Chapter 749


‘A skill?’

How was this possible? All players in Battlefield were given characters with the same abilities. There wasn’t one active skill that could be used. But Grid was triggering a skill at this moment. It was even the famous Pagma’s Swordsmanship. A legendary rated skill in Satisfy was being implemented in Battlefield.

‘A bug...? No!’

Grid approached using the sword dance. Seuron, who had been shrinking back from Grid, regained his mind. Grid’s attack was just a simple slash. That’s right. Grid’s attack wasn’t a skill but a basic strike. He just mixed in the attack with the motions.

"A trick!”

It was a low quality trick to shake them by pretending to use a skill. First of all, how could a skill emerge in a place where a system didn’t exist? 

‘I was playing so seriously that I was almost deceived!’

The Overgeared King, he was a treacherous guy. There were hundreds of sly foxes in his head.

‘He isn’t a good king...!’

Seuron moved his sword to defend against Grid’s attack. However.


Grid’s orbit suddenly changed. It went down and then back up. As the name suggested, it had the momentum of a wave.



Seuron failed to defend because of the unexpected anomaly. Another ranked player next to him was simultaneously hit by Grid’s sword.

[You have suffered 1 damage.]

Seuron’s eyes shook fiercely as he checked the notification window.

‘He has this much control?’

Grid was overgeared. He was merely a person who relied on the performance of his items, meaning his combat skills were low. Seuron couldn’t deny that Grid’s ability to use items was extraordinary, but this was how Seuron evaluated Grid. But now that assessment had changed.

'He grew this much in a year...? He has the best combat qualities!’

This was a talent from the heavens.

‘Another sky above the sky...!’


At this moment, Seuron got a chill.

‘Grid has given me new enlightenment.’ Kraugel was also surprised by Grid’s technique that cut Seuron. It was more shocking than when Grid appeared with over 10 scriptures. ‘He uses the motion of Satisfy’s skills to add real power to the attack.’

Grid sublimated his skill in the game into real martial arts. Kraugel naturally felt admiration.

‘Grid’s idea has a clear basis.’

Satisfy’s skills weren’t realistic. Walking on water, smashing rocks, moving in a flash, etc. It was ridiculous for such transcendental effects and powers to be manifested in the real world. But the motions when using the skill weren’t foolish. Such motions weren’t significantly different from the laws of physics. The supercomputer Morpheus based them on martial arts theories that existed all over the world. There were strangely realistic and sufficiently practical parts.

‘Grid and his Pagma’s Swordsmanship is a good example of this.’


'Being able to implement Pagma’s Swordsmanship in reality, he will reap the benefits of fighting here in Battlefield.’

Wonderful. Kraugel’s appreciation of Grid could be summed up with this one word.

‘Making an effort to memorize, study, and become completely accustomed to the skill so that the movements could be used just by crying out the name... It’s definitely far from normal.'

This moment proved it. Grid was a person looking 10 steps ahead.


It could be expressed as a short moment. Kraugel heard Grid’s voice and settled his mind. Grid’s eyes were looking at the right side behind Kraugel. Based on this, Kraugel tilted his head to the left. Then a spear shot by his face. If Kraugel had been a little bit late, his head would’ve been pierced by the spear right now.

"...It seems the rumor that you have eyes in the back of the head is true.”

Grid was astonished by Kraugel’s amazing evasion and Kraugel explained.

"It is just instant analysis and fast judgment. It’s nothing compared to your foresight.”


Did he have foresight?

‘It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard all year.’

Was this bastard teasing him? Two arrows flew toward the frowning Grid. They were shot by archers from the other building.

Puk puk!

[You have suffered 1 damage.]

[You have suffered 1 damage.]


Grid couldn’t escape. He wasn’t free enough to respond to arrows flying from a distance. Seuron would strike when he tried to avoid the arrows.


Seuron had a nasty expression as he saw Grid defend against Seuron and his colleagues’ attacks in exchange for being hit by the arrows.

"I understand that you are guarding against me, Soul Predator Seuron, but can you afford to keep accumulating damage? Aren’t you going to become a hedgehog while worrying about my attack?”

‘Ah, it was Seuron.’

Seuron believed that Grid had recognized him from the beginning but it was just excessive self-confidence. Grid only now realized his identity. In addition, he didn’t care. Seuron was a threat in Satisfy, but it was different in Battlefield.

‘He isn’t Pon or Regas.’


Grid hit Seuron’s incoming sword and kept advancing.



“Kill. Kill.”

Puk puk!

“Kill. Kill. Kill.”

Puk puk puk!




“A fake! Kill!”


Grid’s attack was a mere stab. However, the momentum seemed more vicious than a normal stab. It was because Grid kept taking one step forward. Grid gave off a strange sense of pressure every time he got closer to Seuron.

‘This bastard, it’s clear that he has practiced stabbing tens of thousands of times.’

Seuron saw the skill and confidence in Grid’s movements. It was because Grid had been steadily training in swordsmanship every day.




Seuron was pushed back by Grid, but he wasn’t one-sidedly hit. He blocked as many attacks as possible and sharply counterattacked. But he couldn’t fight to the end and let out a huge scream. It was because an arrow shot by an ally in the opposite building pierced him.

‘A mistake?’

The flying arrows had hit the wrong target. The allied archers weren’t experts like Jishuka, so he couldn’t blame them for making mistakes. Seuron thought so but it didn’t seem to be a mistake.

Puk puk!

“These scum...!”

It wasn’t just Seuron. His other colleagues were started to get hit by the arrows flying from the opposite building. The atmosphere was strange.

"What are you doing?”

Seuron gritted his teeth and yelled as he pushed at Grid. There was an immediate reply to Seuron from the other building.

"You guys are useless. Just die together.”

There was less than 10 minutes left in Battlefield. The map was gradually narrowing. It seemed like all areas were going to disappear and only one building was left. Therefore, the six archers in the opposite building agreed. They had to get rid of their allies and Grid’s party before the map was completely destroyed.

“Son of a bitch!”

Seuron was irritated. The same was true for Lauel who was fighting Jishuka alone.

‘I didn’t imagine that it would take so long.’

Grid was too big a variable. Lauel never imagined he would crush Chris’ team alone.




It was pandemonium. Grid, Seuron, and Lauel fought hard as they struggled with the rain of arrows from the other building.

‘There’s still hope!’

Seuron hadn’t given up. It was because Grid was much more tired than him.

‘There are no more potions left.’

It was shortly after Grid struggled with many competitors. It was safe to say that all his potions were consumed. On the other hand, Seuron still had one potion remaining. It was the power of numerical superiority.

[Battlefield will end in 7 minutes.]


Along with the notification window, part of the map started to disappear. Now the only area remaining was this building. The other building with the archers and the clothesline started to collapse. Seuron saw this and shouted. "Let’s finish this off and then deal with the traitors... Heok!”

Even if he was hit two or three more times, he just needed to succeed with one counterattack.

The enemy’s limited health would soon be depleted. Seuron judged and shouted, only to close his mouth.


Grid opened a blue booklet and was covered with light. It was a scripture.

“You monster...!”

Seuron had guessed Grid was a cleric based on the damage. He noticed that Grid had secured a large number of scriptures, allowing him to wipe out Chris’ party. But he hadn’t expected Grid to have scriptures left. Sueron was feeling astonished when a sword flew from behind.

It was Kraugel’s sword. As Grid was struggling two against one, Kraugel joined in and took care of the rest.

“Let’s finish this.”

“Pant... Pant... Yes, please finish it.”

Grid and Kraugel’s gaze headed to the window at the same time. There were new enemies crossing the clothesline.


Without needing to say anything, Grid and Kraugel pulled out spears and stabbed them. The two of them made the same judgment simultaneously. The enemies were pierced and fell down one by one. They hit the ground and started to vanish.

“...I’ll surrender.”

Now the only one left to face Grid’s party was Lauel, who realized that he was outmatched and abandoned his weapon. The final three survivors of Battlefield was determined to be Grid, Kraugel, and Jishuka.

Shortly after arriving in Japan, hundreds of reporters and Japanese fans were waiting for the South Korean team representatives. The crowd was huge enough to paralyze the airport. Most of them were Grid’s fans.