Chapter 451

Hao was confused. 

‘It can be dangerous to have my judgment impaired in this state.' 

Hao made a brilliant decision and leapt back, opening a wide distance from Grid. He was worried about the possibility of Grid catching up and dealing a counterattack. Hao thought about it after securing a safe distance.

‘He pulled out a new weapon in one second?’

It was simple to swap to new items. First open the inventory, reach inside the inventory that was created in the air and think of the ‘desired item.’ However, it took at least 2.5 seconds to complete this sequence. This was also based on high rankers.

The time it took to open the inventory and reach inside was around 1 second, then it took around 1.5 seconds to clearly recall the item they wanted. A player with very high concentration could shorten that time to 2 seconds, but to do it in 1 second?

It was impossible. Yet Grid did it.

‘What did he do?’

Hao couldn’t understand it and touched on something sensitive.

“A bug?”

It was a ridiculous question for anyone who knew the game. Satisfy was famous for never having a bug since it opened. Grid stared serenely into Hao’s shaky gaze and laughed.

“I have been stupid since I was young.”

No matter how hard he studied, he couldn’t do better than others. He couldn’t even maintain an average score. In particular, he always got less than 30 points on tests in subjects where he had to understand formulas. There were times when he didn’t even get one point.

“Thus, I was obsessed with simple memorization. Every day, memorize, memorize, and memorize...”

As a result, he was able to receive 80 points for subjects with simple memorization. He barely succeeded in enrolling in university, a placed described as ‘where those with money can enter.’ But it was very difficult for him to follow the university classes.

“Then the virtual reality game was released and I committed to it.”

However, his lack of talent grabbed his ankles even in the game. Grid played Satisfy all day, but couldn’t reach an average player. He became debt-ridden instead of making money.

“I was stupid and kept hunting the same mobs. While others were hunting 10 or 20 of one mob, I was hunting thousands. But what was the point of that? My level and items didn’t develop and I couldn’t pay the capsule fee, forcing me to finally find construction jobs.”

He tried hard at first. But what did it matter?

“I couldn’t learn skills because I lacked comprehension.”

Thus, he focused on simple tasks. Shovelling, carrying materials, cleaning, and so on.

“I was always bored.”

Study, gaming, and work. He couldn’t do anything other than simple tasks, making him feel ashamed and not enjoy it. But he didn’t give up. He complained about his lacking talent and just wanted to be average. He didn’t want to be ignored by people anymore!

The result that Grid obtained?  Indomitable tenacity. Once the goal was set, Grid focused on it without giving up to the end. In other words, Grid’s concentration was greatly disciplined and this was steadily proven after he changed to Pagma’s Descendant. Every time he made an item, he hammered for many hours and didn’t give up when facing various trials.

"Therefore, I think my concentration is better than others.”

Grid spoke casually, but his concentration was already beyond the category of a human. He was about to summon the inventory and think about the item he wanted at the same time. It was also in the middle of combat. Of course, this wasn’t easy.

It happened since he fought his clone in the Behen Archipelago. He was inspired after seeing the clone swap items as needed and steadily practiced.

"Well, this is the power of effort.”


Hao couldn’t understand any of what he just heard. Grid’s words were too ridiculous. Because he was an idiot, he tried hard and gained a concentration that exceeded humans?

‘Isn’t that more of a genius than an idiot?’

There weren’t many people who could overcome their limitations with effort alone. Hao saw Grid as a genius. It was absurd that Grid was so obtuse. On the other hand, Grid was conscious of the camera.

"Indeed, the diamond class capsule from the Comet Group is great. As soon as I thought about it, all systems reacted and the inventory was opened immediately. I was able to escape from the crisis thanks to this.”


PPL even in the midst of this?

‘Stop being so ridiculous!’

Hao looked at Grid who picked up Iyarugt from the ground with renewed killing intent.

"Yes, it doesn’t matter if you are an idiot or a genius. Anyway, I'll be the winner! I’ll show you my real skills!”



Hao screamed as his skin split apart and red scales started to emerge. It was the step to transform into a draconian. A pair of huge wings emerged from the back of his body, grabbing the attention of the viewers.

『 The power of a draconian is finally being used! 』

『 Hao is very strong in this state. He beat Katz, one of the strong winning PvP candidates, and fought against Damian for a while. 』

Hao’s eyes turned completely gold and fangs were revealed as he opened his mouth. Then he fired flames at Grid.


Grid avoided it. Triple Layers reduced the damage of physical attacks, but a breath was filled with magic power.

“How long can you last?”

Hao flapped his wings and approached Grid, who was bending back to avoid the breath! The speed was lightning fast as he waved his hands.

Jjejeong! Jjejejeok!

There was a reason he threw away a sword after turning into a draconian. Hao’s sharp claws, which were stronger than a sword, struck Grid’s Triple Layers. 

[You have suffered 3,230 damage.]

[You have suffered 3,260 damage.]

[The experience of Tiramet's Belt has increased by 0.3%!]


The more Grid was hit, the more thrilled he felt. He wondered how many times he had such happy moments in his life! The commentators and viewers were alarmed as they saw Grid smiling while being wounded. 

‘Smiling during this...’

Was Grid a pervert? There was also the time he was hit by the flail during the siege, causing speculation to grow.

“Can you feel the difference?”

Hao shouted. As he kept hitting Grid, Hao was convinced that the class difference between himself and Grid was like the difference between the sky and the earth. Grid’s health had already fallen to almost half. Hao’s attack speed after throwing away his sword was so fast that the speed of Grid’s health loss accelerated.



Hao’s sharp claws cut at Grid’s chest. Grid was hit hard by the critical, but he wasn’t the one surprised. It was because Hao’s claws were caught on Triple Layers and wouldn’t move!

[The draconian’s claws have been bound to this armor!]

[The draconian’s claws have been forcibly pulled out!]

[The durability of the draconian’s claws has decreased by 3!]

‘How absurd...!’

After transforming into a draconian, his claws had a durability of 10. Repairing them wasn’t possible and they would be destroyed when the durability was low. It took a day for them to grow back. But Hao had never experienced the durability of his claws falling.

A half dragon’s claws were very hard. His claws were always fine when hunting golem based monsters or attacking a high ranker’s weapons.

‘This is huge armor...’

Hao was astonished by Grid’s items as he rotated in the air and the heel of his foot precisely struck Grid’s jaw. At this moment, Grid’s health gauge dropped to one-third. Hao believed that Grid would use the God Hands and Blackening and started attacking more fiercely. He fired breaths and swung his claws.

On the other hand, Grid didn’t even counterattack. He could only block or avoid attacks. Nevertheless, he allowed most attacks, showing how good Hao’s control skills were. The commentators were embarrassed by this one-sided battle.

『 I knew that Hao was the counter to Grid, but this... 』

『 I didn’t realize the level difference was so big. 』

『 Now Grid is just holding on. 』



“Use it!”


"It won’t succeed!”

Kwa kwang!

Hao’s momentum rose as the one-sided violence continued. Grid kept being hit, hit, and hit. Hao confirmed that Grid’s health was down to a quarter and prepared the final blow.

"This is the end."

20 minutes had passed since the match started. He couldn’t keep his promise to beat Grid in 10 minutes. Hao was very sorry, but what could he do? Grid’s defense and health were ridiculously excellent! But this was the end. He dealt the ending blow.

“Dragon Claws.”


Hao’s claws grew longer. In other words, the draconian’s claws became harder and sharper. At this moment, Hao’s claws were strong enough to match a real dragon’s claws.


The moment when Hao’s claws moved from left to right and hit Grid. Grid stepped backwards and used Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Revolve. The commentators and viewers regarded it as Grid’s last hurrah. Nobody imagined that Grid, who hadn’t been able to resist until now, would be able to get the right timing.

However, a chill went down Hao’s spine. The timing of Grid’s counterattack was too perfect!



Hao screamed and shed blood.


[You have dealt 25,600 damage to the target.]

[You have recovered 1,280 health thanks to Elfin Stone’s Ring!]

In a single strike, Hao’s health was reduced by almost half while Grid recovered his health. Grid, who moved back and blocked the chain thrown by Hao with Lantier’s cloak, secretly put on Doran’s Ring and provoked Hao.

“The next 40 minutes. Can you endure?”

“You bastard...!”

The cooldown time for any counterattack skill was long. In addition, few users had two or more counterattack skills. The duration of Dragon Claws wasn’t over yet, so Hao swiped at Grid’s face.


[You have dealt 12,590 damage to the target.]

'That's it!'

It felt like Grid’s defense had decreased suddenly, but it was a good sign. There was no need to worry. This would give him a chance to win again.  Hao smiled with satisfaction. But that smile didn’t last long.

[The target has recovered 18,885 health.]


What effect was this? Hao looked like he had seen a ghost as he stepped back. Grid looked at him and lifted Lantier’s Cloak, which he had wrapped around himself to defend against the chain. The armor revealed was the Holy Light Armor, not Triple Layers. The defense was lower than Triple Layers, but it was the armor with the ridiculous option of increasing the effect of recovery skills by 300%.

“Come again.”

After the synergy of the Holy Light Armor and Doran’s Ring was revealed, Grid replaced it with Triple Layers again. Hao looked at him grimly and came to a simple conclusion.

“I give up.”

It was a shocking declaration. The 1.4 billion Chinese people supporting Hao were frustrated and doubted their ears. But the person who was even more frustrated than the Chinese...


It was Grid.

“There are still 40 minutes left! Why?!!”

On this day. One of Grid’s hidden sides was exposed to the world. It didn’t bode well.