Chapter 462



Grid and Kraugel’s bodies rose into the sky. The blood and sweat coming from the two men scattered, reflecting like starlight.

‘His attack power is too strong.’

Kraugel was desperately exchanging blows with Grid, who was in a full buff state. Every time their swords collided, Kraugel twisted the sword’s orbit to offset the powerful destructive force, causing a rapid decline in stamina and pain in his wrist.

Above all, the big problem was the psychological pressure. What if his concentration was disturbed and he allowed one of Grid’s attacks? The result would be defeat and he wouldn’t be able to treat his mother’s illness. The tension at the thought of his mother’s health caused a huge burden on Kraugel’s mental state.


He had to win! Kraugel vowed and his concentration once again began to transcend the category of a human. He raised the passive effect of Keen Senses to the extremes and properly used dual wielding. After blocking Iyarugt with White Fang, he stabbed his dagger in the gap that was exposed.





The number of injuries on Grid started to grow. Blood intermittently covered the mask on his face.

‘It’s unbelievable.’

Grid was surprised. He had the advantage in attack power, attack speed, and stamina, so why was he the only one getting hurt? The Slaughterer’s Eye Patch and Iyarugt gave him the best path, but he never touched Kraugel’s body. It was like grasping at air.

‘This is the sky...’

No matter how hard he tried, he would never be able to reach it. The Grid of the past would’ve resented the natural difference in talent and felt inferior. He would’ve lost his temper. But now it was different. Grid no longer had a sense of inferiority. Grid started to enjoy himself.

‘If I knock you down...!’

Yes, he would prove himself to be the strongest if he defeated Kraugel. 

‘I will win the title of the strongest!’

His lack of talent wouldn’t hold onto his ankles. It was a great opportunity to prove that his effort wasn’t small.



“I will win!”


Grid shouted as loudly as possible to raise his own morale, but the battlefield was the worst. In fact, he was once again stabbed in the side by Kraugel’s dagger. The OGC station’s commentators, who had the largest number of viewers at the moment,were saddened.

『 Ahh... It will end soon. 』

『 Grid’s really great. We will never forget his actions in allowing the Korean people a new dream. 』 

『 That’s right. Grid deserves to be praised forever as the player who raised South Korea from being ridiculed in Satisfy to being able to look at first in the rankings. 』

『 In the end, Grid is defeated. However, no one should blame him. He fought well. 』

It was also alone. The young Satisfy players in Korea watching the match started to burn with motivation.

“I will be strong like Grid.”

"I will become Grid’s power in the next National Competition.”

The desire to stand on the same stage as Grid filled the hearts of the young people. That’s right. Just like Grid felt awe and envy toward Kraugel, many young people of South Korea were feeling envy towards him. The past fool who wasn’t acknowledged by anyone!

『 I don’t think God Grid is going to lose. 』

The viewers didn’t resist all the commentators predicting that Grid would lose. At the time when everyone was overwhelmed by Kraugel’s power, some people believed in Grid until the end.  One of them was OGC’s guest commentator, Peak Sword.

『 God Grid won a fight against Kraugel before. No, it wasn’t just Kraugel. He has always fought stronger enemies alone, and it’s the same this time. Definitely! 』

Starting with Peak Sword’s excitement.

"Our son will win!”


Sehee held hands with her parents and prayed for Grid.

“I bet 100,000 gold that Grid will win!”

“One million gold!”

"Then I am all in!”

"Hey, these people. We can’t bet on Grid.”

The Overgeared members.

“Dammit... We used to mock and harass you, but not anymore. You might never forgive us, but we are all acknowledging and cheering you on now. So please win, Shin Youngwoo!”

The 45th class of the Heroes High School.

"Youngwoo oppa, fighting!”

Sexy Schoolgirl Yerim.

The people who witnessed Grid’s process of change believed in Grid until the end and cheered him on. They didn’t want Grid’s efforts to be in vain. But reality didn’t flow according to faith and wishes.


Grid allowed consecutive dagger strikes and was stabbed in the neck with White Fang.


This was the end. The crowd cheered for Kraugel and the people expecting a reversal were saddened. Lauel closed his eyes tightly on the stands. He wanted Kraugel to win, but it was also painful to see Grid’s defeat.

『 Look! Grid still has hope! As seen in the Damian match, he possesses a one time immortal skill! 』

During the battle against Damian, Grid survived being hit by magic despite his extremely low health. After that, the commentators were convinced that he had an immortal passive. At this time, a notification window appeared in front of Grid.

[The effect of Evil Spirit’s Bloody Tears is activated. Your attack power will increase by 50% for 5 seconds.] 

Every time he allowed an attack from Kraugel, he had become more blood-soaked. The Slaughterer's Mask became completely covered with red. This was one of Grid’s plans.




The sudden rise in Grid’s attack power wasn’t something that Kraugel could overlook. The moment that he collided with Iyarugt, White Fang severely lost its durability and Kraugel’s right arm became numb. The overwhelming difference in strength that occurred suddenly! Kraugel’s eyes shook as he couldn’t withstand the effects of gravity anymore and fell to the ground.

‘A berserk skill?’

A skill that increased attack power as health decreased. Grid was a blacksmith, so how did he have a berserk skill? There was no reason to feel doubts. Once again, it was the power of items!


The God Hands started swinging at Kraugel as he fell, causing him to feel pain. His face became shadowed. It was Grid, who was emitting a different type of energy than the God Hands!

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship!”

“Super Sensitivity!”

“Linked Wave Kill!”

Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Blood red energy blades poured down like a tsunami! Every one of them was filled with a strong energy that could be called a disaster.

‘It will be over if just one hits!’

In addition, he needed to win within seconds after activating Super Sensitivity. The key was to insert the last strike just after Grid’s passive ended.


Kraugel barely escaped the bombardment of energy blades and widened the distance with Grid. The energy blades followed him to the end, but Kraugel’s movements as he used the terrain to destroy them was divine. But Grid was like a wild beast. He didn’t care about being hit in the immortal state, so he chased after Kraugel, narrowing the distance again in an instant.

In the end, Kraugel allowed Grid an opportunity to attack.


The bloody light barely brushed right past Kraugel’s nose.  Kraugel barely avoided it thanks to Super Sensitivity and accurately struck at both of Grid’s eyes. It was intended to cause the blindness status.


A white flash aimed accurately towards a teardrop. Right before it reached Grid’s eyes, the duration of immortality was 3 seconds and Super Sensitivity was 4 seconds.


The God Hands protected Grid from Kraugel’s attack. 

2.5 seconds, 3.5 seconds.


Grid used Wave and reached Kraugel, but Kraugel escaped again.

2 seconds, 3 seconds.


The distance once again opened between Kraugel and Grid as Kraugel used the God Hands as a foothold.


Grid predicted that Kraugel would run away and threw a spear.



Kraugel had overlooked this skill and the spear pierced his shoulder. Kraugel rapidly paled while Grid partially recovered some health thanks to Elfin Stone’s Ring.

1 second, 2 seconds.

Right here.


This time, Kraugel rushed towards Grid. He easily dodged the Magic Missiles fired by the God Hands and reached Grid. It was White Light Steps combined with Super Sensitivity.


This tough fight was over. Kraugel’s mother was in front of him, smiling brightly.


Kraugel was filled with hope as his sword was about to pierce Grid’s neck.

[Braham’s soul, which lost a great deal of power from closing the hell door, has woken up from his sleep!]

[The cooldown time of Assimilation is over!]


Grid’s last trump card was used. His hair turned white and his eyes became sharper than usual, causing the hearts of female viewers around the world to throb, while Kraugel’s heart sank.



A translucent magic barrier blocked Kraugel’s sword. The white haired Grid made a funny expression as Kraugel’s face distorted with shock and despair.

“This is a talent from the heavens. But you’re still young.”


The moment a spark formed at Grid’s fingertips.


Kraugel threw away White Fang and placed his hands on the shield surrounding Grid.

“Crying Tiger.”



An intangible energy pierced Grid’s chest beyond the shield while the flames from Grid burned Kraugel’s body.


“Who won?”

The world fell into chaos as both men turned grey at almost the same time. Was it the sky or the impregnable tower? The results couldn’t be guaranteed until the video was replayed. However, Grid and Kraugel already knew the result.


Kraugel trembled as tears poured from his eyes.