Chapter 484


A mineral that could only be collected in the world of the gods, Asgard.

It has the strength, hardness, and brittleness desired by manufacturers. However, there is a limit.

It’s correct to say that it is a mineral close to perfection, but it can be tricky because of the strong divine power.

Smelting Conditions: Advanced Blacksmithing Level 7.

Weight: 30

‘Hoh, this is adamantium. Apart from pavranium, it could be called the best mineral along with bloodstones.’ Braham showed interest. 'What are you planning to make with this?’

“A weapon.”

In fact, he originally planned to strengthen his defense. He was able to cover his lacking physical defense without sacrificing the inherent performance if he sacrificed the adamantium to the Holy Light Set, which was classified as a light armor due to its lacking weight. Then the need to swap to Triple Layers would disappear and he could demonstrate the ideal tanking ability even if he fought against opponents with both physical and magic attacks.

But Grid changed his mind along the way. Looking back, there was no need to obsess over defense.

'For now, it’s enough to have Triple Layers and the Holy Light set.’

In the first place, Triple Layers, the Largest Gloves, the Horned Helmet, and Lantier’s Cloak were designed to withstand Lantier’s attack power. The legendary assassin Lantier. Was there any enemy likely to have a stronger attack power at the moment?

He realized it again. There was one area where Grid’s defense was lacking, but it wasn’t a big thing.

‘It is the armor swap. However, strong opponents with both physical and magic attacks are rare.’

In the first place, Grid had the immortal passive. He could hold on. It was more urgent to have a powerful attack that could knock down enemies.

‘Iyarugt’s attack power increased at the legendary rating, but there’s a gap.’

Grid lost ownership of Iyarugt when Sword Demon Iyarugt was summoned. Iyarugt was actually more efficient as a summoning tool than a weapon now. Grid needed a weapon to replace Iyarugt. However, this caused another problem. It was Blackening. If he made a weapon using adamantium that contained strong divine power, would he be able to use Blackening? He had already experienced it with Lifael’s Spear. There was a big penalty when divine power and demonic power clashed. It wasn’t stable.

‘What will you do?’

Braham glimpsed Grid’s troubles. How would Grid overcome the reaction between Blackening and divine power? It was fun to watch.

‘At best, there might be a chance if it’s fused with bloodstone.’

The bloodstone’s demonic energy would suppress adamantium’s divine power. Grid had also thought about this. But he couldn’t give up on divine power. Why? Divine power dealt catastrophic power to demonkin and the undead.

‘There are the death knights in Behen Archipelago and Agnus also has a lich and death knight.’

It was stupid to abandon adamantium’s divine power in this situation. Grid had to think. There had to be a way for Blackening and adamantium to coexist. Thus, he knocked over his ideas.

“The weapon, is there any need for me to use it directly?”


Not using the weapon himself? An average person wouldn’t understand Grid’s words. But Braham noticed it right away.

'You will make a weapon for the God Hands?’

"Bingo." Grid planned to actively take advantage of the God Hands. "A weapon made from adamantium. It won’t be affected by Blackening if the God Hands are using it.”

‘Certainly... It’s an interesting idea.’


‘Pavranium is incredible. However, it has its limits. The God Hands have weaker swordsmanship. What if they can’t threaten the enemy even if you give them a good weapon?'

That’s right. The God Hands were just a surplus power. They didn’t pose a major threat to Kraugel in the National Competition. It wasn’t just Kraugel. They were blocked once the opponent reached a certain level.

“That’s why I plan to make weapons for my God Hands.”

Grid thought about it during the fight with Kraugel. What if he made a powerful weapon that would ‘hit’ the enemy and gave it to his God Hands? The God Hands would no longer by a surplus power. The effectiveness of the God Hands in battle would be absolute. 

“The enemy will have to be on guard against both me and the God Hands. They will quickly consume their mental focus and stamina.”

‘I understand your intentions. But is there a weapon that will definitely hit the enemy?’

Swords, bows, guns. No matter how high the hit rate, an absolute accuracy wasn’t guaranteed. Non-targeted attacks could somehow be avoided.

‘In other words, it needs a targeted attack that can’t be avoided.’


Grid smiled meaningfully and asked Braham. 

"Braham, isn’t it possible with your abilities?” Magic Detection (Enhanced) showed the location of the enemy. "What if you transform that spell into a passive form? Then what if I attach it to the weapon?"

The target moving fast enough to not be followed by the eyes or dazzling movements that mislead a person would be made obsolete. Magic Detection (Enhanced) had the property of tracking the mana of the captured target to the end.

‘The weapon will move in the direction of Magic Detection.’

It was clear that the system would guarantee a high accuracy. There were obvious drawbacks. Magic Detection only found and tracked mana, so the ‘judgment’ ability was zero and danger couldn’t be detected. If people used the weapon to move in the direction that Magic Detection indicated, they could experience a major crisis. They could become subjected to a bombardment. But it was a different story with the God Hands. The God Hands had infinite durability and any damage they suffered wasn’t transferred to Grid.

"How about it? Isn’t this okay? It’s only possible if you cooperate with me.”


Braham only wanted to look at what type of weapon would be produced, but he needed to act? Braham had a high liking for Grid, but he wasn’t tolerant enough to accept Grid’s unconditional demands. He felt displeased at the idea of being used and was about to refuse.

“It’s fine if you can’t. It isn’t easy to transform magic.”

Grid provoked him.

'Who can’t do it? It’s an easy task for me!’

Braham’s strong pride meant he easily fell for the provocation. It was about personality, not being stupid.


Grid asked the embarrassed Braham.

“I need your great power. Please lend it to me.”

‘Why should I…?’

“Aren’t you looking forward to it? How powerful will the weapon made by combining the power of the legendary great magician and the legendary blacksmith be? Everyone in the world would be amazed.”


He was expectant. Working with Grid seemed to be fun.

‘I can produce a lot more than I’m expecting, like the pavranium, and it will give me a lot to research.’

He recalled the time he made the pavranium with Pagma.  His emotions became complicated. Braham was afraid that this moment with Grid might be fun, but he would someday be abandoned again.

‘Hah.’ Braham had no words, so he could only laugh. ‘I... The great magician Braham is afraid of being abandoned.’

It seemed that he’d liked Grid for quite a while. In addition, the pain he suffered when he was betrayed by Grid was too great.

‘...More than anything, I am weak.’

His soul had existed for too long without flesh. His heart was weak because there was no center. Maybe he was too old.

‘Why should I bother with a new life?’

The times were changing rapidly. A new generation was spreading their wings. There would come a point where the legends of the past became obsolete. Once Braham resurrected, it would be difficult to enjoy the glory of the past again. It was highly likely he would just suffer disgrace. 

‘Even if that doesn’t happen, I will be threatened by Marie Rose and the great demons. Now is the time to let go.’

Braham was struggling not to reveal his weak mind. He thought that Grid wouldn’t be able to hear his inner voice. However, he had been with Grid for too long. Despite Braham’s efforts, Grid read his heart. Then he said, "Why are you going to leave? You can’t leave until you teach me magic.”


Braham realized it. Grid was different from Pagma. Pagma obtained strong power for his sense of duty. He always strived for the ‘peace of the world,’ giving him a relentless aspect. It was easy for him to throw away a small tie.  Meanwhile, Grid’s vessel was small. Justice? He gave it up and only worked for himself and the people around him. That’s why Braham realized.

‘This person won’t betray me.’

He was happy. Braham talked in a cold voice to hide his heart.

‘It’s impossible for you to learn all my magic before you die. If you really want to learn magic, you can never betray me. Understood?’

Grid laughed at Braham’s words and shrugged. 

“Well, I guess so.”

Grid built a friendship with a strange person. On the other hand, there was a person watching Grid from a corner of the smithy. It was Khan.

Tears could be seen in his eyes.

“Now he is talking to himself... His illness has worsened.”

Khan misunderstood. This was why it was important to control your image.


“Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation Skill.”

[Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation Skill]

You can create three equipment item production methods every time the skill level of the ‘Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill’ goes up.

Number of items that can be created at present: 11/24.]

* When items are produced using this skill, the name of the creator is automatically placed on the item. 

The moment Grid used the skill.


There was a loud sound effect and the notification window appeared.

[What item do you want to create?]

He’d already thought about it. Grid answered quickly, “Hammer. I will make a hammer.”