Chapter 732

‘What? What is this?’

‘What is this situation?’

A perfect chance! Grid, in conjunction with Piaro, Asmophel, and Maxong, had a great chance to end the battle. As they saw the health gauge go down, the Overgeared members were looking forward to what items would drop. But what was happening? Grid didn’t deal the final blow to Noll. He stopped the attack at the last moment.


Saintess Ruby thought that Grid was affected by a status condition. She hurriedly used Purification on him but it didn’t work.

[Target is in a normal condition.]

The notification window popped up and Purification didn’t work.


Surely he wasn’t disconnected? Would her brother start a lawsuit against the Internet company? Ruby’s worry was realistic since she knew Grid’s personality better than anyone. It was at that moment.

"...I am able to live thanks to you. My remaining life will be given to you. I will prove my value and repay your favor by your side.”

As Grid was frozen, Noll bowed humbly towards Grid. At this moment, goosebumps spread over the skin of all Overgeared members, including Ruby.

‘Direct descendant...’


It was an incredible result! The Overgeared members couldn’t understand the situation. It was natural. It was a common thought in Satisfy that even the famous tamers couldn’t tame named grade bosses. However, the non-tamer Grid made a named boss his subordinate. It was a scene that completely violated common sense.

The moment that everyone was feeling stunned.

“Truly God Grid!”

“As expected from My Lord!”

“Kukukuk...! Your benevolence can even capture the heart of a monster?”

Peak Sword, Huroi, Lauel. The famous Grid worship trio started to praise Grid.

"The correlation between the Blood King Candidate title and showing mercy results is the gratitude of the direct descendants? This is a method that only Grid who has a complete understanding of Satisfy’s world view and setting can implement! Truly God Grid!! The pride of South Korea!” 

"My Lord has already captured the hearts of many named NPCs... It isn’t strange for him to capture a monster’s heart. It’s a tremendous accomplishment that transcends my imagination by taming a direct descendant. I respect you, Mr Lord!”

“Kukukuk... I have noticed since His Majesty tamed the evil eyes. His power that penetrates the past and former is invaluable. Kukukuk...!”

Peak Sword, Huroi, and Lauel overrated Grid more than necessary and arbitrarily interpreted the situation.

“Ah... Um.”

Grid tried to deny the truth only to shut up. Tens of thousands of soldiers were watching him enviously. If he told them the truth then they would be disappointed. In the end.

“Hahaha! Well, that’s right. Your interpretation is right. I figured out how to grab Noll’s heart and put it into action. Thanks to Noll’s cooperation, things are going as planned.”


“Hooray King Grid!”

“Hooray Overgeared King! Hooray Overgeared King!”

Tens of thousands of soldiers began to praise Grid. Every one of them felt more respectful of Grid than before.

'...I will tell the truth to my teammates later.’

Grid ignored the bright eyes of the soldiers and organized the army.


‘It’s better.’

Grid expected to gain experience, items, and a new power for his rune by raiding Noll. From his point of view, he had to blame Pangea’s Duke of Virtue.  It hadn’t been activated once since he acquired it. No, Grid had been hoping the damn title wouldn’t activate. He had been very angry when he was unable to raid Noll when it activated at the final blow. It was the feeling of experience, items, and a new rune power flying away. But the subsequent development caused Grid to change his mind.

Noll declared that he would follow Grid. It was an earl class direct descendant! Experience, items, and a rune power weren’t things to obsess over. In the first place, what did Grid most want to gain by hunting a direct descendant? It was a direct descendant summoning item.

However, it was very difficult to raise the rating of a summoning item. Even if he later achieved the rating and summoned a direct descendant, the level of the direct descendant would be initialized. There was also a duration to the summoning. It was like normal pets.

But Noll became Grid’s subordinate while he was alive. Grid could obtain the loyalty of a direct descendant with no penalty. In particular, Noll was a strong supporter comparable to Asmophel and Piaro. Grid was already looking forward to how strong he would make the Overgeared Kingdom. It was as if he had obtained thousands of troops.


Grid smiled as he faced Noll. Grid looked at him with pure eyes that were filled with affection.

"Noll, I’m a human who you vampires think of as livestock. Can you truly serve me?”

It was a matter of concern. Grid asked seriously and Noll answered without hesitation.

"I decided to serve you because you acknowledged my existence. I don't care what your species is.”

Grid was a person who acknowledged him. Noll felt thankful to Grid for giving him the opportunity to prove his worth.

"I promise on my mother’s name that I won’t look down on you because you are a human or look at you as an object to eat. Only.”


"I don’t know about other humans. You know that my food is human blood.”


Noll looked at Grid’s teammates and soldiers that were far away. There was a strong desire in his eyes. Hunger. Noll recognized all humans as prey except for Grid. It was inevitable. Eat and be eaten. It was the intrinsic relationship between vampire and human.


Grid became unhappy as he faced the unrealistic problem. There was a need to constantly provide Noll with humans for food.

‘If the rumor spreads that the king of a kingdom placed a vampire near him and feeds him humans spread...’

Grid’s reputation would certainly fall. It would be used as a propaganda tool by other kingdoms and he would lose public opinion. Grid had a headache as he pulled out the King’s Sword.

‘Character Observation.’


Name: Noll

Age: 219 years old  Gender: Male

Species: Direct Descendant Vampire

Title: Fourth Child of Shizo Beriache

* Has inherited Beriache’s attribute of compassion. Can use blood magic that has a beneficial effect on his allies.

Title: Vampire who has Overcome the Curse of Idleness.

*Has a strong desire for life. If his health falls below 10%, he will become a coward. He will lose his purpose and only strive to survive.

* Has a strong desire to broaden his horizons. He will actively want to learn.

Title: A Predator

* Once hungry, his true power will be exerted. The current hunger level is 5/10.

Level: 433

Strength: 3,500 (▼)   Stamina: 2,449 (▼)

Agility: 1,980 (▼)       Intelligence: 3,500 (▼)

Skills: Direct Suppression (SS), Blood Transfusion (S), Blood Donation (SS), Blood Magic (S+), Run Wild (SSS)

A child who Shizo Beriache particularly loved. Beriache was excited about the attribute of compassion sleeping deep in Noll’s heart. She hoped he would give great strength to his brethren and to overcome trials with his brethren. But like the other direct descendants, Noll couldn’t meet Beriache’s expectations. The Curse of Idleness was to blame.

Noll was terribly bitter about this fact.

[Run Wild]

The cooldown of all magic will be 3 seconds. However, mana consumption will double.


Grid couldn’t help exclaiming. It was because Noll’s stats were much higher than expected.

‘How strong is he in a full state?’

Of course, it was weak compared to Noll in boss mode. In boss mode, Noll boasted a health of tens of millions. This was tens or hundreds of times higher than it was now. However, it was obvious that the stats of a boss and a NPC would be different.

‘An existence who is strong as an enemy becomes weaker as a friend.’

This rule was thoroughly applied to every game!

‘Given this rule, Noll is much stronger than I expected.' 

Thus, it was more regrettable. The fact that Noll was a vampire. Grid sighed and Noll asked, "What happened? Is there a problem?”

“I wonder if you can eat food other than human blood. As you know, I am a human king. I can’t give humans to you as food.”


"Isn’t it a moral problem?”

"Moral...? I don’t understand this concept. In any case, there is one food that can be eaten instead of human blood.”

“What is it?”

There was no need to kill anyone! Grid’s eyes shone was lanterns as Noll explained.

“Elixir. I can eat elixir when there is no human blood.”

"Ah, is that why you drop elixirs occasionally? It is the concept of carrying it as emergency food and then dropping it...”

Grid’s bright face turned dark again. He couldn’t afford to give elixir as food. Noll reacted to Grid’s deep sigh.

"My food isn’t a problem for you to care about. I can procure my own food. It is enough to hunt humans.”

"That is the problem."

The reason why Grid thought it was necessary to procure food for Noll was to prevent him from running wild. It would cause great confusion if Noll randomly hunted humans in Reinhardt.

“Human blood... How much do you have to eat until you are full?”

Grid asked in a blunt manner.

Noll replied honestly. "If I sleep, I can starve for decades. But I need blood equivalent to three people to work properly for a day. To be in a full state, I have to eat 100 servings of blood.”

"What happens to the people you suck the blood of?”

"They die or become a vampire.”

"...Can’t the blood be drawn separately and placed in a cup?”

"It is meaningless since it isn’t fresh.”


Noll was worth an army of thousands but there were many restrictions. As Grid was feeling confused, Piaro approached.

"Don’t worry about the vampire’s food, Your Majesty.”

“Piaro...? Do you have a solution?”

Grid was looking forward to it while Noll snorted. He was laughing at the idea that the madman pretending to be a farmer could solve the food shortage. Piaro smiled.

“I think it is possible to use this city’s soil to grow plants with a lot of blood. The vampires can eat them.”


Noll was astonished. Plants?

“Vampire...! In addition, I am a direct descendant. I can’t be a vegetarian!”

Noll raised his voice from this absurd nonsense and Piaro laughed.

"But what if you can’t drink human blood?”

"I'd rather drink the elixir...!”

"No, being vegetarian is good.”


“Then shall we start farming?”

“This crazy bastard...!”

“...I added one more noisy person.”

It was even an old grandfather. Grid was seriously worried if his body gave off the smell of a old bachelor.