Chapter 1083

[Juander, 19th emperor of the Saharan Empire, has died.]

[Duke Basara has ascended to the throne as the new empress.]

[All players part of the Basara Duchy will receive the ‘New Emperor’s Blessing’ buff. For the next month, experience acquisition will increase by 5% and penalties for deaths will be reduced by 50%.]

Basara’s succession to the throne was surprisingly easy. Since Duke Grenhal and Morse proved the emperor’s will, could the princes easily accept it...? 1st Prince Roland did. He followed the emperor so passively that he had little desire for power. Consequently, he respected his father’s will and supported Basara as the new empress.

The nobles who invested heavily in making Roland the next emperor were upset, but their backlash was small. Not only was there a lack of justification for violating the will of the previous emperor but the power of the three dukes was too great. Basara’s character was very good and wise, so they weren’t afraid she would harm them as empress.

On the other hand, 2nd Prince Dulandal and his faction were very opposed. They shouted that they couldn’t be convinced of Basara as the empress when the emperor’s sons were still alive, and Basara was pushed out of the ranks of succession. Of course, their cries quickly faded away. The 30,000 cavalrymen of the three dukes had already taken control of the capital, and it was too much for Dulandal’s forces alone to clash with them. The story would’ve been different if 1st Prince Roland cooperated, but Roland was already supporting Basara.

‘My only brother is a pushover.’ Thinking this, Dulandal sought contact with the remaining powers. However...

“There is no disagreement with her as the new ruler.” Spear Saint Rachel, who witnessed Edan’s wildness and anticipated upheaval, led a large army from her estate. Unlike Dulandal’s hopes, she supported Basara.

‘Dammit!’ Dulandal hurriedly visited the Tower of Eternity. However...

“It doesn’t matter who is the emperor,” Magician King Goldhit replied cynically when Dulandal asked her to cooperate. Goldhit’s decision to serve the empire had been because the emperor vowed to actively support the Tower of Eternity. She was only interested in the grand dream of reproducing the ‘enhanced magic’, not in the trivial matter of the throne. 

The story would be different if the new emperor intervened in the work of the tower or cut off support. In the event of such a situation, it would be enough to move to another country. Most kingdoms needed the power and skill of the Tower of Eternity, so she wasn’t lacking any places to go.

“Have you ever seen such pathetic bastards? Ahh! There is no loyalty to the imperial family!” Dulandal lamented. As the son of the emperor and the empress, he was a legitimate heir to the throne, but he was beaten because people supported Basara or watched the situation.

Ah! Isn't it time for him to return?” Dulandal had one last hope. Grandmaster Zikfrector was a traitor. Magician King Goldhit was a bystander. ‘Unable to die’ Chensler went missing in the final battle. Bain, the shadow of the sun, was believed to have died in the final battle. Out of the five fallen pillars, there was only one who had nothing to do with the current situation.

It was Kyle. He had left to explore the Ruins of the War God and was now the last light for Dulandal. Wasn’t he the weakest of the Five Pillars? It was likely he would have high growth or great loyalty like Chensler. He would surely support Dulandal and be his rock in the future.

Dulandal made a decision.

Basara who led soldiers and took control of the capital like she expected the death of the emperor...

Dulandal, who was usurped of the throne by force, would surely pull her down from the throne. He planned for the future together with Kyle. It was a vain plan.

“Why isn’t he coming back...?”

What had happened at the Ruins of the War God? There was no news of Kyle. He didn’t return to the capital, despite it being long past his scheduled return date. Dulandal became nervous. He felt the throne was moving further away from him.


The appearance of the epic stirred the world. People debated on the identity of the ‘Absolute’ and what the history of the new millennium would be. The broadcasters of every country hastily prepared related programs, and all types of intellectuals with the title of an ‘expert’ were able to participate in the panels.

『 Grid wrote his first epic when facing a great demon. The epic system only activates when intertwined with a large incident that affects the world view. We can assume that the ‘Absolute’ in this epic must at least be a great demon. 』 

『 That’s right. I’m analyzing that the identity of the Absolute in the epic is probably a yangban. As many of you might already know, a yangban refers to the dominant class of the ‘Hwan Kingdom’ who dominate the East Continent. They have close to an eternal life and an absolute force. 』 

『 The expression of Grid being at the center of a new era means he witnessed the end of a yangban and this will have a profound impact on Satisfy’s worldview. It suggests that the East Continent will surface in earnest in the future. 』

『 I see. Then what is the sin powerful enough to bring an end to a man who has almost eternal life and an absolute force? 』

『 At this moment, only Grid knows. Well... won’t we naturally find out when going through several episodes? 』

The talking experts suddenly closed their mouths. It was because the staff outside the studio told them something.

Subtitles appeared on the screen:

(Breaking News) Juander, emperor of the Saharan Empire, has died. It is believed that the rebellion of 4th Prince Edan was the main cause.

(Breaking News) Duke Basara has ascended to the throne as the new empress.

『 Hum hum... 』

Based on the circumstances revealed, the identity of the Absolute was the emperor, not a yangban. The embarrassed panel members coughed once their speculation was proven wrong. Somebody’s ears reddened. The moment the analysis came out, it turned out to be the wrong answer. Thus, it was natural for them to be embarrassed unless they had very thick skin.

-Why are they always wrong?

-They aren’t the problem. It is the broadcasters who hired them. ㅋㅋWhy do they keep asking people who don’t know anything?

-The experts are only like that when analyzing a Grid incident. Usually, they are good at analyzing.

-God Grid...

-No, so what is the conclusion? The new millennium of history is going to be written by the empire? 

-That’s right. The existing imperial family is regarded as incompetent, and the future imperial family will be frightened by this and become competent. It seems to be flowing toward the development of the empire’s power.

-Then what does that have to do with Grid?

-Seriously, why is Grid always around? Not long ago, he was at war with the empire. Then he was comfortable with the dukes when catching a great demon, and now he is hooked up with the imperial family.

-To be honest, I don’t understand Grid. It was only a few months ago that the empire arbitrarily invaded the Overgeared Kingdom, causing a lot of damage. Why did he go to the empire?

-He is sucking up to them because he is scared. Even Grid can’t handle the empire. Did you see the dukes fighting Berith? The dukes were very friendly and helpful to Grid. It seems that Grid is flattering the empire behind the scenes.

-Then he was lucky enough to see the emperor die and created an epic?

-This was originally an X luck game~ 

The panelists on the screen were awkwardly silent while the viewers were chatting actively.

(Breaking News) New Empress Basara confirms Player Grid as the empire’s benefactor. The Saharan imperial family proclaimed that it will be a companion to the Overgeared royal family forever in the future. At the inauguration ceremony where the nobles and royalty of the empire gathered, she proclaimed that, “All enemies of the Overgeared Kingdom are enemies of the empire.”


New breaking news appeared on the screen and the chat window became quiet. Someone’s previous message came belatedly to their minds.

-Just shut up.


“The Yatan Church used Empress Marie and 4th Prince Edan. They used evil and deceptive tricks to deceive them, planning to seize the empire and overthrow the West Continent. 

However, the great late Emperor Juander and Overgeared King Grid saw this and thwarted their plans.”

This was the content of Basara’s announcement as the new empress. By making the source of the rebellion originating from the Yatan Church, the sins of Marie and Edan were reduced, and this suppressed public confusion. The grandmaster wasn’t mentioned because the majority of people didn’t know about the existence of the grandmaster. The Saharan imperial family would never announce the existence of the grandmaster. To explain about the grandmaster, they would have to reveal the disloyalty of the founding emperor Saharan, who prioritized his commitment to the grandmaster over the empire.


The Celestial Palace—the place where the grandmaster stayed—was arrogant and impure just by its name. It seemed to be declaring that he was the highest person, not the emperor. The servants argued that the masterless place should be demolished and erased from imperial history.

“Leave it as it is,” Empress Basara ordered for the preservation of the Celestial Palace.

‘Why?’ The servants were baffled. They couldn’t fathom the reason for the empress to not remove the Celestial Palace, which could be called a blemish of the empire. However, the three dukes—Grenhal, Morse and Rachel—smiled like they guessed the reason.

The smiling empress nodded. “That’s right. I’m going to leave it for Grid.”

In any case, the grandmaster was the helper of the empire. She had no intention of defending him, but she couldn’t deny that he had established the empire. It was the same for Grid. The new empire wouldn’t have been born with Overgeared King Grid. He was the new imperial helper. The Celestial Palace—this place built for the imperial guardian—would exist as a resting place for its new master.

“Chancellor Vermont.”

“ Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Send a gift to the Overgeared King right now.”

“I understand. We will prepare sufficient riches...”

“Send half of the black mithril in the warehouse.”


Vermont and the other nobles were dumbfounded. Even the dukes’ mouths dropped open. The black mithril was directly related to the power of the emperor. Yet Basara was giving half of the black mithril that the imperial family had accumulated for hundreds of years as a gift? This wasn’t the level of reciprocity but a sacrifice. Maybe the foundation of the empire would be shaken.

All the nobles apart from the dukes shouted, “T-That isn’t possible! Your Majesty, please change your mind!” 

However, Basara didn’t bend to their wishes. 

“This isn’t enough to repay him. Start right away. No, don’t,” Basara ordered, only to suddenly shake her head.

People were relieved since they thought she belatedly regained her mind. They were wrong. Her mind was awake. She opened her mouth once more, “I’ll have to visit him.”

“I will go,” Grenhal and Morse interrupted Basara. It was a big problem for Basara to leave the country within a few days of the start of her reign, and they wanted to meet with Grid. 

In the end, Basara was forced to bend her will. “...”

Since becoming empress, Basara’s beauty was truly remarkable since she always opened her eyes, perhaps because she was determined not to miss any of the surroundings. Her large, clear eyes made her fine face shine. When her cheeks swelled as she pouted with her pretty face, she was cute and lovely enough to make people forget her identity and age.

The nobles felt they would work harder in the future.