he would receive psychological pressure.

This was contrary to the reason for recruiting Kraugel Lauel wished for a natural result that Grid could adapt to.

“Objectively, it’s good to pray for Lauel’s wish to come true.”

But Jishuka’s heart was different.

“Grid, win.”

It wasn’t necessary to drag Grid down due to Kraugel’s matters. Jishuka knew how hard Grid worked and she wished for his dream to come true.


『 There are numerous ways to describe this person, but this one will suffice. The peak of two billion users! Kraugel!! 』


“The sky above the sky! The sky above the sky! The sky above the sky!”

“Show us the dignity of the 1st ranked user!”

The crowd chanted as Kraugel climbed onto the stage. They were fans, regardless of which country they came from. The shouts for Grid were also incredible.

『 The fury of South Korea! The first legendary class! Grid!! 』

"Go Grid!”

"Show me there is no eternal majesty.”


Duguen! Duguen! Duguen!

Grid couldn’t hear the loud cheering sound. He could only hear his strong heartbeat. That’s right. Grid was nervous. He tried not to show it. He didn’t want to look strained in front of someone he considered a rival.


Before the host announced the start of the match. Grid faced Kraugel with a solemn gaze and declared.

“I will obtain the title of the strongest.”