Chapter 456

The US representatives who were supporting Skull on one side.

“It’s ridiculous.”

They started to deny Damian's words. 1 year and 8 months ago, Grid had raided the pope alone? It wasn’t something that could be understood with common sense.

“That’s when the rankers would’ve had their second class.” 

“Grid would’ve been around level 200. At the time, Grid wouldn’t have the specs to raid a named boss.”

At the time, the Tzedakah Guild had just raided Malacus and became famous. Considering that Grid was a member of the Tzedakah Guild, it was likely that they raided Pope Drevigo as a guild.

“Damian is a lunatic who calls Grid a ‘god.’ Most of what he says about Grid is a bluff and exaggeration.”

“I agree.”

The US representatives denied reality. Was it possible for one level 200 user to raid a pope? But surprisingly, Zibal believed Damian’s words.

‘It’s certainly possible.’

The pope was a priest. Compared to his level, his combat ability and defense was inevitably low. First, he was a humanoid boss with low health.

‘Grid’s nonsensical items and offensive power can neutralize the pope’s heals, killing him. Of course, that is on the assumption that a one-on-one situation was created.’

The US representatives were buzzing.

‘You are stupid people.’

Lauel made a proud expression because he knew the truth.

‘Grid was exactly level 150 when he raided the pope. It’s a story that I heard directly from Grid.’

What level 200? Well, Grid was able to raid Pope Drevigo due to Damian’s buff, but that wasn’t important. Listening to Damian, Grid had actually fought the pope alone.

‘Grid is the best.’

Grid had accomplished a unique feat and kept walking forward. Lauel once again felt thrilled by Grid.

‘I also hope that you win.’

As someone who swore allegiance to Grid and a fan, Lauel sincerely hoped so. He wanted to see Grid collapse the sky above the sky above the whole world. However, Lauel was a politician.  Since he wanted glory for Overgeared and Grid, Lauel’s reason had a desire for the opposite result.


There was no one who could win forever. Everyone was supposed to taste frustration. This was life.

‘If you are going to taste frustration anyway, wouldn’t it be nice to do it at a good timing?’

The Overgeared Guild no longer needed to be afraid if Kraugel successfully joined. The seven guilds? The hidden forces, including the Blood Carnival? They weren’t worth anything. The Overgeared Guild would be able to challenge the vampire cities, the East Continent, hell, all types of territories, dragon lairs, and even the Saharan Empire.

Lauel imagined it. Grid winning the title of the first user king and his right arm, Kraugel. Then the Overgeared members... It was an ideal composition that would lead to a perfect future.

“Please... Please.”

Lauel suppressed his personal feelings and focused on reason. He could do this because Grid was the type of person who used frustration as a stepping stone for his efforts. Lauel’s trust in Grid was absolute.


The mysterious person who killed Pope Drevigo and brought the Rebecca Church into a new phase was Grid? The spectators and viewers who knew the amazing truth was suspicious, but they were also extremely excited. There was a sense of reverence in their eyes as they gazed at Grid.

“Player Grid!”

The host didn’t forget his duty in this inflamed atmosphere. Countless questions poured towards Grid.

“Did you really raid Drevigo? Did you get to know Damian in the process? What were the circumstances behind raiding Drevigo? What type of person was Drevigo? Ah! What type of items did Drevigo drop?”


Grid didn’t respond to the host’s questions. He had no obligation to answer and his mind was already focused on Damian.


Since the first day they met, Damian’s eyes had always been on Grid. Grid didn’t mind. Damian always looked at him with a bright smile and spoke his true heart. Damian might be four years older than Grid, but it felt like watching his younger brother.



Damian smiled and immediately replied to Grid’s call. If Grid demanded his surrender, he would immediately agree. However, Grid didn’t hope for an easy victory.

“Do your best.”

Grid knew better than anyone that he was still lacking to challenge Kraugel. Grid felt the need to grow, and Damian was strong enough to be the driving force of that growth. Damian might underestimate himself, but Grid highly appreciated Damian’s strength.

Damian reminded him of Kraugel. In particular, the nonsense buff that raised accuracy by 80%... It made it impossible to avoid or defend against attacks.

"I will challenge you with all my heart!”

Damian’s eyes shone like lanterns. His confidence in Grid was absolute and he was convinced he couldn’t beat Grid. He would just try his best.

“Divine Protection, Incarnation of Light, Goddess’ Blessing, Light's Blessing, and Divine Favor.”

They were skills that were indispensable for the Goddess’ Agent class and pope position. The skill names were similar, plain, and didn’t have much impact. It was similar to the skills that a priest used. However, the actual strength was absolute.


Flash flash!

There were flashes of green, white, and golden light pillars as Damian’s attack, defense, and accuracy were increased and a damage neutralizing shield was created. The duration of all buffs was three minutes.

“I can only show the majesty of a pope for three minutes. I still can’t reach your toes.”

Grid grasped Grid’s Greatsword, which had the option to increase skill damage, and activated the Rune of Darkness socketed in the centre of the greatsword.

“You keep on disappointing me whenever you say that.”

[The Rune of Darkness effect is activated. Demonic power has permanently increased by 10. For one minute, 20% addition shadow damage will be added to normal attacks and skills.]


[Your black magic power has increased.] 

[You don’t have any black magic power. It will be replaced with demonic power.]

[While Blackening is activated, your species will change to half-demon.]

[As a half demon, your maximum health is reduced by 50%. Your attack power, magic power and agility will increased by 20% each.]

[All attacks will be converted to the black magic attribute.]


An ominous black energy appeared around Grid. Lantier’s Cloak also turned black.

“Blacksmith's Rage and Quick Movements.”


It happened when Grid used all his buffs. Grid, whose skin was whitened from Blackening, suddenly appeared right in front of Damian.

“Continuous Stab.”



It was a rare skill acquired in the reservist training reproduced in the Behen Archipelago! Grid used this multi-hit skill instead of Pagma’s Swordsmanship to get rid of Damian’s one-time attack neutralization shield. But Damian was in a full buff state.

He reacted perfectly to Grid’s move, setting up a square shield to prevent all attacks. A light shone from the side of the shield. It was the moment that Damian exerted his swordsmanship, which he developed from doing field work with Piaro.


[You have suffered 9,900 damage.]

Grid suffered terrible damage as he was stabbed in the stomach. Damian exerted the ultimate divine power and also had the attack power buff, so it was impossible for it not hurt. But Grid was calm. He attacked Damian’s right wrist that was exposed beyond the shield with Link. Grid had used Link hundreds or thousands of times, so he was used to unfolding the footwork in a minimal space.




[Goddess' Protection has invalidated the enemy’s attack.]

[The absolute shield has disappeared.]

“As expected from Grid...!”

Damian felt admiration as he blocked all of the Link strikes except for one. Grid confirmed the disappearance of the green light around Damian and used Pinnacle Kill, since it would be able to get through Damian’s high defense. Suddenly, Grid had a question.

‘Why did he use the shield in advance?’

If he was Damian, he would use the shield at the right timing to neutralize a skill. Why did he meaninglessly consume it ahead of time...? Grid cancelled the casting of Pinnacle Kill and moved. Damian counterattacked with his shield and shouted with a smile.

“As expected from Grid! You didn’t bite the bait! Goddess’ Wrath!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Damian and Grid’s swords exchanged blows. At the same time, there were two white flashes from the magic circles behind Damian. The target was naturally Grid. Grid would be hit because he was busy exchanging blows with Damian. But Grid had the God Hands.


Two God Hands stiffened as they blocked the white flashes, while the other two God Hands fired Magic Missiles and hit Damian’s wrist. Damian’s sword became dull for a moment and Grid used Pinnacle in this gap.



He was hit in the face and Damian entered a state of ‘blindness.’ It was because blood entered his eyes.



Fortunately, the duration of blindness was only two seconds. It only took two seconds. Damian raised the shield and hid behind it like a turtle. Grid moved to the rear and repositioned it by taking advantage of the repulsive force of an attack. This allowed the shield to be lifted. He accurately struck with Kill.

『 ... 』

The commentators of the international broadcasting stations were silent. Since Grid and Damian in full buff state were so fast, few people could understand the battle process and explain it in real time.