Chapter 486

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid’s production of Mjolnir lasted 10 days and nights. It was his desire to create a perfect work. Braham was amazed.

‘This guy’s concentration...'

It was truly beyond imagination. It was more than when Pagma made the pavranium. It felt like he was looking at Mumud researching magic.

‘...A genius of effort.’

Grid’s overall talent was lacking when compared to Mumud and Pagma. In the first place, he wasn’t someone who could be placed on the same level as such geniuses. But his effort and will to pursue the best wasn’t lacking. Braham saw this very positively.

‘There is no talent as important as effort. Well, if he had extra talent than he could grow a lot faster than he is now.’

It was really great when seeing it, but also very poor. Braham tsked and felt sorry.

“Shit... This time is also a failure.”

Grid threw the unique rated Mjolnir back into the furnace. He was exploiting the fact that adamantium and the drake’s fangs had a very high durability. He would repeatedly destroy and remake it until Mjolnir was finished with a legendary rating.

'Hah, this guy really... He’s starting that hard work again from the beginning?’

Braham didn’t know how many times it had been already. Maybe Grid would repeat this for the next few months. Braham realized that Grid’s determination was at a fearsome level.


"Grid is still at the smithy?”

Grid had been stuck in the smithy for a fortnight.

"He should be devoting himself to hunting while the experience buff is still present. Why is he making items now?”

“Yes. He isn’t lacking weapons. He’s wasting the experience buff.”

Some of the Overgeared members couldn’t understand it. But Jishuka, Lauel, Regas, Pon, Ibellin, etc. Those who were classified as geniuses understood Grid’s feelings.

"He has to solve the problem first.”

"Rationally, Grid knows that this is wrong.”

“But he would rather place satisfaction before efficiency.”

"It’s so his motivation can burn until the end. Yes.”


It was true that the difference between a genius and a fool was one sheet of paper.


The abyss.

Iyarugt’s soul was displeased. He recovered his power to a certain extent. However, Grid didn’t summon him, making him feel frustrated.

‘I will fix his head the next time we meet.’

The demonkin were those who followed the principle of the ‘survival of the fittest.’ Among the demonkin, there were those born innately strong. From Iyarugt’s point of view, it didn’t make sense to serve Grid, who was weaker than him.

'Yes, I have to make our relationship clear. After showing him the difference in power between us, I will make him my servant.’

He would make Grid find him prey and regain the powers of the past. Then!

‘I will defeat Zepar!’

The 29th great demon, Zepar. Iyarugt couldn’t forgive the demon who dismissed the swordsmanship he spent his whole life developing. His soul was sealed by Zepar’s cowardly move and his grudge that he nursed over the last 300 years pierced the sky.


Iyarugt’s soul expressed his killing intent. He was spending time in this deep darkness when a familiar voice was heard.

“Come, Iyarugt.”

It was Grid. Iyarugt didn’t know how long it had been since he last saw Grid.



The darkness of the abyss that Iyarugt was floating in was split in half. Iyarugt moved towards the light.


The air flowing into his lungs tasted so good. Grid didn’t let him enjoy this feeling of liberation.

"Why do you say the same thing every time you appear? Isn’t this concept too boring?”

The grey haired Iyarugt grabbed the blood red sword and scoffed.

"Funny guy. A weak person like you is looking at me without any fear.”

Now, shall he fix this habit? The determined Iyarugt aimed his sword at Grid.

“Kneel down. That is the difference between you and me.”


It was a trend that appeared in manhwa decades ago. Grid replied bluntly, “You are corny.”

“I guess that’s your answer!”

Iyarugt let out a thunderous shout. Then he aimed his demonic sword at Grid’s thigh. Grid stopped his attack and swung his sword in the same direction. It was a black longsword never seen before. It looked like a newly made weapon, but Iyarugt didn’t care. Grid’s skills were so far below him that changing weapons wouldn’t matter.

‘I can easily take care of you!’


Iyarugt twisted his wrist slightly. Then the bloody sword flying towards Grid’s thigh changed orbits and headed towards Grid’s jaw. It was like a snake striking. No one could respond. Iyarugt was confident that his attack would hit and smiled.



Grid’s new black sword. All of a sudden, it split into two and one of them blocked Iyarugt’s irregular attack. The other one cut Iyarugt’s thigh.

“Separating swords...! This shallow guy! Kuock!”

Iyarugt’s demonic sword hit Grid’s sword. He used the strongest sword technique, Sublime Sword. But before it could be activated.


Four God Hands flew from all directions, swinging hammers. The immense golden hammer burst through the air, causing Iyarugt to flinch. He hurriedly hit one of them while hastily defending against another flash. The red eyes that saw the best sword path...

‘Can I stop all of them?’ He defended against the golden hammers that were flying from all directions. ‘It doesn’t make sense that there’s no way to avoid them!’ 

Iyarugt used footwork and tried to shake off the God Hands. But it was pointless no matter what he did.


Peok peok peok!


The golden hammers boasted overwhelming weight. The divine power hit Iyarugt in the back of the head, causing him to lose his spirit for a moment. He stumbled and Grid’s black sword pierced his heart. Grid whispered to him, "Shall we try again tomorrow?”


‘Heok! W-What?’

It was difficult to grasp the situation.

Once he recovered his mind, he was in the abyss again.


The hammers that couldn’t be avoided?

What the hell was that hammer’s identity?

Iyarugt’s soul was in chaos.


‘Wonderful. The weapon exerts more power than expected.’

An old demon called Iyarugt. He was a ghost like Braham. His body and momentum were mere illusions and the magic coming from him was weak and unimpressive. It was like a candle on the verge of being snuffed out. But what was this? Iyarugt was strong.

Despite being a ghost, he demonstrated abilities similar to a true blood baron. During the fight against Maxong of the water clan, he had been surprised to see Iyarugt’s swordsmanship. He even assumed that Iyarugt wasn’t as strong as a great demon.

But right now.


Iyarugt lost to Grid. It was in an instant. It was thanks to Mjolnir. Iyarugt couldn’t escape from Mjolnir’s attack and died. It was evidence that Mjolnir’s accuracy and attack power was deadly. Iyarugt returned to the sword. Grid smiled broadly and said to the admiring Braham.

“This is all thanks to you.”

Braham had successfully made a variant of Magic Detection (Enhanced). The detection range was narrowed to less than 1 meter, but the pursuit ability was strengthened and it was converted to a passive that was safely attached to Mjolnir. Thanks to this, Mjolnir’s accuracy rose by 50% and the legendary rated Mjolnir had the additional accuracy rate of 85%. It wasn't an exaggeration to call it the best weapon.

“However, the power isn’t so great. As expected, the maximum damage not being unleashed is the problem.”

Unfortunately, the inherent limitations of a blunt weapon couldn’t be overcome. So what if maximum attack power was high? Due to the nature of the blunt weapon, there was a much higher chance of the minimum damage being displayed.

‘Yes? But Iyarugt couldn’t easily ignore it.’

"It isn’t because of Mjolnir’s attack power, but Iyarugt’s weak body.”

Iyarugt’s body was made of his soul and magic power. Sword Demon Iyarugt had a desperate weakness. He could only be summoned once every 24 hours and it was only for 10 minutes. His maximum health was 10,000 and his defense was even less.

It was a level where he would disappear from three or four of Grid’s blows. However, Grid highly appreciated Iyarugt. He would be useful in hunting, raids, and PvP. Iyarugt’s overwhelming attack power was sufficient to overcome his weak tanking ability. He also had sophisticated swordsmanship that didn’t allow the enemy to strike.

‘It is a perfect backwards compatibility with Kraugel.’

Of course, that was just an evaluation for this moment in time. Once Iyarugt regained some of his past power, he might surpass Kraugel. For Grid, Iyarugt was the strongest swordsman who had to be tamed.

“Well, I can easily overpower Iyurugt thanks to Mjolnir. But this guy also played a big role.”

It was evident that Mjolnir’s high accuracy was a perfect counter to Iyarugt. However, there was the black sword that created a gap in Iyarugt before Mjolnir was used. Grid looked at the longsword in his hand. From the handle to the edge of the blade, it was all black. It was to the extent that it was impossible to distinguish between the handle and the blade. At first glance, it was like a sword made of coal. But this was a perfect sword.

[Sword Ghost]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 1,109/1,110    Attack Power: 1,836

* Can be separated into small and large pieces.

* When separated, the small piece will have 930 attack power and the large piece will have 1,480 attack power.

* For every attack that hits the same target, 10% attack power will accumulate (up to 100%).

* The skill ‘Strike’ is generated.

A sword made by the legendary blacksmith Grid. It is designed to only exert a strong attack power.

The materials are the drake’s fangs, claws, bones, and scales.

The black sword is a compressed drake.

There are two knobs, one in the middle of the blade and one in the bottom, made of drake fangs. Turning the knob in the middle will separate the pieces. In addition, you can deal serious damage to the enemy’s mind if you hit the enemy with these knobs.

Since the surface is entirely black and the circumference of the blade and the knob is the same, it isn’t easy to distinguish the knob with the naked eye.

User Restriction: Level 360 or higher. Advanced Sword Mastery level 7. More than 2,500 strength. More than 3,000 dexterity.

Weight: 4,390

Iyarugt was the Sword Demon, so Grid gave this black sword the name Sword Ghost to counterattack it. It was made using all drake materials, which boasted a better performance than any other mineral in the human world. He even used the scales that were originally intended for armor.

The result was amazing. It was a one-handed sword, but it had a higher durability and attack power than Mjolnir. It was a real master weapon.

“Thanks to its separation ability, I could pierce through Iyarugt’s loopholes and create a gap. Mjolnir became more effective thanks to this.”

Grid was inspired by Kraugel in the National Competition and produced separating long swords. After 29 days of making items, he made a breakthrough.

“Then the thing I have to do now...”

Grid headed towards the auction house to look for enhancement stones.