Chapter 1090


Shin Youngwoo, a great existence of the world, had fallen into a lifelong agony. He wanted to eat lettuce wraps in the morning, but as soon as it was time to eat, he opened the lid of a can of tuna because it was troublesome to wash the important lettuce.

‘Don’t wash it and just eat it.’

The development of science and technology had made humanity indolent.

“Thanks to organic pesticides developed by the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, academia made a thesis that vegetables don’t need to be washed before being eaten these days. Even so, there is the possibility of chewing some soil. However, for convenience, it is a modern person’s attitude that it is necessary to chew a bit of dirt. Shin Youngwoo, a modern man who has never been out of fashion, doesn’t need to wash lettuce before eating...”

Mutter mutter.

Shin Youngwoo, who was trying to hypnotize himself to eat a meal of unwashed lettuce, suddenly stopped acting. He ran straight to the sink and cleaned dozens of lettuce leaves.

‘I can’t do this.’

Maybe it was because he was putting all his energy into Satisfy, but he had been wishing for a normal life ever since.

‘I will get used to the convenience of postponing everything and become lazy. Let’s clean them once and eat.’

“Yum yum. Lick lick.”

The legendary blacksmith, master of the Overgeared Guild, and king of the Overgeared Kingdom—Shin Youngwoo was a person who could target a global conglomerate. Why did he eat a simple meal every time and do the housework in a 10,000-won shirt? He did so because it was naturally nice and comfortable.

The meal? Youngwoo had grown up in a difficult environment, so his tastes were very ordinary. He preferred to eat canned tuna wrapped in lettuce than the best tuna sashimi.

A desire to show off? There was no reason to put on airs because he already had enough experience. In the first place, everyone in the world knew Youngwoo. Youngwoo himself was a luxury, so he didn’t have to be covered with luxurious items.

A housekeeper? They were just household chores, so he could do them himself. His sister Sehee also helped most of the time.

“Okay, it is perfect.” Youngwoo’s face was refreshed after finishing the meal. He organized his mind during the process of washing dishes and cleaning up. “I have decided.”

What was the first item to be crafted with the multiplied Greed? He thought about it and came to the conclusion of ‘shoes.’

Braham’s Boots—he had been wearing them for a long time. It was more than 10 years in Satisfy time. Of course, he had made and used Grid’s Boots in the middle of that period of time, but the utility of the ‘Fly’ magic belonging to Braham’s Boots was so good that Grid’s Boots lost their priority.

‘Braham’s Boots are obviously the best item, but the basic performance and level limit are too low. I actually should’ve changed them earlier.’

He knew this but couldn’t change them because of Fly. Being able to fly in the sky meant being free from the constraints of terrain, so it was very attractive. Only a handful of great magicians could make a replacement for Youngwoo.

Things were different now. He could make it with Greed. It was because the default option of Greed was ‘flying.’ Of course, it would be different from using Fly, but it would satisfy most of his regret to combine ‘flying’ with his Dragon Wings.

‘It would’ve been nice if I could’ve attached a spell or skill to the black mithril.’ 

He gained a large quantity of black mithril thanks to Basara’s support. In the process of experimenting, Youngwoo had grasped one thing that was a disappointment. Black mithril had the nature of absorbing all types of properties, but it didn’t absorb spells or skills. Well, he had few expectations in the first place. Properties and magic were separate concepts. In any case, it was only a bit disappointing.

‘That’s it. It is enough just to absorb all properties. It would be too greedy to want more.’

'Greedy' was the right word. It was unconscionable to want Greed to have more fraudulent options when it was already on the level of destroying the balance. He was almost like a crook.

“Now, let’s go.”

After 200 push-ups and a shower in cold water, Youngwoo lay down in the capsule. It was time for him to become Overgeared King Grid.


Shortly after Grid connected to Satisfy...

“The Violet Kingdom has sent an envoy to all nations, including ours. They are proposing the formation of an allied army,” Lauel came to the smithy and reported.

Grid cocked his head. “Allied? Is it because of the orcs?”

Grid naturally knew about the recently launched different species episode. The twilight orcs’ invasion of the Violet Kingdom was ongoing, and he heard that the Violet Kingdom was in great trouble.

“What is this allied army that they are asking for? They just don’t want to receive any damage in the meantime, right?” Grid said.

Asking for reinforcements from another country was a major loss. Not only did it mean paying a reasonable price, but it also meant they would one day have to repay the grace.

The Violet Kingdom didn’t want to pay the price even in this moment of crisis, so they tried their luck with an allied army.

“This is what the Violet Kingdom claims: the orcs won’t be satisfied with conquering the Violet Kingdom, and they are likely to invade other kingdoms. The orcs’ breeding power is so great that as soon as they have the boundaries of a nation, the population will skyrocket and they will covet more territory. Before the orcs are reborn as the biggest enemy of humanity, we must join forces to confront them.”

“It makes sense. Didn’t you say there is a growing number of players changing to the orc race? It's definitely dangerous. Still, I don’t know,” Grid said. Then he had a question, “If the orcs are such a belligerent and menacing race, why did the empire liberate them?”

There might be the policy of unity, but there was still a degree of moderation.

If the orcs were violent enough to threaten all of humanity as the Violet Kingdom claimed, Basara wouldn’t have liberated them. The empire must have a good understanding of the orc species.

Lauel showed a happy expression. He was impressed by Grid’s development and nodded. “You are correct. The empire’s liberation of the orcs proves there is a loophole in the Violet Kingdom’s claims. Other countries also know this, so there will be no alliance.”

“Instead, a few kingdoms will send troops in return for payment?”

“Yes, it is a good chance.”

“So, this is the reason you came to me. Will the cornered Violet Kingdom abandon its pride and ask for reinforcements?”

“Did you take the wrong medicine today? Why are you so quick to understand the conversation today when normally I need to tell you two or three times?”

“I washed the lettuce and ate it.”


Hum hum. In any case, I am against it.”

“What is the reason?”

“I still can’t forget what the Violet envoy said at the founding ceremony. Birum? He was killed by Asmophel.”

“It must’ve been Baron Biz.”

“Yes, that guy. The Violet Kingdom didn’t apologize for his rudeness after the incident but rather demanded an apology and reparations. A few months ago, Euphemina proved Agnus’ innocence and asked them to release him, but they didn’t admit it. They’re really bad guys.”

“Is it a type of retaliation to not send troops?”

“Of course. To add another reason, I think we shouldn’t miss the opportunity to exhaust the military power of other countries.”

The twilight orcs weren’t easy opponents, especially with players joining. All nations sending forces to the Violet Kingdom would suffer great damage. This was a very good opportunity for the Overgeared Kingdom, which had to consider expanding its territory to cope with the growing population.

Lauel laughed. “You added a much more reasonable reason.”

A conquest war...

In this regard, Lauel was worried that Grid might harbor negative thoughts. Fortunately, Grid had ambitions. The reason why Grid didn’t cross the empire was that it was a huge force they couldn’t afford to absorb. Expanding the Overgeared Kingdom to a manageable level was what Grid desired as well.

“Are you finally creating a new item?” Lauel relieved the burden in his heart and showed interest in what Grid was doing. This was because Grid pulled out a Greed that was roughly in the form of a sword to suppress its proliferation property.

“Yes, I need something new in order to walk on a flower path.”

“I want to watch from the side as you work...” Lauel meant it with all his heart.

Grid’s essence was his immersion in blacksmithing work. He gave off a huge magic power when he sweated in front of a furnace. Grid’s challenging atmosphere and enthusiasm inspired the watchers, and his patience and concentration motivated them. There was a reason the smithy was always packed when Grid was working. Those who saw Grid fight acknowledged him, but those who saw him as a blacksmith admired him.

“You are so busy. Do you have time to watch? I’m really sorry and thankful to you all the time. I’ll share the information with you first when I complete the item.”

“Yes, I will look forward to the time when we roam the galaxy until our fate is decided. Kukukuk.

Grid shook off the goosebumps and gave an order, “Go quickly.”

On the way back to the palace after being kicked out of the smithy, Lauel had an exhilarated expression on his face. ‘I’m really looking forward to it.’

The mineral was so full of fraudulent options that there was bound to be some side effects. What items would Grid create with Greed?

‘It will be great. Even so, no matter how good the performance, it can’t completely replace Braham’s Boots.’

Fly was really special magic. There were few drawbacks other than the fact that it continued to consume mana when cast. The advantages were enormous in many ways. For Grid who had ridiculously high mana and defense, there were no shoes as good as Braham’s Boots. Lauel predicted that no matter how fraudulent Grid’s item, the value of Braham’s Boots would still be preserved.

Three days later...


As usual, Lauel was buried in a pile of papers in the morning, and he stretched out.

-It is finished.

The tired Grid’s whisper flew in, and Lauel’s prediction was shattered.

[Player ‘Grid’ wishes to share the information of Arrogant Blue Dragon’s Boots.]

“...?” Lauel’s mouth dropped open as he saw the details of the boots.

[Arrogant Blue Dragon's Boots]

[Rating: Myth 

Durability: Infinite   Defense: 1,030

* Movement speed +10%.  

* Evasion +15%.

* Lightning attribute resistance +40%.

* Dark attribute resistance +40%.

* Attack speed +30% when attacking with the lower body.

* When attacking with the lower body, there is a high chance of triggering ‘Crush.’

* When hit in the lower body, there is a low chance of ignoring damage.

* When hit in the lower body, there is a high chance of triggering ‘Reconstruction’.

* Height +3 centimeters.

* The skill ‘Come Down!’ is generated.

* The passive skill ‘Lightning Incarnation’ is generated.

* Defense will increase by 10% in canyon terrains. 

* The power of wide-area skills will increase by 20% in canyon terrain.

* Decreases the target’s defense and magic resistance by 10% when encountering great demons weaker than the 22nd rank.

* If damage to the extent of destroying the boots is received, the durability is fixed for a minimum of 5 seconds. There is a 10% durability recovery after this effect is over (24 hours cooldown).

★The skill ‘Lightning Speed’ is generated.

★The skill ‘Lightning God’ is generated.

Boots made by the blacksmith Grid, who gained enlightenment when fighting against a god. 

They are long boots that rise up to the knee, but the elasticity of Greed—which was used as the material—is flexible and doesn’t interfere with movements at all. 

The guard is made from Strengthened Astaroth’s Horn while the soles are made from Strengthened Astaroth’s Bone, adding a higher defense and a handsome appearance. The magnetic force generated from the guard, and the soles creates a repulsion against the metal. Ordinary weapons can’t reach these boots.

The Strengthened Blue Dragon’s Breath further enhances the lightning properties of Astaroth’s horns and bones. In the process of Greed completely absorbing it, some of the abilities of the blue dragon have been inadvertently implemented. 

The Strengthened Blue Dragon’s Breath grants the wearer a mythical protection.

Grid’s epics are contained in it.

Conditions of Use: Grid.

Weight: 600]


[Significantly reduces the durability of the target’s armor.]


[Restores it to its original state in case of reduced durability or damage to form.]

[Come Down! Lv. 1]

[Summons the descending blue dragon’s clone.

The thunderbolt accompanying the blue dragon’s descent inflicts 30,000 fixed damage to each target at the summoner’s feet and has a high chance of causing electric shock. Electrocuted targets are paralyzed for a minimum of 0.5 seconds and a maximum of 5 seconds.

* Skills attached to myth rated items can be upgraded.

Mana Consumption: 2,000

Cooldown Time: 12 hours.]

[Lightning Incarnation Lv. 1]

[A sustainable passive.

The blue dragon’s protection will give you a body close to lightning.

Stamina won’t be consumed when flying. Magic power and skill resources consumed when flying are reduced by 20%. In cloudy or rainy weather, resource consumption is reduced by an additional 10% and in thunderstorms, an additional 20%. 

Attacks with the lightning property will usually have a beneficial effect (a small stamina recovery, a significant mana recovery or a small increase in one stat will be randomly applied. 10 seconds cooldown time).

Your attacks have a chance to burn the target’s mana (5% of the target’s total mana).

* Skills attached to myth rated items can be upgraded.]

[Lightning Speed Lv. 1]

[Your body is covered with the energy of a blue dragon. 

During the flight state, you will breathe at altitudes high enough to reach a new world.

* Movement speed increased by 20%.

* The maximum speed limit can be exceeded.

* Full immunity to lightning-based attacks.

Mana Cost: 3,000 per second.

Cooldown Time: 3 seconds.

* Skills attached to myth rated items can be upgraded.]

[Lightning God Lv. 1]

[A conditional passive.

Assimilate with the breath of the blue dragon.

Once you reach the maximum speed, there is a low chance that your body will turn into lightning. At this point, all attacks are converted to lightning. Every time you hit the target, a lot of mana is burned (10% of the total mana). 

You are immune to all physical attacks, but you will take twice the damage from magic attacks without any defense or resistance. It also leaves a current that deals 10 times the damage in your movement path. The duration of the electric current is 2 seconds.

It won’t be released until the speed drops and will be released immediately once you deviate from the maximum speed.

* If you die while the Lightning God is active, the wrath of the blue dragon will occur.

* Skills attached to myth rated items can be upgraded.]


Black long boots with golden lining—the mysterious metals boots had such an overwhelming appearance that it disregarded sex, age, and taste. They would look cool and classy in anyone’s eyes. It was one of the best items out of the thousands of items that Grid had ever produced.

However, the thing that caught Lauel’s eye was the performance, not the appearance. Originally, shoes along with gloves were the types of items with the lowest protection. Yet the defense of Grid’s newly produced boots surpassed ordinary legendary rated armor. It wasn’t uncommon for the durability to be infinite. Still, it was astounding that there were 10 amazing options when just one would cause him to click his tongue. The combination of Greed, the Blue Dragon’s Breath, and the by-products of the great demon along with Grid’s epics created a result beyond Lauel’s expectations.

-Congratulations. By the way... How many more are you going to make?

-How many? At least one thousand.

-Don’t you know the word conscience?

-It isn’t like I’m trying to harm others.

Grid’s goal was to create a Greed Army. The condition of only Grid being able to use Greed wasn’t a problem. The reason why the condition of use was limited to Grid was the influence of pavranium. He could use the insane dragon hammer and anvil to remove the unique traits of Greed. Of course, Greed’s performance would be greatly reduced, but it was easier to control the conditions of use. Thus, it was theoretically possible to equip all Overgeared members with Greed.

‘It is harder than adamantium even if the options are deleted, so it is worth it. It is better to see when the time is right.’

Grid was certain of it. The Overgeared Kingdom would be healthy regardless of the tsunamis and strong storms which would be caused by the emergence of the different species.

-I think there is a risk of becoming a troll due to the Lightning God skill, but I don’t think it is something to worry about unless you are really unlucky. The more I look at it, the more wonderful it is. Congratulations once again.