Chapter 1054

[(Breaking News) 22nd Great Demon Berith has been destroyed!

After a bloody 81-day march, Berith—the one who terrorized people—was killed. At the heart of the raid were Grid, Kraugel, and the Seven Dukes.]

[(Column) Satisfy related organizations should give an award to Grid and Kraugel.

We must not forget that the destruction of the Rotemon Kingdom has caused millions of players to be without a home. If Grid and Kraugel hadn’t brought the empire’s dukes together, the Haken Kingdom would’ve been destroyed by now and many people would’ve lost their place. If their activity were converted into economic value…] 

[(Analysis) The Resilience of the Great Demon

During the raid, Berith’s left arm was cut a total of 13 times, and his right arm and leg were cut off 9 times each. He suffered fractures 51 times and the number of critical injuries was 21, but Berith immediately recovered from all injuries. Omitted. It is assumed that high-ranking great demons who will emerge in the future won’t be affected by wounds of the flesh…]

[The ‘Hidden First Place Merit’ chosen by the players is Saintess Ruby

Who could forget the brilliant effect of the wide-area heal that Ruby used the moment she appeared? Ruby gave new power to the team already at their limits. Thanks to her presence, the raid could be finished neatly. The Saintess, who is famous for her usual good deeds, can be described as a blessing for the entire human race…]

[What rewards did the raid participants obtain?

It is unknown. The Overgeared Guild is well known for its tight security compared to the size of the group, and information isn’t leaked. However, I can dare to guess that the value of the top 10 rewards will exceed the value of a legendary rated item. It is clear that the Overgeared members, the empire’s dukes, Kraugel, Zibal, and those who received rewards in this raid will develop more rapidly than before. Still, no one is jealous of them. Rather, it is a phenomenon where many people are congratulating and blessing them…]

[What was Grid’s epic?

We peeked into Grid’s life through the epic. It was well known that Grid has experienced difficult times. Omitted. This reporter has a foreboding feeling. The more he writes his epic, the stronger Grid will become.]

[The teenage boys and girls, the one we admire most is Grid.

The survey shows that boys and girls in their 10s voted on Grid as the one they want to imitate the most. The same is true for surveys of those in their 20s and 30s. Grid, who shows a new growth every year, has received the respect of the younger generation in combination with the image of ‘person who has overcome adversity. In the publishing world, there is a growing demand to compile Grid’s works…]

[I want to be Korean too.

Recently, the number of foreigners trying to migrate to South Korea has increased. It is believed that the Overgeared members who have already moved to South Korea have influenced people…] 

No matter what newspaper or TV channel was opened, there were hot stories about Youngwoo and Sehee all over the world.

Haha. Hohoho.

Youngwoo’s parents couldn’t stop smiling. How much of a joy was it to have the world praise their children?

“Honey, did you see this article? We need to make a great love exhibition for Youngwoo.” 

“I’ve already framed it. I bought 20 magazines. Huhu. Huhuhut.

“Did you only buy 20 copies of the same magazine?”

“...I-I bought it with my secret stash, so it isn’t too much.”

“No, why did you buy only 20 copies? You should’ve bought 100 copies, distributed them to our friends and relatives and left some behind as heirlooms! It is disappointing that Grid’s father is so cheap!”

“...I actually ordered 200 copies, but I heard they were already out of stock. I already booked it so it should be delivered when production is increased. Don’t worry too much.”

Omo, I didn’t know that... Sure enough, you are really bold. You are the father of Youngwoo and Sehee.”

Huhu, you are wise as the mother of two great kids. It is really good that I married you.”




They were going to make a younger sibling. Sehee was pleased as she watched her parents.

They had rebuked themselves for not believing in their son during his wandering days and engaged themselves more faithfully to their business, stating that they couldn’t make trouble for their son. This caused their skin to darken. They were doing field work in the sun every day and seemed to grow old.

However, Sehee knew that they were healthier than anyone else. They were proud of their son and lived happily every day. This positive mind sublimated their main job, which should’ve been labor, into exercise. In both body and mind, they were healthier than they had ever been before. They donated on behalf of their son, who was too busy, and did volunteer activities, seeming happier and healthier by the day.

Yes, the reason they could laugh like this was because of her brother. He was a proud and respectable brother. These days, Sehee often thought that she wanted to resemble her brother.

‘He is a great man.’

It had already occurred many times in artistic and physical fields. There were often cases where a person was uniquely successful in their fields and became a protagonist. In South Korea, there had already been a great comedian. Even so, this wasn’t common. It was a big event that might occur once in decades. In particular, this was the first time a gamer was called a great man. Just five years after Satisfy was released, people’s perception of the game changed dramatically.

‘The game... Ho... nor... Parents... Game...’

Sehee’s thoughts became complicated. Sehee’s generation had grown up with the saying, ‘In order to become a successful person, education is important.’ Then what about now? With Satisfy controlling the world, was the only answer to study? That wasn’t the case. Her brother was living proof of that.

The life she had dreamed about since she was a kid—to have a decent job and become rich enough to support her parents and brother—could be achieved through Satisfy. Sehee seriously considered the future and came to a surprisingly quick conclusion.

Dok dok. Dok. Sehee turned on her smartwatch and started to tap on the hologram keyboard floating in the air. The recipient was her best friend Yerim. The contents were shown below:

-Will you take a leave of absence to level up?

The answer came back straight away. It seemed like she had been waiting for a long time.

-ㅇㅅㅇ/  Okay.


Sehee was the only one who was out of date. Was she an inflexible person? Was that why she didn’t like Jishuka who was too open?

‘Am I an old person?’

A new text message arrived as Sehee was feeling shocked.

-Let’s get those aunties away from Oppa! >_<

‘Aunties’ was referring to Yura and Jishuka. Yura who had confessed to Youngwoo publicly while Jishuka, who had moved in next door, launched a daily offensive. This caused Yerim to feel very alert and disgusted. Sehee sighed as she read the message. She was really sorry for Yerim, but out of the three, the one she wanted to be her new sister-in-law was Yura. Yerim was a really good friend, but as her brother’s wife... Well, her brother would have it too hard.

-Oh, I’m going to be a bit late today. I have a date with my new boyfriend. Teehee ★

Look at this… Yerim wasn’t possible. She was free to love, but she changed her man three times a month. Yerim was a free spirit. It wasn’t something her brother could endure.

‘Yerim... eliminated,’ Sehee wrote a new note in her mind.


In the capital of the Overgeared Kingdom, Reinhardt...

After a long time, Grid returned to the castle and spent a happy time with Irene and Lord. Irene was now older than him, but she was still beautiful and would be beautiful all her life. They took a stroll through the garden, ate, and drank tea. Grid enjoyed a daily routine that he hadn’t experienced in a long time.

‘This is the best time.’

He should take time off from all responsibilities and just stay with Irene. Grid wondered if he should retire and live like this for the rest of his life. His heart sank when he saw Irene rejoicing. He felt sorry for not being with her all the time. Irene’s white fingers poked Grid’s cheeks as he made a sickly expression.

“Don’t think like this. No matter where you are, I can feel you. I’m not lonely.”


She read his heart just by looking at his face. This was a woman who looked at Grid before herself. Her presence itself was a great blessing to him. This was a moment when Grid felt gratitude and hugged Irene tightly.

“Since ancient times, it is fine if a husband doesn’t come home often as long as he made money...” Irene laughed.

Huh?” Grid doubted his ears and asked with a blank expression. “Who said that to you?”

Irene replied with a pure smile. “Sexy Schoolgirl.”


“I heard the words of Sexy Schoolgirl and observed the wives around me. The wives who are with their husbands every day often quarrel with their husbands. Isn’t that sad? I think it is better to maintain a proper sense of distance between a couple.”


Yerim was the person who made the pure Irene...  

Grid felt like crying, but he quickly let out a faint smile. He also realized that Irene was thinking about him.

“If our relationship with the empire has improved recently and the situation is stable, let’s go on a trip. We can spend a few days at the beautiful waterfront that you like.”

“I’m already looking forward to it.” Irene quietly kissed Grid on the cheek. She admired her husband. Her husband was a commoner who became a noble of a kingdom, established a new kingdom, and then tried to make friends with the empire. How blessed was she to meet a man like this? Irene recalled the day she first met Grid and expressed her deep gratitude to the gods.

On the other hand...

Heheh.” Lord happily watched his parents hugging each other from a distance. The Overgeared prince grew up watching a great couple and realized that love was the most beautiful rapport in the world. Kiss. Even today, Lord kissed the Rebecca’s Daughter who was always with him. 

Coke, Lord’s knight, shook his head.

‘His lips are fine despite doing that every day.’

Frankly, Coke was envious of the young prince’s harem. On the other hand, his expectations were also high. Since Grid’s grandchildren could be born from dozens or hundreds of people, the future of the kingdom was very strong.

‘If there are 100 or 200 third generation Grids...’

The future of the kingdom seemed enormous in many ways.


There was a refreshing breeze late at night. Grid came out to the terrace after confirming Irene’s sleeping figure. He spoke to the empty air, “Well?”

Surprisingly, there was an answer. “We can’t be one-sided forward. Once the Overgeared Kingdom and the empire have a friendly relationship, I will go and receive the favor.”

“He is a stubborn man.”

On the way back to the Overgeared Kingdom, Grid suddenly remembered something. He had forgotten his promise to heal Grenhal’s wound. Grid had been so excited about finishing the raid safely that he overlooked it. As such, Grid belatedly asked Faker to bring Grenhal to him.

However, the result was like this. Grenhal said that he would seek treatment in a better future. He was an inflexible man, but he was also trustworthy.

‘I was really lucky.’

Grenhal, Morse, and Basara—Grid was lucky to have a relationship with these three people. It was important that he listened to Lauel and made the Ruins of the War God a top priority. As expected, listening to Lauel’s words meant he would get bread while sleeping. Grid smiled and returned to his bedroom.

Simultaneously, in the capital of the empire, Titan...

‘His Majesty the Emperor went out personally? This is a rare occasion.’

It was after the Berith raid that Duke Grenhal returned to the empire and asked to see the emperor, only to be told to wait 10 days. The reason for this was that the emperor was absent due to a sudden schedule. It was quite unusual, so Duke Grenhal felt a bit puzzled. He felt glad that the emperor was personally looking into state affairs and headed to his villa in Titan. 

Then he was confronted with someone. Magic machines were controlling his villa.

“Grenhal, I will detain you for treason.” It was 4th Prince Edan.

“Can you please explain about the context of rebellion?”

“I will tell you in prison.”

“An imperial prince doesn’t have the authority to detain me.”

“I don’t have the authority, but I have the strength.” 


The prince had thoroughly made up his mind. Grenhal determined it was dangerous and stepped back. The power of the magic machine seen in the canyon surpassed his imagination, so Grenhal was cautious. It was just that Edan didn’t give him a break.

“Take it seriously,” Edan commanded the riders. The magic machines boarded by the riders flashed with colorful lights.

Grenhal unleashed the power of a berserker.