Chapter 467

A transparent outer wall surrounded all of Siren. Beyond that, the deep sea views inspired awe in the viewers. However, Katz’ present appearance was more surprising than the scenery.

“Blood Warrior...! What are you doing here?”

Escente overcame the stunned state in just one second and shouted while taking a potion.

Katz snorted.

“A worthless person like you is pretending to be a landlord. Why should I tell you my reason for coming here? Who are you in the first place?”

“This crazy guy! Why are you attacking someone you don’t know?”

Escente felt resentful of Katz’ attitude before suddenly realizing.

"Aha! That's right! You're trying to make money here!”

Siren was a kingdom lacking hunting grounds and quests. There was only one reason why Katz, a high ranker, would come to this place where even level 100 users were reluctant to visit. Escente was sure of it.

“Yes...! You received the quest from White too! You came here to hunt the water clan people!”

Strictly speaking, they were on the same side. So why was he hit?

“You lousy bastard! You want to obtain the money from the water clan on your own!”

Escente was confident of his plausible reasoning. Katz thought it was cute.

“I’m moving for money? Kukuk! That’s a fresh idea.”


Wasn’t he someone with money? Katz reminded them that he was the son of Japan’s leading conglomerate.

“If that’s the case... Then you came here because...!?”

"That's right. I came here on the side of the water clan. As Grid’s servant.”

“...Servant?” (Raws is a slang word)

What? It was a unique Japanese term that Escente couldn’t understand. However, he could infer it from the current context.

‘Katz has joined Overgeared? Then the Overgeared Guild came to save Siren?’

How did this happen? Did White know about this? But he couldn't afford to think too deeply.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The shed blood from the brutally murdered water clan. It became a stream of blood that flew around Katz as a living snake. It was a very quick attack that made Escente feel surprised and desperate. As a result, he easily avoided it. The trajectory of the blood flow wasn’t complicated, so he could adapt quickly.

Kwa kwak!

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwak!

Straight, right angle, and straight line. The blood flow moved simply compared to the terrible momentum behind it. The targets weren’t hit and only the ground was broken. In the course of avoiding the bloodstream, Escente was brought to the side of his colleagues.

‘Bah! This is nothing... Wait?'

Wasn’t this too easy? Soul Predator Seuron, Ruler of the Battlefield Ares, and Blood Warrior Katz. These three were considered dangerous people who should never be met on a battlefield. On a battlefield where an enormous amount of blood was shed, Katz’ skills were enormous.

Escente predicted the worst outcome.

‘Don’t tell me...!’

Maybe moving near his colleagues while avoiding the bloodstream was Katz’ intentions? The moment that ominous thought occurred.


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The bloodstream suddenly exploded, swallowing up Escente and his colleagues.

"Kukuk! Small fries!”

A dark smile appeared on Katz’ face. As the Blood Carnival members and their army were screaming from the pain, Katz hummed happily like a psychopath. He pulled out a sword and moved among the enemy.

"Thank you for your help, but... What is with your happy expression while killing? Do you enjoy slaughtering humans?”


Originally, Katz’ personality meant he would’ve ignored the question from a NPC. But now he was a member of Overgeared and he knew that Grid respected NPCs.  Grid was a person who even married a NPC!


Katz had to consider Grid’s position and the image of the guild. He kindly answered Gulong’s question.

"That's right. Is there anything in the world as entertaining as fighting and killing?”


The faces of Gulong and the water clan soldiers turned white. It was the moment when the water clan people became more prejudiced and distrustful towards humans. It was a misfortune caused by Katz’ unnecessary kindness.


Euphemina. She had an appearance like a cute girl and was called the hidden gem of Overgeared. She was almost obscure because she didn’t have any outside activities, but she was actually one of the best powers in the team. She was active in various fields due to duplicating skills, and she always had the greatest combat power. Therefore she was considered a guardian angel of Overgeared.

Of course, this was on the premise that ‘top level skills were duplicated in large quantities.’ In this complete state, even Grid called her OP and was afraid of her. In fact, she had the power to smash Faker in the past. She even managed to fight with Piaro.

The current Euphemina was in top shape. It was possible because she had received the hidden quest from the prophet Miong for the last half a year. In the meantime, Euphemina had duplicated the skills of high ranking players. She didn’t doubt that she was the strongest.

But this battle was difficult.


The woman, who had a mature body that Grid was partial to, was extraordinarily agile. It was so fast that she couldn’t follow Black with her eyes.  It was impossible to hit her without targeted skills. Euphemina invoked one of the S-grade spells that she had saved, Giant’s Embrace, and blocked the sword coming towards her.

"Fire Hell!”


Tall pillars of fire appeared in an 8 meter area around Euphemina. It was wide area magic. There was no better means to neutralize an enemy’s swiftness than wide area magic. In the end, Black was burned. She tried to retreat from the range of the Fire Hell, but it was already too late. Euphemina completed the chant for Storm Gravity Field immediately after Fire Hell.

Kududuk! Kwaduk!

There was a strange sound and Black’s body plummeted to the ground. She was crushed by the gravity field that had increased by dozens, hundreds of times.


Was it desperation after sensing defeat? Black burst into laughter. Her body was swallowed up by a storm and Euphemina fired several more fire arrows at her. Then Black turned to grey as she died.

‘5 minutes and 31 seconds...’

Euphemina was tied up by Black for that long. In this process, eight skills had been consumed. Euphemina couldn’t help puffing up both cheeks like a squirrel.

"Really strong.”

Black wasn’t inferior to the strongest people in Overgeared. Where was this strong person hiding in the meantime? Euphemina questioned as she prepared to move to the center of the battlefield, only to look like she saw a ghost.

“Hiit! Yihihihit! How is a cute little girl like you not known to the world? I will ask my sister!”


Black. The person who turned grey had once again appeared in front of Euphemina. It was without a single injury!


It couldn’t be, because the ID was exactly the same! Euphemina’s beautiful red eyes shook. It was just like the first time she met Grid!




Siren, which had been peaceful for thousands of years, had turned into a battlefield in only 15 minutes. The city was already being devastated. There were continuous explosions as humans destroyed the civilization built in Siren and indiscriminately massacred the people.

"Stop...! Please! Please stop!”

1st Prince Paong. He was one of the strongest warriors of the water clan and was desperately resisting. He tried to beg. But it was wishful thinking. The overall power gap was so severe that the human atrocities were beyond imagination.


"Yaong! Myoong!”

The young knights who grew up with him since childhood, as well as the middle-aged knights and magicians who were his teachers. They died one by one to the humans.

"Despicable...! Wicked humans!” 

Shielding the people! Some might think he was foolish and laugh.  But the water clan couldn’t allow their own people to be hurt. By defending the ordinary residents against the enemies, the soldiers were attacked one-sidedly and easily collapsed.

White found it funny.


“You are the devil!”

The furious Paong rushed towards White. He first needed to get rid of the human female holding up him. But White was too strong. Even Paong, one of the strongest warriors of the water clan, couldn’t go against her.


She blocked his spear with her bloated belly. 


Her forearm hit Paong in the face. She had a weight of 2 tons and was a master of fighting, knowing how to use her physical characteristics properly.


“I will praise you for not comparing me to a pig.”

White smiled and blew a kiss at Paong in a creepy manner. Paong stiffened and White frowned.

"What is with that look? Do you also not like me for being fat and ugly?”


The angry White’s gigantic fist struck Paong’s face once more. Paong couldn’t believe it. How could a human without a weapon be so strong? He was feeling confused when he heard somebody’s voice.

"A martial artist who knows how to properly distribute their weight.”

A clear and clear voice. The owner of the voice without any darkness sounded convinced.

“What are you?”

Paong expressed hostility as a human male approached and held out his hand. His distrust and hatred for humans had reached the peak. Paong pointed his spear at the human male, Regas, who held out his hand with a sad expression to the end.

“Why...” The sadness in the clear eyes turned to anger. "Why do they have to taste this pain and sadness?”

Regas’ always laughing eyes turned fierce. He glared at the white haired White.

"Don’t look at me like that...! It isn’t a sin to be fat! I’m someone who will be fat even if I only drink water!"


White talked nonsense as she struck Regas’ fist. At this moment, Regas realized.

‘I’m not her opponent...!’


“I have a question.”

Beast human Toon paid a monthly rent and moved to the 5th floor of Grid’s building. He was helping Grid move in return for moving in without a deposit.

“Why don’t you hire a moving company to carry your things?”

Grid replied while carrying a box.

“Save money. Don’t you know how expensive labor costs are these days?”

“Wouldn’t it be much better for you to play the game during the time it would take for you to move everything?”

Grid’s value was astronomical. The revenue he could earn from playing the game for one hour was beyond the imagination of the general public. No, his name recognition was so great that he could make money just from saying ‘Comet Group’ on the Internet.

“Ah...!” Grid was frustrated. “Dammit...! I have been living as a poor man for so long that my sense of economics is strange!"

He was having trouble adjusting properly. Toon handed a small booklet to the tearful Grid. It was the instructions for the diamond class capsule given to Grid by the Comet Group.

"Leave the finishing up to me and go play.”

“Y-Yes... Thank you.”

Grid rushed to his room. There was anticipation in Toon’s eyes.

“How much stronger will you become?”

Toon was astounded when he discovered the capsule that Grid had been using during the moving process. The capsule used by Grid was released in the early days and was the infamous lowest priced entry-level capsule that had the ‘worst assimilation rate.’

Meanwhile, the diamond capsule was a top rated model. It was 150 times more expensive than the capsule Grid used, and its performance was overwhelming. It was incomparable to the intermediate capsules supplied to players in the National Competition.

“Don’t forget that life is about items.”

Toon laughed and called the moving center.