Chapter 1086

After Grenhal left, Yura asked him with a cheerful expression, “Youngwoo-ssi, you said you didn’t want to go out with me?”

Noticing that the gazes of the people around him weren’t good, he hastily said, “I don’t like it because I have to go around everywhere. I never said I didn’t want to date Yura.”

“Isn’t it the same thing?” The unsuspecting Vantner questioned, and the other members of the 10 meritorious retainers poked him in the side.

Yura was staring at Grid. Her slightly wavy hair was tied up, reminiscent of an idol taking a photo with a beach backdrop. There was a refreshing feeling. It was good enough to make him forget the hot water.

“W-What is it?”

He couldn’t adapt to this beauty at all. She was like someone from a completely different world. Yura stared for a few seconds, and the blushing Grid avoided her gaze first.

“I understand now.” Yura also blushed and nodded. “This is why I’ve always been behind.”


“The dating—let’s stop for a while.”


“I’m going to become stronger.”

Yura was a single digit ranker. She ‘naturally’ exhausted her daily gameplay time limit. Her passion for Satisfy was so enormous that she spent her spare time maintaining an optimal condition and gathering information. Of course, she wasn’t special. The rankers, those who made money through Satisfy, and those who just enjoyed Satisfy invested most of their day into Satisfy. However, just because they spent the same amount of time in the game didn’t mean they all did the same thing. Otherwise, the concept of a ranker itself wouldn’t have existed.

Yura thought that to become like Grid, she had to focus on Satisfy the entire time her brain was awake. She realized how much of a luxury it was to think about what to do with her favorite person today. Yura was making a determined expression and opening a gate to hell when Grid shouted, “Don’t misunderstand! I’m just lucky!”

Luck followed him. 

Up to last year, Grid hadn’t wanted to hear this. They thought he had grown to this stage just because of luck...? Where was there a person in this world more unlucky than him? His current position was purely a result of his effort. Grid believed so. Every time he saw himself, he felt disgusted by the netizens and experts who said he was just lucky. He thought they were degrading his efforts and accomplishments.

That wasn’t the case anymore. Grid only recognized it after achieving so much. It was true that he was lucky. Being born with the strength to not give up, the fact that Satisfy was released, obtaining Pagma’s book, and meeting good people… All of this was luck that he enjoyed.

Now Grid acknowledged it easily. He wasn’t offended by the assessment that he was lucky. It was true.

His gap with Yura? It wasn’t a difference in effort. The difference was the number of times luck came to him. Grid insisted on it. 

“Is there a person who doesn’t have luck?” Yura denied it. “Luck follows everyone. However, few people are able to capture and take advantage of the luck that comes to them.” Yura called Grid's luck an ability or skill. “I saw you and got to know you. I probably missed a lot of luck. It is because I’m not as focused. I probably would’ve given up, unlike you.”

The expression ‘compromise’ was more appropriate than ‘giving up.’ Even so, Yura didn’t use it. It was shameful to bring out the word ‘compromise’ in front of Grid who faced all types of hardships and adversities. Yura’s body started to pass through the gate to hell. “At the very least, I’ll come back as a person who doesn’t burden you.”

This was the signal.

“I’m going as well.”

“Then I’ll be going.”

“I’ll see you later. Don’t worry, I’ll keep in touch.”

“Grid, please don't get into trouble?”

All of the 10 meritorious retainers apart from Lauel said goodbye to Grid. Their eyes were filled with a deep desire. Rather than looking at Grid’s back forever, they were eager to see the world that Grid was looking at together.


It would be a long separation. Grid intuitively sensed this and showed a sad expression. He wondered if his development had alienated his colleagues.

Chris scoffed at him, “Have you forgotten? Our goal was once to be the supreme.”


“Are we has-been just because we didn’t meet our goal? We have our own pride and have to prove our qualifications. Isn’t that right?”


“Be stronger until I come back. The moment I return, I’ll be applying for a duel so be nervous.”

Apart from Yura and Faker, everyone owned territory. Yet on this day, all of them gave up their territories, returning the rights of a lord. They broke the shackles holding them. The 10 meritorious retainers, who had many responsibilities, were now able to focus on their personal growth.

Lauel spoke to Grid, who was left alone in the office, “Grid, they aren’t weak enough for you to worry about. Why don’t you focus on your work?”

“My work?”

“Of course, as a blacksmith. Additionally...” Lauel's gaze turned outside the office. A small shadow was visible. It was the road that Lord used to take Kasim back.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to spend time with your family?” Lauel asked. “The years pass very quickly. Prince Lord will be turning 15 in less than four years. Until then, please spend a lot of time with him.”

Once he turned 15, Lord would have all types of constraints placed on him. As a genius of the continent, Lord was system certified as a super-named talent. However, would Lord remain a power of the Overgeared Kingdom until the end? Maybe he would want to go on a trip or become crooked like the imperial princes. The role of a parent was great.


Aigoo, my Lord! Chuu! Chuuu!

Lauel wanted Grid to be cautious about Lord, but Grid didn’t care. Lord’s future? Lord would decide for himself. Grid just wanted to love his child.

“Have you been doing well?”

The white skin that didn’t burn even when rolling in the sun every day was soft. Lord’s fluffy cheeks and soft hair rubbed against Grid’s face. It soothed the emptiness that was caused by the 10 meritorious retainers leaving.

Lord didn’t hate it either. Now he was 11 years old, and Grid had been worried that puberty would come. The little boy was understanding and felt admiration rather than resenting his father who was always away.

“I tried to listen to Mother’s words. I eat well and study hard.”

“Yes, you did very well. And...”

With black hair, blue eyes, high nose bridge, and slightly raised mouth, Lord had an ideal mixture of his parent’s looks. Grid hugged the pretty Lord and kissed his cheeks. “It was a big achievement to heal Kasim. You saved Kasim.”

“Master is my friend and teacher. Don’t praise me for doing what I had to,” Lord said with a resolute expression.

Grid nodded with a smile. “Yes, you have to cherish your bonds.”

“Aunt Ruby told me to treat everyone with care.”

“That is true. Everyone is precious to someone so they are all precious people. Help if you see someone who is going through difficulties.”

Grid was saying this?

Cough, cough!

The early members of the Overgeared Guild, including Zednos and Laella. Those, who had been appointed as new lords after the 10 meritorious retainers left, came to Grid’s office and were surprised. In any case, Grid ignored them and held up Lord to the window. The view of the city unfolded, and countless people could be seen.

“However, don’t be nice to everyone. Then you will be a pushover... No, if you give out too much one-sided help then the other person can become lazy or you might find yourself tired.”

“Yes, Father. I understand.”

He could understand even if Grid talked like a dog. Grid could see why the teachers in every field praised Lord. The thrilled Grid was excited. “I will be in the smithy from now on. Why don’t you come with me?”

He naturally thought that Lord would come along. Yet...

“I want to watch Father work, but unfortunately, I have a previous engagement."

“Previous engagement? With who?”

“A girlfriend.”


Was he talking about the group of Rebecca’s Daughters candidates? It must be busy dealing with hundreds of girlfriends with one body. He admired Lord, who received all types of education yet didn’t forget to date his girlfriends. Grid nodded while feeling a bit sad. “Then it can’t be helped. Have fun.”

“Yep. I will cherish my bonds like Father has taught.”

“...Y-Yes. By the way, who are you dating today?”

Grid remembered several names and faces among Lord’s girlfriends. Among them, there were around 10 who were the prettiest, and Grid wondered if it was one of them. While Grid was still trying to figure out who might be his future daughter-in-law, Lord brought out an unexpected name.

“Sister Sua.”


In Grid’s mind, all types of imaginary things unfolded. Then it happened the moment he couldn’t endure his anger and opened his mouth again.

“Hurry! Leave now!” Zednos created a wind barrier to separate Grid and Lord before pushing at Lord’s back. Zednos didn’t want the harsh words that would soon pop out of Grid’s mouth to contaminate the young boy’s ears and spirit.

“Yes, I’ll be going,” Lord politely said goodbye and left the office.

The moment Zednos lowered the wind, Grid’s swearing turned the office upside down. “XX!! How could this happen?!!”

Grid grabbed Zednos by the collar and shook him. “I know how beautiful, kind, and wonderful Sua is! However, she is a pervert!”

Kek... Kekek!

“I was wondering why the pervert had been silent for a while. It turns out she was reaching out for my son? Eh?

Kek...! Kekek!

“What the hell did she do to such a young and pure child?!”

“O... Oh...”

“What? Dishonor? It is a dishonor!”

“Mis... understanding...” (TL: They both start with the same character in Korean) 

He was suffocating. Zednos, who almost experienced the worst death, was barely released. He clicked his tongue at Grid’s strength that he had never seen before and explained, “She cares for Lord like a child, like a nephew. Faker said that when Lord was mentally tired from all his lessons, she took care of him and this brought them closer.”


Satisfy had many behind-the-scenes stories. The opening was reminiscent of the contents in morning dramas and ancient myths. Thus, he had been worried. Fortunately, it wasn’t the case. It was too much to tell the story of a perverted adult woman. The relieved Grid got rid of all his dirty imaginations. He asked his colleagues who had been appointed as the new lords of the eight territories to work hard before heading to the smithy.

Finally, the moment to create the mineral was here.